Opposition needs to get its act together

Source: Opposition needs to get its act together – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 10, 2017

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has set the cat among the pigeons by revealing that he has no memorandum of understanding with National People’s Party leader, Joice Mujuru, days after the former Vice-President said they had reached an agreement.

Comment: NewsDay Editor

Whatever the parties agree or disagree on, it is the contradictions over formation of a coalition that have the potential to be disastrous heading into next year’s polls.

A good number of Zimbabweans are convinced that only a strong coalition will deliver an opposition victory and the contradictory statements are likely to create despondency that may as well lead to apathy in the next election.

If the parties are to coalesce, then they should get around to doing so now rather than later, as the more they delay, the more their chances will be hurt in the next poll.

If they are not going to go into an alliance, then they should let it be known and start campaigning individually now, rather than later or waiting until next year.

The opposition seem to have a lackadaisical approach to next year’s elections and they seem to think they have all the time to prepare and are taking things slowly.

If they are to continue on this path, then they might be as well start preparing for a shock in next year’s elections.

What Zimbabweans deserve now is clarity; clarity of the make-up of the opposition in next year’s elections, but so far they are getting nothing.

On the other hand, Zanu PF already know who their candidate for next year’s elections is, even if some from outside that party may not be agreeable.

Zanu PF factions may be tearing each other apart, but they are all agreed who their candidate is and will do their utmost to campaign for him.

Thus, the opposition should not keep the electorate guessing, but should be rolling out programmes for next year’s election.

Zanu PF has had a headstart, as they have been participating in several elections, which the opposition has boycotted, and their systems and machinery are well-oiled.

The Mwenezi East by-election is a good example. Despite an opposition boycott, Zanu PF still managed to get an almost similar vote tally in the constituency as they did in 2013.

This speaks to ability to mobilise and doing so early on rather than waiting till the last minute.

The opposition need to get their act together – whether as a coalition or individually — soon, otherwise they might as well as be staring certain electoral defeat.