Fear grips Mnangagwa allies

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s loyalists have reportedly scaled up their personal security, amid fears they could be the next assassination targets following the the death of suspended women’s league boss and Midlands provincial heroine, Espinah Nhari in a car accident last week.

Source: Fear grips Mnangagwa allies – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 19, 2016 BY OBEY MANAYITI/BLESSED MHLANGA

Former Zanu PF Mashonaland Central youth chairperson, Godfrey Tsenengamu, who was fired together with his six counterparts for allegedly undermining First Lady Grace Mugabe, claimed to have been receiving threats from anonymous callers.

“We are dealing with people who are desperate and can do anything including taking people’s lives. They are desperate for power and they don’t care about other people,” he alleged.

Tsenengamu said he suspected G40 hitmen have been trailing his family for the past two weeks.

“In the past two weeks, they have been threatening my family in Mt Darwin with anonymous calls and night visits to where my family is residing. l had to move them to another place,” he alleged. A lot of people have been receiving threatening messages. Remember some of us received some G40 messages some time ago, saying your days are numbered, and Nhari received them as well.”

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said if there were people with details about the alleged assassination plots, they should approach the party leadership for recourse.

National police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba declined to be drawn into the matter, saying: “Go and ask the people making those allegations. I was not there when the allegations were being made. Please don’t drag the police into these matters.”

Meanwhile, NewsDay has gathered that Nhari suffered a mild stroke three weeks before her death.

Close family members said the Zanu PF politician had been stressed following her suspension from the women’s league last year.
She was reportedly flown to South Africa by her daughter, Cynthia, and son, Ronald, for treatment.

“She had a partial stroke and she was not able to talk or do anything. We rushed her to the doctor and on our way back, she asked me to write down that (Gokwe-Kana MP Owen) Ncube, whom she viewed as her eldest son, should start preparing a programme for her funeral,” Cynthia said.

Nhari, a strong Mnangagwa ally, met her fate while travelling to Harare to buy an air ticket to travel back to South Africa to be with her daughter.



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    We are dealing with people who are desperate and can do anything including taking people’s lives. They are desperate for power and they don’t care about other people,” Tsenengamu alleged.

    Yes, in a normal society were all people are treated as equals and deserving of respect and life even when they have different political persuasions then all & sundry would have found it worth to sympathize with these zanu pf people who are at the receiving end from their more powerful zanu pf colleagues. But surely this can never happen in the Zimbabwe that Mugabe & his zanu pf created. Truth, is a bully with a bruised noise is still a bully. The same goes that a murderer who is being hunted by his fellow murderers is still a murderer. Why should we can if a murderer is threatened to killed by his gang of murders, whom he might have trained to do that after all.

    Point is, most sane people don’t give a damn as to what happens to the zanu pf Tsenagamu’s. You killed people yourself & even trained people to kill & now you want us to sympathize with. Isnt that asking for too much form the people you terrorized in you your heydays? nxaaaaaa!

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    Voice of Wisdom 6 years ago

    Those who live by the sword will die of the sword