Tsvangirai speaks on diamond mining at Oxford

via Tsvangirai speaks on diamond mining at Oxford | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda 24 September, 2013

The leader of the MDC-T and former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, was one of several African dignitaries that took part in a Seminar at Oxford University on Thursday, which dealt with how Africa can benefit from its own minerals.

The event was part of the African Studies Seminar at Oxford’s St Antony’s College, an elite and world-renowned institute, and Tsvangirai’s lecture was to focus on Zimbabwe’s controversial diamond mining industry.

The involvement of the military in diamond mining and the failure by the diamond companies to remit revenue to the treasury, remain among the most contentious issues in Zimbabwe, yet there was no publicity surrounding Tsvangirai’s lecture.

Ironically, it was the state run Herald newspaper that was first to inform many Zimbabweans of the event, if only to criticize Tsvangirai for speaking on the subject. But there was no press statement from his own team, who missed the opportunity to expose ZANU PF and put the global spotlight on Zimbabwe.

Tabani Moyo, advocacy officer at media watchdog MISA-Zimbabwe, agreed that Tsvangirai missed a trick, saying he should bring attention to the many issues that plague Zimbabwe whenever he gets the chance to travel.

“The issue of diamond mining and revenue is of national and of international significance and it was going to be quite an opportune moment had the former Prime Minister utilized every platform available to highlight all the key issues that remain mysterious in terms of the mining of diamonds,” Moyo told SW Radio Africa.

He added: “It is an opportune moment whenever the former PM gets a chance to attract such media attention that he articulates issues of national importance…”

Other key guests that took part in the “How Extractives can benefit Africa” Seminar included Uganda’s Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa, the Executive Director of OXFAM International, Winnie Byanyima and Kevin Fox, Exploration Director for Rio Tinto.

It is not yet clear what Tsvangirai chose to focus on in his lecture on diamond mining in Zimbabwe, but it’s well known that the country’s police, military and intelligence chefs are heavily involved in the mining of diamonds in the rich Chiadzwa alluvial fields and that the money doesn’t benefit ordinary Zimbabweans.

Pressure group Global Witness has said diamond revenue was used to finance a ‘parallel’ government in the run up to the July 31st elections.



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    Babaras 10 years ago

    Tsvangirai should leave office ,give someone else a chance,he is now, the voice of the rich ,just like Mugabe,he now feeds on poor people’s ambitions,as long as he is getting money just for talking ,then he its okay.We need an opposition leader before not any more,the last four years ,he dismally failed to protect people future,and he became part of the problem we are facing right now,He also has lost legitimacy,and we found ourselves with two unwanted leaders.Save the Zimbabwean people ,put someone new for the leadership,Tsvangirai,Luke,Khupe,Chamisa,Biti,please chiendai.

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    Expect a dull lecture from this man.

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      Haruna 10 years ago

      There he was, giving a lecture. You will only dream giving one to your ass.

    • comment-avatar
      Makotsi 10 years ago

      You can say that again. The man is better off with his mouth shut.

  • comment-avatar
    sheppy 10 years ago

    utter rubbish

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    Bruce 10 years ago

    Lectures by nature are for the benefit of the sponsors, hence you would not go off topic to forward your own agenda. Besides Tsvangirai would not speak any new thing which the world does not know atleast for now because, each any every move is being monitored, back home he does not want to risk arrest and being closed in by ZANU PF for now. His party is still trying to regroup and find each other in order to campaign for 2018.

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    Michael 10 years ago

    The man’s an idiot, (Tsvangirai). He may be a likable charismatic chap, but he is a political idiot. Whilst the Zimbabwean people (MDC supporters) battle with the traumatic defeat at the last election and fear for their futures under another 5 years of Zanu-pf (Mugabe) tyranny, Tsvangirai is giving a lecture on diamond mining in Zimbabwe. What the heck is he thinking. To add the cherry to the idiotic cake, Tsvangirai then does not take the opportunity to expose the diamond corruption, the massacre of the inform miners who were operating in the area when the military snatched the diamond field for themselves. He did not highlight the use of diamond revenues to finance vote rigging of the last election. He did not take the opportunity to question the EU’s policies on lifting the trade band on Zimbabwe diamond.

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    Michael ,you are a perennial fool.How do you define idiocy? Who lost elections?As MDC ,lour position is clear.The elections were a farce.He is just giving his honest lecture on how diamonds revenue can improve the lives of the poor ,including you who is suffering from severe brain deficiency.If you love ZANU PF so much,start working on your election promises.You start talking about constructing Disney land in a country seriously in need of basic food.Leave Tsvangirai alone.He did not go on state funds like your aged dictator who diverts Air Zim plane to go yo a summit where he knows he is branded a fool.You ZANU PF must know that Gos is not for you alone.We are going to hunt you and find you when democracy comes.Please stop this rubbish criticism of Tsvangirai.You said he was relegated to the dustbin of politics,so what do you want in the filthy bag of politics.ZANU PF muri vakadzi vaMugabe kusara kwaDzikamai Mavhaire akamuudza opnly kuti chibva.Munoswera muchigara tumisangano,hanzi heee strategic moves to enter presidium,muudzeika kuti mudhara wachembera chibva.Wedu tinaye Save,isimbi,chigwindiri zvese muviri nebrain.ZANU YOU KNOW THAT.Hezvo Nzou mapedza,pedzezve heee we want to stop poaching.As MDC,we will tolerate cricism but not yegudo yokureporter kuti tsoko akaba iro ririro zimbavhA ZIGURU.MAITIROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. KUSVIKA ZVANAKA!!!!!!!!!

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      Makotsi 10 years ago

      Tsvangirai is not of the Save totem. He is a Simboti because kwan Save mubvandiripo. Mai vakatizira vanemimba.

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    Michael 10 years ago

    “How do you define idiocy?”
    Idiocy:- extremely stupid behavior.
    Synonyms:- stupidity, folly, foolishness, foolhardiness, madness, insanity, lunacy, silliness, brainlessness, thoughtlessness, senselessness, lack of sense, indiscretion…….the list goes on and on.

    Now let’s examine the man’s intelligence or rather the lack of intelligence, his idiocy if you will.
    Morgan Tsvangirai (MT from here on) did not show the political (or otherwise) acumen when he chose to split, from what was a collective grouping of civic activists and pro-democracy campaigners under the banner of MDC, to form a political party MDC-T. What intelligent man names a political party after themselves, “extremely stupid behavior” Idiocy.

    Having won the 2008 election MT hastily signs the GPA contrary to the advice of the international collaborators, whom at that time were in the process of negotiating a more equitable agreement, one that would have given MDC more powers. “extremely stupid behavior” Idiocy. Only a fool grabs the first offer on the table.

    During the GNU MT made no effort to expand upon the support he had at the time of the election, broadening his support base, “extremely stupid behavior” Idiocy.

    During the GNU MT did not stamp out the greed and power lusting of his own MP’s, which would have cemented his democratic principles and emphasize the party’s commitment to stamp out self enrichment by MP’s. “extremely stupid behavior” Idiocy. ONLY David Cultart refused a ministerial Mercedes.

    MT did not implement any of the meaningful reforms laid out in the GPA, “extremely stupid behavior” Idiocy.

    MT chose to contest an election without being in possession of the digital voters roll, the key document that would have exposed vote rigging. “extremely stupid behavior” Idiocy.

    MT has not demand the release of the digital voters roll through the SADC and AU channels, remember these groups were mediating the implementation of GPA. “extremely stupid behavior” Idiocy.

    The list goes on and on, read Eddie Cross post “What we get wrong” (meaning , what Tsvangirai idiocy got right)

    The man’s an idiot, (Tsvangirai).

    Tino, you accuse any person whom criticizes Tsvangirai as being Zanu-PF. You are VERY wrong, the critics of MDC are staunch MDC supporters, it’s called freewill, freedom of speech, democracy. The rest of your diatribe is invalid; it is only a weak attempt at character assignation.

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    tofazvedu 10 years ago

    Its always easy to critisize others but Imi mose munoti Tsvangirai is what ever names you call him chamakazoitawo chii. Basa rekungomutuka . Kwenyu kumunobva hakuna kana akamboita mahobho chaiye.Who doesn,t know Zanu irikuba madiamonds even you ,you know everything about diamonds including the international world. Kana Tsvangirai ozvitaura moti ataurirei. Endai munogeza mukanwa menyu munonhuwa.

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    Zindoga 10 years ago

    Leave Tsvangirai alone face Mugabe who is ruling zimbabwe munongopdza nguva muchiti Tsvangi azodai istupid you are all fools you are educated for nothing yo dont know politics.why cant u make amove on Mugabe if you are clever and show us thatTsvangi is nothing nt by writing o this platform it wont help zimbabweans.

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    Patriot 10 years ago

    Yo criticism of Tsvangirai noted, but what has become wrong with yo concluding list of yo ‘people who must leave with TSVANGIRAI. I think they have all served Zimbabwe & their party well. Yu probably might need a doctor to examine yo faculties for countena ncing legitimate option by which Tsvangirai could hav unseated the monster party that was far from ready to go.

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    Realist 10 years ago

    We can all shout and blame Tsvangirayi but as Zimbabwean we also need to look ourselves in the eye and examine our consciences. Tsvangirayi, despite his many weaknesses, tried to unseat Mugabe as an Opposition leader but I will be honest its us Zimbabweans who have failed him largely. We are a very docile lot who, apart from voting once every 5 years, do not participate in any activities that would otherwise pour pressure on Mugabe. Take for instance the 2008 election which was stolen by Mugabe. Mugabe and his machnery sat on the results for God knows how long and not a single demonstration in the streets by Zimbabweans. He has perfected the art and this time around he made himself win by a whooping 64% and despite all the evidence being there for all to see that the election was rigged, not a single demonstration or protest again. The world over the oppressed are claiming their rights but for Zimbabweans we shall continue in our misery until that day we start taking charge of our own destiny.