I didn’t endorse Chamisa: Nkomo’s son 

I didn’t endorse Chamisa: Nkomo’s son 

Source: I didn’t endorse Chamisa: Nkomo’s son | The Herald July 24, 2018

I didn’t endorse Chamisa: Nkomo’s sonPRAYING or PREYING . . . Mr Chamisa captured in a Bulawayo church ahead of his rally at White City Stadium

Herald Reporter
SON to national hero and former Vice President Dr Joshua Nkomo, Sibangilizwe, says his attendance of an MDC-Alliance rally in Bulawayo recently was not an endorsement of the opposition outfit and its leader Mr Nelson Chamisa. In a statement, Mr Nkomo said he attends rallies of all political parties to preach peace.

The MDC-Alliance, which is desperate for endorsement by public figures, had gone to town over Mr Nkomo’s attendance of its rally, equating it to endorsement.

Mr Nkomo attended the MDC-Alliance rally at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo on Saturday last week.
“I was invited by the MDC-Alliance and my job is to build peace bridges.

“I attend any political party meetings only by invitations to preach peace. I have been invited by Zanu-PF, PF Zapu and attended. My message to the people is ‘peace, love and tolerance’.

“I always tell people to preserve peace. No one wants to see another person’s blood,’’ said Mr Nkomo.
He has vowed not to indulge in politics by joining any political party.

This is not the first time the MDC-Alliance and its leader have tried to rope in the Nkomo family name.
In April, Sibangilizwe had to angrily call Mr Chamisa’s bluff after the gaffe- prone MDC-Alliance leader claimed he had been given the late Father Zimbabwe’s walking stick (intonga), a family heirloom, after visiting the family home ahead of a rally at White City Stadium.

It later emerged that Mr Chamisa had not even visited the Joshua Nkomo home in Pelandaba, which is a stone throw away from White City Stadium.

Also, contrary to his claims, he had also not been invited to the house, which is a museum, by the Nkomo family, but by one Jabulani Hadebe, who is the CEO of the Joshua Nkomo National Foundation and a member of the MDC-T.