Planning a Succesful Kenya Safari – How to Do It Right

New things are always met with an air of excitement and trepidation in equal measure. It happens when we plan on visiting new places too.

Although most adventurers agree that an African safari always promises to be a thrilling experience, the planning for one is often nerve wracking for first timers.

Thankfully, due to the growth and expansion of Kenya’s tourism sector, you can now quickly organize a hassle-free Kenya safari from the comfort of your home.

So simple and uncomplicated is the process that all you’re left with is showing up and enjoying your Kenya vacation.

More than anything else, planning enjoyable Kenya safari holidays is more about having the right information and dependable partners. We shall discuss more about this shortly.

1.     Picking the right destinations

The best Kenya safaris begin with having the right destinations in mind. That does not mean that some Kenyan attraction are necessarily superior to others.

Instead, it is all about picking what is best suited for you and your travel companions.

For instance, some people prefer a bush safari more than a beach safari. Then again, others would rather have both on their itinerary.

Therefore, knowing what the country has to offer and aligning it with your preferences and budgetary allocation is of utmost importance.

It ensures that you will not only enjoy your Kenya safari but also get the most out of your cash.

One of the most popular safari destinations worth your consideration is Maasai Mara Kenya where the annual wildebeest migration takes place every year.

The game reserve is also a favorite for visitors due to its high numbers of the African lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and rhino (also known as the Big Five).

Other fascinating Kenya wildlife safari hotspots include the Samburu National Park, the Tsavo National Park, the Amboseli, Lake Nakuru National Park, among many others.

Kenya has more than forty national parks and reserves spread across the country, so you are almost guaranteed to find a wildlife sanctuary near you.

2.     Choosing the right travel partner

Your choice of travel partner can make or break your Kenya tour.

Here, we do not mean your travelling companions (although those are also important), we mean the travel agent that you opt to work with.

While some tourists may decide not to hire a tour agent, it is always advisable to enlist the services of an expert. That is particularly if you are a first time visitor.

Not only will the travel agent answer some of your pertinent questions regarding when it is best to visit particular areas, but they will also offer logistical support once you are in the country.

For instance, they will take care of all domestic transportation and provide you with robust vehicles suited to tackle the Kenyan bush terrain.

Also, some professional travel agencies offer native tour guides with vast experience about the areas you visit during your Kenya wildlife safari.

When you enlist the services of a knowledgeable Kenya tour guide, he will help you craft an ideal itinerary based on your interests.

3.     Timing

The best Kenya safaris are those whose scheduling coincides with the peak season.

Depending on the areas you wish to visit, it is best to find out which time the attraction is at its peak.

For instance, the best time to visit Maasai Mara Kenya is during the dry season, which falls between July- October.

During this time, the expansive reserve’s off-road terrain is easily navigable due to the dry weather, compared to the wet season when the roads are muddy.

Also, the Maasai Mara’s dry season coincides with the annual wildebeest migration, one of the most awesome animal spectacles on earth.

During the migration, the Reserve is teeming with hundreds of thousands of wild animals, making it the best venue for a quintessential Kenya wildlife safari.

Due to the prevalence various animals during the migration season, visitors get to witness plenty of wildlife drama and enjoy some of the best Kenya safari holidays.

4.     Activities

Having an idea about the activities you are likely to find at your chosen destination is advisable as it helps you plan your Kenya vacation in a coherent fashion.

You can obtain more information about Kenya by conducting some research about the popular tourist attractions and what they have to offer.

If you are pressed for time, you could also engage your chosen travel agent for some insights into the country’s attractions.

As mentioned before, the agent might also prove instrumental in informing you which time is best to visit certain attractions.

Besides making your trip scheduling easier, having prior knowledge of the activities that may interest you also ensures that your travel companions have a great time as well.

It helps you align your itinerary with everyone’s interests, meaning your companions will enjoy the trip as well.

For instance, if you are travelling with beach lovers, it may be wise to set aside a few days for a Diani beach excursion, where they can snorkel, swim, or scuba dive to their heart’s content.

Similarly, visitors to Maasai Mara Kenya have plenty to look forward to alongside the game drives. They can cruise along on a hot air balloon safari at dawn, visit a Maasai village, go camping etc.

5.     Packing right

Lastly, is the question of what to pack.

Visitors touring Kenya during the dry season need not carry heavy garments as the weather is fairly temperate.

Pack comfortable cotton garments such as tshirts and khaki/ cargo pants together with dependable hiking boots or sports shoes.

Also remember to carry along your yellow fever vaccination certificate, and to undergo your Covid-19 testing as required by Kenya’s ministry of health. Details on these minimal health requirements are available on the ministry of health website.