Mutinhiri’s NPF disbands 

Mutinhiri’s NPF disbands 

Source: Mutinhiri’s NPF disbands | The Herald September 21, 2018

Mutinhiri’s NPF disbands
Ambrose Mutinhiri

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
The Ambrose Mutinhiri-led National Patriotic Front has disbanded and its officials are rejoining Zanu-PF after realising that the events that led to the removal of the Robert Mugabe-led government in November last year were in the best interests of the country.

“We the founders, leaders and supporters of the NPF hereby inform the nation of Zimbabwe that the NPF has disbanded with immediate effect from September 19, 2018,” Brigadier-General (Retired) Mutinhiri said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The main reason for disbanding the party is that NPF has outlived its purpose. NPF was formed as a response to the events and circumstances of November 2017 that led to the removal of the previous Government of Zimbabwe and in our opinion we perceived it to be a threat to national security and stability.”

Brig-Gen (Rtd) Mutinhiri said they had re-considered their position and decided to rejoin the ruling party in its drive to rebuild Zimbabwe.

“However, after careful considerations and deliberations our party came to the conclusion that the November 2017 events were in the best interest of Zimbabwe as a nation. To that end, the existence of the NPF is no longer necessary. “As such we deem it expedient and appropriate to disband NPF and also to join and support the Zanu-PF party and Government in its endeavour to build a better Zimbabwe for all unity and loving and progressive Zimbabwe,” he added.

Brig-Gen Mutinhiri resigned from Zanu-PF to head the NPF long considered to be the brainchild of former president Mu- gabe.

He contested the Presidential election on July 30 and lost dismally.
His latest climb-down follows that of his mentor, Mr Mugabe, who also recently recognised President Mnangagwa’s victory in the July elections and urged Zimbabweans to work with his Government for the development of the country.


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    So this was a game to you again. You thugs really take us for idiots. Are we so stupid to see what you are. Turn coats nothing less. MaSellouts of the highest level. No wonder  we are getting nowhere. All for yourselves only. Mobuto was bad but this takes the cake. Now you rejoin ZanuPF and that’s it. Who do you think you are fooling.