Mawarire harangues Mugabe

Source: Mawarire harangues Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 29, 2016

#THISFLAG protest leader Evan Mawarire has hit back at President Robert Mugabe’s attack on him and other church leaders whom he accused of meddling in politics and abandoning their role of turning souls to God.

Mugabe on Wednesday launched a second diatribe against Mawarire inside a month, threatening to arrest church leaders “meddling” in politics.

But Mawarire on Wednesday took to micro blogging site twitter to fire back, saying nothing would stop his “sun from rising”.

“Dear Mr President, you cannot stop your sun from setting and you will most definitely not stop mine from rising #ThisFlag,” he said.

Mawarire took temporary refuge in South Africa soon after the courts freed him on allegations of trying to subvert a constitutionally-elected government after he led a mass job stayaway that brought the country to a standstill through his #ThisFlag campaign.