Mugabe poverty claims an insult to Zimbabweans

via Mugabe poverty claims an insult to Zimbabweans – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 24, 2015

First Lady Grace Mugabe’s assertion that her husband President Robert Mugabe is a “poor man” living a modest life because he is carrying the burden of Zimbabweans seeking economic emancipation from the oppressive Westerners can only be described as unbelievable.

In fact, Grace’s unsolicited statements are in bad taste and insulting to the majority Zimbabweans’ intelligence.

Clearly, the First Family is one of the richest in the country. Grace’s extravagant and lavish lifestyle is well documented.
How then does she pretend her family to be poor in that regard?

Is it not true that the First Family owns multiple farms and runs the multi-million dollar dairy company, Gushungo Dairy, in the country? Besides, Mugabe has also been rumoured in some media circles to be one of the richest African leaders.

It is ironic that Grace made the declaration shortly before dishing out loads of goodies worth millions of dollars to multitudes of poor Zimbabweans at Mataga Growth Point in Mberengwa. The previous day, the First Lady and her son from her first marriage, Russell Goreraza, had also donated thousands of dollars worth of goodies to party supporters in Mbare. On Saturday again, she donated over three tonnes of various goodies in the form of salt, sugar, cooking oil and detergents, among others, to supporters in Murehwa.

It has now become the norm for Grace to donate goodies at all rallies that she has held across the country — from dishing out mechanisation equipment to household goods to groceries and suits for chiefs.

Grace must not feign love for the poor Zimbabweans. Since when has she become “Mother Theresa”? She is donating to curry favour with the majority poor citizens who have been impoverished by the President’s poor governance over the last 35 years.
Grace should understand that her actions are synonymous with dictators’ tricks to patronise the electorate after pauperising them.

If indeed, Mugabe is “just a simple man, who is passionate about the suffering people of Zimbabwe”, he should have done the honourable thing — passing the baton to another leader to save the country from the economic collapse.

Whether Mugabe committed his life to suffering for other people is neither here nor there, but signs of extravagance are visible for all the people to see and judge for themselves.

Grace’s claims are an insult to the suffering people of this country. If her claim that she often skips meals in solidarity with starving Zimbabweans is not discourteous, then we don’t know what else is.

We believe the First Lady should desist from making such provocative utterances even if they are meant for some gullible Zanu PF supporters. The arrogance Grace demonstrated at the rally was disgusting to say the least. For someone who prefers the moniker “Mother of the Nation” and aspires for higher office in the land, Grace must learn to exercise restraint instead rather than being abusive to the people.

One wonders why Grace chose to taunt the majority poor people of this country. Zimbabweans are a proud and hardworking people; hence they do not deserve disgraceful treatment.

Grace is a bad omen for Zimbabwean politics.


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    Zvakwana 7 years ago

    No surprise in these comments they have been said before.

  • comment-avatar
    Mugarbage 7 years ago

    Amazing, beyond disgrace, adding insult to injury.

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    Hahaha 7 years ago

    The other day someone sent me an email with the picture of a snake carrying a fish in its mouth. The caption was “Kind snake saving a fish from drowning!”

    Yes, this country is full of snakes that save fish from drowning. This is why you find them parading desperate, starving villagers at rallies to represent success in agriculture. They want everyone so impoverished to make them sing to the throne to save them from drowning!

    Pathetic! Hahaha!

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    When will this all stop, when will we realise that we have been betrayed, when will we realise that these thieves and murderers are just playing with us?. These are not revolutionaries, ZPF is not the revolutionary party it wants us to believe, it is all smoke and mirrors and I think they know that it is all about to come crashing down. Long live democracy, long live the power of the people. God give this country the strength to fight this evil scourge