TSVANGIRAI & MUTSVANGWA LATEST: “It’s True!” Clear Videos Reveal Secret Chats Ongoing But…

Source: TSVANGIRAI & MUTSVANGWA LATEST: “It’s True!” Clear Videos Reveal Secret Chats Ongoing But… | ZimEye

  • Did Tsvangirai lie?

  • Did Mutsvangwa lie?

Staff Reporter| The development that saw a media spat between MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s special advisor, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa yesterday has seen videos being unearthed which show that of a truth there were discussions ongoing between the two parties which began in November.

ZimEye yesterday sought to investigate on the areas of differences of representation on the matter so to find out the truth, because there are several senior MDC office holders who have confirmed there were secret chats between MDC officials and ZANU PF and sometimes directly with the army.

The contentious matter was to do with an arrangement as Ambassador Mutsvangwa said, that would see some MDC MPs being made cabinet ministers in President Mnangagwa’s cabinet.

According to Mutsvangwa, “President Mnangagwa wanted to pick some MDC-T members for ministerial posts, but held back after the party’s leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai threatened to expel from his party prospective appointees unless the opposition leader was himself given a post in the presidium.”

Yesterday Mr Tsvangirai vehemently denied there were any discussions between the two parties. “Well, the thing is that, the MDC was never approached..and that’s the truth, never approached of any discussion around that..if they decided to abandon whatever they had planned, it has nothing to do with us, okay.”

He said Mutsvangwa was playing at propaganda.

When asked on the possibility of even just mere rumours among his MPs, Mr Tsvangirai also denied saying there was nothing to the effect. “There was no contact, I have never received any contact in regards to the discussion around this issue, so how can he…atanga Mutsvangwa ne nyaya ye propaganda kani?

“There was not even a rumour, there was no rumour, there was no contact, okay?”

But Mr Mutsvangwa told ZimEye yesterday that there were discussions, a matter Mr Tsvangirai denies saying there were not even rumours to the effect.

From several discussions and interviews yesterday however, it has since emerged that there were of a truth some discussions which began from around the 21st November. Videos shot at parliament house in Harare show MDC MPs speaking openly about a possible deal with ZANU PF in which they were considering striking a compromise with ZANU PF beginning with the impeachment of then President Robert Mugabe.

A standing committee member, Mr Job Sikhala also confirmed there were overtures from the army last month – that the military run government approached some of his colleagues in the middle of the night with the intention of isolating Tsvangirai by offering some MDC-T cabinet positions.

Wrote Sikhala on his Facebook portal, “ZANU PF surreptitiously approached individuals at night to betray their party and the people to join on the table of the coup. Their intention was to seed division in the party by trying to isolate our president by offering his lieutenants positions in this coup initiated government and cause havoc in the party.

“These are the same ZANU PF people you find in several social media networks calling for Tsvangirai to be replaced immediately, giving comparison to what happened to Mugabe and ZANU PF that what happened in ZANU PF must also happen in the MDC.

“Then let me tell you, Tsvangirai is not going anywhere. Why should he pushed out because vanhu veZANU makadzingorana naMugabe nemukadzi wake. There is no doubt that there is a huge fear of Morgan Tsvangirai in ZANU PF. In his sickness we love and adore him as he is. A sick Tsvangirai will defeat Emmerson Mnangagwa home and away no matter the number of bodybags they will try to amass.”

Moreover the MDC Chairman for the UK, Mr Tonderai Samanyanga told ZimEye while he disputes the allegation on that Tsvangirai was demanding a post in the presidium, “I am not aware of that and that is not the true position of what transpired; the MDC was prepared to go into a transitional arrangement that will lead us to election time; and in the conditions that were being looked at in making sure that we are moving together in all these arrangements …we were looking at the political prisoners of MDC including Yvonne Musarurwa and the like, and it was also looking at a free and fair platform for an election, and these were the demands that were being put in place by MDC.

“My fear is that ZANU PF having gone their own way without the whole position which they needed much to sanitize their coup or takeover of government, they are bringing Tsvangirai into disrepute by trying to put him as a pillar of negotiations.

“Us MDC we were very clear ..we only wanted to ensure that there was a transitional arrangement,”

When stressed on by ZimEye, Mr Samanyanga repeated once again saying, “definitely there were discussions…but it was not about Morgan Tsvangirai being President…,” said Mr Samanyanga.

In the below video, Mabvuku MP James Maridadi is seen speaking about a preliminary deal with ZANU PF, and another MDC MP is seen demanding a reciprocation from ZANU PF.

Speaking yesterday, other senior MDC leaders revealed there were of a truth discussions going on, the only matter of contradiction being the allegation that Tsvangirai was as according to Mutsvangwa demanding a post in the presidium. Below is the LIVE discussion to the effect shot yesterday.