These 7 Online Tools Could Take Your Insta Image From Rags To Riches

Instagram is the new Facebook now. While earlier everyone seemed to be bitten by the “friend-unfriend” bug, nowadays it’s the “follow-unfollow” mania that has taken over the public.

While Facebook as a social media site allows users to share all kinds of media like photos and videos, Instagram is a more visual social media platform, concentrated on photographs and videos as a means of expression. However, it also allows us to write captions.

Due to its massive popularity amongst people, Instagram has emerged as the go-to digital plaza for socializing. You can not only make new friends, connect with known contacts and follow your celebs, but also use this digital plaza to set up your own business, free of cost.

To crudely translate a popular Indian saying: “What shows, sells.” Instagram has revolutionized marketing, for it provides charge-free advertising space to all kinds of brands – old or upcoming, from appliances to fashion, anything.

If not that, it has become a place where you can market yourself and your content, as is the case with the influencers we follow.

When your worth hinges on the photographs you take, you have to make sure that they’re the best. Instagram has a ton of features that can be used to enhance your photographs, and several other third-party apps have mushroomed as well. Our job here is to help you get the right Instagram tools to up your Insta game, as they say.


Collages were all the rage last year and continue to be so. Instagram has added the Layout feature for its stories about a year or so ago.

You can add up to a maximum of six images to create a collage. Just swipe left, choose the layout option, select the number of images you want to put up, and you’re done!

Earlier, collages had to be made outside the Instagram app. With the Layout feature, Instagram has internalized this function. And not only photographs, GIFs, and texts are also supported by the layout feature.


This is the age of the selfie. It’s likely that if you’re on social media, your face is gonna be all over it, so why don’t you put your best smile forward?

Facetune is an app that lets you do this. The app has two versions, Facetune and Facetune 2, two variants, free and a paid one.

The user interface is easy to get, and the free app, other than just basic editing features like brightness and contrast adjustments, has selfie-centric features for teeth whitening, oily skin spot blunting, and removal of skin blemishes, and much more.


What if I told you that you could have professional photo editing software like features on your phone? What if I tell you that the days of photobombers ruining your perfect selfies, or power lines cutting through the scarlet sky pictures, or of any unwanted element in your photographs, are limited?

TouchRetouch is the dark horse of photo editing. It has been around for ten or so years but hasn’t gained as much popularity as other apps have. Nevertheless, it is loaded with some very handy features for a very nominal price. This one’s a catch, fellas!


The function that this one performs might not be hard to guess. It helps the users juxtapose two images together, allowing them to lighten some elements from the photograph placed above the other so that the one below basically comes through it. This renders an illusion that they’re the same photograph.

Using the app doesn’t require rocket science. One just has to load the background and foreground photographs and use the brush to lighten or straight away remove elements from the forefront by using a brush. Different gradients can be implemented to make various changes to the background.


You might’ve come across several uber-cool videos, which are an amalgamation of visuals and text. Videos make a huge impact on the viewer because of their dynamic nature. You can express yourself not only via visuals but audio as well.

But to catch eyeballs, the video has to click with the audience from the very beginning. VideoCreek is a cool online tool that helps you take care of all your video needs in a few easy steps.

VidoeCreek is a particularly nifty free online ad maker, which allows you to choose from thousands of videos, transitions, and typography ideas that help you express yourself stylistically. From ads to intros to promotional videos, VideoCreek has it all covered.

You can either try out the free version or buy the premium one.

Square Sized

It’s one of the many little peeves of Instagram that your photos need to be of a particular size to share them. They specifically need to be square sized.

Photographers have often been heard to criticize Instagram’s design, which only allows 1:1 ratio images, and if they’re not, they’re going to be cropped.

So what to do in this situation? Do you always have to take pictures keeping in mind Instagram’s 1:1 aspect ratio? No, you don’t.

Instead, you’re going to download Square Sized, which helps you fit any photograph into a square frame so that it’s Instagram post-able. Overlays, borders, typography, and other features are also at your disposal to embellish your images.


InShot is a one-stop-shop for all your Insta aesthetics needs. It edits, enhances, lets you add graphics, typographies, borders, and much more on almost any kind of media. It’s usually used to edit videos for the gram, but you can also use it to edit your photographs and even make collages of different arrangements, all in one app!

The video editor is particularly talked about, with various aspect ratio options, trimming, additions like texts and GIFs, and even photographs. You can make adjustments in the volume of the video, remove unwanted elements, and freeze frames. So, all in all, this is one hell of a video editor for you to be carrying around in your phone.

The free version renditions would come with a little watermark on the bottom, but you can either subscribe to it every month or straight away buy the app if you want all premium features.

In Conclusion

Almost everyone, from your average Joe, to your favorite influencer, uses some kind of app to enhance their photographs on Insta, and you can get in on the fun too with these amazing options we’ve listed for you to use for your photographs and videos. So what’re you waiting for?