Zimbabweans in S.Africa Worried by Pretoria’s Permit Move

via Zimbabweans in S.Africa Worried by Pretoria’s Permit Move by Blessing  Zulu VOAZimbabwe 25 March 2014

Zimbabweans working in South Africa are disheartened by Pretoria’s move compelling them to go back home to renew special work permits set to expire in November.

Some Zimbabweans are now contemplating challenging the South African government in the courts while others say they are seeking dialogue with President Jacob Zuma’s government.

Acting South African cabinet spokesperson, Phumla Williams, confirmed to the VOA that Zimbabweans who were given permits under the special Dispensation for Zimbabweans Project (DZP) in 2009 would be allowed to re-apply but only from their country of origin.

“The dispensation aimed to document Zimbabwean nationals who were in South Africa illegally as a result of the political and socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe,” she said.
This allowed them to work or study in South Africa under relaxed conditions while deportations were shelved.

Authorities from both countries held a series of meetings ahead of the special dispensation in 2009. Williams did not say whether deportations would resume at the expiration of the permits.

“The Minister of Home Affairs will hold a separate briefing session to elaborate on how the process will unfold,” she said.

Spokesman Daniel Muzenda of the Zimbabwe Migrants Association says his organization is pursuing dialogue for now.

“We are engaging the Zimbabwe embassy in South Africa first to kick start the talks,” said Muzenda. “If we don’t get a positive answer by Wednesday, we will approach the South African government.”

The Migrant Workers Association of South Africa says it will be going to court to challenge the move by Pretoria saying they have information that the permits would not be renewed once they apply from Zimbabwe.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Maybe you should have come home and voted. Now it is too late.

    • comment-avatar
      Fallenz 8 years ago

      I understand your point, John Thomas… but would their votes have mattered. With ZANUPF in charge of the final tallys, results of the polling was a foregone conclusion.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    I feel pained that our people should suffer like this. All because of one man.

    • comment-avatar

      The one man Tsvangirai campained for sanctions. Ngavadzoke kumusha. Isu tirikuno wani

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    Senzachena 8 years ago

    The South African Govt is incapable of controlling the illegal entry of Zimbabweans, they deport them and the following day they are back across the river. The Zim Govt is bankrupt and businesses are closing daily, more and more people will pour into the surrounding countries in a desperate attempt to keep body and soul together. This is as a direct result of SA/ZUMA and SADC rubber stamping the ZANU “Win” at the last election. Now they must reap the whirlwind. This is just the start of the humanitarian disaster which is looming.

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    Rocks tone 8 years ago

    The South Africa home affairs minister is ill advised , he /she should consult the head of state , inorder to come up with a much reasonable and justifiable solution about the Zim dispensation permit extention .If south africa really wanted to assists economic alleviation in Zim, they would not have endorsed the stolen election victory by Zanu pf, and we know South Africa government is benefitting from this prolonged suffering of Zimbabweans

  • comment-avatar
    The Truth. 8 years ago

    “All they think of is eGoli after O-levels, while we study hard!!!”

    Yaaah, we heard that before; but who are the majority Zims in SA today and do they ALL have A-levels or Degrees?

    LOL Mthwakazi!! LOL Mthwakazi! LOL Mthwakazi. What goes around, comes around; chickens have indeed come home to roost.

    Lesson number one – never laugh at fellow human beings during their predicament, tomorrow it could be you!!

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    nyakureva 8 years ago

    all affected parties should try and apply for permits renewal before the current ones expire.
    but if they are denied the renewal then the poor decision will affect the economy of south africa. denying renewals will have huge implications to the banking/property rentals/retail shops etc. that could have extended credit to these people? more like taking a farm from a white farmer that had had financing from a bank, the farmer, bank, employees, down stream industries; the whole economy loses

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 8 years ago

    All because of the bank heist perpetuated on Zim, and sanctioned by SA.

    What a sad human tragedy brought on Southern Africa by Mugabe, Mbeki, Zuma, et al.
    Their greed knows no end… well, actually it does, doesn’t it… and then they will pay an awful price for eternity. Justice will not be denied. I shutter to think of it. There will be no bounds to the suffering they will encounter there as the price for their greed here.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    What drove Zimbabweans out of their beloved country has not got better. The political and socio-economic crisis is worsening by the day after the ruling party stole the 2013 vote. Unemployment is rising as companies continue to down size through retrenchments and continuous company closures, loss of confidence by the informal business sector due to liquidity crunch, commercial (A2 farmers) failing to pay labour due to failure by Grain Marketing Board to pay for grain delivered nearly a decade ago, poor road conditions hindering farmers access to market points, devastating starvation affecting 8 provinces out of Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces and institutionalized corruption undermining investor confidence. Therefore returning Zimbabweans after November 2014 takes away all the philanthropic record South Africa had gained.

  • comment-avatar
    gorongoza 8 years ago

    This is a rubbish piece. The change has nothing to do with Zimbabwe. Its applied across board. If anything, Zimbabweans had been gettiung preferential treatment all along, with special dispensation for permits even without meeting all requirements. Ask any foreigner who attempts to get a permit in Zimbabwe, how difficult it is. Do unto others what you would want them to do unto you! Makajaidza maZimba sterek. Chii chinorwadza kungoenda paHarare uchitopfuura uchiona hama dzako?

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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Why are Zimbabwe still in S Africa after that country claimed that the elections were fair and credible? In accordance with S African government assessment we have no political problems here therefore all Zimbabweans should come back home unless they are economic refugees.
    The S Africans are now tired of these economic refugees who commit terrible crimes and cause unemployment within their indigenous tribes.They must come back and be employed by these looters in their cell-phone farms.Once you come here they will NEVER renew your permits so go under ground if you want to stay there forever.

  • comment-avatar
    The Truth. 8 years ago

    All those who voted for and installed gukurahundi Mugabe in power in 1980 should not only be deported forthwith but also be xenophobied. Only Mthwakazi should be allowed permits in South Africa as it used to be during gukurahundi in the 1980s and early 1994 during Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s tenure as Home Affairs Minister.

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    Guys how can some of you try to humor such an eminent human tragedy with all the hallmarks of untold miseries long into the future. Zimbabwe is a failed state and it will take its citizens to soberly use their heads , not emotions to reverse that.

    Pointing fingers at each other, tribalism, regionalism, economic class segregation and blind loyalty to political parties and leaders will sure not put food on the table, educate, feed and clothe families.

    When predators sight a prey and instead of attacking, they discuss their strengths an weaknesses the prey vanishes and they go hungry.

    Unite for one purpose and one purpose only, to save the country.