Let’s talk, Tsvangirai urges #mugabe

via Let’s talk, Tsvangirai urges Mugabe 25/03/2014 NewZimbabwe

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has urged rivals in the ruling Zanu PF party to stop being “arrogant” and reach out to him and his MDC to help save the country’s economy from total collapse.

The former Prime Minister also accused Zanu PF of “rigging” his party out of government as “payment” for saving the country from total economic and political disaster 2008.

The MDC-T insists its participation in government is the only way the country’s delicate economy can be stopped from spiralling completely out of control.

“We all know the character of Zanu PF,” Tsvangirai told a media briefing in Harare Tuesday.

“Zanu PF is arrogant, Zanu PF is violent. Zanu PF thinks that it has won the election but the opposite is true. Arrogance has got its own limit.

“When you can’t pay the civil service, including soldiers and police, then it (is incumbent upon you) to have national responsibility and say how do l resolve that.

“If you continue burying your head in the sand, it’s you who is going to burn and l don’t think Zanu PF is stupid to burn.”

Tsvangirai said another negotiated political settlement was the only solution left for the country to remain on its feet. He dared Zanu PF to ignore his advice at its own peril.

Said the MDC-T leader: “We are saying the time has come to have leadership of the national crisis and that leadership comes from Zanu PF; it comes from MDC to once again say let’s put people first.

“But if they continue to be arrogant, what do you expect us to do, to cry?

“We will watch them but l can tell you that is not going to solve the problem and l can tell you they will have to come around and sit down with others to resolve this national crisis (because) it will not go away.”

The MDC-T leader, fresh from resolving his own survival troubles after a group of party stalwarts pushed for his ouster claiming he had also run out of ideas as leader to unseat the Zanu PF government, said he longed for an independent MDC-T government but had to resign himself to the fact that Zanu PF was still in power.

He denied his continued clamour for second marriage with Zanu PF was yet another rescue operation on his bungling rivals.

“The solution necessarily is not a GNU because we all know what has happened at the end. Takabetsera Zanu PF when we negotiated the GNU,” he said.

“We stabilised the situation, we revived education, we revived health, we did everything possible that even people in the rural areas can confirm. What happened at the end? Patakaibetsera Zanu PF yakafunga kuti ah chiregai tivarige manje.

“We did not go to sanitise Zanu PF. We went into the GNU to help the people of Zimbabwe. Was that wrong? It was right. Was that strategic? Perhaps at some stage, that strategy must have ensured a free and fair election which was then rigged and subverted.

“I don’t subscribe to another GNU; I subscribe to a process where the people of Zimbabwe, through dialogue can negotiate and agree that the process we are going to embark on is a process of restoring legitimacy in this country.”

The MDC-T leader further denied he had claimed at a weekend rally in Manicaland he had declined the job of Vice President he had been offered by President Mugabe.

Zanu PF on its part, has denied it had become “clueless” in resolving a national crisis that has seen the closure of companies, a development that has offloaded thousands of poor Zimbabweans into massive unemployment.


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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    ZANU need to get deeper into this trouble we are now entering before they will start to be sensible. They are not ready yet. They still think luck might save them.

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    Kubota Binga 8 years ago

    Morgan you are a joke! Where is your vision? If you had the people of Zimbabwe’s interest at heart, you wouldn’t have ruled out working with ZANU PF from the onset. You would have known what you were dealing with and swallowed your pride even if you believed you won but got rigged out.

    You would have known it was impossible to hold fresh elections soon after July 31 2013. Where is the wisdom my dear Morgan?

    Stick to your line and prepare for 2018. may be its now that you realise 2018 preps would have better been prepared for while participating in the rebuilding of Zim which you now call for?

  • comment-avatar
    furedi 8 years ago

    This man seems to be really dense brain wise.Why would he want to work with these people ever again.I have lost all faith in him, let us find another someone for next president,the current lot of politicians are all non starters.Come home please Strive.

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    Qiniso 8 years ago

    “Tsvangirai said another negotiated political settlement was the only solution left for the country to remain on its feet”

    Is Tsvangson finally agreeing that he lost elections? 1st things 1st Tsvangson…Denounce sanctions and then Zim will move forward.

    I will give you a good example. A simple VOIP company Vonage cant do business with Zim. Vonage subscribers can call other countries land lines as local numbers but not Zim because of sanctions. A friend in UK cannot use his company’s travel benefits to fly to Zim…reason sanctions. This line that Mugabe is the only one sanctioned is BS.

    And this…stolen election song no longer appeals. MDC should tell the voters exactly how it will fix the economy when it comes to power.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Its the Zanufication of the MDC.He has also become arrogant like Mtambara.Surely MDC, is this the leadership you crave for. The chap is as clueless as ZANU. Instead of ralling his forces to attack ZANU on the corruption front, all he thinks off is joining them.
    People wake up. This is not the right man for the job. He is compromised and ZANU have him where they want him.
    This is very embarrassing.
    ZANU is literally laughing all the way to the bank.

  • comment-avatar
    Rocks tone 8 years ago

    Morgan Tsvangirai, with the grass roots support you claim to have, don’t u dare to join Zanu pf again. We are strictly warning him . If you are realleader with people ‘s interest at heart never talk of rejoining this grave train again , u did it and we discoverd that it was void. Where is the real Morgan Tsvangirai , we knew , oh , this is not the real Tsvangirai we know , please just watch them , let them rig , God is now in control , mr Tsvangirai , porai zvenyu , play it low and cool

  • comment-avatar
    thembani 8 years ago

    Tsvangirai is ZANU,he can’t stay away from ZANU..Even in his 3 so called victories, he has to seek ZANU mandate to survive. MDC GET RID OF THIS DICKHEAD OF A LEADER.

  • comment-avatar
    makanyara 8 years ago

    we are missing the point.. we can wish Zanu away.

  • comment-avatar
    makanyara 8 years ago

    we are missing the point….we cannot wish Zanu away

  • comment-avatar
    Tongoona 8 years ago

    At last MDC-T leader has been man enough to declare his interest in ZANU PF. He camme from ZANU PF and he must return to ZANU PF. But what is disappointing is him playing opposition since 1999 and confusing the political arena. Zimbabweans be clever, shift your support to genuine opposition parties. If ZANU PF and MDC-T are now clueless about the country’s economic problems, the two together will create a mountain of clueless political parties. Choice is yours.

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    The Truth. 8 years ago

    Gukurahundi Tsvangirayi is missing the cushy government jobs too much. He also knows a govt job gives him a profile, which he is now missing!!

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    John Huruva 8 years ago

    This is a typical example where Zimbabweans fail to understand Morgan Tsvangirai. The man and his entire leadership are totally incapable of learning. He says, “we all know the character of Zanu PF” and goes on to cite violence and arrogance. What a shame! Zanu PF will never negotiate in good faith. Zanu PF will never negotiate power away Mr Tsvangirai. Ask yourself why after winning the 2008 Presidential Election you came second best and empty handed. What fat chance have you got now? Zanu PF breathes corruption and will never tackle it. Zanu PF will always rig elections because they know they will not win a fairly contested election. The country would like to know what will change when you join the Zanu PF Govt? What the country knows is that when you last shared bed with zanu PF you could suddenly afford multi million properties and also throw in a $300,000 damage payment to your former girlfriend since according to you were not married. Are you missing all these goodies and sweeteners? Do you think you now know Zanu PF? Your main problem is you don’t know that you don’t know – period. And it’s not your fault – just challenged.

  • comment-avatar
    mujibha 8 years ago

    morgan, i don’t think its a good idea to negotiate with them, this is the time to tighten the screws more on them, sqeeze them like a python until they die. why do u want to help them out from the situation they created. u r being foolish now. just fold your hands and watch from r far.

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    The people of Zimbabwe fail to see they were dead and buried in 2008 had MDC not agreed to some form of solution to help ordinary Zimbabweans. The GNU was the outcome, MDC went into GNU reluctantly, we are told, and only had the people of Zimbabwe in mind. We, inside and outside Zimbabwe, applauded their courage in dealing with an enemy of Zimbabwe, head on. The Zimbabweans have now become forgetful of the hunger, lack of food, lack of fuel and lack of medicines etc, including lack of outside intervention. If MDC had stood by and watched it all, back in 2008, what would have happened to those who could not find a meal to eat in a day, or find treatment for emergencies?.
    Please let us give people credit where it is due. Tsvangirayi and company fought hard to save lives, their choice was not wrong. We must remind ourselves that if ZANU had been able to deliver, to create wealth and to be generous to the citizens of Zimbabwe,or care of the Zimbabweans, we would not have had a government of national unity that was aimed at restoring sanity in the nation. The nation was bleeding to death then, GNU was necessary to stop the bleeding. It was not an everlasting solution. That GNU failed, should not detract us from the reality of the troubles back then in 2008. Today we see that possibility looming again on the horizon. Is M. Tsvangirayi wrong to seek an audience with ZANU? We must exercise good judgment when dealing with delicate issues of life and death.
    Zimbabweans must not dream on regarding outside assistance. When it was needed, where was it? We have to solve our problems on our own. Tsvangirayi is the only one leader of an opposition party who is taking a stand, where are the others? Where are Mavambo, ZAPU,outsiders, etc?

    • comment-avatar
      Tozvirevakupiko 8 years ago

      jay c I can understand where you are coming from. But kusiri kufa ndekupi – if Tsvangirai had vision, enough vision (he had a bit of vision)we would not be here. He has made TOO many blunders for me to list. And the definition of madness is …doing the same thing and expecting a different result. No no no – ‘povho yaramba’ to quote ZPF. We have to change course and if it means new leadership in the opposition or even new party then let it be. Let the country collapse then ZPF will face the real music from the people – watch the space.

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    I think e prblm is w reporters. I read his speech and interview w e Daily News. MT is not calling for a gnu, he emphatically said he is calling for a national dialogue that includes all stake holders. He clearly said e GPA was an elitist agreement btwn 3 parties bt e national dialogue shd involve all interested parties. In my view this is e best approach cos he is admitting he doesn’t have all e answers to e Zim crises bt when all ppl come together then answers wld be found. Those criticizing e gnu, like me, can bring forward their suggestions. From this national dialogue we can then have answers to rigging other ills manufactured by zpf. The other gud thing w MT is at least he is giving his opinions ko vanaMakoni, Dabengwa, Ncube, Mutambara not to mention Madhuku naMkwazhi veZanu

  • comment-avatar

    Imi baba imi munenge makambo rohwa nezvidhoma imi. Kana kuti mapotsa nebara. What do you want to be consulted for? Are you their advisor? Hauzivi zvauri iwe. Very, very stupid indeed. Are you ever thinking of ruling this country one day. I think a lot of people have realised how daft your brain is

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    The Truth. 8 years ago

    Gukurahundi Tsvangirayi should shut up, he lost elections, He should simply disappear into oblivion!!

  • comment-avatar
    Johnson@yahoo.com 8 years ago