Corruption engulfing Zimbabwe like cancer

via Corruption engulfing Zimbabwe like cancer | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda 24 October 2013

Corruption is increasingly becoming a way of life and an endemic feature of society in Zimbabwe, according to a retired senior police officer.

Former assistant commissioner Isaac Dziya said reports that the country lost $2 billion to corruption last year, as revealed by the commissioner-general of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), are very disturbing.

Gershom Pasi, the ZIMRA boss, said corruption in Zimbabwe had reached unprecedented levels and government could not be alone in dealing with the fight.

‘Government needs partnership with the private sector and the society at large. There will be synergies that accrue when the public sector and the private sector join hands,’ he said. This comes as the country was rated among the most corrupt nations in southern Africa in a recent Transparency International (TI) survey, ranking 163 out of 176 countries.

TI’s corruption perception index — ranking countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived — indicated that Zimbabwe’s corruption record continued to worsen after falling nine places from 154 last year.

But ex-cop Dziya told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that there is no political will in the country to eradicate corruption, as those in power have overstayed.

‘The political will is lacking because the incumbents are benefitting from the corruption. They are in power following two controversial elections and it’s now a question of looting and protecting each other to stay in power,’ Dziya said.

An economic analyst told us that in everyday life people have accepted corruption as part of the culture.

‘From a business executive in Harare to a magistrate in Gweru, a traffic policeman along the Kambuzuma road, a kombi driver in Chitungwiza and a worker at the passport office, corruption has become so endemic that it corrupts everyone.’

‘A cancer-like situation is engulfing the political system, which is harmful for growth. Certainly the country needs chemotherapy at this critical hour,’ the analyst said.



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Sadly, that’s a well-written, and factual piece.

    Where ever ZANUPF goes, whatever they touch, corruption breaks out like mold on bad meat.

    But, as the article states, who would an honest person report it to, or who in the ZANUPF government doesn’t have their hand in the till… or in someone else’s pocket. Dirty politicians, dirty ministers, dirty cops, dirty CIO… if your boss, and his boss, and his boss are all dirty, what can a good person do… even a clean Zim cop… and I know at least one of those. I don’t envy him.

    Yes, it’s the Zim culture of corruption brought to you by ZANUPF. To sterilize the government, and remove corruption, you have to start at the top… unfortunately, in Zim, that’s where it all begins… Robert Mugabe.

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      Tsuro Magen'a 9 years ago

      I also agree …the man filched(stole is a bit impolite, ARDA assets which were taken to his Farms using Made….Remember this same chap used to talk about socialism…one man one farm etc its amazing how people still believe him. He is now the biggest capitalist in coalition with some whites and in public he teaches us how evil the white man is?

      Fish rots in the head first…people at the bottom only copy what they see from their leaders.

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    mujibha 9 years ago


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    tsaona 9 years ago

    Our situation is a God’s case, nowhere to appeal on this world. Chero ndikavaona vachipara mhaka ndoudza ani, ani agondinzwa, agobata ani iye ani wacho anzi nani amubate. Zvirikutangira pamusoro pechikomo kaizvi.

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      wezhira 9 years ago

      spoton sha,,its all upto GOD and God alone cz this has gone out of hand

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    simon 9 years ago

    this is not new news we all already know this. Zim is probably the worst country per capita for corruption. And whats worse is they don’t even feel shameful about it. Its now normal culture in Zim ….

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      They actually think it is their right! Where does this warped culture come from. Greed and dishonesty together with incompetence and corruption – Heaven help Zimbabwe! Please God get me out of here!

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    Whats new. There is a hole in the bucket for the past 30years and it has not being fixed. Come on now!

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    Bribery and corruption have become a way of life in Zimbabwe because the powers hat be are letting it happen.
    My wife recently had to pay US$300.00 to obtain a death certificate when her father passed away, she had been assured by the funeral home that all she needed was her I.D ,her parents marriage certificate and Mothers death certificate and the paperwork that the funeral home would give her and the official doctors report in order to obtain a death certificate, She produced all these documents however when the officils realised that my wife was only in the country for a week to wind up her late fathers affairs and had travelled from Australia they started demanding other forms of ID which my wife was able to produce but when they finally asked to see her birth certificate they found their reason for soliciting a bribe, unfortunately my wife did not think to take her birth certificate with her, she was already distressed on losing her father as it was, she had no choice but to pay this US$300.00 as her late fathers lawyers required this document to wind up his estate. In the short time my wife was in Zimbabwe there were extortion and bribery attempts at every turn, Exiting at Beitbridge leaving Zimbabwe, the officials manning the gate first unsuccesfully tried to extort US$200.00 from my wife because she was driving a Toyota pick up claiming she should have paid his as she was driving a commercial vehicle! She refused, they then tried another angle saying that she needs to pay duty for the few personal items she had in the vehicle!, what rubbish! since when do you pay import duty in Zimbabwe when you are exiting! Every Government department is involved in this type of corruption and blatantly so, it would be very easy for the powers that be to stop this corruption, Beitbridge and Plumtree border officials are very corrupt and over the years they have milked the travelling public of thousands of dollars, if the system worked honestly and professionally, ZIMRA would have a huge revenue base, instead all the money is going into their employees corrupt pockets!

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    Gladly much wisdom in this forum, but sadly no one who is out there could be bothered to read what we say, and it has to be said, and thank goodness for the Isaac Dziyas of this country who can find a platform to castigate the zanoids who are robbing us all.If we have an opportunity to record the coruption in any way we need to do it….we need a Carte Blanche team here, but of course they would be banned…Lets do what we can!

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    Jrr56 9 years ago

    Sad but endemic corruption is a sure sign all is rotten from the top down. Hard to blame the rank and file when they see the bosses becoming hugely rich.

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    Harper 9 years ago

    My efforts to fight corruption in the early days earned me the reward of two years in Chikurubi and then being kicked out with £16 to reward me for 28 years loyal service. I should be gloating but I am just very sad for the man in the street.

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    Shame 9 years ago

    If you can’t beat them, join them. Simple.

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      Tsuro Magen'a 9 years ago

      I have joined them and will be their candidate in Mbare in the 2018 Erections. Pamberi neZanu, pasi na Tsvangirai.

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        Good for you man of no character, guts, or decency,…and take a good look at what the othe people think of your bold and heroic stand….You must be very proud of yourself, and I guess you are already bitten by the corruption bug…no doubt!

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    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    Zanu ndiyo corruption yachozve. What can they do to stop it. They breathe it,live it,dream it,make it,spread it! We need a change of government pamwe huwori hungapera.

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    Washumba 9 years ago

    Kupedza izvi kubvisa varipo popinda vamwe kana Zanu or MDC as long as vasiri ava varipo. Ukamhan’ara corruption ndiwe unosungwa e.g uyu akanhonga pepa revote mubin aripi, saka vose vakaona uvori hwevote vakazoreporter here question mark nga?

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    This party is composed of thieves only,corrupted bunch of criminals.God will never forgive these idiots I tell u!

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    It is sad. Unfortunately as one rightly put it, the will is not there. You just need to see how much ZIMRA officials are paid at the BB border posts and many others just to let vehicles pass.

    One talks of payment for a death certificate. Trully just go and see how long the ques are deliberate ques for BC, DC, and Passports. They are meant to make people pay after spending 3 days in the Que. The Passport ques for people coming from abroad were created as if they will treat them urgently. No it is no for that it is to easily target them and make more money from them. From 8 to 14hrs only 3 are issued then between 3 and 4 whether one likes it of note, if you only came in the country for 2 weeks, you will pay 300 dollars to get yours. This is paying just to collect!!!! Do you mean to tell me that the authories do not see what is happening? Ques are winding meters and metres so who can claim ignorance. We all know

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    Jogo Bonita 9 years ago

    Zanu pf itself is, for as long as they are in power,we will be sinking neck high in corruption.

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    Pangareta 9 years ago

    I remember, (I’m 67, born 1945)as a child of a white farmer in Rhodesia, how the local people lived and loved. I must say from the outset that segregation was evil, but hear me out.
    The labor force we had numbered 250 plus women and children who ‘elected’ to help their spouses work.
    They had their native (indigenous) huts within which I spent many a happy hour, eating and laughing.
    They worked from sunup until about 2-3pm, as it became hot. An 8 hour day. Some elected to work overtime, piece-time for more money!
    Every Friday afternoon they received rations of beans, sugar, salt, bread, dried fish, dried baby’s milk, flour and their wages.
    We offered a farm store with very cheap good, staples, tools and machines etc.
    The staff could book the services of the small Ferguson tractor to plough and harrow their lots for vegetable growing. They received free seed and fertilizer. They always received free medical attention on the farm and in Bindura Hospital, and we drove them there when necessary.
    The wives would brew a strong beer concoction on Thursday for the weekend festivities and there would be loud, raucous goings on Saturday and Sunday and many a hand-over Monday!
    They would often come and dance in our driveway with ‘ngandanga’s’ to scare the children, I was even afraid!
    Every weekend after payday, groups of, mostly women, would walk into Bindura or take the tractor/trailer provided, to shop. In their best dress of course! They wanted to show off the rewards of hard work!
    I played with and learnt from the kids, their father and mothers and grandparents too.
    The land was fruitful, well managed, rich, the farm workers opened their own small businesses and prospered – but not any more!
    Alas, Rhodesia was wrong in segregating it’s people and now ZANU-PF and Mugarbage are wrong is supressing and denying it’s people in much the same way.
    Neither are or were perfect, but in Rhodesia people laughed, felt safe, cared for and worked productively. I think if I was to choose today, as a black Zimbabwean I would go back until a fair Government was installed. Not this Evil Empire!
    I hope no one is offeneded, just making an observation.

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      Pangareta, many people are of the same opinion that life in Rhodesia was more tenable than it is now in Zimbabwe.
      Unfortunately expressing these sentiments will always give Zanupf ammunition to spread their venom as they will preach to the ignorant masses that this is “proof” Rhodies are trying to take over the country. Ultimately blame for our situation lies with the now deceased Margeret Thather, had she given the Muzowera Government a chance and recognised these elections, I am sure Zimbabwe would have been as prosperous and peaceful as Botswana. Zanupf should have been given an ultimatum to take part in those elections or for ever hold your peace. Alas it was not to be.