President challenges police

Source: President challenges police | The Herald July 29, 2016

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
Government is finalising the Criminal Investigations Department (Serious Frauds) Computer Laboratory and the Automated Fingerprints Identification System in a technological development that will see a new and improved police force, President Mugabe has said.

Speaking during a police graduation parade of 615 officers at Morris Depot in Harare yesterday, President Mugabe challenged police officers to sharpen their investigative skills as modern criminal syndicates have become more organised and sophisticated.

He said officers should employ research to curb crime.

“These facilities should go a long way in providing and improving police officers’ investigative and technological skills, which in turn should assist in providing strategies for combating crimes,” President Mugabe said.

“Without unnecessarily scaring them, graduands should be advised, right on their day of graduation, that a career in the police force is not a bed of roses. I am quite sure that most of the senior police officers here will readily testify to that. We now live in a social environment which has ushered in novel and sophisticated crimes.

“Human trafficking, money laundering, terrorism, among other new crimes, which a few years back, were almost unknown to us. But today’s criminal syndicates, are better organised, more prevalent, sophisticated and daring. They have no respect for national borders, the sanctity of human life, and will not stop at nothing in their criminal endeavours.

“Having said that, let me hasten to say to the graduands the solutions for such challenges are not given in the course of your work. However, you should be prepared to take such challenges as providing you with an opportunity to learn. Police officers should be prepared to sharpen and employ their investigative skills. They should research more and widely in their chosen careers.”

He said the newly qualified officers who possessed fresh minds should take lead in carrying out research which should help in combating crime.

President Mugabe said the Ministry of Home Affairs was ready to support police officers who desired to continue improving themselves within the force.

“Besides the abundant joy it brings to graduands and instructors, the graduation day provides instructors with an opportunity for course evaluation. The instructors ask themselves if the graduands they are releasing into the police force on graduation day have been adequately trained, thoroughly enough to handle old and emerging crimes such as murder, rape, fraud, corruption and smuggling,” he said.

He said the ministry from time to time sends police officers to refresher courses, seminars, in-service and workshops.

President Mugabe said the graduands covered subjects such as police duties and investigations, criminal law, foot and arms drill, first aid, musketry, the Political History of Zimbabwe and public order management.

He said this core curriculum, which was covered in about a year, was designed to produce trainees with a mastery or relevant skills and knowledge in policing.

“But such skills and knowledge can only enable the newly qualified police officials at the initial stages of a career in the police force. The graduands will have to rely heavily and learn quickly from their day to day experience, which they gain as they grasp the requirements of the careers they have just begun today,” President Mugabe said.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe said each time he was honoured to officiate at the ZRP graduation parade, he looked forward to the occasion with much anticipation and happiness.

“On the graduation day I find myself watching spell-bound and in full appreciation, immaculately dressed young men and women, marching in unison, in quick and slow steps. The graduands do this in an extremely absorbing way.”

The graduation parade was attended by ministers, senior Government officials, police officers and members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.


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    R Judd 6 years ago

    When is ZRP going to investigate the main criminal syndicate in Zimbabwe?

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    joe cool 6 years ago

    I hope they were trained for road blocks and investigating criminal insults against the President.

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    While the economy collapses Nkabe is busy recruiting more village idiots as policemen so that they can put more roadblocks. This is pathetic.

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    Doris 6 years ago

    I doubt there is a single cop in this country who takes pride in what he or she does. They have been encouraged to intimidate the very people who pay their wages.

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    Why do i think of inspector clueseu in the film pink panther