Donor agencies cut food rations

via Donor agencies cut food rations – The Zimbabwe Independent October 15, 2015

INTERNATIONAL food aid donor organisations have cut the rations of food being distributed to each family in order to stretch the life-serving food and reach out to most of the 1,5 million people in need of food aid in Zimbabwe.

The World Food Programme (WFP) is targeting to feed 850 000 households while the United States Agency for International Development wants to feed 250 000 and the British Department for International Development 300 000.

WFP has however reduced its allocation from 10 kilogrammes each per month to six kilogrammes to meet the growing demand.
Rations of 800ml of cooking oil and 2kg of peas on monthly basis have remained the same.

Speaking during of food distribution in Mupinga village in Chiredzi last week, Plan International food aid manager and distribution agent, Titus Mafemba said the decline in food aid rations was caused by the overwhelming task faced by international food agencies to meet the growing demand of food relief in Africa.

“Food rations have decreased because there are several countries which are in need of food aid, especially the Central African Republic, Kenya, Somalia and Niger,” Mafemba said.

He said countries in serious need of food aid on the continent have increased in recent years.

The food rationing comes at a time the International Food Policy Research Institute, together with Welt Hunger Hilfe and Concern Worldwide, in a report titled 2015 Global Hunger Index (GHI) released this week, announced that hunger was “serious and alarming in most parts of Africa.”

According to GHI, Zimbabwe is considered to be experiencing a “serious” level of hunger.

In Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho are categorised in the serious hunger index while Malawi, Madagascar and Zambia hunger levels are considered as alarming.-Wongai Zhangazha/Fidelity Mhlanga


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    So, “The Dreaded West” feeds Zimbabwe – while the Mad Monkey froths and fumes.

    Truly, he and his wives have no shame

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    OH //I remember when we didn’t have this problem with food shortages// I wonder what it was that cause this problem from 2000 in the first place???//Could it be that our government chased away all our farmers// NAH // THAT WOUld BE THE MOST IDIOTIC AND STUPID THING TO DO// SO everyone going to bed hungry tonight PLEASE ask the ZANU PF fools what REALLY happened// It would be interesting to know// GO–GO NOW??