Gweru City Council electricity bill doubles 

Source: Gweru City Council electricity bill doubles – NewsDay Zimbabwe


Gweru City Council’s electricity monthly bill doubled to $27 million and failure to service it could lead to water shortages, mayor Josiah Makombe has said.

Makombe said council owed the power utility over $143 million, and had a monthly bill of $13 million which has since doubled due to an increase in tariffs.

“The Zesa monthly bill doubled from $13 million due to an increase in tariffs, hence we now have to pay $27 million per month to the power utility from the $13 million monthly payment,” Makombe told NewsDay yesterday.

“So, our appeal as a local authority is for residents to settle their outstanding bills so that we are also able to cover the Zesa bill.

“If we fail to settle the Zesa bill, power can be cut anytime and this will consequently affect the pumping of water to residents.”

In May, the power utility switched off the council’s water treatment plants over a
$143 249 129 debt and only restored supplies after the local authority committed to a monthly payment plan of $13 million.

Last month, residents urged council to turn to solar power energy to avert water challenges as result of incessant power cuts by Zesa.