Zanu PF romps to victory in Gokwe

Source: Zanu PF romps to victory in Gokwe | The Herald

Zanu PF romps to victory in Gokwe

Bulawayo Bureau

ZANU PF has retained the Gokwe-Kabuyuni constituency after its candidate, Cde Spencer Tshuma, thrashed CCC’s Mr Costin Muguti by 10 727 votes against 4 800 votes.

Zanu PF won 69 percent of valid votes against 31 percent for CCC. Over 14 000 voters cast their vote in a peaceful election held in the constituency on Saturday.

President Mnangagwa set August 27 as the date on which Gokwe-Kabuyuni constituency by-election will be held to fill in the vacancy created by the death of Cde Leornard Chikomba.

Gokwe-Kabuyuni has traditionally been held by Zanu PF and the ruling party was expected to retain the seat. The constituency’s elections officer, Mr Kudzai Nkomo, declared Cde Tshuma winner of the by-election after announcing the results.

“Costin Muguti 4 800 votes, Spencer Tshuma 10 727 votes. By the powers vested in me, I dully declare Tshuma Spencer the winner of the Gokwe-Kabuyini by-election,” announced Mr Nkomo.

ZEC spokesperson Commissioner Jasper Maphosa said the by-election went on well without any notable incidents.

“The polls progressed in a peaceful manner as there were no incidents of disorderly conduct recorded as was the situation prior to the by-election,” he said.

Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Chris Mutsvangwa congratulated Cde Tshuma on his victory adding it showed the supremacy of the ruling party.

“It is always most reassuring when the electorate employs every by-election to assert the supremacy of Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Revolution,” he said.

“A strong and bold message has once again been dispatched on the invincibility of His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa come 2023 Harmonised Elections. The delivery of prosperity and the selling of palpable hope to the populace is the lynchpin of His Excellency’s message.”

Cde Mutsvangwa said Zanu PF’s victory was a signal of the CCC and its leader Nelson Chamisa’s electoral defeat come 2023.

“ZANU PF feels appropriately gingered. More energy and effort will be marshalled as we seek a convincing victory and chart a new page in the relentless march of the Zimbabwe Revolution,” Cde Mutsvangwa said.

Zanu PF Midlands provincial chairperson Cde Larry Mavima said the by-election victory is significant as it proves that the ruling party is a people’s party.

He said the party has been on a mass mobilisation exercise ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections.

“We are very happy to have retained the seat. It has always been ours and this victory shows that we are energised as a party. It’s also a reflection that President Mangwana is loved across the country. He is the people’s President and come 2023 it will be a whitewash in favour of us,” said Cde Mavima.

Mr Muguti refused to comment. A jubilant Cde Tshuma thanked the party supporters for voting for him and the ruling party.

He promised to continue with programmes such as borehole drilling and road rehabilitation for the betterment of the people’s lives.

“This is a dream come true and I am happy that we have retained the seat. I want to promise a better life for the people of Gokwe-Kabuyuni. What we have been doing in drilling boreholes and constructing dams will continue as we go forward.

“The roads will be maintained as and when the need arises. This is what the President wants to see happening in constituencies,” said Cde Tshuma.

Zanu PF Central Committee member, Engineer Daniel Mackenzie Ncube, said the win was a special dedication to Cde Chikomba.

“We are dedicating this win to the late Cde Chikomba. He worked so much for the people of this area and the party and we say to him that the victory is his,” he said. “However, we will remain cognisant of the fact that 2023 is around the corner and therefore the need to mobilise more votes for the party and President Mnangagwa.”

Popularly known as “Bhudhi”, Cde Chikomba died in a car accident in May this year 20km away from his home along the Gokwe-Chitekete Road when he was coming from a Zanu PF Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting in Gweru.

Cde Chikomba, who was also a Zanu PF Central Committee member, was declared a provincial liberation hero given his immense contribution during and after the liberation struggle.

Meanwhile, the revolutionary party has expressed confidence of retaining its council seat in the upcoming Malanswazi Ward local authority by-elections in Bulilima West.

The seat fell vacant following the death of Zanu PF Councillor Delani Mabhena earlier this year who was declared a liberation war heroine.

The ruling party supporters on Thursday gathered at Mafeha Hall in Mafeha village to show their solidarity and support during a campaign for the party’s candidate, Cde Experience Dube.

Speaking at the by-election campaign Bulilima West legislator and Deputy Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Cde Dingumuzi Phuti, said the ruling party has worked flat out to fulfil the promises made in the 2018 elections.

He made reference to development projects done through working closely with the local community and diasporans such as completion of Malalume Clinic, Nswazi Secondary School project and drilling of boreholes to enhance access to water.

“President Mnangagwa is always saying that no place and no one will be left behind and this is testimony to the development projects in the area.

“Heading to the by-election, vote for Zanu PF so we can continue with developing the area to be a better place,” said Cde Phuti.

Bulilima West Proportional Representative and Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Cde Evelyn Ndlovu also challenged party supporters to work hard to ensure the party’s success.

“As said before that development is a relay that starts from the councillor to the legislator going upwards, as party supporters you have a big role to ensure that we retain the seat so that we continue working on life changing projects,” she said.