The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/4/04
    • NCA demo - many arrests
    • Rebel Zimbabwe players hand ZCU deadline
    • Hundreds of thousands may be out of school
    • Violence, Torture and Brutality by the Police Force in Zimbabwe Increases
    • Zim 70s fate sealed
    • Thorpe Undecided on Zimbabwe
    • Kondozi Farm worker shot by police
    • Australia accused
    • War on Zim mayors
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/4/04
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 261
    • Suspension used to force England to tour
    • Government offer get-out on Zimbabwe
    • France backs SA mediation in Zimbabwe
    • Airzim ordered to come up with turnaround strategy
    • Talks initiative dead
    • Fuel price increases imminent
    • Retired High Court judges recalled
    • Is Kuruneri's arrest a mere smoke screen?
    • Does Zimbabwe have the Press it deserves?
    • RBZ wants an extra eye to watch banks
    • Mission impossible for ailing parastatals?
    • Msika breathes fire
    • For first time in 45 years, Trade Fair opens without its chairman
    • ZANU PF suspends Paradza
    • Manager nabbed over $7b Trust Bank fraud
    • How far will govt go?
    • Govt must develop a national youth policy
    • Zim's participation in park project doubtful
    • Prevention of Corruption Act: how effective is it?
    • SA bank warns of sharp interest hike in Zimbabwe
    • $250 bln govt bond raises paltry $90 bln
  3. Posted 29/4/04
    • ECB chief quits over Zimbabwe row
    • Zimbabwe Changes Laws To Extradict Alleged Coup Plotters
    • Flower fury at ZCU
    • 'Blend rate will not affect fuel price'
    • Food is currency on the lean streets of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe announces banks now change money at diaspora rate
    • Kuruneri Risks Losing Seat, Say Lawyers
    • $9bn Set Aside for Completion of Airport
    • Conference Communiqué By the Media Lawyers Network of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cricket players to continue boycott
    • Zimbabwe players reach agreement with ZCU
    • Probe Into Zanu-PF Companies Reaches Advanced Stage
    • State Repossesses 1,261 Mining Claims
    • 'West has no role to play in Zimbabwe'
    • Zambia achieves food surplus,becomes maize exporter
    • New snag means Australia may play Zimbabwe A
    • Release of MISA's Annual Publication, 'So This Is Democracy?: State of Media Freedom in Southern Africa'
  4. Posted 28/4/04
    • Volunteer doctors and nurses provide health care
    • Mugabe gets standing ovation at SA democracy party
    • 'Mercenaries' seek release
    • Zimbabwean Cartoonist Receives 'Courage in Editorial Cartooning' Award
    • Airzim Workers Go On Strike
    • Making the Law Less of an Ass
    • Saraki's Agrarian Revolution in Kwara
    • Why trade with these countries?
    • Brandes opposes Zim tour
    • Rebel Zimbabweans divided
    • Desperate Zimbabwe try a deal
    • Democrats in disguise
    • Paradza faces possible probe
    • JAG Open letters Forum No 260
    • Shackled: the diamond dog of war
    • Zimbabwe orders probe into "torture" of mercenaries
    • Streak peace doubts
  5. Posted 27/4/04
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • Commonwealth head sees no Zimbabwe progress
    • Why I Am Not Voting in 2005
    • A Dog Eat Dog Affair
    • UNI's ILO Complaint on Freedom of Association
    • Coach Marsh has abandoned us, say Zimbabwe's rebel players
    • Hotels did not refuse to accommodate Mugabe: Envoy
    • Chris Kuruneri faces the chop
    • Chombo Rules Out New Mayoral Polls for Harare
    • Suspected Terrorists Back in Court
    • Government Dismisses MDC Claims
    • Operations At Kondozi Farm Move Into High Gear
    • Inauguration 'sullied' by Mugabe
    • 225 340 Malaria Cases Reported Countrywide
    • Worry Over State of Roads
    • We Have Failed: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe minister in court over illegal forex deals
    • Players dispute ZCU mediation claim
    • Zimbabwe Monetary Policy Comes Under Fire
    • MDC MP Sikhala arrested over clashes
    • Elephants Destroy Dinosaur Footprint
    • Sand Poachers Dig Their Way to Instant Wealth
    • Envoy Slams Land Reform
  6. Posted 26/4/04
    • Party in Pretoria . but not for all
    • Howzat for a farce
    • 'The cancer is at the heart of the board'
    • Tutu urges England cricketers to boycott Zimbabwe
    • Multiple farm owners to be investigated
    • Zim Hyena attack
    • Harare debacle may lead to a tour reprieve
    • Dismal showing is symptom of Zimbabwe's woes
    • Zim Miners' Federation dissolved
    • Illegal forex probe widens
    • Just how do you get rid of Mugabe?
    • Pay $3m and 'scrap Zimbabwe tour'
  7. 2nd batch - posted 25/4/04
    • Kuruneri arrested
    • Mudzuri to remain MDC Harare mayoral candidate - Tsvangirai
    • 'Clean-up or else' soldiers order Harare residents
    • MDC mayors under siege
    • Finance ministry still alive - Chris Kuruneri
    • From born again Christians to born-again guzzlers
    • Gono's half measures will not help
    • The shine is off Harare's once bustling 'Wall Street'
    • Jaundiced view of Park View
    • Lowest ever turnout at ZITF
    • Olonga calls for Zimbabwe boycott
    • Morgan in Zimbabwe plea
    • Zimbabwean finance minister arrested on corruption charges
    • ECB call for government intervention
    • Zimbabwe hit rock bottom in Harare
  8. Posted 25/4/04
    • Zimbabwe Arrests Fin Min Amid Currency-Exporting Charges
    • Witness correspondent kicked out of Zimbabwe
    • Streak may shift to Sydney
    • Human Rights Commission Losing Credibility, NGOs Warn
    • RBZ, Farmec hands over farm equipment to Arda
    • Old Man River
    • Banging the same old drum
    • Streak digs in heels
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 259
    • Hard drugs present challenges to police
    • Social activist brutalised
    • 'Mercenaries' allowed food from outside prison
  9. Batch 2 Posted 24/4/04
    • Lawyer calls for Mugabe trial at The Hague
    • No Harare invite for PAC to liberation bash
    • Politicians run for cover on the tough decisions
    • What the IMF really said about Zim's economic performance
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 258
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • Weekly Media Update 2004-15
    • Mudzuri sues Mugabe
    • . . As Chombo gets bitter over council sugar
    • RBZ gives clear signal on direction of interest rates
    • RBZ's intricate balancing act continues
    • Anti-corruption drive earns ridicule
    • Mugabe speech heightens discord on talks
    • Gloves out for bruising fight in Manicaland
    • Nkala murder suspects get bail two years on
    • Chiyangwa eats humble pie
    • ZCTU a hapless spectator
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Heightened demand slumps Zim dollar
    • Inflation dips further
    • The wise man from the east speaks on graft
    • I long to come home but there's no future
  10. Batch 1 Posted 24/4/04
    • Justice In Zimbabwe
    • Zim rejects extradition bid
    • Botswana hits back
    • Mbeki to refocus attention on Zim crisis
    • Lawlessness hampers recovery - Gono
    • Confusion reigns in tourism
    • Renewed food crisis imminent
    • Zim's allies condone violence, repression
    • 'Zimbabwe situation worsening' - Donnelly
    • Educational conditions on farms 'not ideal'
    • Msika's power tested at Kondozi
    • Two Potsa sections illegal - court
    • Binga traditional leaders slam land reform
    • Bumper harvest?
    • Is a free and fair election possible in Zim?
    • There is more to recovery than this
    • Achieving economic growth in Africa
    • 'No going back', left right and centre
    • Windfall for locals in the diaspora
    • Harare a time bomb - Mushonga
    • Horrific cruelty under guise of reform
    • Theft now legal!
    • People must fight for a free press
    • Understanding the digital divide
    • Opposition, Analysts Fear Zimbabwe May Use Food Distribution as Political
    • Guards charged for 'beating nude mercenaries'
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Target Cash Crops
    • Zim chiefs' allowances doubled
    • Malaria Death Toll Still High
    • Brace for Next Year's Elections, Chihuri Tells Police
  11. Posted 23/4/04
    • Goebbels and Mugabe have a lot in common
    • Harare - Munich Partnership
    • Mugabe's secret police tighten grip on rivals
    • Anti-corruption - Mafia style - Zimbabwe
    • Aussie backs Mugabe land policy
    • England Cricketers Should Boycott Zimbabwe, Says Hain
    • Made Warns Against Grabbing Equipment
    • State in Bid to Ease Water Bills
    • Cimas Workers Go On Strike
    • Probe Into Schools Complete: Chigwedere
    • Players in tour turmoil
    • Butcher waits on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cricket chiefs make fresh offer to end strike
    • Limpopo awash with human bodies
    • Don't let MacGill walk alone
    • Editorial: Time to cancel Zimbabwe tour
    • Australia revolt on tour to Zimbabwe
    • Monetary policy review hailed
    • Scotland advocates fund for Zim judges
    • Human rights on the Rocks at the UN
    • Disabled groups call for more assistance
  12. Posted 22/4/04
    • Geldof: Mugabe a 'scar on the face of Africa'
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 257
    • Mugabe fans the flames of the revolution
    • Aboriginal groups invited by Mugabe
    • MacGill boycotts Australia's tour of Zimbabwe
    • Justice system is being destroyed, says Chairman of the Bar
    • Defence and Aid Fund launched
    • MP, others still held
    • Zimbabwe rebels ready to make their final stand
    • Why did Mugabe think I was such a danger to his regime?
    • Sponsored walk Sunday 9th May 2004
    • Security Budget 3 Times Higher than Healthcare Spending
    • Fletcher drops tour hint
    • ICC adopts two-way approach over Zimbabwe
    • Man of principle
    • Time to declare 'enough'
    • Monetary Policy Review Today
    • Namibian judiciary "facing Zimbabweanisation"
    • Mugabe hosts anti-colonial summit
    • 'Don't send me home to be killed'
  13. Posted 21/4/04
    • History's judgement of Robert Mugabe
    • Some paradoxes of non-participation
    • Voyeur causes panic in UZ ladies' bathrooms
    • Update on Mabvuku arrests
    • Chiefs get hefty allowances
    • Local side with a nationalist agenda
    • Mugabe racist on cricket: Downer
    • Mozambique Still Calling for Dialogue in Zimbabwe
    • Think-Tank Calls for New Strategies to Resolve Crisis
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Mutare Mayor under seige
    • CHRA statement on the dismissal of Mayor Mudzuri
    • Zim hosts land reform talks
    • Health Conditions in Prisons Worrisome - Parirenyatwa
    • England tour of Zimbabwe looking likely
    • Reporter booted out of Zimbabwe
    • 'Stop Zim legal system abuse'
    • Non-white trio 'played under duress'
    • ICC must resolve Zimbabwe row - SA players
    • Zimbabwe to be grilled on boycott
  14. Posted 20/4/04
    • A tour to be sealed with false bonhomie
    • Zimbabwe rebels head for hills as warring factions dig in
    • We have been caught out by Mugabe's thugs
    • Lies, racism and the ZCU
    • Southend: Mugabe man set to face protest
    • No Going Back On Kondozi Farm Acquisition - State
    • Nigerian President's Behaviour Unfortunate
    • Zimbabwe Vows to Continue Land Reform
    • ZCU chairman tries to persuade England to tour
    • Morgan Tsvangirai in Hatcliffe - Saturday 24 April 12 noon
  15. Posted 19/4/04
    • Zimbabwe refutes allegations of scuppering Gonarezhou development
    • 'Mugabe has caused this famine'
    • State instigates more violent raids on prime farmland
    • Zimbabwe is a tour too far
    • More controversy in Zengeza murder case
    • Harare ratepayers slam Mudzuri dismissal
    • Msika orders Arda off Kondozi Farm
    • Harare dirty water poisonous say experts
    • Fresh farm invasions to keep land issue alive
    • GZU students riot over fees hike
    • Water losses worry Mutare
    • NRZ turns back the clock
    • Paradza blasts media laws
    • SA must avoid Zimbabwe's pitfalls
    • Like everything else, its not just cricket
    • Fresh land grab rattles Agri stocks
    • Uhuru Day shrouded in doom and gloom
    • Harare mayor fears for his safety
    • Mugabe: 'Close ranks'
    • Mugabe rejects 'evil' Commonwealth
    • Black players could join Zimbabwe 13's series walkout
    • Black power or white mischief?
    • England's top players to snub Zimbabwe tour
    • Made in farm equipment mystery
  16. Posted 18/4/04
    • Streak's rebels head for court
    • Tobacco workers go on strike in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cricket crisis won't stop Aussie tour
    • Debating disobedience in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe in crisis as 15 white players are sacked
    • Foxes in the chicken coop
    • 'Ghost'of genocide prevails
    • Zimbabwe - Some paradoxes of non-participation
    • Mugabe Sacks Harare's First Elected Mayor
    • At the mercy of Mugabe's secret police
    • Cricket rebels given an ultimatum
    • Zimbabwe Demo
    • US lambastes Zimbabwe at UN meeting
  17. Posted 17/4/04
    • Zimbabwe Independence 2004
    • MDC Congratulates South Africa For Conducting a Free and Fair Election
    • Executive Mayor Mudzuri fired
    • Media Update 2004-14
    • Zimbabwe set for gala bash
    • Zimbabwe descend into state of anarchy over sacking of 13
    • Players, Zimbabwe union sue each other
    • Zimbabwe Government Says it Does Not Need More Food Aid
    • UN will not probe Zim rights abuses
    • 'No Action' Vote By South Bloc Defeats Human Rights
    • Rebel cricketers face sanctions
    • SA's Nedcor in merger talks with Zim bank
  18. Batch 3 Posted 16/4/04
    • EC aid to help prevent "looming crisis"
    • Stockbroking firms under threat
    • Govt wildlife record slammed
    • Fresh moves against Mudzuri
    • Medical aid society owes Zimpapers $20 million
    • Besieged guardians
    • Misrule and national decline go together
    • Eric Bloch Column
    • You may rejoice, I must mourn
    • Barter trade helps parastatals cope
    • Zim dollar recovery uncertain - Finhold
    • Leave members alone, AAG told
    • Chihuri hot on the trail of the big brains
    • In placid Malawi, shades of Mugabe's Zim
    • A posse of guns for hire
    • Car theft increases countrywide
    • Cabs to retrench
    • Moza expands 14% as Zim shrinks 13%
    • 'Zim must learn from SA' - MDC
    • Hippo Pools Camp re-opens
    • Minor parties fail to register Lupane candidates
    • ZITF attracts only two new exhibitors
  19. Batch 2 Posted 16/4/04
    • Protest leaves Zimbabwe in disarray
    • Workers flee in Zim land-grabs
    • UK shields fugitives
    • Government, IMF haggle over cheap industry loans
    • Crisis looms at Zimasco as workers face the chop
    • Celebrations: MDC breaks with tradition
    • Makwavarara: Iron Lady or ZANU PF tool?
    • Independence: what is there to celebrate?
    • Financial sector shake-down reverberates across economy
    • Mbeki win no sweet music for Mugabe
    • Time for reflection
    • What's the legal protection for innocent depositors?
    • Industry players meet to deflate ballooning crime rate
    • Land reform and the problem of farm labour
    • We've a great deal to learn from our neighbours
    • Eskom throws Harare a power lifeline
    • Now it's time to stand and deliver
    • Outside forces behind ZCU rebels
    • Milk shortage due to operational problems: DZL
    • Zim, Botswana immigration officials to meet
    • 20 Asians arrested
    • Land issue to top agenda of liberation parties
    • Arda starts operations at Kondozi Farm
  20. Posted 16/4/04
    • Zimbabwe seizes farmers' tractors
    • ZCU makes first concession
    • Staff tossed off Zimbabwe farm
    • Streak hits out at 'racists'
    • Zimbabwe squad hit by players' boycott
    • 'Mercenaries' to seek dismissal of Zim case
    • Australians taking broader view on Zimbabwe
    • Zim traditional doctors abandon Aids research
    • Fenceless Border Creates Land Conflicts
    • Nujoma: Knowing When to Quit
    • Zimbabwean, Mozambican military to strengthen cooperation
    • Zimbabwe 13 pull plug and threaten tour
    • DJ Zimbabwe Avoids UN Censure Over Political Violence, Media
    • No action motion blocks vote on violations of human rights
    • Mozambican defense chief arrives in Zimbabwe for independence anniversary
    • Former Zimplats man pursues PGM prospects in South Africa
    • Zim-EU relations need to be revisited — Mumbengegwi
    • Zesa reduces tariffs by up to 45pc
    • Positive corporate events boost financial counters
    • Future of unregistered asset firms unclear
    • Arda secures joint venture deal with Chinese firm
  21. Posted 15/4/04
    • Armed Police, Security Agents Take Over Top Zimbabwe Farm
    • Zimbabwe rebels go public
    • Zimbabwe sells off white farmers' machinery
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 254
    • ICC to stay out of Zimbabwean cricket's meltdown
    • Attempts to Boost Falling Tobacco Production
    • Tobacco Contract Sales Postponed
    • Preps for 2005 Polls On Course
    • Supreme Court Postpones Paradza's Appeal Indefinitely
    • Companies Reviewing Issue of Joint Venture to Procure Fuel
    • Lightning can strike twice
    • Zim, Zambian Sex Workers in Wrangle Over Rates
    • Suspected Mercenaries Further Remanded
    • Zimbabwe bags € 15m in EU aid
  22. Posted 14/4/04
    • Election Campaign Revives Memories of State Brutality
    • Who Will Pay for Zimbabwe?
    • Hold Mugabe accountable for 'crimes against humanity'
    • Alleged coup plotters appear in Zim court
    • Ancram attacks Straw over tour
    • Zambezi expedition members home
    • Britain 'a haven for criminals' fleeing Zimbabwe
    • 13 Zimbabwe players set to quit
    • Zimbabwe rebels vow to expose corruption
    • No-one knows who's won ... and no-one cares
    • Fuel Supplies in Harare Improve
    • Farmers Eye 400pc Hikes in Producer Prices
    • Agric Parastatals On Cards: Made
    • 5 Million Kg Tobacco Exported
    • Another Zanu PF company director on the run
    • RBZ $72 million extortion tip of iceberg
    • Zimbabwe rebels adopt high-risk strategy
    • Tsvangirai speaks to Zimbabweans
    • SA Now Safe Haven for Criminals
    • Zim, SA Seek Solution to Visa Problem
  23. Posted 13/4/04
    • Cattle and game ranching proposed for non-arable land
    • ICC will distance itself from new Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe players to boycott practice session
    • Zimbabwe govt. urged to buy farm equipment from commercial farmers
    • Pressure group seeking black economic empowerment established in Zimbabwe
    • Zesa Tariff Hike Threatens Companies
    • Fare Hikes Anger Mutare Commuters
    • Zimbabwe steps up tourism marketing in Asia
    • Zimbabwe tour could be farce: Flower
    • Zimbabwe leaves Mbeki on the defensive in South African elections
    • Black dairy farmers opt for crop production
    • Sharp Rise in Daylight Muggings in Harare
    • Province Expects Better Yields
    • Media manipulation
    • Zim rustlers threaten Botswana cattle industry
    • Decades After Liberation, Landmines Remain Lethal
    • Streak is right
    • Bulawayo Residents Face Water Cuts
    • Carjackers Wreak Havoc in Byo
  24. Posted 12/4/04
    • More Zim players get the sack
    • Morgan rips up Wilson report
    • SABC journalist arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe police hunt fleeing tycoons in UK
    • Zimbabwe row 'not racial'
    • 'Mercenaries': No extra food
    • Zim cricket crisis deepens
    • Fears of financial ruin force England U-turn on Zimbabwe tour
  25. 3rd batch Posted 11/4/04
    • Misfire for minister of misinformation
    • MDC - a time for introspection
    • Liberators' body calls for 2005 poll boycott
    • Sugar turns sour for Hippo Valley
    • Expose corrupt law firms
    • State propaganda has not debunked BBC report
    • Hotel industry doddering
    • Wankie's woes
    • Phone-call 'nails' Heath Streak
    • ECB chief says Zimbabwe tour on
    • Zimbabwe tour: the ICC's crucial threat
    • What the World Needs Now Is DDT
  26. 2nd batch Posted 11/4/04
    • Moyo's accuser goes missing
    • Government scuttles Easter treat for suspected mercenaries
    • Chief accused of stock theft
    • Chief executive overruled by government appointee
    • Liberators' body calls for 2005 poll boycott
    • No business like Zanu PF business
    • Where South Africans live in fear
    • Board monitors Zimbabwe situation
    • Zimbabwe in crisis over race
    • Crisis over Streak deepens
    • Road accidents so far kill 21 people in Zimbabwe
    • Bulawayo residents face water cuts
    • Chombo locks out Harare councillors
    • Army defies court order over farm
    • War veteran aquitted as police fail to appear in court
    • MIC licences new daily
    • Gono policy scuttles Bulawayo council's bid to raise $2,3bn
    • Zesa tariff hike threatens companies
    • Fare hikes anger Mutare commuters
    • SA businessmen interrogated over mercenary connection
  27. 1st batch Posted 11/4/04
    • Healing Hands
    • Up to 12 Zimbabwe players 'sacked'
    • Attack on Charleswood
    • Lost in Jingle-land
    • The real danger lurks in the shadows
    • Gutsy woman
  28. Posted 10/4/04
    • Streak's rebels set quit deadline
    • Resurgence of TB causes concern
    • Chaibva says ZANU PF chefs taught youths to kill opponents
    • MDC grills Tsvangirai over Zengeza
    • New Health Board Challenged
    • Government's Domestic Debt Up to $1,3 Trillion
    • Rogue Top Politicians, War Vets a Worry - Msika
    • Zimbabwe official meets with players to avert walkout
    • ZESN paints an orgy of violence in Zengeza poll
    • Zimbabwe discord may undermine England tour
    • Easter claims 5 lives in Zimbabwe
    • Students educate visitors about Africa
    • Govt actions 'like Mugabe' - Ngai Tahu - NZ
  29. Batch 2 Posted 9/4/04
    • Zimbabwe Banks Could be Prosecuted for Breaking Currency Exchange Laws
    • Knives out for Mnangagwa
    • Govt set to dole out unbudgeted billions to 'mujibhas'
    • Police, AG clash
    • ZANU PF firms probe opens can of worms
    • Reprieve for ZESA
    • Nip zealotry in the bud
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • The debate on opposition boycott of 2005 poll
    • Angry safari operators plead with Msika
    • MDC grills Tsvangirai over Zengeza
    • Chaibva says ZANU PF chefs taught youths to kill opponents
    • ZANU PF council hires Biti in legal case
    • ZESN paints an orgy of violence in Zengeza poll
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • JAG Legal Communique - compulsory acquisitions
    • Zimbabwe official meets with players to avert walkout
    • Rogue Top Politicians, War Vets a Worry - Msika
    • Mangwende Issues Ultimatum to Harare Business People
    • Government's Domestic Debt Up to $1,3 Trillion
    • New Health Board Challenged
    • Zambezi Large Mammal Survey Finds Elephant Populations Increasing
  30. Batch 1 Posted 9/4/04
    • Zim poll violence 'worrying'
    • This man has been called Zimbabwe's Che Guevara. Did Mugabe have him murdered?
    • Errant banks get amnesty
    • New twist in Paradza case
    • Byo's death toll shoots up to 63
    • Milk shortages resurface
    • Eight political parties demand new constitution
    • Govt grabs 49 Hippo Valley properties
    • Police hunt Zvakwana
    • Moyo challenged to take paternity test
    • Tourism industry remains subdued
    • Councillors bribed to resign claims MDC
    • Govt to move settlers from game parks
    • Zanu PF's firms under spotlight
    • Youth training centres slammed
    • Electoral reform debate not for MDC alone
    • Zesa's war against economic survival
    • Why is the Herald angry on Moyo's behalf?
    • Vindictive action against banks ill-advised
    • Judicial system under siege
    • Paul Laughed.
  31. Posted 8/4/04
    • Zim criminals give police tough time
    • Zimbabwe building society allowed to reopen
    • Fugitive Zanu PF directors sell assets
    • Inside Zimbabwe Inc
    • Parents Protest Against Hike in Fees
    • Minister to Meet Zimbabwe Mining Federation Factions
    • Salute the brave
    • Press freedom baggage of uni-polarism: Moyo
    • Zimbabwe in crisis summit
    • Democracy dividend and Zimbabwean farmers
    • 'Mercenaries told investigators everything'
  32. Posted 7/4/04
    • Zim arrest of suspected killer of MDC member
    • Diesel crisis hits commercial freight sector
    • Graft inquiry to probe Mnangagwa
    • A 'pat on the back' for the Mugabe regime
    • Moneyweb talks to Tim Cumming: Director, Old Mutual
    • Airzim Blames State for Losses
    • Free And Fair, Or Else...
    • Streak's sacking 'was illegal'
    • WOZA in Court 7 April
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Tries to Remove Corruption From its Ranks
    • JAG CLASSIFIED: Updated 6th April 2004
    • SA imports 72 000 tons of maize
    • Zimbabwean minister calls for provision of safe water
    • Rapist jailed for life
    • 'We need funding to save lives in Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe's Trust Bank Likely to End Up As Part of the Old Mutual Stable
    • E.Guinea investigators due in SA
  33. Batch 2 Posted 6/4/04
    • Zanu PF probe targets Mugabe heir
    • Attacks on farm workers and their children must end now
    • A visit to the fat-farm
    • ZESA Seeks Cabinet Approval to Barter Minerals for Loans
    • Zimbabwe May Force Mining Firms to Give Shares to Indigenous People
    • Like Gaddafi, Mugabe Should Be Pragmatic
    • ANZ Lays Off 167
    • Zimbabwe to amend mining act
    • Zimbabwe condemns Congo coup attempt
    • JAG OLF 253
    • More funds needed to cope with worsening conditions
    • Old Mutual's Zimbabwe nightmare
    • Instead of Targeting Sex Workers, Police Harass All Women
    • Is MDC's Urban Support On the Wane?
  34. Batch 1 Posted 6/4/04
    • Mugabe again rules out talks with MDC
    • Mugabe land-grab advice
    • We will not return farmers' land, says MDC
    • Zimbabwe to amend mining act
    • Businesses relocate outside city centre
    • US$300 million traded on RBZ auction system
    • Zanu PF wants Kuruneri probed
    • Father of murdered Zengeza youth accuses minister
    • Streak(en)!
    • Someone is stealing Uncle Bob’s friends
    • Mutare residents face massive tariffs
    • Negligence by former council over housing scheme to cost Gweru
    • ZCTU in membership drive
    • No March pay for ZBC staff
    • 11 more soldiers declared killed in DRC
    • Kurauone Chihwayi - MDC zealot or nemesis?
    • Karoi council in trouble over workers’ pensions
    • Plot to destroy MDC ahead of 2005 polls alleged
    • Gono pleads with WB/IMF for aid
  35. Posted 5/4/04
    • English tycoon eyes Zimbabwe as refuge
    • From The Sunday Mirror, 4 April
    • Why the fixtures from hell must go ahead
    • Stay Home
    • Four Zimbabwe banks set to merge
    • $300 million clean up exercise for Harare
    • Diary Farm : Position Available in NZ
    • Zimbabwe opposition stresses no land grab reversal
    • Mugabe: MDC Zim's enemy
  36. Posted 4/4/04
    • Streak's departure could signal mass exodus
    • Why is Africa the continent that keeps failing?
    • Knives out for Prof Moyo
    • BR reviews its deal with Zim
    • I didn't want to quit like this, says Zimbabwe's Streak
    • Mugabe says opposition ready for burial
    • South Africans tell of nightmare in Zim
    • Players to get choice on Zimbabwe
    • Bulawayo Hospice needs help
    • Romping
  37. Posted 3/4/04
    • Streak sacked as Zimbabwe captain
    • UN issues urgent plea for $95 million to help Zimbabwe out of humanitarian crises
    • Vying for Control of Zanu-PF
    • Tory Deputy Leader Slams Blair on Foreign Policy
    • Zim officials to 'help' Namibian land reform
    • Zim: Aids kills 3 000 weekly
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 252
    • Harare's mining equity plan chills investors, halts ventures
    • Zimbabwe boycott could cost £50m
    • Threatened ECB hint at Zimbabwe U-turn
    • Private Doctors, Hospitals Hike Fees
    • Fuel Supply Distortions Being Rectified: Minister
    • Harare Sitting On Time Bomb: Mangwende
    • Newspaper keeps skeleton staff for the future
    • Judges taped
    • Mugabe to drop bombshell
    • RBZ clean-up claims another victim
    • Tomana committee wants Mudzuri fired
    • Mercenaries saga: role of middle man emerges in arms deal
    • Record tobacco crop withdrawn from floors
    • Chiyangwa to head anti-graft committee
    • Botswana denies foreign collusion
    • ZESN claims irregularities in Zengeza poll
    • Five make Byo's roll of honour
    • Sugar estates reduced to wasteland
    • Setting the tone
    • Zim elections still far from free and fair
    • Zanu PF propaganda reaches new pitch
    • A harbinger of things to come
    • Distressed state of tobacco industry
    • Even for the President times are tough
  38. Posted 2/4/04
    • The world vs. Robert Mugabe
    • 'Libya must sever its ties with Zimbabwe'
    • Parliamentary Honour for Zimbabwe Reporter
    • Justifying Removal of 'Bad' Leaders
    • Ministry Probing Food Disappearances
    • Zimbabwe delegation to meet ECB over tour
    • Chitungwiza to Get University
    • Shot activist a presidential relative
    • Education Ministry's Stance Puzzling
    • 'Food Sold At Open Stalls Much Safer'
    • Dairibord Taps Farmers to Keep the Milk Flowing
    • Michael Jackson to tour Zimbabwe
    • The imaginative way in which Zimbabwean prosecutors invent charges
    • JAG Public Relations Communique
    • Kay Connolly appeal update
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 251
    • JAG Job Opportunities
  39. Batch 2 Posted 1/4/04
    • Zimbabwe hopes privatisation will attract cash
    • Troubled banks fail to repay loans
    • 124 million humanitarian appeal launched for children in Zimbabwe
    • IMF Statement
    • Industry wants 'conflict diamond' reports
    • GMB pays $80 billion to farmers
    • Police descend on school heads
    • Zanu-PF probes own companies
    • Parliamentary Committee report on National Youth Service camps
    • Minister outwits RBZ, suitors
    • $400 billion bailout for banks
    • Banking firms queue at Old Mutual's door
    • MDC challenges ZANU PF win
    • Paradza tribunal kicks off Monday
    • Tsvangirai talks tough
    • Massive ZESA tariff hikes ruled illegal
    • MDC pays for complacency
    • Matabeleland boils over lid on succession
    • Unmask them
    • The leadership cancer in the MDC
    • Onus is on ZANU PF, not MDC
    • A crisis within a crisis
    • Hiring a bulldozer to crush a mosquito
  40. Posted 1/4/04
    • Mugabe 'bullies way to poll win'
    • Zimbabwe Catholic Church in the dock
    • Lawyers of 'mercenaries' lodge complaint of assault
    • MDC threatens to boycott Zim elections
    • Zimbabwe's young Robin Hoods arrested
    • ECB caught between a rock and a hard place
    • Tone for Zimbabwe elections set: MDC
    • Panning to live as Zimbabwe's mining industry falls apart
    • Interfaith Gathering Sets Its Sights on Conflict Resolution
    • EU cash for African peace
    • Toddler attempted kidnap remand
    • Yesterday in parliament

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