Coca-Cola, DanChurch Aid in joint boreholes project 

Source: Coca-Cola, DanChurch Aid in joint boreholes project – NewsDay Zimbabwe


LEADING beverages manufacturer Coca-Cola Zimbabwe has partnered with DanChurch Aid to drill and install six solar-powered boreholes worth US$50 000 in Bulawayo’s Emakhandeni suburb as part of efforts to address the city’s perennial water challenges.

Funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the water and sanitation project is set to benefit over 25 000 residents.

“Coca-Cola and its bottling partners, Schweppes and Delta are happy to preside over this ground-breaking event as we believe that the project will help to improve the living conditions of the Bulawayo community on the one hand, and carry on the well-documented traditional friendship between the Coca-Cola system and Bulawayo people on the other,” Coca-Cola Zimbabwe country manager Milidzani Ncube, said at the launch of the project yesterday.

“There is a saying in that, ‘when drinking water, never forget the one who dug the well’.

“Our connection with the Zimbabwean people has always been good and is here to stay,” Ncube added.

The project, which is scheduled to end before June will be the second within a year after another one by Schweppes Zimbabwe in partnership with DanChurchAid Zimbabwe where they provided 2 181 families with clean water in the city as part of their COVID-19 humanitarian support.

DanChurchAid country director, Mads Schack Lindegard lauded the Coca-Cola Foundation for funding the project.

“With partners like the Coca-Cola Foundation and City of Bulawayo, we are changing lives and supporting sustainable community initiatives,” he said.

Bulawayo deputy mayor Mlandu Ncube said the partnership would “enhance uninterrupted access to potable water by households through drilling and mechanisation of the boreholes. It dove-tales into the city’s mandate which is to provide clean and safe water for our households”.