Zinwa assures nation of sufficient water 

Source: Zinwa assures nation of sufficient water | The Herald December 18, 2019

Zinwa assures nation of sufficient water

Ellen Chasokela Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has assured the nation of sufficient water to meet the country’s domestic and irrigation requirements, with the national dam level averaging 67,8percent.

Latest dam level statistics show that as at December 10, the national dam level average was 67,8 percent, marking a 0,25 percent decline from the previous week.

ZINWA corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said Gwayi Catchment has a dam level average of 62,6 percent, Manyame 88,8 percent, Mazowe 93,8 percent, Mzingwane 64,4 percent, Runde 57,4 percent Sanyati 72,9 percent and Save 81,4 percent.

“Dam levels continue on the downward trajectory as most rivers have stopped flowing while the commencement of the cropping season has resulted in increased outflows from the dams.

Despite this decline, ZINWA wishes to assure the nation that the water in most of the dams is sufficient to meet the country’s domestic and irrigation requirements, though some areas such as Bulawayo, Beitbridge, Mutawatawa and Shurugwi are likely to experience water stress.

“In light of these depressed dam levels, ZINWA appeals to all individuals and organisations intending to use raw water from ZINWA-managed dams to ensure that such use is within the confines of the law.

“Irrigators are advised to obtain water abstraction agreements from their respective catchment offices in order for them to have their water allocations reserved in the dams.”


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    Hahahaha! Lying idiots. Many suburbs in harare have been without water for over a decade.