VP Mohadi left bleeding after confrontation over married lover: sources 

HARARE – Vice President Kembo Mohadi was on Sunday left shaken and bleeding after a raucous showdown with a man accusing him of enjoying secret trysts with his wife, online tabloid ZimLive reported Monday.

Source: VP Mohadi left bleeding after confrontation over married lover: sources – The Zimbabwean

Following the confrontation, an unidentified woman who was with Mohadi inside his Harare home got so angry at the discovery that he was seeing another woman she hit the vice president with an object, possibly a shoe, which caused him to bleed from the head, sources said.

Jacob Mumpande, whose wife Abbigal Mumpande, nee Muleya, works at Mohadi’s office as a junior security officer stormed the 71-year-old’s Milcox Road residence in Glen Lorne after learning of the affair.

Mumpande had obtained recordings of phone calls of the vice president – whose second wife left him in 2019 – talking to Abbigal and expressing his undying love for her. He also allegedly sent her nudes.

“Ngithe ngikutshele ukuthi ngiyakuthanda, angisoze ngafa ngabuyela emuva (I called to say I love you, and I’ll never change my mind),” Mohadi, speaking in isiNdebele, said in one of the recorded phone calls sent to this reporter anonymously.

Mohadi also referred to her as “my wife” in another recording and commented that she looked beautiful at work. “I loved you more,” he said.

And betraying his knowledge that she is married, he told her how he had called her late at night then quickly hung-up, realising she might be with her husband.

Mumpande, accompanied by his wife, arrived at the Mohadi residence at about 4.30PM on Sunday and was allowed inside after the vice president was consulted.

A furious Mumpande, who was described as “heartbroken” and “upset”, accused Mohadi of romping with his wife without protection during a shouting match lasting an hour, ZimLive sources claimed.

“The vice president just kept apologising,” a source briefed on the incident said.

“They left after an hour. Abbigal was in tears.”

Mumpande told Mohadi that his wife would no longer work for him, the source said. Reverend Paul Damasane, the permanent secretary in Mohadi’s office, was instructed by Mohadi to process her transfer as early as Monday.

The source reportedly added: “When Mohadi came out of the house, he had a small amount of blood on his forehead, and his hands were slightly swollen. It was clear it became quite physical in there with the woman he was with before Mumpande arrived.”

Mohadi was driven out of his residence following the hubbub, returning after two hours.

Damasane said on Monday morning: “I just met the vice president in his office for our daily morning brief and what you are asking me did not come up at all.”

Mumpande declined requests for an interview. Abbigal denied having an affair with Mohadi. When confronted with the leaked recordings of their phone calls, she declined to answer further questions.

Mumpande and Abbigal – both from Binga – were married in 2014 after dating for more than a year. They have two children.

Abbigal joined the Central Intelligence Organisation as a junior officer in 2019 and was deployed to Mohadi’s office at Munhumutapa Building.

The moral authority of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his two deputies Constantino Chiwenga and Mohadi has long been questioned.

Mnangagwa reportedly has over 18 children with different women while Chiwenga divorced his wife, Jocelyn Mauchaza, to marry model Marry Mubaiwa who hurriedly divorced footballer Shingi Kawondera.

Chiwenga has filed for divorce from Marry and banished her from seeing their three children after getting her arrested.

Mohadi divorced Tambudzani Muleya, his wife of 25 years, in 2017. Two years later, she accused Mohadi of storming their former matrimonial home and threatening her with an axe as they rowed over property.

The vice president soon moved in with Juliet Mutavhatsindi after paying lobola for her. Mutavhatsindi, however, has since left Mohadi. A source claimed she returned from a foreign trip unexpectedly and found him with another woman, causing the break-up.


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    Mapingu 2 years ago

    These a baboons; they trained each other to steal & grab zvevaridzi. They lie about training to fight; calling themselves liberation war heroes bula bula. But did they really fight any war?? Why are they not talking of specific battles they fought if ….?? They simply talk of Chimoyo. Kwavakaravakashwa not kurwa. Yet it was their HQ. Imagine kuvingwa pamba panyenyu kuhorakashwa imi muchiti maiva nyanzvi dzekurwa. They were simply trained to destabilize working economic systems in order to put strain/pressure on then oppressive gvts not to fight. These guys were simply trained in subotage – kungoparadza, kuba, kurepa, etc – which was generally acceptable to the extent it targeted whites. However, even during the war vanga vachingo repa nekubira vanhu vatema futi (including kuba or kurepa vakadzi vevanhu). They never changed after the war – ndozvaigova vanhu ava.

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    This is the calibre of ministers that are running the country.

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    Ndonga 2 years ago

    Well, the old saying is really true…power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    What a fool VP Kembo Mohadi shows himself to be. Here’s a 71-year-old man with almost his two feet in the grave behaving like an oversexed schoolboy finding out about sex for the first time.
    How could he possibly believe that these young and beautiful women were attracted to his bed because of his looks. The attraction was his money and power that he should never have had.
    Just take a second look at Mohadi in that photo with his second wife Juliet. It seems like a trailer for the film Beauty and the Beast.
    And Mnangagwa and Chiwenga have the same madness. They are all clowns in our Zimbabwe circus.
    And some of us still hope that they can solve Zimbabwe’s problems.
    They can’t even solve their own problems… and that includes their libido…far less ours