‘Ex-VP ouster could destabilise national security’ 

Source: ‘Ex-VP ouster could destabilise national security’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 10, 2017

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has expressed fear that the expulsion of President Robert Mugabe’s deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa early this week could destabilise national security.


“It’s a traumatic experience for the country. You know it’s one thing to dismiss your vice president and it’s another thing when that decision affects the stability of the country,” Tsvangirai told South African Broadcasting Corporation in Johannesburg where he is recuperating after undergoing a routine chemotherapy session for colon cancer.

“I think it’s a security risk and I find this whole decision certainly not in sync with the imperatives that we are supposed to be confirming. Look Zanu PF is the ruling party, it’s supposed to deal with the critical national questions like the economy, unemployment and poverty that is prevailing in the country.

“That country should have never reached that level of poverty if Zanu PF had provided a leadership that is necessary.”
Tsvangirai also insisted on levelling the playing field ahead of next year’s harmonised elections. He said his biggest fear was instability but warned those who might see the opportunity for unconstitutional change of government to desist from any unlawful action.

Commenting on First Lady Grace’s chances of succeeding her husband, Tsvangirai said such a move would be a travesty to democracy.

“The chances of her taking over by hook or crock emanates from the fact that this is a dynasty arrangement and one would not be surprised if part of that arrangement is to set aside her position in the ruling party. From the events that have taken place Mugabe can make everyone believe that Grace is a good candidate. However it would be very unfortunate,” he said.