Guide to safe shopping

Source: Guide to safe shopping | The Herald

Guide to safe shopping
Deputy Minister Mangwiro

Herald Reporter

WITH critical shops not being spared from the spike in confirmed Covid-19 cases, shoppers must act responsibly to protect themselves and others.

In an interview, Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Dr John Mangwiro yesterday listed what shoppers should do to minimise the risk of infection, with back-up advice from the deputy director epidemiology and disease control and team leader of the Covid-19 epi surveillance operations, Dr Isaac Phiri.

On entry shoppers should ensure their temperature was checked, hands sanitised and trolley pushbars sanitised;

Shoppers should not pick up and replace goods on the shelves, but rather be decisive, select what they want and then go to the till;

Till operators should sanistise their hands after serving every customer;

People should maintain social distancing;

On leaving shoppers should clean their hands again.

Shop less frequently, so buy bread that can last you a week to avoid frequenting a crowded supermarket

Use face masks at all times

Do not spend a lot of time in a shop — be there for not more than 15 minutes; and

Stay away from shops where there are no hand sanitisers or temperature detectors.