The Election Bulletin – Issue 06

The Election Bulletin – Issue 06

Source: The Election Bulletin – Issue 06 – The Zimbabwean

It is now 12 days before the most important election in the history of Zimbabwe on the 30th of July 2018.

The Presidential Press Conference 
Addressing journalists today at Morgan Tsvangirai House, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa said the MDC Alliance will not be frog marched into a sham election but will work flat out so that key electoral reforms are implemented for a conducive free fair and credible election. This follows futile efforts that the MDC Alliance has been engaging with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to facilitate a level electoral playing field.

President Advocate Nelson Chamisa outlined the three crucial issues that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission should address: the voters roll, the ballot paper and the credibility of the ZEC servers. This follows ZEC’s own admission that its servers had been cloned by a third party, following thousands of Zimbabweans having received Zanu PF campaign text messages on their mobile phones.

The President strongly raised concern on this issue stating that this affects all other political parties which have raised similar concerns except Zanu-PF. The conduct by ZEC clearly infringes on the constitutional provision on privacy and confidentiality which must be enjoyed by the electorate.

On the postal ballot scandal that rocked the country last week in Bulawayo, the President questioned ZEC’s integrity amid reports that the police officers were supervised while voting, and called for the postal vote to be nullified. He condemned the various cases of intimidation targeting opposition supporters in the rural areas and added that the party is documenting all these reports.

An alleged Zanu PF activist, Dread Matangira has been terrorising and intimidating people in Bindura South by telling them that ZEC has cameras in polling stations whose footage will used in retribution against those who will have not voted for Zanu PF. Also people from Trojan, Waerera, Masembura, Nyava, Chireka, Mupandira, Mashambanhaka, Nyava, Guwa, Musiwa and Gwaze in Bindura South are being force marched and terrorized to attend Zanu Pf rallies and pungwes or all night vigils.

Upcoming Events
Tomorrow the 18th of July President Advocate Nelson Chamisa will be in Masvingo Province for two rallies with the first rally in Bhasera, Gutu East while the second rally will be at Maungwa Business centre in Gutu South. The following day he proceeds to Mashonaland West in Karoi, Hurungwe Central Constituency, before rounding off the day in Kariba.

On the 21st of July President Chamisa will be in Bulawayo before capping the week the following day with a star rally in Gweru at Mkoba Stadium.

Reminder to voters
On the 30th of July 2018 Voters are reminded to carry their national identification particulars such as the national ID, valid passport to the polling station in the ward that they are registered to vote,

Remember Your Vote is Your Secret, Do not be intimidated

Behold the New, Change that Delivers!

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