Police Connive With Anti-Stock Theft Chair To Steal Herd Of Cattle

Source: Police Connive With Anti-Stock Theft Chair To Steal Herd Of Cattle ⋆ Pindula News

Two police officers stationed at Siabuwa Police Station in Binga, Constables Honest Masakara (29) and Sharp Simweru (37) have been dragged to court over stock theft.

Court papers suggest that the two police officers connived with Edward Muzamba (40), a chairperson for the Siabuwa Business Against Stocktheft forum, to steal three cattle.

Prosecutor Quiet Mpofu told the court that in December last year, Jertha Muzingili (59) of Guteni village lost five cattle which she had left grazing in Tundazi mountain grazing area.

She reportedly filed a report of missing cattle at the police station after failing to locate her beasts a few days later.

During the month of December, some unnamed villagers delivered Muzingili’s five beasts to Muzamba so he could keep them as chairperson of the anti-stock theft forum waiting to locate the owner.

Muzamba notified the police about the stray cattle on 2 January and officers Simweru and Masakara were assigned to investigate the case.

The duo connived with Muzamba to record only two beasts in the lost and found book and allegedly concealed the other three which they shared one each.

In June, after an anonymous tip, Muzingili went to Muzamba’s homestead where she positively identified two of her cattle as Muzamba had already sold his share.

Muzamba was arrested and he implicated the two cops who are yet to be arrested.