Zacc sends 19 employees on suspension

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) has suspended 19 employees, who include investigators, to pave way for investigations into various crimes.

By Everson Mushava

Source: Zacc sends 19 employees on suspension – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 29, 2016

The suspensions were effected yesterday, according to a statement by Zacc chairperson Job Whabira.

“The 19 have been suspended on the following allegations – fraud, corruption, insubordination, failure to obey lawful instructions, absence from duty without official authority, divulging commission information to outsiders in breach of the Official Secrets Act, as well as giving false information to outsiders about the commission,” part of the statement read.

However, Zacc sources told NewsDay the workers were suspended to force them to withdraw their pending labour cases against the commission.

The employees have been awarded over $140 000 each by the courts in outstanding allowances, but Zacc wants them to withdraw the matter.

“This is a way of trying to force the workers to withdraw cases against the commission. That is why only those who have refused to withdraw have been suspended,” a source said.
But Zacc spokesperson Phyllis Chikundura insisted the suspensions were not linked to the labour case.

“As far as Zacc is concerned, the suspension does not have any relationship with the labour case,” Chikundura said.

The source also accused Zacc of breaching the Anti-Corruption Commission Act by recruiting serving members of the police.

“It is now a police station. There are 28 police officers at Zacc now taken from the Police Protection Unit, Support Unit and even the Police Band who do not even have experience in investigating issues,” the source added.

Zacc acting executive secretary Senior Assistant Commissioner Silence Pondo declined to comment on the matter.


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    What’s wrong with using the police Band? A circus is not a circus without a band.

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    The whole country is indeed a big circus. You even see young people demonstrating in support of the harbinger of poverty and unemployment.