Coronavirus: SRC issues new guidelines for sport associations 

Source: Coronavirus: SRC issues new guidelines for sport associations – NewsDay Zimbabwe

The Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) has issued new guidelines for national sports associations (NSAs) that are seeking approval to travel to other countries for sporting activities, but the new regulations fall short of banning sport events as is happening across the world in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

By Staff Reporter

In a statement, the SRC ordered that all NSAs seeking clearance to travel outside the country on sport tours must provide health clearance certificates for all the members of the travelling delegation issued by a government physician.

The associations must also provide health certificates from the host country guaranteeing the health of the Zimbabwe delegation.

“Applications for clearances for visiting athletes for athletes or teams from other countries should be accompanied by health certificates from their countries of origin and sport federation,” a statement from the SRC read.

“Further details pertaining to the 21 day quarantine will need to be explained in detail.”

It said in the event that a tour is approved, the SRC will monitor the athletes on tour.

Officially, at least, Zimbabwe has not recorded any cases of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, but there is growing scepticism that the government is withholding vital information.

A number of countries, including neighbouring South Africa, have cancelled gatherings of more than 100 people and sporting events have also been banned.

The novel coronavirus has since been declared a pandemic.