‘There is no Christmas this year’ 

Source: ‘There is no Christmas this year’ – DailyNews Live

Jeffrey Muvundusi and Pauline Hurungudo     24 December 2018

HARARE – As Zimbabweans wake up tomorrow to celebrate the traditional
Christmas Day, will the day be same as in past year? The Daily News’
Jeffrey Muvundusi and Pauline Hurungudo spoke to some Zimbabweans about
this year’s Christmas.

Junior Bhosha (65) – Murehwa
Things are hard and only God is keeping us. Zimbabwe has shown us a tough
life. I do buying and selling and business is no longer moving because
people don’t have money. Food is also hard to come by because every
commodity is costly for us. This will be a Christmas different from all
others. Our grandchildren will not know the kind of lives we used to have
on Christmas because right now we can no longer afford good food like we
used to.

Sandra Maravanyika (36) – Hre
I am not even thinking about Christmas because I am already preparing for
school fees for next year. Worse of all in my case I am pregnantand
preparation for us pregnant women is now so hard especially when there is
no money and when prices are so high. Hospitals were told to give us
services for free but right now there are no supplies. We have to buy my
preparation in US dollars and I don’t even go to work. I finished my
teaching training and I don’t have a job. How can we have a good
Christmas, again, when school fees are increasing, we are already thinking
of fees so there is no Christmas to enjoy!

Nomthandazo Dlodlo (23) – Byo
With this prevailing economy we just have to deal with what is there but
to be honest this is just hell of a Christmas with nothing much to cheer
about. These are tough and trying times where luxury that is normally
associated with this day is just a thing of the past. Some of us may just
as well go and drown our sorrows at church.

Willard Nyangumbe (28) – Byo
There is no Christmas to talk about, things are just bad. The day will be
just like any other day. When the year started things were better than how
they are now. Imagine to get to my rural area I need about $80 for
transport alone, not talking about groceries and other necessities. Sadly,
it’s only us on the grounds who are suffering yet the top government
officials are leaving large.

Caroline Mazhandu (20) – Byo
You know this is the day that we used to patiently wait for as we were
growing up, but now it has just become like any other day where you cannot
think of putting on new clothes or doing something special. It’s not like
the day has lost its relevance, no but the economic situation has just
reduced the day to be ordinary. I would have loved to go braai and have
fun with colleagues but I can’t because the pockets are empty. There is no
money in the banks; food stuffs are just too expensive.

Kelvin Chikanya (22) – Byo
It’s unfortunate that as a generation it seems we are going to die without
enjoying in this country. Things are just bad. I can’t even imagine what I
will be doing tomorrow. I have got no plans. If any of my friends do not
come to collect me for an outing it means I will spend whole day stuck
here. We are just victims of poor governance that’s why we are suffering
like this.

Bessie Kamusoko (30) – Byo
I am sure this is one of the worst Christmas days I am going to have since
I was born. I can’t even get fuel to travel, things are just expensive and
you can’t just spend blindly when you know that school fees and uniforms
which are also now way expensive will be knocking at my door step in
January. We are just hoping that the few friends from diaspora will make
our day.