SHORT AND SWEET… Zim and its billionaires from the underworld

Source: SHORT AND SWEET… Zim and its billionaires from the underworld – The Zimbabwe Independent

While other nations are exploring such faraway places as the asteroid Bennu, Zimbabweans are exploring dark underworld caves for serpents and tokoloshes. These creatures later kill their host, as people say they did with our Ginimbi, if the host messes up certain dark rituals.

We are such a backward place!

But all seems not lost however. Another stinking rich Zimbabwean thinks differently and has everything to show for. He runs one of the most successful telecoms businesses on the continent, if not in the world — Econet Wireless.

Only this week, while Zimbabweans, apparently from all walks of life, were enthralled with Ginimbi and his supposed mermaids, Strive Masiyiwa and his team were inking deals with Google (you all know Google, of course! If you do not Google it). On Tuesday, Google subsiary Alpahbet X announced that its “Project Taara” high-speed optical wireless broadband endeavour is working with Econet and its subsidiaries to begin rolling out its tech across sub-Saharan Africa.

“X’s Taara is essentially a fibre optic network cable without the cable — it uses a narrow, invisible beam of light to transmit data between two terminals that can span up to nearly 12,5 miles (20km), while providing transfer speeds up to 20 Gbps, which means they can be used to connect thousands of customers or households while providing speeds high enough for streaming high-quality video.”

Zimbabwe’s only billionaire did not have to go into the underworld of spooks to acquire his wealth! He does not belong here; he belongs in Silicon Valley.