Clobbered Zanu PF youth leader vows revenge

Source: Clobbered Zanu PF youth leader vows revenge – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 24, 2017

ZANU PF’s intraparty violence in Bulawayo showed no signs of abetting, after a youth member, who was allegedly stabbed in skirmishes at the weekend vowed to fight back and gain “total revenge”, warning he had real bouncers.


Magura Charumbira, who has been discharged from Mpilo Hospital following the alleged stabbing on his head and face, said he was not letting up in his campaign to have Zanu PF’s political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere and the party’s provincial chairperson, Dennis Ndlovu kicked out of their positions.

“The way forward is that they (provincial executive) must step down. If they don’t, we will finish their political careers,” he said.
“We want total revenge. They do not have the people compared to us. They wanted to kill me but failed.

“I will make sure that they do not ever step foot a Davis Hall again. They had their bouncers on Sunday and I will also bring my own bouncers and we see who wins the fight if they dare visit Davis Hall.”

In the weekend clashes, Bulawayo youth league chairperson, Anna Mokgohloa was also allegedly assaulted by war veterans.

Opposition parties have warned that Zanu PF has set the stage for a violent 2018 election campaign period with its intraparty clashes.

Bulawayo is the only province not to pass a vote of no confidence against Kasukuwere, with Ndlovu saying he will not be railroaded into doing so without reasonable cause.

“I have refused to work with those bogus people. I have also refused to have any negotiations with them unless it’s about discussing when Bulawayo is going to pass a vote of no confidence against Kasukuwere like other provinces,” Charumbira said.

On Monday, Ndlovu described Charumbira and his followers as “drunken mafias” bent on causing chaos, saying he will not be intimidated by them.