MP arrested over #ZanuPfMustGo masks 

Source: MP arrested over #ZanuPfMustGo masks – NewsDay Zimbabwe


BINGA NORTH legislator and MDC Alliance Matabeleland North provincial chairman Prince Dubeko Sibanda was yesterday arrested for allegedly distributing face masks inscribed #ZanuPFMutGo.
Sibanda told Southern Eye that he was being accused of inciting public violence through the distribution of the face masks.

“I am attending an interview at CID Law and Order in Bulawayo. I had to drive 600km to explain myself why I gave two Pick n Pay employees face masks inscribed #ZanuPFMustGo,” Sibanda said.

“I had just walked out of TM Hyper when two of their employees who had seen me putting on a mask asked for similar masks. So I gave one to each of the two and then I left. The charges are spurious if they are going to be laid. I think it’s continuation of persecution of opposition members and leaders.”

Sibanda’s lawyer confirmed that the MP had been charged with inciting violence and he was set to appear in court.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube yesterday said they were still investigating the matter before referring Southern Eye to national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul

“We are still looking into it but you will have to call Assistant Commissioner Nyathi,” Ncube said.

However, Nyathi said he had not yet received reports concerning the matter.

Sibanda’s arrest came after police in Harare arrested MDC Alliance deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala on a similar charge.


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    Kalulu 3 years ago

    It no longer boggles the mind about how the ruling party and the government operates because it is now apparent that this regime is of the view that it is above the law and anyone who does anything which is not in support of it, has committed a crime.  The Police, Judiciary, Prison Service to name just a few are now appendages of the ruling party and government.

    Let’s look at this scenario. The ZANU PF Commissariat has openly stated that they are now geared towards 2023 general election. What does this mean, it means they have already commenced campaigning for 2023 general election. What does that mean, it means in order to win you have to outsmart the opposition parties by saying whatever bad things about them which acceptable in any democracy.

    However, the discrepancy becomes apparent when the opposition parties also gear themselves to win the 2023 general election. They are in the same realm with the ruling party to win the next election and doing so they they have to project themselves as a better party to run the country than ZANU PF. In doing so their objective is to remove ZANU PF from power by Democratic means and in line with the constitution of the country.  Their main focus during the campaign which  is already underway is to remove ZANU PF from power. In view of this what is wrong with the Binga opposition MP in distributing his campaign material such as #ZANU PF MUST GO#. Is this not part of acceptable campaigning.?

    Is ZANU PF the only political party that is allowed to campaign? Is the Police and Judiciary blind to the reality that political parties are now in a campaign mode or do they want to continue soling their already damaged reputation. Being reduced to international ‘laughing stock’ by ED whose practice as a Lawyer is not recorded and whose lack of leadership  skills is now an open secret.

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      Fallenz 3 years ago

      Kalulu, you nailed it.  “Inciting violence” by campaigning… how more bogus can any charge be.  In effect, the “multi-party” system is illegal.  At least, ZANUPF is no more hiding behind subterfuge… they are openly declaring that Zim is a dictatorship, and The Party will determine who sits on the throne.  The truth that so many have been valiantly attempting to unveil for 40 years, and lying ZANUPF has attempted to deny, is finally no longer treated as a State Secret.  

      SADC, do you now see what you’ve been so blindly supporting?  Do you wonder any longer why you’ve been losing face and respect in the global community?  You’re better than that, and your willful ignorance is no excuse.  If you are unable to acknowledge the truth of the matter, then take your place on the short bus for a long ride. 

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      Saddened 3 years ago

      ZANU PF is and always has been a joke that the majority of Zimbabweans never saw. Sadly there are many that are still blinded by the absolute Kleptocracy of African leaders.