‘Zim likely to miss development goals’

Source: ‘Zim likely to miss development goals’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 17, 2016

A TOP United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) official has warned that Zimbabwe is likely to miss its sustainable development goals (SDGs) if the economy does not improve.


UNDP national economist Ethel Bangwayo told students at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) last week that Zimbabwe should leverage on its natural resources to improve the economy and meet the set development targets.

“The MDGs [millenium development goals] were implemented in Zimbabwe during a very difficult time in terms of the economy and it is important to get the economy on board, as we implement the SDGs,” she said.

“Because with a growing economy, it means we can earn income. As we earn income, it means we have money to fund development activities . . . and SDGs are a mammoth task. It’s really a huge undertaking and funds and finances are needed to fund that, but as a country, we don’t want to be looking outside for funds to fund our development initiatives.

“As a country, we are exporting a lot of raw materials, raw produce and what the government is saying is that let’s add value so that we can earn more income.”

UNDP is going around universities as part of its efforts to get various stakeholders on board in terms of awareness and higher learning institutions are dominantly youth constituencies.

The MDGs were effected from 2000-2015, but not all the targets were met and not all the goals were achieved.

The SDGs are the successor of MDG’s that will run from this year to 2030 to take care of some unfinished