Water schedule for Gokwe 

Source: Water schedule for Gokwe – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has introduced a water demand management schedule for Gokwe to ensure all residents receive supplies in the face of facing the town.

Gokwe has been facing water challenges due to constant breakdown of its pumps, forcing some residents to fetch from unprotected sources.

This is despite Gokwe Town Council last year approving the construction of solar-powered boreholes to address the water woes.

Only one solar borehole was constructed.

“In view of this water demand management schedule, it has not been possible for suburbs to receive water on a daily basis as was the situation before the breakdown,” said Marjory Munyonga, Zinwa corporate communications and marketing manager, in a statement.

“We are, however, in the process of restoring the broken down boreholes so that normal supplies can resume. In the meantime, we continue to appeal to the residents to use the available water very sparingly.”

The council has previously said that a permanent solution to the water challenges lies in taking away water management rights from Zinwa.