Defiant Mugadza refuses to settle $15 medical bill

Defiant Mugadza refuses to settle $15 medical bill

Source: Defiant Mugadza refuses to settle $15 medical bill – DailyNews Live

Tarisai Machakaire      5 April 2017

HARARE – Cleric Phillip Mugadza is refusing to settle a $15 medical bill
incurred when he was treated at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals
(Parirenyatwa), demanding that President Robert Mugabe must foot the

The man of cloth – who made headlines after prophesying that 93-year-old
Mugabe will die on October 17 this year – was treated at the public
hospital after alleged torture while in police custody.

In an April 3, 2017 letter addressed to Parirenyatwa’s administrator,
Mugadza said he was economically incapacitated and could not pay the bill
“either in United States dollars or bond notes”.

“I hereby acknowledge receipt of your text message on my mobile phone on
March 29, with reference number PGH680239. It was informing me of what I
owe you for the treatment I got from your hospital on November 22, last
year,” read the letter.

“Regrettably, I am so much unable to raise that $15. Secondly, I was not
treated for a natural affliction. It was inflicted on me by the
President’s Office; therefore it goes without saying that the president
will have to pay for it,” Mugadza said.

” . . . don’t hesitate to inform him that is what I said because he is so
much aware of it, and besides, he is able to offset that little amount,”
he said.

In his initial court appearance on the criminal nuisance charge, Mugadza,
through his lawyer Gift Mtisi, complained that he had been assaulted by
police officers in plain clothes at Parliament Building.

“When this particular incident occurred, I had to ask the police who
attended to me after arrest to take me to a hospital because I was not
feeling well after the assault,” Mugadza told Daily News.

“I was treated and discharged and my understanding was that the State was
responsible for the cost incurred. I was never advised of any medical
bills and if I had gone there on personal health check-ups I could have
arranged payment,” he said, adding that, “I am a struggling citizen as a
result of the mismanagement of this country”.

The State alleged that at around 4pm on November 22, police officers from
the reaction unit were on patrol at African Unity Square.

They reportedly heard the accused person shouting on top of his voice
disturbing people who passed by the park.

The officers proceeded to where Mugadza was standing and noticed that he
had chained and padlocked himself to fencing rails at the Square.

It is further alleged that Mugadza had positioned himself directly
opposite the Parliament building entrance along Nelson Mandela Avenue.

The court heard that he annoyed Parliament employees and other members of
the public.

He was subsequently arrested and taken to Harare Central Police Station
after being advised of his charge.

The State intends to produce the chain and padlock used by Mugadza as


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    Wasn’t one of the election promises in 1980 free housing and free medical?

    Mugadza is correct why should he pay?

    Give that man a bells !