‘Plot to murder’ Sarah Mahoka

via ‘Plot to murder’ Sarah Mahoka – DailyNews Live Blessings Mashaya • 16 February 2016

HARARE – The Zanu PF war to succeed President Robert Mugabe is getting nastier by the day, amid claims that a hit had been ordered against forthright women’s league secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka — who recently skinned embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare.

The straight-talking Mahoka confirmed the claims to the Daily News yesterday, adding that there were also growing reports of Mnangagwa’s followers giving women perceived to be aligned to the Generation 40 (G40) group a torrid time in the provinces.

“Yes, I heard that someone had been sent to kill me and I phoned him. His name is Maburutse, but the guy denied the allegations,” Mahoka said.

She said she had not been intimidated by the claims of the plot to kill her, adding that she is “ready to die for President (Robert) Mugabe and Amai Mugabe”.

“We don’t care even if they send people to kill us. I said it before that they must come out and declare their interests,” Mahoka fumed in a jibe that was widely believed to be directed at Mnangagwa.

“Some of us are prepared to die for President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe. If you go against President Mugabe hazviite zvakanaka, unenge wandibaya panyama nhete (if you fight Mugabe you are also fighting us),” she said.

“God is the one who gives life, so I don’t care if they even consult n’angas handitye munhu ini kunze kwaMwari. Munhu hapana zvaanondiita (I don’t fear anyone including those who consult witch doctors, I only fear God).

“This is a free Zimbabwe and we want to live peacefully. So, this issue of threatening each other must stop now,” she added.

Mahoka also alleged that the ongoing harassment of women in the provinces were a desperate bid by the beleaguered VP’s supporters to stop the women’s league from agitating for the elevation of a woman into the presidium.

The claim comes as the women’s league, supported by the G40, have stepped up their demands for the return of the women’s quota system in the party, which will see Mugabe appointing a woman as one of his two deputies — a move that is said to be targeted at demoting Mnangagwa.

Mahoka said there were growing reports of female district organisers being threatened with unspecified action for pushing for the resolution that was passed at Zanu PF’s conference last December.

“We are being told by some strong Ngwena (Mnangagwa) allies that we must stop our women’s quota system push. I tell you, the Ngwena faction is now out to threaten people but it’s now too late for them,” she said.

The intimidation reports also come after Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere suspended three provincial party chairpersons for alleged disobedience and insolence.

The three suspended bigwigs are Kizito Chivamba (Midlands), Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo) and Joel Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East) — all believed to be key allies of Mnangagwa.

“We have suspended Chivamba because he was no longer coming for meetings. Secondly, he blocked members of the women’s league from coming to Harare to welcome the president. He also went to the press making statements that undermine (the party) leadership.

“The same with Matiza in Mashonaland East … He was harassing women there and we have said to him enough. He came for the meeting, but made sure there was pressure on women not to attend that meeting.

“In Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira had the same problems and we have told him to step aside. We can’t have insolence in the party; such arrogance and disrespect for leadership,” Kasukuwere was quoted saying last week.