The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 29/2/04
    • Zimbabwe farmers fear new land invasions
    • Mugabe's friends siphon off nine tenths of EU aid to Zimbabwe's poor
    • Mugabe praises Chavez
    • Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
    • MDC rejects Mugabe's conditions for talks
    • SAVE ZIMBABWE boat needs support
    • Civil war looming to topple Mugabe
    • Lord's delay Zimbabwe decision for third time
  2. Posted 28/2/04
    • Zimbabwe's torture training camps
    • Violence/torture used as political tools - US
    • Govt drops $127b appeal for 2005 poll
    • Judgement reserved in Tsvangirai trial
    • Presidential decree unlawful - judge
    • SA churches push for Zim talks
    • Clerics seek Vatican expertise on Zim crisis
    • SA keen on Zim press freedom
    • Farmers ordered to justify their stay
    • Lack of funding halts Ziana's expansion drive
    • MDC rejects conditional talks
    • MDC faces huge poll dilemma ahead
    • TeleAccess battles with Potraz
    • Economic destruction not the path to political change
    • Going, going... or not just yet?
    • The record speaks for itself
    • Nothing is forever
    • Henry Olonga: A year after his heroic protest, the rebel still walks the high ground
    • Trial ends - Daily Telegraph
    • No early verdict - Scotsman
    • Herald reporters a security threat - News24
    • A touch of Luton - VOA
    • Mutasa convicted - Herald
    • Vultures move in - Financial Gazette
    • Missing witnesses - VOA
    • No proof - News24
    • Union leaders held - News24
    • Medical aid fees up - IRIN
    • Disabled lives - IRIN
  3. Posted 27/2/04
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader awaits treason ruling
    • Farmers Want Mutasa to Probe Coal Merchants
    • Funds needed to avert disaster for millions Southern African children - UN
    • Institute Hopes to Give Voice to New Policy Agenda
    • Approval for Zimbabwe Diamond Mine
    • Refugees use fake SA passports to live in Britain
    • Mugabe eyes Telecel
    • Whistle blowers keep cops busy
    • We’ve been vindicated!
    • ...and now to the Notebook
  4. Posted 26/2/04
    • An empty grain basket?
    • Return your extra farms or else, warns Nkomo
    • Zimbabwe amends health laws
    • Chikwinya charged with public violence
    • SA media latch-on to Zim’s clampdown on graft
    • Talks are 'taking place', claims ambassador
    • ZCTU strike ''unsuccessful''
    • Parliamentary Hearing, Byo
    • Americas Chavez to Host G15 Summit This Week
    • Lawyer asks court to acquit Tsvangirai of treason
    • Mbeki assures SA Council of Churches on Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki faces fresh criticism over Zimbabwe
    • Prices forced down as demand declines
    • Trial of Mugabe enemy: Was it a coup or a sting?
    • JAG CLASSIFIED: Updated 24th February 2004
    • Talks relegated to dustbin
    • Pressure on Mbeki
    • African leaders 'too Western'
    • Obasanjo slammed
    • Closing arguments
    • Zim farmers dig into natural resources
  5. Posted 24/2/04
    • Attack on MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Chombo erred on Mudzuri, say Harare residents
    • GMB stuck with local wheat as millers opt for imported flour
    • Furore as production house seizes Studio 263 tapes
    • Mugabe accused of abusing presidential powers
    • MDC must boycott all future elections
    • Police probe Mnangagwa
    • Daily News future uncertain, people in Zimbabwe 'deserve better', editor says
    • Daily News lays off staff
    • No longer among the top six tobacco exporters
    • Nkomo seeks to end ''confusion'' in land reform
    • Independent Zimbabwe newspaper to sack workers
    • Daily News staff won't earn their daily bread
    • Vandalism Cost NRZ $24bn
    • Ploy Threatens to Derail Foreign Exchange Auction System
    • MDC leader might pull out of upcoming elections
  6. Posted 23/2/04
    • Mugabe complains of chest pains
    • Zimbabwe stays on EU blacklist
    • MDC leader attacked by Mugabe supporters
    • Zim Opp leader unhurt
    • Are Zim's youths being brainwashed?
    • Police probe Mnangagwa
    • Villagers turned away from Mugabe Birthday party
    • Grovelling messages for Mugabe
    • Top MDC officials fight in meeting
    • GMB stuck with local wheat as millers opt for imported flour
    • Furore as production house seizes Studio 263 tapes
    • At 80, what more can we expect?
    • Subversive flower girls, guns and roses
    • A rose by any other name Happy Birthday, Mr President
    • Tsvangirai acts on indscipline in MDC
    • Strike blacks out CNG newspapers
    • Wife's death devastating for ailing Zvobgo
    • Standard readership grows
    • Shumba pours millions to buy Masvingo votes
    • Zanu PF freezes $80m Aids account
  7. Posted 22/2/04
    • Robert Mugabe: Robert the brute
    • Robert Mugabe and The Third Chimurenga
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Tells Of Suspected Murder Attempt
    • Another Leading Zimbabwe Judge Resigns
    • Thousands gather for Bob's birthday bash
    • Mugabe fetes 80th birthday, urges foes to change
    • Dignify a Sister
    • JAG OLF 235 - 20TH FEBRUARY
    • JAG Job Opportunities
  8. Batch 3 Posted 21/2/04
    • Mugabe's pugnacity intact as he turns 80
    • Mugabe says he'll retire in five years
    • I'll retire in five years, says Mugabe, 80 today
    • Music has no borders
    • South African TV crew held in Zimbabwe
    • Harare Council BUDGET Meeting
  9. Batch 2 Posted 21/2/04
    • Zesa caught in dodgy deals
    • $15b for Heroes Acre
    • Zanu PF/MDC brace for second duel
    • Pamire/Mandaza in court battle
    • ZCTU stayaway on
    • Zim out of world's top five tobacco exporters
    • Tsvangirai slams 'dangerously patronising' diplomacy
    • ZTA predicts higher tobacco output
    • Zanu PF castigated for insensitivity
    • Many want to share cake with Mugabe
    • NECF fails to achieve goals
    • Armed robberies on the increase
    • Donnelly to quit in July
    • Women lobby for Mutasa's release
    • Zanu PF not committed to talks - SACP
    • Possible water cuts could result in health risks
    • Happy birthday Robert Mugabe
    • 'A letter to Joshua - source unknown'
    • The law that Mugabe gave to Deuschle
  10. Batch 1 Posted 21/2/04
    • Misconceptions about foreign currency auctions
    • Opposition should not be part of this charade
    • Zim owes US$1,8b
    • RBZ rejects 692 auction bids
    • Bid to tap forex not easy
    • Tanganda tea rakes in $22 billion in exports
    • Top post for Zimind journalist
    • Cabs blasts new RBZ regulations
    • A birthday wish
    • Mourning death of press freedom
    • Is Bloch serious about forex?
    • Zimpost getting away with it
    • 'Makamba' regulations violate rights
    • At 80 Gushungo is no spring chicken
    • A portrait of Mugabe's tyranny
    • Mugabe conveniently distorting facts
    • Mobilisation or boycott? MDC faces tough choice
    • Come see horror live Selassie
    • Paper blind to reverse racism
    • Whingeing Zimbabweans should look elsewhere
  11. Posted 20/2/04
    • Mugabe's birthday sparks retirement whispers
    • Stakeholders Give Forex Auctions Thumbs Up
    • Press Statement by Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
    • Stakeholders Give Forex Auctions Thumbs Up
    • Uncertain Rate Movement Holds Equity Market Back
    • Financial Sector Turmoil Dents Audit Firms' Reputation
    • Property Firms Want a Helping Hand
    • Industry Players Angry Over Zesa Tariffs
    • Zimbabwe: Court dismisses ANZ application for journalists’ accreditation
    • Mawere shoots down deal
    • Senior scribes fired in Herald purge
    • Town treasurer in mysterious death
    • ZIMSEC director in trouble over forged document
    • Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act an insult to justice: experts
    • Heavyweights escape corruption dragnet
    • Rift rocks MDC leadership
    • MDC's Sibanda walks out of court a free man
    • Don't apply law selectively
    • New study sheds light on lives of disabled
    • Police harassment of ZCTU leaders deplorable
    • Country "needs to be normalised" before polls - MDC
    • MDC PRESS: The New Presidential Powers Regulations Represent A covert Declaration of a State of Emergency
    • Coltart's analysis of Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Amendment of Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act)
  12. Posted 19/2/04
    • Top Zim businesswoman nabbed for corruption
    • Mugabe nabs his latest victim
    • Mugabe: 'I'll never be defeated'
    • Helping Rural Folks To Preserve Environment And Shed Poverty
    • Zimbabweans are going to the polls
    • Four Zimbabweans perish in car fireball
    • Zimbabwe's fuel shortages resurface
    • POSB to commercialise
    • Over 100 firms apply for micro-finance licences
    • Bargainers eye Century group
    • Court postpones media law case to March
    • Inflation set to rise to 700 percent
    • No reaction to Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Harare police continue corruption crackdown
    • Colleen's attack in Byo on the farm
    • Fraudulent Cheques
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • EU ambassadors agree to extend blacklist against Zimbabwe
    • Daily News case postponed - M&G
    • Fuel shortages resurface - Business Day
    • Inflation set to continue rising - IRIN
    • No reaction yet - AFP
    • Detention law condemned - Financial Gazette
    • Clerics to face new charges?- Exeter Express
    • Sibanda charges dropped - Financial Gazette
  13. Batch 2 Posted 18/2/04
    • Zimbabwe has detention without trial
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe extends detention period amid protests
    • Court dismisses ANZ application
    • Mugabe plunders on regardless
    • Zimbabwe has detention without trial: UDM
    • A laughing matter
    • Mugabe's 'stealth' state of emergency
    • Sadc cross-border traders to lobby governments on laws
    • Bank chiefs warned
    • Student hopes to renew visa in NZ
    • Rise in suicide cases alarming
    • Distortions in economy must go
    • Work in Bulawayo offered
    • CFU classifieds
  14. Batch 1 Posted 18/2/04
    • DJ Zimbabwe Opposition Reveals Pres Decree Over Detentions
    • Mugabe extends detention period amid protests
    • Network of support set up for OVC
    • Free ARVs available from next month
    • Zimbabwe detention law condemned
  15. Batch 2 Posted 17/2/04
    • Fighting back against Mugabe's thugs
    • Suffering knows no boundaries as it invades the suburbs
    • Zim farmers boost Zambian tobacco industry
    • Zimbabwe Announces Election Details, No Mention of Reforms
    • New anti-corruption regulations "unconstitutional"
    • Zimbabwe doesn't give us a thing
    • Food aid fills erstwhile export warehouse
    • Troubled Air Zimbabwe gets rid of top managers
    • Talk to IMF, says leading banker
    • School heads ignore Chigwedere suspension
    • Zanu PF in $20bn Lupane election gimmick
    • Zim introduces apartheid-style laws
    • Africa's maternal mortality is highest in the world
    • UZ Opens as Lecturers Vow Not to Report for Duty
    • Pregnancy-related deaths up in Africa
    • UN poll plea cancelled by Zimbabwe
    • Imported goods to cost more
    • Nhema named in hunting concessions scam
    • Zimbabwe urged not to execute opposition leader
    • Year-On-Year Inflation Up By 24,1 Percent
  16. Batch 1 Posted 17/2/04
    • David Coltart on Hear the Word Ministries
    • Island Hospice - Opening of your Headquarters
    • Makamba faces 22 forex offences-Judge slams police 'high-handedness'
    • Zimbabwe: A Police State
    • Hype, hypocrisy and hysteria
    • Zimbabwean politicians, an intolerant lot
    • Mugabe tightens screws of repression
    • UZ staff vow to stage indefinite strike
    • Made, Msipa clash over dairy farms
    • Chinos booted out of Gutu
    • Up the Limpopo
    • Trust formed to help victims of atrocities
    • Equipment failure puts Mat cancer patients in danger
    • Respect the opposition, says Lesotho minister
    • Labour shortage threatens production by new farmers
    • Mugabe's new look Cabinet: 'shifting books on a bookshelf'
    • Harare rated the worst city
    • "No tighter EU sanctions"
    • Zimbabwe arrests nine cricketers for 'dancing nude in rain'
    • Demanding Cash Up Front Illegal: State
  17. Posted 16/2/04
    • SACP cautiously optimistic about Zimbabwe
    • Outrage over new Zim detention law
    • African farmers eye new markets
    • Another light goes out in Zimbabwe
    • Harare municipality vows to intensify war against vendors
    • ICC will have to accept anti-Mugabe sentiment
    • Work permits for Zimbabwe nationals extended
    • 'Billions externalised'
    • Move to establish pension schemes exposure
    • We didn't stop women from demonstrating: police
  18. Batch 2 Posted 15/2/04
    • Streak strikes a false note on Mugabe role
    • Nick Price's brother fights to save grand old club from ruin
    • Fat cats feed on Zimbabwe's misery
    • Orphaned by the land grab
    • Sorry, I am too weak to make you tea
    • Zimbabwe sport sinks to its knees
    • One-fourth of Zimbabwe's population has emigrated
    • Miners in new gold rush to Chimanimani
    • Fuel prices tumble on black market
    • World of ‘nouveau riche’ collapsing
  19. Posted 15/2/04
    • How Mugabe stole Valentine's day
    • Zimbabwe police ban 'love' march
    • Zim law: 7 days without trial
    • For Viola
    • More Whites See No Future in South Africa
    • Zimbabwe Independent articles saddening
  20. Batch 2 Posted 14/2/04
    • ZNSPCA update February 2004
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #48 - Calling all angels
    • Zimbabwe: The dream is dead
    • 'Misplaced faith in accuser'
    • Rest in Peace
    • Farm Kids Struggle to Find Decent Education
    • 2004 expected to be a better year - President Mugabe
    • Organ traffickers 'threaten' nuns
    • 'Racist' book threatens agricultural relations
    • Parents disrupt classes over levies
    • Governor fails to get accommodation
    • City slams alms-giving
    • RBZ in move to tap forex
    • RBZ settles foreign currency debts to gold producers
    • Don't Bring in White Farmers -Ex Milad
    • Air Zim Chart Plan to Clear IATA Debt
    • Botswana man locks self with corpse of Zimbabwean lover
  21. Posted 14/2/04
    • Arms ban hits security forces
    • More Mugabe cronies put on EU travel list
    • Inflation breaches 620% mark
    • Gono puts damper on Zim's economic recovery claims
    • Harare to hike water charges despite USAid grant
    • Zim to set up negotiating commission for talks
    • Kondozi workers seek chief's help
    • MDC squabbles over Zengeza
    • Anglo's bid to save plantations fails
    • 6 ministries already in budget troubles
    • UZ sued for $170 million
    • Makamba's fate uncertain
    • Media/civic groups criticise court ruling
    • Nhema faces legal challenge
    • Mahoso gets muscle to lean on media
    • ‘Public Order’ becoming an end in itself
    • Zimbabwe: a land of plenty
    • New wood or dead wood in Cabinet reshuffle?
    • RBZ caught in own blitz
    • Emcoz/ZCTU clash on collective bargaining
    • Furniture retailers shift to cash sales
    • Herald editorial could qualify as a falsehood
    • Patriotism is not blindness
    • Editors divided
    • Conflicting views in media case
    • Neglected sports facilities fall apart
  22. Posted 13/2/04
    • Once The Best In Africa, Zimbabwe's Health System Is Now In Shambles
    • Women unite against Rape
    • New Cabinet Reshuffle far from meeting people’s expectations
    • New evidence in treason trial
    • Zimbabwe inflation reaches new high
    • Zimbabwean Crisis Affects Mozambican Railways
    • Interview with TI's John Makumbe
    • Renewed EU sanctions may harden Mugabe
    • Libya in a Noose
  23. Batch 2 Posted 12/2/04
    • JAG Open Letter Forum
    • Revisit contract farming scheme
    • IATA fiasco was not necessary, says President
    • Cartoon on Mugabe in bad taste
    • UZ to open as scheduled, says Chivinge
    • Resettled farmers stage peaceful demonstration
    • Nhema named in scam
    • The making of a president
    • Let us all say no to political violence
    • Conflicting signals cloud talks resumption
    • MDC urged to boycott 2005 election
    • Falling rates signal creeping policy laxity
    • Pension funds yet to make headway
    • Oppenheimers get land back
    • New governors condemned as'white elephants'
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Govt domestic debt breaks $1 trillion mark
    • National values and new leadership?
    • Capital's flirtation with greed?
    • Mobile networks get reprieve over international gateways
    • Corporate governance and the corporate sector in Zim
    • If you can't stand the heat, quit the kitchen
    • ZANU PF led the povo down the garden path
    • Not surprising
  24. Posted 12/2/04
    • World Journalists Condemn Court Decision as Judges Tighten Mugabe's Grip on Free Press
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 231
    • Demonstrators freed after paying fine
    • Still 'war cabinet' for Zim
    • Tsvangirai treason trial resumes
    • MDC Secretary General Testifies at Tsvangirai Treason Trial
    • EU blasts clampdown on Zimbabwe demo
    • Mbeki stance puzzles UK MP
    • SA minister attacks UK on Zimbabwe stance
    • Her Master's Voice
    • South Africa's zinger from Zimbabwe
    • Zim Needs Us$9 Million to Buy Foot-And-Mouth Vaccines
    • Legal Profession Loses Glitter
    • 'Look East' Policy Bears Fruit
    • Zimbabwe rights
    • 137 Harare rapes in January
    • British journalists taken for ride in Victoria Falls
    • Zimbabwe’s Recovery and NEPAD
  25. Posted 11/2/04
    • Rescuing Bulawayo's street kids
    • Zimbabwe Denies Accreditation to Daily News Journalists
    • Mugabe says has "won war" against UK
    • MDC: Mugabe’s Cabinet Reshuffle Offers Little Hope To Zimbabweans
    • CHRA Press release 10 Feb 2004
    • Britain 'puzzled' by SA attitude to Zimbabwe
    • Wankie, Coal Dealers Stalemate
    • Firm Probes Product Theft
    • EU to renew sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • Government gearing up for internal war- President
    • MDC official wants facilitator for talks
    • Pamire in massive fraud case
    • Mbeki's statement on Zim talks 'unacceptable'
    • Chimbetu farm wrangle spills to the courts
    • Worker killed at Charleswood
    • Mugabe moves against corruption
    • A Great Deal of Nonsense
  26. Batch 2 Posted 10/2/04
    • Farm worker shot and killed on MP's farm
    • Mugabe retains combative ministers in reshuffle
    • Black workers fight Mugabe land thugs
    • England hit another Zimbabwe road block
    • Asian Bird Flu Gives Zimbabwe Tourism a Cold
    • Makamba arrested over forex deals
    • Mugabe rewards loyalists in new Cabinet
    • ANZ journalists will not be accredited: Mahoso
    • 37 more school heads suspended
    • CHRA Press Statement - Harare Budget
    • Just a taste of what’s to come!
    • Harare Parliamentary Constituency Information Centres
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 230
  27. Posted 10/2/04
    • The forgotten farm workers
    • Fur flies over Zim animal torture report
    • A commonplace event
    • Another murder
    • Stewart Against England Touring Zimbabwe
    • Mozambican Traders Allege Harassment At Border
    • Political Parties Deny Reports of New Talks
    • Editors unite over Zimbabwe's harsh media law
    • If No One Knows, Then It Can't Be Happening
    • Lawyers appalled by Zimbabwe court ruling
    • Dlamini-Zuma: Zimbabwe media laws not an issue yet
    • Zimbabwe journalists to seek clarity on ruling
    • Zimbabwe dollar gains 'undermine exporters'
    • Death blow for media freedom in Zimbabwe
    • Fertiliser Prices Soar
    • Sherwood White Farmers Now Hostile - Muchena
    • Decentralisation of Issuing Identity Documents Progressing - Mohadi
    • ZDF to Embark On Major Drive
    • Satellite Schools Face Problems
    • We Must Back Gono
    • Deteriorating rule of law fuels economic collapse in Zimbabwe
    • Ex-Leader Laments South Africa Democracy
    • RBZ starts paying off external creditors
    • MDC slaps down Mbeki early poll claims
    • Land redistribution triggers anthrax outbreak
    • America wants SA to take activist role in Zim
  28. Batch 2 Posted 9/2/04
    • MDC's Mpala was murdered
    • Human rights lawyer slams Jonathan Moyo
    • Zimbabwe parties keen to talk
    • Police want me dead, says Madhuku
    • No word on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zvobgo recovers, back in Parliament in weeks
    • Bid to bring home Marjorie's ashes
    • Nyarota and Sipepa: Two faces of feuding Daily News
    • Death blow for media freedom in Zimbabwe
    • "Mission Impossible" as Gono heads for IMF
    • Shock treatment for winning MDC councillor
    • White Zimbabweans hit by wave of sex assaults
    • SA deports Zimbabweans ahead of elections
    • Harare budget increase bizarre, says Mudzuri
  29. Batch 1 Posted 9/2/04
    • Zimbabweans are now wide awake
    • Elias Musakwa campaigns for Zanu PF
    • I am neither sacked nor suspended
    • TelOne giving us workers a raw deal on salaries
    • God is mightier than MDC, Zanu PF
    • Tangawarima criticism unjustified
    • Failure to halt gold panning recipe for disaster
    • Bend it like Mahoso!
    • In an ironic way, we are back to 1965
    • Bumpy start for ZAE
    • Mugabe tightens screws on dissension
    • Sugar loot turns sour for farmers
    • Disease scare as illicit meat traders proliferate
    • Gweru council battles to pay off $1,35 billion bank overdraft
    • Another Zimpapers Editor in trouble for plagiarism
    • 11bn needed for Nust
    • Trendy crooks invade Harare
    • Chiyangwa wants Herald editors charged with criminal defamation
    • ANZ halts operations
    • Firmer Zimbabwe dollar seen undermining exporters
  30. Posted 8/2/04
    • 'Dark day for press freedom'
    • JAG PR Communique - Threatened prosecutions of Independent School Boards/SDAs
    • We must stop Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe vows to keep ban on foreign journalists
    • Mugabe's nephew faces more charges
    • Angel of death brings prosperity to some
    • Hairy caterpillars
    • Nyarota and Sipepa: Two faces of feuding Daily News
    • Bid to bring home Marjorie's ashes
    • Zvobgo recovers, back in Parliament in weeks
  31. Batch 2 Posted 7/2/04
    • The Plight of Ex-Commercial Farm Workers
    • Deteriorating Situation for Human Rights Defenders
    • Air Zimbabwe set to pay debt
    • Asylum-seeker faces separation from child
    • Munya sees the human side
    • Warning about vast poaching in Zimbabwe
    • WOZA Valentines Day Walk - Cry Beloved Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's only independent daily closes
    • Zim man in asylum ordeal
    • The story of a lecturer and an editor
    • Chidyausiku upholds Aippa
    • ...Sandura disagrees
    • Pressure mounts on govt to reinstate Matombo
    • Bid to block Gweru Restart launch fails
    • Political violence persisted in 2003 - report
    • Two-horse race in 2005
    • MDC to weigh its options in future polls
    • Traditional leaders win Zanu PF Gutu North
    • Zim crisis peripheral in Mbeki's address
    • SA group to probe Zim human rights abuses
    • Zim left out of US fund
    • Ex-Zipra combatants invade former Zapu properties
    • Civil society/MDC condemn Madhuku attack
    • New levy for Noczim
    • Zesa owes power suppliers US$66m
    • Nssa's books in shambles
    • What is Hear The Word Ministries' business?
    • Heal the wounds, try architects of terror
    • Gono's test
    • Chaos could rob Zim of tourism earnings
    • Purge parasitic parastatals too
    • Disastrous water project funding proposals
    • Of Mahoso’s wanderings and Marimo’s confusion
  32. Posted 7/2/04
    • Blackout looms
    • 'Excess baggage' to go in reshuffle
    • Mawere breaks silence: 'I am not on the run'
    • 2005 poll scuttles inter-party talks
    • The MDC's New Deal
    • MDC raises mass action tempo
    • More trouble for ANZ
    • A catastrophe foretold
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Barclays Bank phases out credit cards
    • Where have you been all this time, Gideon Gono?
    • By-election win for Mugabe's Zanu PF
    • Econet survives 'bizarre Zimbabwe govt attack
    • With health system in tatters, Zimbabwe stands defenceless
    • Zimbabwe Upholds Law Requiring Licensing of Journalists
    • Talk about talks
    • Beef Exports to EU Unlikely to Resume Early - Vet Dept
    • Zimbabwe releases over 100 demonstrators
    • It's impossible for me to leave Zimbabwe, says Heath Streak
    • Press Statement By the Media Defence Fund
    • Press Statement By Zimbabwean Media Organisations
    • Overcrowding Leads to Prison Crisis
    • Pro-Democracy Leader Allegedly Assaulted By Police
    • Court clears way for media crackdown in Zimbabwe
    • AirZim Must Urgently Pay Off IATA Debt
    • Strategies Needed to Attract Youths Back to Zanu-PF
    • Time to Change Face of Fuel Retailing
    • Army Company Set to Rake in Us$100m From Exports
    • Moz trader shot at Zim border
    • Zanu-PF key by-election 'rigged'
  33. Posted 5/2/04
    • These are refugees not illegal immigrants
    • Plot to discredit Gono condemned
    • Harare’s landscape sees dramatic change
    • IATA suspends Air Zimbabwe over debt
    • WHO on alert for new cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
    • JAG JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated February 4, 2004
    • 13 Defiant School Heads Suspended
    • Zimbabwe: By-Election "Peaceful"
    • NLC Writes Mugabe, Wants Labour Leader Reinstated
    • Police Ban Launch of MDC Policy
    • Massive Staff Exodus Hits City Council
    • Madhuku left for dead
    • High Court to hear MDC application
    • Zimbabwe police arrest over 100 to stop protest
    • Chombo, Chikomba leaders clash over boundaries
    • Government Gazettes New Telecoms Regulations
    • Impartiality vital at media discussion
    • Learning our future from past blunders
  34. Batch 2 Posted 4/2/04
    • Government steps up bid to push Bennet off farm
    • Wheat shortage to raise price of bread
    • Thefts derail NRZ
    • Eskom urged to 'stop financing Zimbabwe'
    • Correction from ZW News!! - "Against all Odds"
    • Commotion hits legal sector over firms ban
    • SPEAKING OUT:Let them come, but...
    • Zimbabwe dollar slips marginally
  35. Batch 1 Posted 4/2/04
    • Mugabe seizes largest sugar producer
    • Old fears reawakened
    • Our miseries gatecrash into 2004 with us
    • Munya's day of judgment arrives
    • Nyarota's treachery exposed
    • Nyarota's tattered history and uncertain future
    • Nyarota allegations a cynical lie - Ncube
    • MDC Rolls Out Aids Campaign
    • Cholera Now Under Control in Binga, Says Parirenyatwa
    • Role of Zimbabwean Media Probed
    • EU diplomats temporarily barred from Zimbabwe polling booths: observers
    • Mixed Reactions to New Passport Fees
    • ZIMRA service pathetic
    • We need an independent electoral body
    • Econet challenges proposed law
    • MDC Weekly Brief
    • ACP-EU session to discuss lifting sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe polling stations exclude EU diplomats
    • Suspected killer cops remanded in custody
    • Police disperse ZANU PF crowd
  36. Batch 2 Posted 3/2/04
    • Against All Odds
    • Plot to rig Gutu poll
    • Tsvangirai law firm banned
    • Food prices continue to rise
    • MDC alleges by-election fraud
    • Water Supplies Restored
    • MDC Councillors in Bid to Oust Makwavarara
    • Should the Government use the Law to Determine what People Read?
    • Four years down the line, 7.5 million face starvation
    • Mutare seeks $1.5 billion for sewer system
    • Suspected Nkala murderer denied medication: lawyers
    • Stop power struggles, Tsvangirai tells party leaders
    • Zimdollar eases at auction
    • Total independence of judiciary sacrosanct
    • Varsity staff give PSC 14-day strike notice
    • Hippo Valley threatened
    • Zanu(PF) squares off with opposition in by-election
    • Chiefs intimidate voters
    • Eskom denies cutting power to Zimbabwe
      Eskom switches off power to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Publishes Economic Recovery Plan
  37. Batch 1 Posted 3/2/04
    • 40 law firms banned
    • Passport fees go up
    • A Sham Trial in Zimbabwe
    • Farm workers see no way out but Mozambique
    • Two-thirds of Zimbabweans in need of food aid
    • Zim Cut Out of C'wealth Training
    • UZ looks beyond borders for staff
    • Shortage of labour hits farmers
    • Harare North MP's Office & Clinic schedule & Marlborough report-back meeting
  38. Posted 2/2/04
    • 'Zimbabwe is facing a future in the dark'
    • Opinion divided
    • Dangerous professions
    • US Updates Zimbabwe Travel Warning
    • England must justify Harare boycott as Zimbabwe go on defensive
    • ECB must stand up to Mugabe’s spin
    • Plot to assassinate Chiyangwa alleged
    • Another judge flees
    • Zesa's Gata campaigns for Zanu PF
    • Financial scandals proof of Zanu PF corruption - MDC
    • Tsvangirai writes off Gono monetary policy
    • War Vets back fight against corruption
    • Kuwadzana school swamped by war veterans' children
    • The Herald eats humble pie
    • Cash, staff desert Zanu PF publications
    • School fees and levies: Way forward
    • Time to end the speculation
    • And all the king's men and all the king's horses
    • Tynwald school under dictatorship
    • Monetary policy under threat as speculation rises
    • Scarce flour to push bread price up
    • Bulawayo SMEs collapsing
    • Too much meddling in our private lives
    • DA asks EU to renew targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe
  39. Posted 1/2/04
    • Why bother?
    • Remarks by Morgan Tsvangirai at the launch of the MDC’s economic policy
    • White emigrants returning to South Africa
    • Effective plan to tackle HIV/AIDS in Africa
    • EU has no case against Zimbabwe: President
    • In Zim's fantasy world, nothing is as it seems
    • England and Zimbabwe may play 'tour games' in SA
    • Move to ease congestion in city welcome
    • England face new threat over tour
    • Minister embroiled in loan scandal

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