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We’re looking for…helpers with unreasonable dedication … positive change in Zimbabwe

Research, editorial, collating news snippets, moderation and daily publication via web and social media.  Volunteers.  No money.

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2 comments on “Support us
  1. john m klotz says:

    zimbabwesituation please review book- SAVING THE LOST TRIBE, 2003, ON the “ALIYAH” of the Ethiopian Jews (FALASHAS) RIGHT after the FIRST GULF WAR (NATO coalition/US President George H. W. Bush) in which almost 15,000 were airlifted to Jerusalem itself by Israel Air Force planes and one Ethiopia airliner. Especially important is the role of Zimbabwe giving ASYLUM to an abdicating Ethiopian leader out of the Ethiopia crisis of that hour. May Harare and Bulawayo and their hinterlands SOON welcome many of their own exhiles with similar joy as the Israelis welcomed the FALASHAS OF “OPERATION SOLOMON”! JMK

  2. Jill Elford says:

    We missed you! But hope there were wonderlands galore to explore!

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