Time to shake govt over Dzamara: Crisis

via Time to shake govt over Dzamara: Crisis – NewZimbabwe 08/02/2016

CRISIS in Zimbabwe Coalition says the public must “shake” government for “slowly sweeping” the issue of Itai Dzamara’s disappearance under the carpet before the matter is ultimately taken off from the public domain.

Tuesday marks the 11th month since Dzamara was abducted by suspected state agents from his Glen View home area in 2015.

Ahead of his abduction, Dzamara had been staging a series of peaceful protests calling on “failed” President Robert Mugabe to resign.

Since his disappearance, the civil society, church organisations and the international community have been issuing statements reminding government of its obligation to find and bring Dzamara back to his family.

On Monday, the coalition said the Zanu PF government was trying to sweep the Dzamara issue under the carpet by routinely ignoring a court order to give updates on the search for the journalist-cum-human rights activist.

“Failure by the law enforcement agents to abide by a High Court ruling to search for Dzamara and provide regular updates and the State media’s campaign to discredit the missing activist are genuine causes for suspicion among concerned Zimbabweans,” said the civil society representative body.

The coalition said the recent banning of Dzamara national prayers confirm the reluctance by the state to act on his matter.

“Disruption of prayer rallies to raise awareness on the missing Dzamara by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), police brutality against peaceful demonstrators calling the government to account on Dzamara’s whereabouts testify to what we always complain about and are clear signs that government is not committed to searching for Dzamara,” the statement further said.

Last month, the Itai Dzamara Trust said they were going to engage Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the missing rights activist.

On the aborted Dzamara national prayer meetings, the organisers of the church sessions also said police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri had allowed them to congregate.