Govt begs for more US funding

via Govt begs for more US funding – Southern Eye by Tatenda Chitagu 3 December 2013

Despite the sour relations between Harare and Washington, the government has begged the United States (US) to dig deeper into its purse and increase funding for the country’s ailing health sector as the liquidity crisis deepens.

Speaking at the 13th Auxillia Chimusoro awards yesterday, Masvingo provincial medical director Dr Robert Mudyiradima begged US ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton to “spare a little more thousands” for Masvingo province.

“While we appreciate current support from the American embassy, we appeal for special attention from you. If you could spare a little more thousands for the people of Masvingo as we need to get all HIV and Aids patients on life-saving antiretroviral therapy,” said Mudyiradima.

“We know you are already supporting our ministry and other non-governmental organisations, but we prefer preferential treatment for Masvingo.

“It is within your powers for us to get a little bit extra than all other provinces. We need to achieve universal access and fight stigma. We need a little more notice so that we can prove that universal access is achievable,” Mudyiradima said.

National Aids Council provincial officer Ivos Makoni had earlier lamented the demise of Aids support groups in the province due to donor fatigue.

“Many Aids support groups have folded over the years due to lack of funding and we appreciate the remaining ones for working very hard under difficult conditions,” Makoni said.

Wharton said the US government is committed to help and work with the Zimbabwean government.

“We are committed to fund the government of Zimbabwe’s health sector.

“We believe it is important to respond to the needs of Zimbabweans. We provide aid in the health as well as the education sector. Our relationship is important and we work closely with several government ministries,” said Wharton.

He said the US government had funded Zimbabwe’s health sector to the tune of $125 million for HIV and Aids, tuberculosis, malaria and maternal and infant mortality programmes in 2013.



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    Peter tosh 8 years ago

    So zpf, where are the sanctions you are always singing about?

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    Why isn’t he looking East for his funding instead of begging the hated westerners, in fact he should just be asking his own ministry and government for these basic budget funds.

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    Mr Wharton do not give them a cent untill we have free and fair elections and they stop stealing all our diamond money and taxes.

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    Mudyiradima (eating in the dark) will be called to Zanu pf hq for etiquete (or whatever). So that he must learn to sing from the scrpt. I mean, he must (at least in the public), learn to should at the ambassador to keep his America; then behind closed doors (mudima) he tells the ambassador to dig deeper in her pocket……perhaps since doors will be closed even tell the ambassador how he hate HE Pres Mugabe for “keep you America” sentiments. Remember America loves such divide and rule policies! It loves such hero worshiping even in the dark. Who knows, you can even make money for selling secrets like Mr Phillip Chayangwa

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    But when the money comes remember it is for development

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    jongwe power 8 years ago

    We hate you f@#king American Imperialist scumbags. You have ruined us with sanctions and turned our citizens into MDC-loving traitors. We loathe the fact that you exist. Our youths have abandoned tradition because of you bloody Yanks. Oh, and Obama is an Uncle Tom. We give you a middle-finger salute, because we’re Zimbabweans, dammit, and we will never, ever, EVER be a colony again!

    Please give us money. Preferrably in brand new $100 bills.

    Pretty pleeeease?

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    Madluphuthu 8 years ago

    @jongwe power

    Msunu kanyoko obomvu. You insult the Americans and after that you have the nerve to ask for their money! Know that the majority of zimbabwean families (including Zanupf chefs) have brothers and sisters in America, the UK and other western countries and these countries are giving us jobs and money to sustain our starved relatives back in Zim whom mugabe and Zanu pf have condemned to a painful death through starvation and oppression. There is a vibrant zimbabwean community here in chicago which is united by one thing, their palpable hatred for mugabe and zanu pf and their love for their hosts, the Americans, who are fellow humans who believe in genuine freedom. Again I say to you, msunu kanyoko obomvu onuka uthuvi!

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      Umwrong 8 years ago


      The comment you’re responding to was meant to be satirical, funny even. It was speaking on the duplicity of some ruling party members. Calm down, have a cup of coffee and come back 🙂

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    so true jongwe, why not reduce the army budget and spend it on the health sector. The west should restrict their aid if the national budget allocates more than an acceptable % to military spending.

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    msizeni silwelani 8 years ago

    The best sense is the sixth sense, sense of humor, satirical creatives stresses the point more easily than any form of writing and laughter reduces emotions while keeping an individual focused. Unfortunately not all of us have the sixth sense. Phephisa Jongwe.

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    Jongwe Power that was a nice piece. You really dramatized it well. Biting the hand that feeds you!! Foolishness at its peak!!