The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/3/04
    • Ministers Challenged over Zimbabwe
    • U.S. State Dept. Release on Zengeza
    • Zanu PF edges closer to a two-thirds majority
    • Zimbabwean minister reassures panicky miners
    • Tobacco Profits Dropping Sharply
    • Zimbabwe crisis spills over border
    • Police Raid Community Radio Station, Arrest And Question Employees
    • MDC forecasts Zim chaos
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday Message
    • The not-so-sweet side of the sugar industry
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 250
    • JAG Situation Report 30th March
    • JAG Legal Communique 30th March
    • Call to Review Exchange Rate
    • 90pc of Public Transport Defective: VID
    • Decline in Tobacco Production Worrisome
    • Mampara of the Week: Chris Kuruneri
    • Ten Die in Road Accident
    • Exiled ex-MP Musekiwa blames violence for poll defeat
  2. Posted 30/3/04
    • Ruling party wins crucial by-election
    • Death, Violence and Intimidation Dominate Election
    • Zengeza 'Free Clinic' for Zanu PF Supporters
    • Deliver us from Evil
    • Justice denied.
    • Zanu-PF fires 'warning shot' at MDC
    • Double Act: Fighting International Terrorism & Violating Citizens Rights
    • ZESA Pays Dearly for Third-Party Electricity
    • Violence may settle cricket row
    • Paul Strang accuses ZCU of wanting 'puppets'
    • MDC lawmaker arrested
    • 'Drivers to Blame for Alarming Rate of Accidents'
    • International tribunal to probe Paradza sworn in
    • New firm set to improve fuel supply
    • Clerics Join Forces Against Hunger and Violence
    • Nip Human Trafficking in the Bud
    • Journalists Denied UK Visas
  3. Posted 29/3/04
    • MDC Press: Shot MDC youth confirmed died on arrival at hospital
    • Strange twist to gold case
    • Run On Deposits May Fuel Another Cash Shortage
    • Rbz Too Powerful: IMF
    • New Ministries Struggle to Set Up
    • Zanu PF Deploys 'Green Bombers' in Lupane
    • Mugabe Salary Hike Slammed
    • Cattle Rustling Haunts Seke Rural Folk
    • Mozambicans Blamed for Cattle Rustling
    • UK Pledges $500bn Aid
    • Outrage Over Court Order On Media Ban
    • Colonial Divisions Challenge New African Parliament
    • Can sanctions end Mugabe's rule?
    • Zimbabwe puts new mining laws on ice
    • Mansion minister has other properties
    • New Controversy dogs Mugabe's heir
    • 1 Dead, Dozens Injured in Violent Zimbabwe Election
    • Limpopo Transfronteir Park fails to benefit Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean government going after wildlife
    • Three held over deal with alleged mercenaries
    • Zim chokes on low tobacco crop
    • SAS man tells how coup went wrong
  4. Posted 28/3/04
    • Black murder, white murder. The story of Zimbabwe
    • Can they change the world?
    • Fuel supplies remain low
    • Zengeza voting
    • Green stick
    • Strang brothers 'frozen out'
    • Clashes Mar First Day of Zimbabwe Special Elections
    • Zimbabwe opposition fights for urban hold in vote
    • Presidential Salary, Allowances Increased
    • Ccosa Lecturers Down Tools
    • Mbare: a Forgotten Suburb
    • Abused mother must go, but her children can stay
  5. Batch 3 Posted 27/3/04
    • "Heartbreaking" to see the havoc
    • Farmers abandon wheat
    • Has Zim journalism gone to the dogs?
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • AG returns murdered MDC men's docket to police
    • Guns still for hire for troubled continent
    • Fuel Supplies Still Low
    • Govt will soon choke itself with lies
    • Evictions causing famine: farmer
    • Pigs do fly after all!
    • Minerals plundered
    • The highway robberies mystery
    • Fleeing bankers: devious businessmen or victims?
    • Parties gird loins for Zengeza fight
    • RBZ bills in issue pass the $500 billion mark
    • Eskom to resume full power supply to ZESA
    • Multi-million dollar mining equipment rotting at border
    • Propaganda machinery in overdrive
    • ZANU PF deputy mayor arrested
    • ZANU PF stranglehold on rural areas over: Tsvangirai
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/3/04
    • Dictatorships must forfeit African solidarity
    • Mad Dog Manheru in rabid attack
    • War vets throw weight behind BBC documentary
    • Get over the illusions
    • Zim proposes 49% black ownership for its mines
    • Tackle corruption, vote Zanu PF out
    • Chaos in the financial sector counter-productive
    • New absentee landlords slammed
    • 'Too early to talk about economic recovery' - Kuruneri
    • Insurance sector on verge of collapse
    • Govt mortgages tobacco over debt
    • Have you heard, Cde President?
    • Govt sidelines trust, takes charge of water project
    • IMF team/MDC discuss Restart
    • Gata runs ZESA single-handedly
    • Another communist country changes course
    • Throw Out Visas, Says Diplomat
    • Zim, DRC Joint Commission in Two Day Meeting
    • Border Alters Modus Operandi As US Timber Market Falters
    • Trevor Ncube: Publisher, Mail & Guardian
  7. Batch 1 Posted 27/3/04
    • Zim farmers working for the good of Africa
    • Zimbo on my stoep
    • Mugabe 'set to announce his retirement'
    • Zimbabwe comes under spotlight at Civicus conference
    • Domestic debt soars to $600b
    • Why journos alone?
    • Continuing turmoil in banking sector
    • Makamba stuck in jail
    • Kingdom retrenchees blow whistle
    • Ministry forces students to take political course
    • 'Your paper can suffer and you can die'
    • Police raid community radio station
    • NI Missionary Faces Prison In Zimbabwe Over Prayers
    • Media lid
    • Bumper Maize Harvest Expected
    • Problems weigh down Air Zim's wings
    • Meetings with IMF fruitful - Chapfika
    • Move to acquire conservancies criticised
    • Zanu-PF squash Mugabe retirement rumours
  8. Posted 26/3/04
    • Another Zimbabwean bank poised to fold
    • Banks called on to merge
    • Malawian traders head to Zimbabwe - to shop
    • SA's allies still bear scars of Pretoria's wrath
    • British filmmaker held in Harare after rape exposé
    • MDC not boycotting 2005 election
    • Zim minister: My home will cost R7m, not R30m
    • More School Heads to Be Suspended
    • Sikhala attacks Tsvangirai
    • Asians Smuggled Into Zim
    • Parliament Appoints Team to Probe Coltart's Conduct
    • Wheat Production Set to Improve
    • Zim 'starts to repay IMF'
    • Time for Mbeki to put his foot down over Zimbabwe
    • They're in it for the money
    • Zim 'will take years to mend'
    • Xenophobia hits a high in Zimbabwe
    • Zimsec Calls for Exam Fees Review
    • JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated March 25, 2004
    • The dogs of war go corporate
  9. Posted 25/3/04
    • Nigeria woos Zimbabwe's farmers
    • Benefit From Zimbabwean Farmers' Expertise - Obasanjo
    • Group warns FG against Zimbabwean farmers
    • Zimbabwe police arrest, charge film maker
    • Preparations to evacuate Caprivi villages
    • 'Mercenaries' wanted reward for Taylor: Paper
    • Moguls flee as Zim banks close
    • Court gags media from naming politician in gold scam
    • Proposed Amendments to Electoral Act Signify Another Step In The Wrong Direction
    • Zim Catholic Church guilty of forex fraud
    • Alleged mercenaries 'assaulted, refused food'
    • Possible rescue attempt has Harare on edge
    • JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM 22 March 2004
    • JAG CLASSIFIED: Updated 23rd March 2004
  10. Batch 2 Posted 24/3/04
    • Zimbabwe's 70 alleged mercenaries and one truck
    • Diversity stars at Liberty restaurant
    • Proposed Electoral Act Amendments Questioned
    • Clip of dozing Mugabe an 'indecent spectacle'
    • Africa's Mugabe stance slammed
    • Zimbabwe Prohibits Use of Foreign Currency in Country
    • Zim police concocted 'fiction' in key political murder trial, says judge
    • DA shows Zim concern
    • Cops swarm Zim hearing
    • 70 suspected mercenaries ordered held in Zimbabwe after first court
    • The New Brain Drain from Zimbabwe
    • Mayor Mudzuri Walks Out of Bogus Hearing
    • Llandudno residents' small sacrifice is the Zimbabwe nation's gain
    • Parliament resumes
    • Fuel queues resurface in Harare
    • Residents in demo against power cuts
    • Chinamasa on regime change
    • Zimbabwe could ban graffiti
    • Suspicion over Zimbabwe arms sale to mercenaries'
    • Government to Recommend Acceptable Water Charges
  11. Batch 1 Posted 24/3/04
    • Zimbabwe farmers get $30m from Zambian bank
    • Mugabe orders probe into minister's new home
    • Mercenaries to be tried in top security prison
    • NRZ re-introduces steam locomotives
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #49 Face up and sing
    • Fuel Queues Resurface in Harare
  12. Posted 23/3/04
    • Harare newspaper slams SA over 'mercenaries'
    • Senators Split!
    • Open court bid for alleged mercenaries
    • Fury over mansion for one of Mugabe's men
    • No More Dictatorships by 2025
    • Africa Braces for the Fallout of Global Warming
    • Leon urges govt to help SA 'mercenaries'
    • Figures show massive increase in brain drain from SA
    • Old African enemies join hands
    • Capitalist greed behind aborted coup in Africa
    • Caps Tragedy: Motorist in Court
    • One man's guard, another man's mercenary
    • Zimbabwe to 'tighten' election laws
    • Burst Sewers Clog City's Maintenance Budget
    • Utilise Land for Self-Sustenance: Hungwe
    • Zim, Mozambique Trade Set to Increase
    • 'Mbeki has become Mugabe's best friend'
    • You just cant keep a good woman down
    • Increase in malnourished children at clinics
  13. Posted 22/3/04
    • Mercenaries assaulted
    • Bankers now call for an amnesty
    • ZNA seals off local airports
    • Chombo spells out governors' role
    • Zengeza candidates urge supporters to shun violence
    • CIO gate crash ZUJ meeting
    • Shocking bills as ZESA hikes tariffs by 400%
    • MDC names candidate for Lupane by election
    • Mutare mayor accuses GMB, governor of blocking food aid
    • Binga Campfire beneficiaries in trouble
    • 'Shelter of Hope' helps reform Byo street kids
    • Justice delayed is justice denied
    • Ducking, diving and diversionary pursuits
    • Gono's ideas doomed to fail while Mugabe is in office
    • Anti-corruption crusade a kingsize hoax
    • Zim church leader takes gospel to the West
    • Mugabe's sinister scheme for MDC
  14. Posted 21/3/04
    • Quiet diplomacy has 'clearly failed'
    • Sitting under a tree
    • Tough for Zim to rejoin Commonwealth
    • Zimbabwe says 'mercenaries' trial open to public
    • Cde Msika castigates people who abuse positions for corrupt needs
    • Mugabe man builds R30m Cape palace
    • Zimbabwe files new charge against suspected mercenaries
    • Mudzuri summoned to appear for hearing
    • Local men brave mighty Zambezi
  15. Posted 20/3/04
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • Attempted coup: they tried it before
    • Zimbabwe lawyer tells US Congress of torture
    • Zim accuses magistrate of 'attack on national security'
    • Held SA men 'were hired as paid soldiers'
    • ZDI's murky arms dealing exposed
    • Zim needs only 7 banks says IMF team
    • Zim 'looks East' for military training/hardware
    • Govt moves to acquire private conservancies
    • Zim yet to ratify rights conventions
    • Anxiety grips tobacco industry
    • Salaries in forex: RBZ to rein in firms
    • AirZim workers threaten strike over wage demand
    • Murerwa accused of misleading the public
    • New farmers use child labour
    • Lawyers slam use of media to attack judiciary
    • ESC fails to stop violence in Zengeza by-election
    • Govt warned against land grab
    • The murky enterprise of 'private armies'
    • World Bank/IMF need to spell out their position
    • Facts and fiction surrounding forex
    • Tomana's many laws of convenience
    • Zesa loses tariff case in Bulawayo
    • Shipping agents see red over auction system
    • Crazy?
    • Africans in US support land reform in Zim
    • Talks for Zimbabwe foes 'closer'
    • President Calls for Closer Co-Operation With Indonesia
    • Mercenaries 'heavily tortured'
    • ANZ Staff Reject Retrenchment Package
    • Bank closures spark mass panic
  16. Posted 19/3/04
    • Zimbabwe arms saga raises questions over govt role
    • Mugabe is no puppet, says Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe May Try 'Mercenaries' in Prison-Sources
    • Mp's Plea for Ex-Sas Man Held in Zimbabwe
    • Accused German mercenary dies in Eq.Guinea-diplomat
    • Parliamentary Public Hearing Tuesday 23 March 10.30 am
    • Mutasa for presidency
    • Bank turmoil sinks equities deeper
    • 'Inflation drop can be sustained'
    • Panic as Intermarket, Barbican close
    • Chombo readies to appoint commission
    • Farm invaders storm water bottling firm
    • ZANU PF won't flinch at boycott threat
    • Firms sue ZESA over blackout
    • ZANU PF in bid to pull rug from under MDC
    • Stinking scandal in mining sector
    • Who in Zimbabwe received payment from the so-called mercenaries?
    • Zim and the IMF
    • No to secret political deals
    • Zim, not IMF or WB, has everything to lose
    • 42 new Cuban health professionals arrive
    • Intermarket opens to pay salaries
    • Minister challenges hospital board
    • Moyo raises concern over US radio station
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/3/04
    • Africa adopts new self-help plan
    • JAG Public Relations Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 247
    • Mt Pleasant Report Back - Tues 23 March 5.30 for 6-8 pm
    • Panic Withdrawals Hit Financial Institutions
    • Zimbabwe cops rearrest Mugabe ally
    • State to Unveil Multi-Billion Dollar Wheat Programme
    • In-Fighting Rocks Miners' Federation
    • Confidence in Financial Institutions Lowest
    • Events in Banking Sector: Embarrassment to Nation
    • Black Market Slowly Resurfacing
    • Vandalism Threatens NRZ Operations
  18. Posted 18/3/04
    • JAG Public Relations Communique
    • Attempted abduction
    • New, shock charge for 'mercenaries'
    • MDC Suspends Acting Mayor Makwavarara
    • MDC Accused of Intimidating Judiciary
    • Land Acquisition Amendment Now Law
    • UZ Lecturers Snub Increment
    • With neighbours like ours, who needs enemies?
    • Gwisai says MDC will be crushed in polls
    • Rehabilitate Street People As Family Units
    • Zimbabwe not able to pay IMF
    • murderous dictator, his rapper son and a $700m-a-year oil boom
    • Concerns Over Regional Flooding
    • Suspected soldiers of fortune charged under security law
    • Church urges Zim talks
    • Tyrants and failed states: The world must find a way to intervene
  19. Posted 17/3/04
    • Supreme Court bars Mugabe e-mail snooping
    • UN rights body to tackle Mugabe
    • Chinese armed forces to enhance cooperation with Zimbabwean army
    • General Nyambuya's workers desert farm
    • IMF team in Zimbabwe for economy review
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Closes Major Financial Institution
    • RBZ to Probe Fuel Industry
    • Mugabe could set 'coup plot' punishment
    • Buthelezi won't visit Mugabe
    • Ecb Challenged on Zimbabwe Tour
  20. Posted 16/3/04
    • Urgent application for injunction against Harare 2004 Budget
    • A Warning for Americans: A message from South Africa
    • "Memories" by Ken Wilson
    • Suspected mercenaries charged
    • Zimbabwe mulls more charges for coup suspects
    • Zimbabwe arrests shine light on export of mercenaries
    • Mercenaries to be photographed and fingerprinted today
    • A murderous dictator, his rapper son and a $700m-a-year oil boom
    • Sanctions Against Zimbabwe - a complex matter
    • Elephant cull 'is only way to stop catastrophe'
    • '70pc of patients admitted at hospitals are HIV positive'
    • City suburbs plunge into darkness
    • Charging Road Tolls Noble
    • UZ Lecturers Need to Co-Operate With State
    • Opposition official arrested
    • Sauce for the goose...
    • SA ambassador dispatched to E Guinea
    • Moz organ trafficking scandal peters out
    • Growing concern for ex-SAS officer
    • MDC Brief : Key Developments
      1. Report launched documenting human rights abuses perpetrated against MDC MPs by Mugabe regime
      2. State sponsored violence intensifies ahead of Zengeza by-election
      3. MDC National Executive sets out 15 conditions vis-à-vis the party’s participation in parliamentary elections scheduled for March 2005.
  21. 2nd batch Posted 15/3/04
    • Of bolt cutters and an orange boat
    • Violence reported in Zimbabwean by-election
    • Two East Cape men among those held in Zimbabwe
    • Lawyer: Detained Foreigners in Zimbabwe Not Mercenaries
    • Ex-Zimbabwean policeman sues top school
    • Land reforms anchor economy: President
    • Man ordered to pay $50m for breaching tobacco Act
    • Tobacco to be paid for in US dollars: RBZ
    • ‘Incidents of violence in Zengeza’
    • I’ve represented UK’s views to the best of my abilities (letter)
    • The new buzz-word
  22. 1st batch Posted 15/3/04
    • 'Mercenaries' charged
    • Mercenaries & oil
    • 60 accused over weapons deal
    • Did Africa coup begin in Chelsea?
    • Zimbabwe opposition reports pre-election attacks on supporters
    • Talk, Mugabe urged
    • Zimbabwe mourn footballers
    • Mugabe plays the good man in mercenary saga
    • More than 60 men in Zimbabwe have been accused of planning a coup in Equatorial Guinea.
  23. Third batch Posted 14/3/04
    • ”The Situation is Very Grim”
    • Newspaper says these 13 were on plane
    • Foreign affairs denies naming mercenaries
    • Extradition unlikely for Zim coup accused
    • Koevoet, 32 battalion and the coup plot...
    • African scramble for oil fuels dogs of war fiasco
    • Damning US report chronicles Zimbabwe human rights abuses
    • Abject poverty haunts Gokwe rural folk
  24. Second batch Posted 14/3/04
    • Mercenaries: State exposed
    • Mercenaries expose Mudenge's reckless diplomacy
    • Coup plot or flights of fancy
    • Intermarket closure could mean no pay for some civil servants
    • What Moyo-Manheru can teach Sunny the parrot
    • MDC ready to fight Moyo in Tsholotsho
    • Ex-fighters' group alleges plot to rig 2005 polls
    • Civic bodies lose steam as repression intensifies
    • Why Gono's crusade will fail?
    • Celebrating women's day with Green Bombers
    • Lies and more lies from UZ authorities
    • Non ex-combatants getting raw deal in armed forces
    • Teacher assaulted
    • US, UK deny links with mercenaries
    • Church leaders to meet Muluzi over failed talks
    • Zanu PF forcing teachers to join party
    • Bulawayo council threatens water cuts
    • Bulawayo mayor vows to resist Mathema meddling
    • Dead end to civic bodies' meeting
    • No party politics at info centres, says Parliame
  25. First batch Posted 14/3/04
    • The police just don't want us to talk
    • When Mugabe travels in Zim ...
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 244
    • Zimbabwe's inflation rate slows to 602.5%
    • Soldiers of stupidity
    • For white farmers, hope in Zambia
    • Provide Security During Campaigning, Voting
    • Boeing crew 'knew of no plot'
    • Makamba's winding, complex journey to gain back liberty
    • Murky tale of a mercenary adventure
    • SA men denied access to lawyers and families
    • England to Discuss Zimbabwe Issue with Players
  26. Posted 13/3/04
    • Panorama to be Aired on BBC World
    • Rent-a-coup: Who's who
    • Zengeza violence
    • Opposition Reports Pre-Election Attacks on Supporters
    • Zimbabwe to charge "mercenaries" with plotting
    • Flood Situation Worrying But Under Control
    • Zimbabwe lawyer to meet 'mercenaries'
    • NMB bosses ready to sing
    • Air Zim in pensions wrangle
    • Zesn urged to endorse election boycott
    • Zanu PF militia lay seige on Zengeza ahead of poll
    • Lecturers/ministry on collision course
    • Police demand details of MDC members
    • Chombo lays fresh charges against suspended Mudzuri
    • Moyo cracks whip on state media
    • 'Mushowe was seeking help from De Klerks'
    • Court dismisses Mawere/Mtetwa case with costs
    • RBZ to outline measures on taping forex abroad
    • Govt desperate to lure back ZCTU
    • Wining and dining to whining and begging
    • Zim has a chance to redeem itself
    • Killing the goose that lays the eggs
    • Mohadi thwarts phantom US invasion
    • Forex auction system hurts
    • $10b for livestock restocking scheme
    • Private schools miss top 100
    • Was Deuschle really sincere?
    • Blowing the whistle
    • Superpower politics costly for Zim
  27. Batch 2 Posted 12/3/04
    • Look, who's talking morality
    • Soldier, actor and businessman: The multi-skilled life of a modern 'dog of war'
    • Zimbabwe hones charges against "mercenaries"
    • Plots and plotters
    • Plotters ignored political environment
    • Team sets off to quiz suspected mercenaries
    • Street Children Rounded Up
    • Health Minister Appeals for Aid
    • Police Arrest 26 Somalis
    • MDC Activist Gets 4-Year Jail Sentence
    • Dualisation of Harare-Norton Highway Reaches Advanced Stage
    • JAG Job Opportunities
  28. Posted 12/3/04
    • $2.5 billion robbery
    • Clash looms as new Byo governor takes up duties
    • MDC resolves to boycott 2005 poll
    • Senior MDC officials dismissed after attack on Tsvangirai's aide
    • Mass action tactics fail as tool of protest
    • Will another chance to mend ties go begging?
    • Exodus hits AG's Office
    • Corruption or innovation gone awry?
    • Govt descends on media 'enemies'
    • The double-edged Sword of Gideon
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Avoid secret political deals
    • Agricultural concern Tanganda looks east
    • Cereal deficit expected to persist
    • We now have to share ideas via condoms
    • The problems of compulsory grain delivery
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 243
    • Government puts the ball in ECB's court
    • Decades later, Zimbabwe's scars will still be visible
    • Malabo imbroglio
    • Suspected mercenaries awaiting charges
    • Mercenaries in Africa's conflicts
    • ECB say they have been asked to cancel Zimbabwe tour
    • Mercenary leader goes on TV to describe plot to kidnap president
  29. Posted 11/3/04
    • In Zimbabwe We Don't Have Protest Marches, We Have Protest Runs!
    • Zimbabwe says UK row poisons foreign ties
    • SADC Plans to Create Common Market By 2012
    • Zimbabwe's Small Farmers Expecting Record Harvests
    • Ambitious plans to roll out ARVs
    • Reporters For Foreign Media Violate Currency Law
    • Moyo threatens SA media with legal action
    • MOZAMBIQUE: Thousands stranded after river bursts its banks
    • Zimbabwe Says Suspected Mercenaries May Get Death Penalty
    • Alleged mercenaries may have been SADF men
    • "Mercenaries": Malabo, declaration by commander of operation to overthrow Obiang
    • Pretoria confirms link between plane and coup plot
    • "Mercenaries": Harare accuses Spanish, US and British intelligence
    • Alleged mercenary leader unveils coup plot
    • SA pilot on 'mercenary' plane
    • All a dreadful misunderstanding: Logo
    • 'SA president tipped us off'
  30. Bstch 2 Posted 10/3/04
    • British wildlife investor seeks land in Zambia
    • 'Mercenary' arrests cause stir across Africa
    • South Africa battles image as home to 'dogs of war'
    • Zimbabwe journalists accused of joining US-UK plot
    • South Africans on board impounded plane
    • South Africa urged to increase pressure on Zimbabwe
    • Clearing of Land At Ranch Slow - Mudenge
    • 'Known SA mercenary' on seized plane
    • Agriculture: Hopes rekindled - 3
    • Harare accuses ex-SAS man of links to detained 'mercenaries'
    • JAG Classifieds
  31. Posted 10/3/04
    • Zimbabwe 'Mercenary' Mystery Deepens
    • South Africa, Zimbabwe trained 'mercenaries'
    • SA, Zimbabwe arms dealers linked to plane
    • Mugabe officials had deal with 'mercenaries'
    • Unidentified American started military assault in Africa
    • Zimbabwe army on alert after seizing "mercenaries"
    • President Tsvangirai's Message To The People of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Hinders Beira Development Corridor
    • Opposition May Boycott Zimbabwe's 2005 Parliamentary Elections
    • President Mugabe's Government Making The Poor Miserable
    • President assents to two laws
    • MDC plans mass action
    • Agriculture: Hopes Rekindled
    • Where I'm from - Women in Zimbabwe are crying for our help
    • New Zealand : Teacher required
  32. Batch 2 Posted 9/3/04
    • Zimbabwe seizes jet with 'suspected mercenaries' aboard
    • Possible SA link to alleged mercenary plane
    • SA monitors plane in Zimbabwe
    • 'Mercenaries on US aircraft are held in Harare'
    • Violence against opposition MPs in Zimbabwe 'is worst in world'
    • 'Zimbabwe Issue' shadows ICC meeting
    • Mugabe's foes 'face constant attacks'
    • New urgency for Mbeki in Zim
    • The message travels faster than Sharuko
  33. Posted 9/3/04
    • Zimbabwe Says Seizes Suspected Mercenaries
    • US: 'Zim plane not one of ours'
    • Zengeza militia attack
    • Nkala judgement
    • Urban food insecurity rising - new assessment
    • Government's Far East Export Drive Suffers Major Setback
    • Makamba Has Two Valid Zimbabwean Passports
    • Police Mount Siege On NMB Directors' Homes
    • Don't Rush Into Mass Land Re-Distribution, Warns MDC
    • Top Judges Forced to Quit
    • Pungue River Floods Dondo And Nhamatanda
    • IMF to Meet With MDC
    • MDC Youths to Protest for Electoral Reforms
    • 'Mugabe Trying to Divide MDC' - Tsvangirai
    • Law Society Slams Act
    • Zim women activists arrested
  34. Batch 2 Posted 8/3/04
    • Further POSA Arrests
    • A Plea for Help from Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage
    • Chipangali Adoption Form
    • Brit 'building Mugabe lair'
    • 'I just feel I am living in a prison cell'
    • Zim gang leaders smoked out by SA police
    • Harare bids to woo back tobacco farmers
  35. Posted 8/3/04
    • Church seeks refugee status for Zimbabweans in SA
    • ' Black Moses 'morally revulsed' by homosexuality
    • Ncube asks churches to act against Mugabe
    • Mugabe's men fight over farms and hunting rights
    • Ancram: Conservatives will restore trust in Britain's foreign policy
    • The winds of change
    • How Matonga was arrested
    • Zupco boss Matonga languishes in cells
  36. Batch 2 Posted 7/3/04
    • 'My life is in danger' - Gono
    • Court declares 73 Manicaland soldiers dead in the DRC
    • Zanu PF sets up youth camps to spearhead violence in Zengeza
    • Police mount siege on NMB directors' homes
    • Turmoil in banking as RBZ recalls loans
    • RBZ targets safari industry in forex blitz
    • World Bank team coming to Zim
    • MDC's Tumbare-Mutasa sues Mohadi, Chihuri for $2,5 bn
    • New farmers decimate lion population
    • Power struggle rocks war collaborators' body
    • Workers chase away Hungwe
    • He who is without sin, cast the first stone...
    • Bedroom battles or crazy condom capers?
    • ZIMSEC's incompetence shocking
    • CZI broke after Danes pullout
    • Poor tobacco sales predicted
    • Gono's 100 days of solitude
    • When no news is good news!
    • Mugabe marks second year of misrule
  37. Posted 7/3/04
    • 'Zim genocide' - open letter to Tony Leon
    • Time to go, Comrade Bob...
    • Anti-poverty summit: Chavez and Mugabe lead the real `race to the bottom'
    • Ailing judge defies Mugabe
    • Rough Roger
    • Mugabe lashes out at homosexuals - again
    • Minister Turns Up Heat over Cricketers' Zimbabwe Tour
    • UN to stop funding NGOs in sub-Saharan Aids fight
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Threatens Parliamentary Vote Boycott
    • Street Kids Outwit Authorities
  38. Batch 2 Posted 6/3/04
    • A day in the life of the camp
    • List of advertisers Congratulations 80th Birthday Mugabe
    • Zanu PF scrambles to win approval
    • Zimbabwe brands BBC torture film "unfounded rubbish"
    • Impose sanctions on Mugabe: Zimbabwe cleric
    • Catch-22 for the MDC
    • COD Backs Zimbabwe's MDC
    • 'SA should pull plug on Zim'
    • MDC lays down law for 2005 poll
    • The Mugabization of Venezuela State
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 241
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • The Relentless March of the Military Men
    • Human agencies & food
    • Don't Give Up the Fight
    • Pambazuka News 146:
  39. Posted 6/3/04
    • NMB bosses break silence
    • President tightens decree
    • Gift to Mugabe has opened way for dialogue - Deuschle
    • Gono's appeal shot down
    • 'Mugabe trying to divide MDC' - Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF refutes BBC torture camps reports
    • MDC youths to protest for electoral reforms
    • Bank of England adopts new EU list on Zim
    • NRZ trains turned into brothels on rail
    • Only 2% land given to ex-farm workers
    • Government's Far East export drive suffers major setback
    • War vets take over NRZ department
    • Gono's success hinges on politics
    • Where are all the political hyenas?
    • Economy still on a downward spiral
    • In lotto a miss is as good as a mile
    • Govt abuses overdraft facility
    • 74 exporting firms blacklisted
    • NGOs to get preference on forex
    • Parallel market very much alive
    • Forex issue: Bloch has lost the plot
    • What is Bloch's excuse for working with Mugabe?
    • Bosom buddy
    • Why Mugabe retained old guard
    • In memory of those who shouldn't have died
  40. Posted 5/3/04
    • Hijack Update - Week ending 6th March
    • Aids Conference Underway in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Poll Poses Dilemma for MDC
    • 'Go to hell' says Zimbabwe minister
    • Australia expands Zimbabwe bans
    • Probe targets ZUPCO
    • Makamba ousted from Telecel
    • Jitters as Wankie fires 10 senior managers, phases out some posts
    • Cash-strapped Air Zim fails to recover US$4mln from Congolese airline
    • Ex-trust Bank chief quizzed
    • Fresh row over chefs' hunting safari leases
    • Chiyangwa's bail conditions relaxed
    • Tourism catches a fever as polls near
    • The (un)holy alliance of tycoons, politicians
    • Moyo's powers unreasonable, lawyer concedes
    • ZCTU has lost it
    • Project doomed as govt fails to raise US$10 mln
    • Gloomy outlook for tobacco
    • Street kid menace
    • Politics of governance and transparency
    • We don't find it funny at all, Cde Presidents
    • Take action against unpatriotic politicians
    • Forex Demand for Imports Outstrips Supply
    • 25% Duty Hike Scuppers Lake Harvest's Plans to Enter S African Market
    • Judgment in ANZ, MIC Cases Reserved
    • Nurse spared jail term for fraud
    • Aus safari gets green light
  41. Batch 2 Posted 4/3/04
    • JAG Situation Report 3rd March
    • Message to the Congress of the United States
    • Mugabe's man fabricates lies to refute facts
    • A Touch of Zimbabwe In The United Kingdom
    • Institute Launched to Influence Political Change in Zimbabwe
    • Woza Moya 8 March
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 240
    • Troubled banks face closure
    • Six forced confessions thrown out
    • Book Summary. “The Phantom Voyagers”.
  42. Posted 4/3/04
    • Gucci Grace blows £75k
    • European Union - New Sanctions list February 2004
    • Treasury designates seven entities as Specially Designated Nationals of Zimbabwe
    • Launching
    • Mbeki is still Zimbabwe point man, says top US Africa official
    • Nkala murder case: State evidence ruled inadmissible
    • US is 'fighting Zimbabwe with condoms'
    • Revolutionary condoms campaign
    • Aussies pleased by Zimbabwe
    • ANALYSIS-S.Africa, Zimbabwe take divergent paths
    • UN Must Charge Mugabe - DA
    • Judges question Moyo's powers as Daily News hearing opens
    • Zimbabwe opposition call for cancellation
    • Nepad reviewers will not brook political interference
    • DA warns of 'Zim genocide'
    • Zim High Court says murder suspects tortured
    • Law students face bleak future
    • Nightmare in Mutare
    • Msika in grain scam allegations
  43. Posted 3/3/04
    • Deepening Crisis
    • 76 184 Cases of Malaria Reported
    • New 'Anti-corruption' Law Tramples on Human Rights
    • African nations slow in offering Aristide asylum
    • Police seek Zimbabwean bankers in forex case
    • Escape to the lucky country
    • Trickle-down effect not a viable economic plan
    • 104 Export Firms Under Probe
    • Mozambique 'human organ' nun dead
    • Doctors backtrack on cash upfront demands
    • Clerical task team to kick-start talks
    • MP wants sanctions imposed on Mugabe
    • Daily News to challenge ruling
    • SA eager to accept 'thuggish' Haiti leader
    • Three Journalists From Government Daily 'The Herald' Dismissed for Working With Voice of America Radio
    • Bank of England Press Release
    • Namibia land seizures 'very soon'
    • Of the Herald, corruption and witch hunts
  44. Posted 2/3/04
    • Mbeki's policy on Zim is a 'dangerous game'
    • Asylum seekers face life on Leeds streets
    • Aussie trio check Zimbabwe
    • Zim Focus Now On Food Security
    • Amid grimness of AIDS, poverty, family memoir lifts spirits
    • Land war rages
    • 'Rape is OK. It helps us to train people'
    • Zimbabwe camp commander speaks
    • Envoy Clarifies Sweden's Stance Over Zimbabwe
    • Aspiring Astronaut Named Rhodes Scholar
    • African leaders sign common security plan
    • Namibian commercial farmers fear land grab
    • Safari, Forestry Land to Be Redistributed
    • President, Mubarak to Hold Talks
    • Vetting of Ex-Detainees, War Collaborators Set to Begin This Month
    • Kick Out Corrupt Leaders
    • EU Charges Against Zim Baseless, Says Kangai
    • Position in Tanzania
    • Zesa seeks US$543 million
    • No Zimbabwe elections until situation changes: opposition
    • City's Books in Shambles
    • Health Professionals Launch Programme
    • ZRP Seeks $25 Million for Hospital
    • Zesa Loses Over $14m Every Month
    • Zimbabwe wants to repay its debts
    • Church leaders form Zim task team
    • Moyo's Visit 'Just a Happy Coincidence'
  45. 2nd batch Posted 1/3/04
    • Rusape centre rehabilitates rape victims
    • Zvimba teacher dies after dog attack at Mugabe's birthday bash
    • Billion jackpot goes begging
    • US stops funding demining project
    • Gono wields axe at RBZ
    • No money to pay striking UZ lecturers, says Murerwa
    • Media trust fund launched
    • Madhuku arrested at roadblock
    • Zanu PF targets chiefs in Lupane campaign
    • Passengers welcome Gweru-Masvingo train
    • Hospital gutted by fire
    • Clampdown on street kids flops
    • Zanu PF: On the roll Or is it?
    • I know, I don't know who knows
    • Salvation is just a call away, Cde Jean-Bertrand
    • An open letter to President Mugabe
    • Mugabe's new decree should be applauded
    • Busy time for Messenger of Court
    • Backdoor hair salons flourish
    • Moyo lectures Namibians on propaganda
  46. 1st batch Posted 1/3/04
    • In Zimbabwe, even the farmers are going hungry
    • BBC says film exposes Zimbabwe militia camps
    • Zimbabwe Judge Suspended After Ruling Against Govt
    • Bad policy to support Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's woes spill across border
    • SACC urges action from Mbeki on Zimbabwe
    • Southern Africa Faces Famine, Warns UN
    • Environment looms as major security threat
    • Msika in grain scam allegations
    • ANZ journalists stage demo against Nkomo
    • Nam land grab 'like death'
    • Zimbabwe gangs target SA banks

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