The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/1/04
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 228
    • Let me say outright, we are alive & unharmed only by the protection & Grace of God,
    • Missed chance
    • Voter apathy a warning sign
    • Will Mugabe invite spoil SA's big day?
    • MDC wins court bid to launch economic plan
    • Zimbabwe police try to delay opposition manifesto
    • Aids levy rakes in $15bn
    • Independent journalists further remanded
    • Report about Zim investors coming, not true
    • 7 Million Zimbabweans will Need Emergency Feeding, says WFP
    • Mugabe moves against landowners' holdouts
    • Zimbabwe's Grain Harvest Forecast As Lowest Ever
    • Zimbabwe more democratic than most of Africa: Mugabe
    • Mbeki passes land expropriation bill
    • Gmb Starts Paying Farmers: Made
    • Moyo sells R1,5m South African getaway
    • Mbeki assassination plot' weird even by Hefer's standards
  2. Posted 31/1/04
    • Mpofu, RTG in fresh land row
    • GMB fails to cut budget deficit
    • Chefs rake in millions from FSI land deals
    • Mnangagwa probes Coltart list
    • Noczim/traders strike deal
    • Police raid MDC Byo offices again
    • Christians have duty to denounce Mugabe
    • Land Bill violates constitution
    • Envoy responds
    • SA Firm Bails Out NRZ
    • Toffees Cost More Than Shares!
    • EU Beef Ban Begins to Bite
    • Gono Sidelines ZCTU
    • RBZ Backtracks On Pegging in Forex
    • Zesa raises $10b but bills linger on
    • Misplaced ululation and denigration
    • Political will vital for economic revival
    • Imaginary analysts and inventive journalism
    • Let’s demystify the presidency
    • 'Sorting out this mess is very awkward'
    • Zim no longer a constitutional democracy
  3. Posted 30/1/04
    • Police Stop Opposition Mtg To Launch Econ Plans
    • Zimbabwe passes bill to make farm seizures easier
    • New land bill slammed by CFU
    • "Formal Talks Should Happen Before June"
    • Judge 'Hounded' Out of Office
    • Hot air over Mugabe plane-grab allegation
    • Zimbabwe's Fuel Price Tumbles
    • Villagers turn to harvesting ginger
    • Court to rule on Ben-Menashe document
    • England delays Zimbabwe decision
    • Cholera Resurfaces in Binga
    • Nyarota spills the beans
    • Gono taken to task
    • ZANU PF fails to pay workers’ salaries
    • Reprieve for pension funds?
    • Zim’s sick bear brunt of bitter money dispute
    • Change talks agenda, parties told
    • Who’s fooling who?
    • ...and to the NOTEBOOK
    • Zim’s withdrawal from the C’wealth et al
    • Firming Zimdollar sees prices falling
    • Mbeki likely to end with egg on his face
    • Why Zim dollar is firming?
    • ZANU PF supporters go on rampage in Gutu
    • Biotech giant pulls out of Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF MPs must be ashamed
    • What has gone wrong with us?
    • What is the logic of raiding honest vendors?
    • Save Zimbabwe Night
    • MDC PRESS - Police Seek to ban launch of MDC RESTART Programme
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/1/04
    • JAG Compensation/Restitution Communique
    • Tsvangirai says was snared
    • African and Asian nations are most at risk for genocide, international forum is told
    • Zimbabwe judge quits, goes into exile
    • What if Mugabe was a white man?
    • What's Wrong with Africa?
    • ECB trapped by Zim tour muddle
    • Nyambuya wants to grab my farm: Bennet
    • ANZ case postponed
    • Hungwe summons Masvingo mayor
    • Can Dialogue Save Zimbabwe or is Armed Struggle Inevitable?
  5. Posted 29/1/04
    • Document on Henry Dowa
    • Zimbabwe's accidental ambassador
    • 'Spivs' Squandering Zimbabwe Aid Claim
    • 'Fed up by Menashe's antics'
    • ICC chief: 'England will not tour Zimbabwe'
    • Growing Problem of Child Labour On Farms
    • Long Queues Resurface
    • Further wrongs of trade union rights in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe eyeing foreigners' farms
    • Consultant called for Mugabe's 'removal'
    • MDC wants sanctions extended
    • Check-up sparks talk of Mugabe successor
    • Numbers in Need Increase Dramatically
    • Beef Prices Fall
    • Zimbabwean oppositon calls for tougher sanctions against Mugabe regime
    • Probe Crisis in Financial Sector: MP
    • Day of Reckoning for Wilson Report
    • Anz Technically Illegal - Judge
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/1/04
    • Chidyausiku says unable to grant MIC order
    • 1 000 rights abuse cases reported last year
    • Tsvangirai says sought Mugabe exit package
    • MDC dismisses Herald story on monetary policy
    • MDC activist awarded $800 000 damages
    • Talks must focus on protection of civil liberties: Sikhala
    • Church leaders in line of fire
    • EU to inject $180 billion into Zimbabwe health system
    • Parents must speak up now
    • Pretending all is normal, manageable
    • Mugabe in SA to pay lobola
    • Don't tour Zimbabwe: Downer
    • Chingoka hurls verbal bouncer at 'sanctimonious' England
    • England ready to pay $1m to Zimbabwe
    • Munya's mates look to future
    • More Zim investors come to Botswana
    • Kaseke apologises for chaos at airport
    • 'Cheaper to die than to get treated' as health system fails
    • Zimra officers picked up
    • Decongest rural areas: Made
  7. Posted 28/1/04
    • MDC Media Advisory
    • Tsvangirai questioned about consultant
    • Still at large
    • The renaissance of jungle stew
    • EU set to renew Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Mugabe: I was in SA for a wedding
    • Zimbabwe judge 'fast-tracks' Daily News bid
    • Zim's Daily News gets reprieve
    • Tsvangirai denies plotting assassination
    • Low-Income Earners to Get Free Stands
    • President Invited to Summit
    • Government Descends On Defiant Schools
    • Aid agencies fear Zimbabwe food crisis worsening
    • Museveni Now Tells Off Donors
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/1/04
    • Government stock-piles food
    • Ruling elite arrogant and contemptous
    • Africa needs a new generation of leaders
    • Making it work across the border
    • Mugabes 'inspect plush properties in Pretoria'
    • Zimbabwe in tour appeal to counties
    • Zim editor condemns attack on journalist
    • Accreditation of election observers on tomorrow
    • Daily News case: Hearing on today
    • Zim to get agric equipment from Malaysia
    • Zimbabwean Troops Accused of Attacking Mozambicans
    • S. Africa's role in Zimbabwe bodes well for region, U.S.
    • JAG Announcement
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 227
    • JAG Security Update
  9. Posted 27/1/04
    • 'Robert Mugabe is as strong as an ox'
    • Mugabe airlifted to hospital in Pretoria
    • Nightfall in Zimbabwe
    • Aussie students protest attempts to deport Zimbabwean
    • 'The Daily News' Resumes Publication, But Obstacles Remain
    • African families settle in
    • The Talks That Never Were
    • Tsvangirai grilled over payment
    • RBZ Tightens Screws On Safari Operators
    • Barclays Scraps Credit Card Facility
    • Borrowing Powers Sought
    • Musicians, Journalists Join Great Trek to UK
    • EU Aid for Health Services
    • Mugabe faces the wrath of God, warns Archbishop Pius Ncube
    • School head, teachers nabbed in exams scam
    • Mash East PA embroiled in land wrangle
    • War vets leader in court on arson
    • No more dirty politics for me, says Bishop Muzorewa
    • CAAZ criticised for hiring retired Zambians
    • Robbers grab $77m in Gweru
    • State House guards harass passersby
    • World Bank getting impatient with Zimbabwe
    • Judges are the guardians of our Constitution
    • What has gone wrong with black empowerment?
    • Anti-corruption crusade 'an election gimmick'
    • Zanu PF vigilantes maintain reign of terror
    • Of billionaires, scumbags and 'gonoria'
    • Culture of corruption: who is to blame?
    • A united front of MDC, allies needed
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/1/04
    • MDC threatens mass action
    • MDC candidate held hostage
    • Opportunity Knocks On Desperate Doors
    • 'Why does the government pass buck on Zimbabwe?'
    • Bakare launches voter education campaign
    • NAMAS, ZIMA must compromise
    • Soccer mania will not mask the truth
    • Mugabe spin doctor in Nations Cup row
    • Zimbabwean stabbed to death in Texas
    • Mugabe 'fit and well'
    • ECB just a bunch of apologists
    • Increase In Elephant Population Concerns Ramsamy
  11. Posted 26/1/04
    • Against the Grain
    • Welcome to Zimbabwe's NHS
    • Alert as sick Mugabe flies to South Africa
    • Mugabe to make talks pledge
    • Van Hoogstraten seeks land deal with Mugabe
    • Government Pressure 'Amounts to Instruction Not to Tour Zimbabwe'
    • Zim faces big strike
    • Zim to launch special fraud courts - paper
  12. Posted 25/1/04
    • Mugabe blasphemy story journalist brutally attacked
    • Zimbabwean police hit MDC offices
    • Mugabe in SA on secret visit
    • Banking breakdowns
    • US Travel Warning Angers Zimbabwe Government, Police
    • Nigerian leader insists Mugabe is prepared for 'formal talks'
    • Commonwealth chief urges Zimbabwe talks
    • Daily News gets breathing space
    • Lawyers attack Herald retraction
    • Whose bidding is Mbeki doing?
    • We must interrogate what our leaders tell us
    • The Media Monitoring Project Weekly update
    • SA rejects US 'land grab' claim
  13. Batch 2 Posted 24/1/04
    • Commonwealth won't give up on Zimbabwe
    • Pressure grows for Zimbabwe talks
    • Zimbabwe urged to release food stockpile
    • Americans urged to consider leaving Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe govt moves to gag Daily News
    • Zimbabwe situation 'bleak', warns Straw
    • England delay Zimbabwe decision
    • "Green Bombers" deserting poor conditions in camps
    • Police Arrest Senior Agribank Officials
    • Zifa Delegation to Gobble $356 Million
    • Anguish, Anxiety Struck ANZ Staff
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 226
    • Education in Zimbabwe
    • Update on Kay Conolly - 23 Jan 04 -
    • Zimbabwe Animals Rescued After Farmers Flee
    • Surplus Conditions Short-Lived: Experts
  14. Posted 24/1/04
    • SA overtakes Zim in DRC scramble
    • Moyo in bid to block Daily News, again!
    • Govt defiance of court orders now 'endemic'
    • Groups call for electoral law overhaul
    • Police intensify blitz on forex traders
    • Drama in parliament over Land Bill
    • Water project still grounded
    • Zim shows how corrupt statist policies impoverish
    • Interest rates crash
    • Property prices begin tumbling
    • I won't be intimidated says Gono
    • Border Timbers dispute rages on
    • Is there ‘hate speech’ in Zim?
    • Britain/Zimbabwe Society backs Independent
    • Zimbabwe's foreign policy destructive
    • Hate speech should cease
    • Speaking out
    • The monster that eats its own children
    • Thumbs up to Moyo and his media group
    • Gono’s magic wand won’t do the trick
    • Mixed reactions surround forex auctions
    • Are they all our ‘beloved friends’?
  15. Batch 2 Posted 23/1/04
    • Daily News hits the news stands again
    • Mugabe agrees to talks with Zimbabwe opposition: Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe parties unaware of talks
    • MDC in the dark over talks with Mugabe
    • Today in Parliament - Land Acquisition Amendment Bill debate
    • JAG Legal communique - JANUARY 21, 2004
    • Tsvangirai 'uneasy' about talk of Mugabe's murder
    • Zimbabwe row may go to law
    • Government must help stop this tour
    • The party that never was
    • Schroeder Praises S African Leadership
    • Horror as truck plunges into Zimbabwe dam
    • Nurses Reject 250pc Raise
    • Police Bar Residents Budget Meeting
    • UN Urges Zimbabwe To Release Maize To Alleviate Shortages
    • Yes-men vote against themselves
    • 'Zim democracy first, then aid'
    • Court slaps down Zim Herald
    • Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire
    • ZESA Technicians Demand 875 Percent Salary Hike
    • Rule of Law Must Prevail
    • Court Postpones NCA's Case
  16. Posted 23/1/04
    • MDC PRESS: Mugabe Needs To Add Substance To Mbeki's Encouraging Announcement
    • Anti Hijack Trust
    • Police probe grain scams
    • Soaring inflation forces firms to hike borrowing powers
    • Govt relocating illegal Gonarezhou settlers
    • Money lenders must come under bank regulator’s ambit
    • Is the Zimbabwean economy overbanked?
    • Is Chiyangwa’s world collapsing around him?
    • RBZ issues alert over increasing bank frauds
    • $600 million vehicles for Makwavarara, Chideya
    • Zanu PF desperate for urban voters
    • Mbeki’s credibility as peace broker at stake
    • The pendulum has swung . . . again
    • In-fighting looms as Sibanda guns for top post
    • Call companies to account
    • Survive together — or die alone
    • Counter invading ZANU PF turf (Part 2)
    • A winning nation has nothing to hide
    • Dairibord Embarks On Cattle Restocking
    • Fresh Outbreak of Foot-And-Mouth Looms
  17. Posted 22/1/04
    • Zimbabwe Farmer Beaten to Death After Being Warned to Leave His Property
    • Police leave Zimbabwe newspaper in peace
    • Brutish And Lucrative Times in Zimbabwe
    • 'England must not tour our country'
    • Analysts Cautious About Inflation Rate Decline
    • Renal Treatment Costs Unbearable
    • Zim asylum seeker stole passport
    • England seen cancelling tour of Zimbabwe
    • ZCU expect England to tour Jan 21 2004
    • Zimbabwe tour still on for Aussies
    • JAG PR Communique, 20th January
    • Press Statement Re JAG PR Communique, 20th January
    • JAG Open Letters Forum - 20th January
    • SADC set to hit electricity wall by 2007
    • Supreme Court frees Chiyangwa
    • England have moral means to boycott tour
    • Mugabe needs the “Lesotho 1998” solution
    • Herald report on Morgan Tsvangirai on witness stand
  18. Posted 21/1/04
    • Inflation Falls To 598.7% In Dec Vs 619.5% Nov
    • Zimbabwe's parallel forex market collapsing
    • Opposition Leader Denies Hiring Assassin to Kill Mugabe
    • Mugabe killing 'could spark war'
    • Lambs to the slaughter
    • EU has "serious concerns" about Zimbabwe ahead of sanctions review
    • Concern over STI infections among street kids
    • Debt Collectors Come Under Scrutiny
    • Zimbabwe's Cottco in graft probe
    • JAG PR Communique, 19th Jan
    • JAG Open Letters Forum, 19th Jan
    • JAG Open Letters Forum, Property Rights
    • Move By Some White Farmers Commendable
    • Mbeki's Justifiable Indignation
    • Zimbabwe’s loss, Nigeria’s gain
    • EU pledges aid to save Zimbabwe food programme
    • New land laws worry South African farmers
  19. Posted 20/1/04
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Denies Assasination Plot Chg
    • Statistics Do Bear Grim Testimony to Aids Horror
    • Mugabe Man's SA Home Seized
    • Zimbabweans flogged in Botswana
    • Crackdown on illegal vendors hailed
    • Key file goes missing from Deeds Office
    • Rhodes’ grave is part of national heritage: official
    • MDC Weekly Brief
    • Mugabe was 'my hero' says Tsvangirai
    • ENG Saga: CMED Bosses Arrested
    • ENG: the Guilty Are Many And Very Afraid
    • Has Mugabe turned a new leaf?
    • Are Developing Countries Truly Sovereign Nation-States?
    • Joint motion for a resolution on Zimbabwe
    • Moyo owes Adjovi $60 million
    • Zanu-PF to host liberation conference
  20. Posted 19/1/04
    • How a food shortage became an African famine
    • Vote Zanu PF, or lose your house
    • Resolutions of MDC Annual Conference
    • Ncube urges Mugabe to retire
    • Hell in the cells of Harare Central
    • Cathy Buckle's Weekly
    • Zanu-PF split as Mugabe cracks down
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader treason trial to resume
    • Storm brews over farm
    • Drinking Water In Harare Now Dependent On Aid
    • Zanu PF thugs mount terror campaign in Gutu North
    • Gono’s banks’ rescue plan retrogressive, say analysts
    • Civic bodies promise Mugabe torrid 2004
    • Medical aid boss under probe
    • High Court judge releases Ian Macmillan and others
    • Mangwengwende bids for salary increase
    • Drought threatens Mat crops
    • Ndebeles rule the roost, at least for the moment
    • Furore in the Avenues over rentals in forex
    • Harare day schools swamped as boarders flee escalating fees
    • Urban farming threatens Harare water sources
    • Zanu PF-induced anarchy: Root cause of corruption
    • Zany justice comes home
    • MDC to launch “Restart” plan
    • Airline charges threaten Zim’s trade with Angola
    • The way I see it...
    • Byo parents fume over fees hikes
  21. Batch 2 Posted 17/1/04
    • A weekend as Mugabe's guests
    • How could we have been so blind?
    • Mugabe to intensify crackdown on fraudsters
    • Zimbabwe's animal victims find refuge in SA
    • Top official granted bail in corruption case
    • 700 Council Workers Paid for Doing Nothing: Chideya
    • European Parliament Criticises Sanctions Failure
    • FG Urged to Halt Zimbabwean Farmers' Incursion
    • Foreign Press Center Briefing
    • Political Violence On the Rise
    • Another crack-down against illegal immigrants
    • Gutu North people challenged
    • Zimra extends deadline
  22. Posted 17/1/04
    • Govt flouts own laws
    • Don't legalise Made's failures, farmers appeal
    • 'Mugabe had pledged not to arrest journos'
    • Mpofu/Mandaza in war of words over land
    • Opposition sees terror ahead of Gutu North poll
    • Clergy lay groundwork for resumption of talks
    • UN probe sought
    • Zimbabwe sinks into state of anarchy
    • Arda a proven failure
    • One law for Mugabe, another for the press
    • Pricing models will be another blunder
    • Bambazonke Moyo gets religion
    • Six banks kicked out of clearing house system
    • No show from govt at US expo
    • Zim least free in Africa
    • Forex auction fails to tame parallel market
    • Hear the Word abetting Zim crisis
    • Deuschle joins 'league' and will be judged
    • Shocked by church's insensitivity
    • Dear Dr Mahoso
    • Mahoso's letter
    • Corruption tremors shake Zanu PF citadel
    • I have a dream
    • BookReview - Pitfalls of Western aid
  23. Batch 2 Posted 16/1/04
    • First get the basics right
    • EU Parliament Calls For Tougher Sanctions On Zimbabwe
    • UN joins forces with US to prevent water-borne disease in Zimbabwe's capital
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Group Condemns Detention of Legislator
    • More Than 1,000 Malaria Deaths
    • Mugabe arrest bid fails - full judgement
    • Zim paper manager walks free
    • Banks Agree to Clear Cheques After Intervention By RBZ
    • Making Africa smile
    • Air Zimbabwe takes legal action against Zimbabwe Independent
    • Financial meltdown: a crisis with many faces
    • Kay Connolly update and appeal
    • Farm Machinery Imports Generate Big Business
    • Lawyers, human rights activists under siege
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 218
    • MP Sikhala escapes arrest after surrender
    • Fresh calls to strip Mugabe of knighthood
    • A critical white doesn't make a racist
    • Editor stands by Mugabe jet story
    • Zimbabwean banks sent stock index plunging in December
    • World Vision concerned about worsening humanitarian crisis in Southern Africa
    • Scrutiny of Zimbabwe banking sector long overdue
  24. Posted 16/1/04
    • Mass panic grips Zimbabwe banks
    • $30bln lifeline for Century
    • Chiyangwa to stay behind bars for two more weeks
    • Speculation rife Mudzuri faces the sack
    • Zvobgo out of hospital
    • Bigwigs frantically scurry for cover
    • ZANU PF heads for split over Chiyangwa
    • Indigenisation drive loses momentum
    • Make information on banks public
    • Banking is a reciprocal relationship
    • Finance sector crisis: beyond the numbers
    • Counter invading ZANU PF territory
    • Winter wheat crop hangs in balance
    • Will the property market crash?
    • Financial sector must never operate on autopilot again
    • Despots are fair game like everyone else
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #47 - Soul & Inspiration
  25. Posted 15/1/04
    • Mugabe extradition bid fails
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 217
    • Chaos as Zimbabwe school term opens
    • Jackboot on the other foot for crony of Mugabe's
    • Mugabe ally charged with perjury, 18 cars recovered
    • Warrant of arrest issued against Sikhala
    • Seeking rapprochement
    • Two more arrested over Mugabe 'plane grab' report
    • Mugabe vows tough response to corruption
    • Protecting Aid From Politics
    • Unlawful suppression of independent media
    • Police Defy Order to Vacate Banned Newspapers Premises
    • Schools Probed Over Increases of Fees
    • Cholera crisis not yet over
    • ZSE Suspends Trust, FML And Century
    • JAG fund raising communique
    • Should we ask - could my family be next?
    • MDC condemns police refusal to release Chiyangwa following court order
    • Zim human anthrax cases double in a week
  26. Posted 14/1/04
    • 'The press is being trampled'
    • Zimbabwean minister's SA getaway up for sale
    • Zimbabwe $ cut 80% at auction
    • Zimbabwe's Auction Rattles a Few Cages
    • Political, Social Woes Blamed for Zimbabwe's Banks Crisis
    • Zimbabwe 'apologist' cracks the whip
    • NCA calls for "people-driven" constitutional reforms
    • Anthrax outbreak continues
    • Former Zim farmers bring jobs to Mozambique
    • Date for Public Hearing on Land Acquisition Amendment Bill set
    • Judicial Officers Granted Bail
    • Why Are We Where We Are?
  27. Batch 2 Posted 13/1/04
    • Eddie Cross to Hear The Word Ministries
    • Zimbabwe Action Letter
    • Iran, Zimbabwe Keen on Expanding Agricultural Cooperation
    • In Botswana, You Are Zimbabwean At Your Own Peril
    • A Bleak Future Still Stalks an Ailing Zimbabwe
    • Freed Zimbabwean journalists still defiant
    • Mujuru hits out at greedy A2 farmers
    • Zimbabwe acquires 400 tractors from Iran
    • Soldier accused of shooting woman dead
    • Striking Zimbabwean Doctors Finally Get Back to Work
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Open letters forum 216
  28. Posted 13/1/04
    • Famine and despair take over the lush garden of Africa
    • Condemning a generation
    • Mugabe of the Caribbean
    • 'Indonesia Jones' theory for Africa
    • South Africa heading for political land grab, say farmers
    • Bale-out plan to avert meltdown at Harare banks
    • The uneasy path towards racial integration
    • MDC weekly brief
    • Bulawayo thieves
    • Zimbabwe Court Grants Bail to 3 Journalists Accused of Defaming Mugabe
    • Humanitarian Agencies Watch Forex Auction Anxiously
    • Sharp Interest Rates Hit Borrowers Hard
    • Cash shortage for Zimbabwe banks
    • Farm Demo Turned Back
    • Help Government Fight Corruption
    • Australian visas for cash, skills
  29. Posted 12/1/04
    • Zimbabwe Journalists Charged with Defaming Mugabe
    • Prison no holiday for journos
    • Comment by Editor of the Sunday Mirror
    • Zim's Stalemate Must Be Broken
    • ANZ May Not Resume Publishing: Lawyer
    • Invalidation of Medical Insurance Costly
    • Zimbabwe introducing forex auctions
    • Mugabe will leave a terrible legacy
    • Removing the pretense
    • Nigeria woos Zim farmers
    • Peanuts for UZ staff
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai talks this month
    • Concern over whereabouts of abducted Rusape teacher
    • Striking traffic controllers sacked
    • Plight of patients worsens as doctors demand cash
    • History will charge Mbeki harshly over Zim
    • You can’t bank on it …
    • US investors back new Byo hospital
    • ‘Complications of the season!’
    • Blue whisky nights at the Can
  30. Posted 11/1/04
    • Thought for the day
    • Senior Zimbabwe Journalist Arrested
    • Zimbabwe Independent journalists arrested
    • Police Refuse To Leave Offices Of Banned Zimbabwe Paper
    • Zimbabwe Opposition leader remanded on treason charges
    • Mounting Isolation
    • Archbishop:Hunger,Disease Killed 10,000 Zimbabweans In 03
    • Zimbabwe to defy High Court over Daily News
    • Independent story on President absurd, criminally false: State
    • Luxury wine estate for Bob
    • Zimbabwean ruling party politician arrested
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 215
    • Zodwa Sibanda - A women of Valour - Zimbabwe
  31. Batch 2 Posted 10/1/04
    • Zimbabwe court orders police off paper's premises
    • Finance scandal threatens Mugabe backers
    • Zimbabwe Ruins African Unity
    • 2004 will be worse
    • Zanu-Mdc Talks: the Stumbling Blocks
    • Health Woes Set to Worsen
    • JAG Open letters forum no: 214
    • JAG Classifieds
    • Mark McNulty dumps Zimbabwe citizenship
    • Freedom will give Africa its path out of poverty
    • Mugabe shops while his country drops
    • 110 Cuban doctors expected
    • President has no properties outside Zim: Government
    • Indigenisation under threat
    • Tens of millions have died under the ‘progressive’ banner
  32. Posted 10/1/04
    • Mugabe grabs plane for Far East holiday
    • Church raises $30m for Mugabe
    • Battle for control of Kondozi turns ugly
    • Doctors win the battle but ...
    • Muchena, Mahofa compete for hearts
    • Tremors intensify in financial sector
    • 29 bank accounts located in UK
    • MDC supporter dies after attack
    • Committee appointed to clean up land reform mess
    • 4 years on, land reform still marred by chaos
    • MDC pledges land reform audit
    • Nkomo concedes failure of land reform
    • State’s disregard of law a cocktail for disaster
    • New laws cannot rescue land programme
    • It can’t be done on our own
    • Zvinavashe goes ‘political’
    • Banks face new $10b hurdle
    • Zim banks placed on rating watch
    • Online firm provides easy access to medication for Zim
    • Made invasion exposes beast in Zanu PF govt
    • There's one battle Chiwenga can't win
    • Rid Mutare West of Mushowe
    • Mugabe worse than Smith
    • Catch 22
    • Hondo Yeminda plot lost, Zim to starve
    • Tale of a society in self-denial
  33. Posted 9/1/04
    • Ex Zim farmers thrive in Zambia
    • Zambians unhappy with ex-Zim farmers
    • JAG Open Letters Forum
    • JAG Thought for the Day
    • Mugabe immunity court case starts
    • Running on empty
    • Chiyangwa named in ENG scandal
    • Gold may soon be Zim's only legal tender
    • Opposition Members Attacked in Zimbabwe
    • Hunger kills 65 people in Zimbabwe's second biggest city
    • Zimbabwe Government Threatens to Abolish Uniforms at Some Schools
    • Consumer goods suddenly appear in Zimbabwe ... at a price
    • ENG saga: One trillion dollars at risk
    • ENG saga: Chiyangwa implicated
    • More media restrictions on the way
    • Doctors, medical aid societies trade accusations
    • ZANU PF, MDC rift set to widen further
    • Break the egg to make the omelette
    • Let's stop moaning but act out of our numerous problems
    • Opposition MDC must perform or perish
    • Farmers set sights on 2004/5 season
    • You can’t fool all the people all the time
    • Zimbabwe meltdown worries SA's banks
    • Exchange Rate Fluctuations Could Hamper Aid Delivery
    • SA land restitution: Fears of another Zimbabwe
  34. Posted 8/1/04
    • Memories of home play my tune again
    • JAG Open Letters Forum
    • A Day In the Life of Mafikizolo Jonathan Moyo
    • Aids is politics in Zimbabwe
    • 'Imposters' play soccer international
    • Battling it out in Zim
    • FG Woos Southern African Farmers
    • The insult
    • Zim depositors panic at crackdown on banks
    • Zimbabwe's rabbi revives community
    • Six Zimbabwe Banks Unable To Honor Checks In Financial Crisis
    • UK Activist Seeks Pinochet-Style Arrest of Mugabe
    • Doctors And Nurses Return to Work
    • Mugabe meets Megawati in Jakarta
    • Zimbabwean farmers put down roots in Zambia
    • Stopping connivance with official lies
    • Dispossessed want 20% of SA's farmland
    • Indonesia 'understands' Zimbabwe's land-grabs
  35. Posted 7/1/04
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 211
    • Foreign Exchange Auction System
    • Zimbabwe gloom grows as shops refuse cheques
    • Zimbabwe press fights for its freedom
    • Africa Puzzle: Landless Blacks and White Farms
    • Societies accused of abusing patients’ subscriptions
    • Stephanie Nolen column
    • Petrol bombing, assault
    • Mbeki's smoke and mirrors
    • Zimbabwe lays fraud charges amid financial turmoil
    • Zimbabwe wealth gap widens as prices soar
    • Mbeki's mistake
    • Radio Station Manager Arrested, Detained
    • Zanu-PF Wins Unopposed
    • Zimbabwe's banks running out of cash
    • Foot and Mouth threatens beef export industry
  36. Posted 6/1/04
    • Zimbabwe private phone company dismisses subversion claim
    • 62 Killed, 457 Injured in Accidents
    • Smuggling of Farming Equipment Must End
    • Zimbabwe army taking tough line on striking medics
    • Private doctors hike fees
    • Finance crisis affects rebuilding of national herd
    • Now is the time to chart way forward
    • 2 held in R1m Zimbabwe bank swindle
    • ENG bosses seek Zanu PF protection
    • Sorghum could be key to food security
    • UK court to hear case for Mugabe's arrest
    • Cost of Kunzvi Dam Project Soars
    • Mbeki in 'Mugabe of the Caribbean' uproar
    • Doctors Fees in Zimbabwe Skyrocket
    • Land to Be Reallocated to "Serious And Committed" Farmers
    • 'African Countries Must Tackle Election Malpractices'
    • Create Atmosphere of Dialogue, Media Practitioners Urged
    • Shortage of Staff, Resources Affects Zrp Operations: Chihuri
    • Parallel Market Exchange Rates Take Major Knock
    • Action Needed to Aid Mentally Ill
    • South Africans care about Zim
  37. Posted 5/1/04
    • Harare visit
    • Poem for Debbie Jeans
    • Mugabe aide admits land grab failed
    • Exile for heroine of black struggle
    • As millions of people starve, Zimbabwe's prestigious beef herds head for extinction
    • Registrar General’s office runs out of film
    • President’s Office probes Gov. Mpofu
    • Courts urged not to contradict themselves
    • Zimbabwean central bank to take measures to solve banking crisis
    • Elephant ride ends in horror
    • ZNA recruits flee training
    • Pari Hospital crumbling
    • Troubled Zesa turns to the East
    • National museum falling apart
    • Byo council in rates u-turn
    • Standard Comment
    • Happy what? It’s Mr Angry Christmas
    • Bleak year ahead for Zimbabwe's workers
    • National museum falling apart
    • Byo council in rates u-turn
    • Aussie's murder: Suspect held
    • Mbeki set to back land grabs
  38. Posted 4/1/04
    • Yes, Mugabe will get his just deserts in the end but land ownership is the core issue
    • Zimbabwe on the brink of collapse
    • Dressing from Mammon's wardrobe
    • The agony of a traumatised nation heard in the cries of a beaten child
    • Who let the dogs out?
    • A reply to "The Tourist" from Debbie Jeans
    • Two replies to Debbie Jeans....and her response
  39. Batch 2 Posted 3/1/04
    • New Bid to Arrest World's Leading Homophobe
    • Zimbabwe Asylum Seeker Earns Last-Minute Reprieve
    • The Tourist
    • Outbreak of barmy worm
    • A New Year gaze into the crystal ball
    • What sort of unity do we want?
    • Year characterised by increasing lawlessness
    • Made in Xmas farm invasion
    • Mbeki/church leaders in war of words over Zimbabwe
    • Auctions fuel black market - analysts
    • State's handling of judiciary a blow to democracy - lawyers
    • Banks face collapse as crisis mounts
    • Moyo undermining authority of courts
    • 'Sit-tightism' anachronistic
    • How Mugabe stole Christmas
    • Panic tells us
    • Interest rates breach 900% mark
    • Confusion reigns supreme at banks
    • Soft drink shortage dampens festive season
    • Establishling a credible public/private Nepad partnership
    • Monetary Policy just old wine in new bottle
    • Blood on the floor as markets hurt
    • Who benefits from Zim's starvation?
    • Mugabe Vitriol Could Scupper Tours
  40. Posted 3/1/04
    • Flails and insults await Mugabe refugees
    • Zimbabwe farms 'left unsettled'
    • Kay Conolly update - 2/1/04
    • Reply to Debbie Jeans
    • Zimbabwean Interest Rates Claim First Business Victim
    • Economists Disappointed With Zimbabwe Reforms
    • Mugabe offered an olive branch
    • USAID Donates Sorghum Worth $12 Million to WFP
    • Zim army chief threatens striking doctors
    • Zambia Reaps Benefit from Zimbabwean Farmers
    • Stand up to brutal Mugabe, say South African bishops
  41. Posted 2/1/04
    • 2003: A Terrible, Wonderful Year
    • Zimbabwe Claims Recovery of Seized Land from Loyalists Who Took Too Much
    • Government promises help in Zimbabwe passport row
    • Zimbabwe sneak home
    • A return to the east-west division would create a niche for him in no-man's land
    • Agriculture Badly Affected By HIV/Aids
  42. Posted 1/1/04
    • Zimbabwe Repossesses 400 Farms From Black Owners - Report
    • Zimbabwe: Yearender - Chronology of an Unremitting Crisis
    • Ex-Premier's Daughter Loses Zimbabwe Passport Battle
    • From Judith Todd
    • Appeal for Kay Conolly
    • Quote unquote
    • Hunger stalks Zimbabwe as crisis worsens
    • Break the silence
    • After 2003 trust politicians at your peril
    • Zimbabwe pay rise row sparks threat to strike
    • A reply to an earlier item
    • Panic Grips Banking Sector
    • Police Smash Cattle Rustling Syndicate
    • Some Nurses Resume Duties
    • Malnutrition's Effect On People With HIV/AIDS

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