The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/5/04
    • Mugabe walks with new spring in step
    • Mugabe: Out of touch, but in control
    • JAG Public Relations Communique 28th May 2004
    • Zimbabwe deports former LRA spokesman
    • Hussain lets rip at ICC over 'diabolical' handling of Zimbabwe
    • Business wants African peer review system to develop teeth
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/5/04
    • Are you sitting comfortably?
    • Mnangagwa snubbed
    • Hungry Zanu PF youths turn on their masters
    • Empty promises irk Matabeleland elders
    • Law must take its course: Gono on fleeing bankers
    • I am now destitute, cries man after losing property worth $3bn
    • State moves to block offensive e-mails
    • Zanu PF youths on rampage in Chimanimani
    • Women demonstrate against falling education standards
    • Mutare council struggles to recover $2,4bn debt
    • Police scuttle MDC meeting
    • Makwavarara in trouble
    • The sooner the better, Mr President
    • Old friends, new enemies?
    • Banks are fleecing us, complain Zim clients
    • Bleak outlook for continent as Africa Economic Summit opens
    • Zim magistrates grapple with poverty
    • Doctor robbed
    • Mugabe's evil-for-evil doctrine exposed
    • Zanu PF not interested in real dialogue
  3. Posted 30/5/04
    • Self-delusion in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe testimony exposes Congo horrors
    • Demand for cremation on the increase
    • University gets lifeline
    • State committed to construction of Midlands State University
    • Gadaffi's special representative meets President
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 271
    • Catfight!
    • Fast buck, slow famine
    • 'RBZ Managers Should Be Accountable for Past Actions'
    • Languishing lion: African poverty hides traces of hope
    • Libya's African policy remain unchanged: special envoy
  4. Posted 29/5/04
    • Mrs Kidd's life and safety threatened
    • Political Unrest Forces Closing of Zimbabwe Town
    • Weekly Media Update 2004-20
    • UN snubs Zim DRC role
    • Chimimba murder probe exposes massive graft
    • Supreme Court keeps Makamba sweating
    • Traditional leaders abused in Lupane poll, says watchdog
    • Dictators abusing Africa Day, say analysts
    • Ousted managers finger Mujuru in Bubye saga
    • Chombo springs new surprise
    • Stop politics of the stomach
    • Exposing charlatans: the letter The Herald would not publish
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Tobacco industry players in bid to restore viability
    • Cotton replaces tobacco as top foreign currency earner
    • Free Chinamasa comedy turns into theatre of the absurd
    • Baking industry owed $20 bln in VAT claims
    • Ploy to get hired guns out of Harare
    • Zim deaths in DRC revealed
    • Mawere Granted R50 000 Bail
    • Deported Mugabe ally calls Moyo a 'gay rant'
    • The Duke of Lupane, my relative
  5. Batch 3 Posted 28/5/04
    • Malaysia probes Mugabe donation
    • Mawere blasts Gono over arrest
    • Business, labour snub NECF meeting
    • Workers take NRZ to court over Cola
    • Nkomo tells would-be candidates to cool it
    • Tsvangirai says Mugabe deceiving self
    • Zanu PF in anti-white campaign
    • Mugabe's Sky News act fails to impress
    • Sweden invites Zim scribes
    • Farm grabbed for ex-mayor's son
    • Airzim workers fume over pension contributions
    • Game rancher assaulted
    • Rights groups mull protests over electoral law changes
    • Mangwende usurps powers of mayor, councillors
    • Critical need for a social contract
    • Millions more now see the real picture
    • Suckers, parrots & Zanu PF 'bravery'
    • Multiple exchange rates hurt Zesa
    • New farmers impinge on mining
    • Robertson defends parallel market culprits
    • Poor Zimbabwe image haunts hoteliers
    • Absurd to play rough and tough while nation starves
    • Time for New Zim dollar worth $1 000?
    • With blundering Made who needs enemies?
    • Unconvincing
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/5/04
    • Rebels plan UK tours to raise funds
    • Gono heads for Atlanta amid protests
    • 'Crony' of Mugabe arrested in SA
    • Mugabe doesn't want early poll
    • Sky News' Zanu PF fixer deported from Zim
    • Paradza fails to prove Zanu PF membership
    • UK-based group launches campaign against Gono
    • 'Land issue can only be resolved through dialogue'
    • Zimbabwe's inflation rate down for now, says bank
    • Quiet conniving
    • 'Zimbabwe ignoring cricket's core values'
  7. Posted 28/5/04
    • Supreme Court Opens Hearings on Evictions of White Farmers
    • Zim farmer takes land reforms to court
    • Farmer faces murder charge
    • Committee Starts Probing Bennett
    • Magistrate Queries Fundira, Kuruneri's Court Appearance in Civilian Clothing
    • Khaya Moyo Blasts SA Media
    • Attack on MDC Office
    • Welcome to Zimbabwe
    • JAG Job Opportunities
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/5/04
    • Row over Mugabe mansion funding
    • Unicef Zimbabwe gets US$1m for HIV/Aids programmes
    • Lamb poised to join ECB exodus
    • $2 trillion to pour into market
    • Amnesty describes the nightmare that Nepad aims to make a dream
    • SADC again sees no evil
    • Mawere arrested in South Africa on graft charges
    • Forces of the land
    • Moyo dismisses Sky News talk on succession
    • Zim farmer claims self defence
    • Hungry for the truth in Zimbabwe
    • Consensus politics' just a way to silence dissenters?
  9. Posted 27/5/04
    • White farmer is held for 'killing Mugabe invader'
    • The Formation of a Democratic Alliance to ensure Free and Fair Elections in Zimbabwe
    • Stubborn Zimbabwean leader set to face civil disobedience
    • South Africa fears 'Zimbabwe approach'
    • Household access to food a major problem
    • Mugabe's mansion - gov't to investigate claim
    • Staring down barrel of a gun
    • Councillor Appeals for Urgent Repair of Boreholes At Clinics
    • TGT Loses $200m
    • It's not cricket in Zimbabwe, says Sri Lanka's captain
    • Lawyers for 'mercenaries' lament prison conditions
    • Zim rights record gets worse
    • Telone Workers Strike
  10. Posted 26/5/04
    • A no-go for Gono
    • 'SA in no position to arrest mercenaries'
    • Back to square one on Bob
    • MDC leader slams Mugabe interview
    • Behind smokescreen of talks
    • Prosecute Reward Marufu - AG
    • Mugabe rejects talks, puts paid to Mbeki's deadline
    • MDC activist killers on trial
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Sky News feature on Zimbabwe - Comment
    • AU set to inaugurate peace and security council
    • Debate on Mbeki's speech begins on sour note
  11. Batch 2 Posted 25/5/04
    • Mugabe - Word for word transcription
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 270
    • May Edition WOZA MOYA
    • Police hunt down British national
    • Councils identify 5 farms for expansion
    • Missing vehicles sold at illegal auction - Shoko
    • Paradza to appear before disciplinary committee
    • 'Toothless tiger' still holds good
    • MDC, Zanu PF competent enough to pull Zim out of mess
    • Grace Mugabe's brother faces prosecution
    • Food as a weapon of control
    • Zimbabwe lashes out at Israel for offensives against Palestinians
  12. Posted 25/5/04
    • Mugabe attacks Blair, Bush and Tutu
    • Mugabe interview today on Sky News
    • Tutu ignores Mugabe's 'evil' comment
    • Zimbabwe President Plans to Stay in Power
    • How Sky Bagged the Interview
    • All the President's Men
    • Mugabe: we're no worse than Prescott
    • Mugabe says he will refuse food aid
    • Deadline for white Namibian farmers to offer land to state
    • Violence continues......
    • Famine in Zimbabwe
    • Blair must do more for Zimbabwe
    • SA passed info to Zim on alleged mercenaries
    • Zimbabwe inflation not out of the doldrums
    • Mugabe says China, Malaysia funded 5m palace
    • UNI protests violation of workers' rights at ZIMBANK
  13. Posted 24/5/04
    • Mbeki still has no plan for Mugabe
    • A test of integrity
    • ICC want Blair decision on Zimbabwe tour
    • Mugabe forks out in new bid to impress chiefs
    • On back foot over Mugabe
    • Bennet speaks out
    • Chief Tangwena's widow invades farm in bizarre conflict
    • AirZim bus attached over $745m debt
    • Disease fears as water cuts persist in Harare
    • RBZ Governor warns internal detractors
    • MDC's Lupane problems
    • Traditional leaders helped Zanu PF win Lupane
    • Chinamasa's reprehensible behaviour
    • Zany Thieves (Private) Limited
    • Mathema stage-managed bogus MDC defections
    • Banks defy RBZ directive
    • Police blitz snuffs currency trade
    • Bennet's Charleswood: the legal implications
    • Bennet's behaviour understandable
    • "Dogs and Pigs" No More?
    • Mugabe on Sky News tomorrow
    • Former GMB boss in forex externalisation scam
  14. Posted 23/5/04
    • The end for cricket in a bankrupt land
    • Aussie cricketers head home
    • Players' union threat to boycott Zimbabwe
    • Australia avoids fine by staying in Zimbabwe
    • Push for Zimbabwe expulsion possible
    • Sheep
    • New US envoy faces bumpy landing
    • UNDP wasn't stopped from assessing food situation: Made
    • South Africa unwilling to host second-string Zimbabwe
    • Chaos in Parliament of Zimbabwe
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 269
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • Streak makes England plea
    • Woman who risked her life for kids says she would do it again
    • ICC failing numbers game over Zimbabwe
    • Speed calls for Harare delay
    • Blame it on ICC
  15. Posted 22/5/04
    • Sacked Zimbabwe rebels taking case to ICC
    • Weekly Media Update 2004-19
    • SA unwilling to play Zimbabwe
    • ICC chief welcomes putting off of Australia, Zimbabwe Test series
    • Zim rearrests journos for mine murder story
    • England should wait and see
    • Zimbabwe opposition blame police over mob attack
    • All-rounder driven into retirement
    • Mozambique And Zimbabwe Abolish Diplomatic Visas
    • Misa-Zimbabwe Re-Launches Community Radio Initiatives in Mutare And Masvingo
    • Mercenary Sting Backfires On SA
    • Moyo Under Attack
    • Urbanites battle to tame rising crime
    • Sky News holds interview with President
    • Australian Players Asked to Back Zimbabwe Rebels With Boycott
  16. 3rd batch Posted 21/5/04
    • Zimbabwe Tests cancelled
    • Baying for MP Bennett's blood
    • Comment from ZWNEWS
    • Zanu (PF), opposition should realise they need each other SA
    • Zanu PF on revenge mission in Harare
    • Msika fights on
    • 'We can do without IMF' - Mugabe
    • Equipment seizures illegal
    • Chefs ignore order to give up extra farms
    • Govt figures misleading
    • Kondozi debacle hits banks
    • Chinamasa, Bennett both wrong
    • EU tightens arms restrictions
    • Standard editor charged
    • Just what is government policy?
    • A miraculous feeding of the multitude
    • Aippa casts pall over 'Africa's Paradise'
    • Fraud Squad to probe parastatals
    • Zesa has only two days' coal supply
    • Unleash that refuse rage!
    • Proof of maize harvest will be in the sadza
    • When patience is no longer a virtue
    • Chinamasa went too far
    • Land reform?
  17. 2nd batch Posted 21/5/04
    • Makoni for finance post?
    • Rebels named in Zimbabwe squad
    • Zimbabwe 'rebels' refuse to move
    • Time for ICC to shed 'toothless tiger' tag
    • Bush Names Christopher Dell Ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF loyalists threaten to kill Bennett
    • Chakaodza arrested
    • Lupane win edges ZANU PF towards two-thirds majority
    • Mugabe defends Paradza trial
    • Chombo appeals to Supreme Court
    • Mudzuri wins order to get damning reports
    • Chinamasa pulling wool over world's eyes
    • Inflation slow-down to come under strain
    • Listen to your neighbours, Zim urged
    • Zim demo turns violent
    • White Zimbabwean told to leave the country
    • Mugabe militia riot after MPs' brawl
    • All eyes turn to Zimbabwe
    • Call to oust Zimbabwe law-maker
    • Zesa makes US$10m pay-out
    • New listings on bourse slim
  18. `1st batch Posted 21/5/04
    • Zimbabwe on the brink of losing Test status
    • Municipal police to get arresting powers: Chombo
    • Zimbabwe peace deal collapses
    • MDC Legislator Munyanyi Charged With Public Violence
    • High Court Quashes Newsmen's Conviction And Sentence
    • UK Min Urges Zimbabwe Pres To Study Advise Of Neighbors
    • Zimbabwe: Amnesty opposes extradition of alleged mercenaries to Equatorial
    • Anti-White Protests Break Out in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe supporters smash opposition offices in demo
    • Few options left for independent press - MISA
    • Bennett banned from Manicaland
    • Will domestic debt restructuring succeed?
    • Bush, Blair at least have a conscience
    • Barclays fingered in Kondozi saga
    • Destabilisation of farms threatens industry
    • Zim: four years from the beginning of the plunge
    • Mugabe moves to quell in-fighting
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Overhaul parastatals
    • Unravelling the riddle of Simon Mann
  19. Posted 20/5/04
    • New Zim crackdown: Editor held
    • Zimbabwe series in crisis as rebels rule out return
    • Cricket: Zimbabwe rebels ready to play
    • Rebels make themselves available for one-dayers but tour is looking doomed
    • Cricket greats say come home
    • Meeting to decide cricket tour fate
    • Lawyers Ask Zimbabwe to Extradite Suspected Mercenaries
    • Fuel Price Goes Up
    • Zimbabwe's Legislators Criticized For Clash in Parliament
    • WFP Workers Strike
    • Zimbabwe's Claim Of Bumper Harvest "Fantasy" - UK Min
    • Review Anti-Graft Commission Bill, Parliament Urged
    • SA and Britain both want democracy for Zimbabwe: Mullin
    • Both Roy Bennet and the Minister of Justice Must Be Held Accountable
  20. Batch 2 Posted 19/5/04
    • JAG Open Letters Forum
    • Kwara... New Home of Zimbabwean Farmers
    • England spot way out of Zimbabwe
    • ICC to rule on Zimbabwe-Australia Test
    • Aussies may head home
    • Moyo for President?
    • Opposition urged to boycott polls after Mugabe rigs election
    • Zim cattle spread FMD in Botswana
    • Get involved or face us in court, coup suspects warn SA
    • Players resigned to a future outside Zimbabwe
  21. Posted 19/5/04
    • Tribunal ordered to rehear landless Zimbabwean couple's refugee claims
    • MDC disputes Lupane election result
    • Zanu PF steals Lupane by-election
    • Zimbabwe opposition MP in parliament scuffle
    • 'The gloves are off' - Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe inflation down to 505% in April
    • Unique market intervention sustains Zimbabwe's urban poor
    • China discusses trade, politics in Harare
    • Cotton replaces tobacco as top forex earner
    • Nurses Strike Over Salaries
    • Cricket decision on Friday
    • Rebels give up hope
    • ICC chief heads home after Zimbabwe snub
    • Bring 'em home
    • Test nations back cancellation
  22. Batch 2 Posted 18/5/04
    • The never-ending war of Robert Gabriel Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe tour in doubt: Speed
    • Weary Zimbabweans seek better life
    • MDC suffers heartland byelection defeat
    • Bush taps new envoy to Zimbabwe
    • Morgan Tsvangirai congratulates South Africa for winning the 2010 World Cup bid
    • Confusion hits farming sector
    • Zimbank workers appear before disciplinary committee
    • Australia to push on with Zimbabwe tour, CA says
    • Zimbabwe ruling party claims win
    • Who said it?
    • Zim to pay fuel debt
  23. Posted 18/5/04
    • The Rector's Arrest and stay in Marondera Prison
    • Mugabe's Zanu PF wins key by-election
    • 'Fraud' claims mar Zimbabwe poll
    • Amnesty International news release
    • Mawere scandal
    • Zimbabwe loses out on high-profit farm
    • Botswana debt write-off raises stink
    • I'm not in Zimbabwe to mediate, says Speed
    • Guns take over Zimbabwean roads
    • Parastatals' Annual Reports Lack Accountability, House Told
    • Government Approves Hikes in Domestic Workers' Wages
    • Prices of Goods, Services On Upward Surge
    • Ministry to Announce National Budget Review
    • Embassies Named for Rent Default
    • More spending on agriculture needed
    • Sorghum a cheaper alternative for urban poor
    • Zim 70: 'Mbeki must intervene'
    • Flying straight into a state of confusion
    • Call off the tour
    • Zim inflation dips 78%
  24. Posted 17/5/04
    • Barren fields belie Zimbabwe's announcement of bumper crop
    • Mugabe grooms traditional chiefs for political roles
    • A WOZA Tribute to Dudu
    • Foreigners in their own land
    • Zimbabwe two-day by-election completed
    • Zimbabwe election marred by violence
    • Second Test in jeopardy
    • Henry Blofeld: England may pay price for failing to make a stand over Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai's nod on land reforms, faults work plan
    • Two Australians arrested at Bulawayo test match
    • Rebels have no place in Zimbabwe 'A' side
    • Arrests cast shadow over Zim by-election
    • Sad to see Zimbabwe struggling
    • Mbeki 'not party to agreement'
    • Forget about rebels, legislator tells ZCU
    • Stock thefts threat to land reform exercise: minister
    • Tobacco for maize deal story false: Made
    • Varsity law degree saga deepens
  25. Batch 2 - Posted 16/5/04
    • Minister implicated in land scandal
    • Zimbabwe forex scam raises more questions
    • Terror in Shamva as 'mabomber' flex muscles
    • Zimbabwean economy on a turn?
    • Let them eat grass and more grass
    • No basis for Zanu PF to win Lupane
    • Standard newsman brutally attacked
    • CHRA to sue Mangwende over forced labour
    • Mutare Zanu PF wants contributions by civil servants made compulsory
    • Police beat up, arrest NCA, CASEP officials
    • 30 torture victims sue State
    • Byo Zanu PF leaders squabble over missing food
    • Family of slain mine boss blames government officials
    • Zimbabwe cricket comes full circle
    • ICC intervene to end Zimbabwe crisis
    • Retail giant says price controls may be introduced again
    • Sewage oozing from water taps, cry Marondera residents
    • Government tables draconian amendments to Electoral Act
    • Mugabe to choose heir
    • Democracy? It was better under apartheid, says Helen Suzman
    • British businessman accused of leading role in failed coup
    • US firm strikes secret tobacco-for-maize deal
    • Alleged Mercenaries in Harare and Equatorial Guinea
  26. Posted 16/5/04
    • Mugabe says he will quit in 2008, seeks successor
    • Tribal rivalry left behind in united hatred of Mugabe
    • Resurgent Mugabe looks to the future
    • Australians arrive in Zimbabwe
    • Exact Estimate
    • It's not over yet!
    • Special Election in Matabeleland Province Seen As Test of Ruling Party
    • Zimbabwe Police Arrest Constitutional Activists
    • The Battle for Zimbabwe - Geoff Hill
    • Mugabe ruined my life
    • Undermining Global Security: the European Union's arms exports
  27. Batch 2 Posted 15/5/04
    • Amnesty International - Food must not be used as a political tool
    • Rebels given 21 days to return
    • Mugabe launches offensive against Blair
    • Chaos of the land seizures
    • Mugabe to step down
    • Ervine's departure highlights Zimbabwe's plight
    • Threat to expose Harare arms deals
    • Maize-meal for votes
    • Parastatals' annual reports lack accountability, House told
    • Prices of goods, services on upward surge
    • 'We'll fight to death'
  28. Batch 1 Posted 15/5/04
    • Chiefs' benefits to gobble $27,5b
    • Harare councillors drag Mangwende to court
    • Temperatures boil over in volatile Lupane
    • Kondozi in liquidation
    • Voter registration suspicious
    • Cops attack kid at MDC rally
    • Zim strikes detainees-for-fuel deal
    • Smuggling syndicates rule at Nyamapanda
    • Stop game privatisation, govt urged
    • Army to build recruitment school
    • 51% of Zim prisoners HIV-positive
    • A journey into the heart of British politics
    • Govt bid another blind move
    • Zanu PF rolls out election strategy
    • Pre-poll economic myths, actions intensify
    • Chiefs caught in a Catch-22
    • IMF predicts surge in Zimbabwe's GDP
    • Holiday allowances to bounce back
    • Mugabe 'unpopular' in diaspora
    • Image - fact and reality
    • Rebuilding confidence in Zimbabwe
    • Why is Mugabe quiet on schools saga?
    • Water cut story misled public
    • Constitutional overhaul first, elections later!
    • A land of contradictions
  29. Batch 2 Posted 14/5/04
    • Business as usual in Harare
    • Zims prefer the whip to prison court, president says
    • MDC MPs thrown out of House
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 267
    • Weekly Media Update #2004-18
    • Salary negotiations to be tough
    • Archbishop Assails Zimbabwe Food Claims
    • Harare grinds to halt as council workers strike
    • Haunted by history: the story of Lupane - Zimbabwe
  30. Posted 14/5/04
    • MDC Youth Leaders Arrested For Addressing AIDS Forum
    • UN 'concerned' about Zim maize
    • Letter to President Mugabe
    • No free lunch, but avocados are cheap
    • Zimbabwean Producer Reacts to Ban of Satirical Play Super Patriots and Morons
    • Media Houses Obliged to Fulfil Requirements: Moyo
    • Morgan Tsvangirai wishes South Africa success in 2010 World Cup bid
    • Ponting's men embark on flight of madness
    • We must boycott Zimbabwe, says Chappell
    • Coach ignorant of ugly truth
    • Cricket team gets an escort in Harare
    • Calls for decentralisation of ARV programmes
    • Camping out by the Zambezi
  31. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/04
    • Cancellation of UN food assessment mission jeopardizes future aid to Zimbabwe
    • MDC supporters arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Zesa, NRZ lose $700m equipment
    • Cricket-no normal sport in an abnormal society
    • Plot thickens in ZANU PF companies probe
    • Banks slash interest rates
    • Mugabe challenges Paradza
    • Families flee ZANU PF terror
    • Apprehensive Zimbabweans dread 2005
    • Posturing Chigwedere bungles again
    • Mbeki lawsuit may prove costly to MDC
    • MPs' bold move commendable but . . .
    • You drove me out, now you want my money
    • Zim: four years from the beginning of the plunge
    • Shake-up costs Air Zimbabwe millions
    • Occupancy levels in safari areas slump to below 50%
    • Maize farmers up in arms
    • Equipment shortage hits wheat farms
    • Consolidating the gains of land reform
    • Govt's contempt for the judiciary unwelcome
    • Kondozi fiasco scuttles $7.6 billion pack house
  32. Posted 13/5/04
    • Civil servants pay rise now 300pc
    • No famine here, says hungry Zimbabwe
    • Sky News crew's accreditation expires
    • Mining boss shot dead
    • Zimbabwe minister denied bail as a risk
    • Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case Against Suspected Mercenaries
    • Malaria Toll Rises
    • Tetchy cross-border relations with Botswana
    • Corpses Overcrowded in Hospital Mortuaries
    • Miners say they 'relinquised' Zim rights
    • Zimbabwe's maize crop is 'much higher' than its needs
    • 'Cricket Tour Must Be Stopped' - Zimbabwe Opposition Leader
    • Could mess lead to Test shake-up?
    • Zambia to lease state farms to foreigners
    • Zimbabwe farmers lease land in Nigeria
  33. Posted 12/5/04
    • Zimbabwe tour farce
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 10th May
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 11th May
    • Forex found in toilet
    • Wheat scam unearthed - Ex-MP Irene Zindi implicated
    • South African police probe suspected fish smuggling
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message
    • Zim jail 'worse than Auschwitz'
    • Zimbabwe has enough food, says government
    • Talks on Zimbabwe and AGOA with the US
    • Families fear for the safety of loved ones
    • Australians 'reluctant' to tour
    • Plans to Build Museum At Heroes Acre Underway
    • Water Situation Gradually Improves
    • 129 Nswazi Families to Relocate to Botswana
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 266
    • Six 'mercenaries' in good health, says foreign affairs
  34. Posted 11/5/04
    • Zimbabwe union fires 15 rebel players
    • Zimbabwe 'rebels' to sue
    • Infighting Tears at Zimbabwe's Ruling Party
    • Private Schools Reopen
    • Photographer Detained
    • Sunday Paper On the Cards
    • "We are everywhere" Says Shadowy Pro-Democracy Group
    • MDC Briefing Note
    • Notes from St George's...
    • Press under pressure
    • RBZ sets up banking facility for diplomats
    • Streak sorts out farming issues
    • Lessons in tyranny as Mugabe targets schools
    • ICC seek to extend their power after huge defeat in Harare
    • Decision to Ban UN Crop Survey Team Is Deeply Disturbing
    • Refugees remain in Zimbabwe
    • SA high commissioner to visit 'mercenaries'
    • Water Blues Resurface in Mabvuku, Tafara
  35. Posted 10/5/04
    • Gun-running that Zim wants to keep secret?
    • President summons minister Mangwana
    • The Zimbabwe Bird now flies as a symbol of betrayed promise
    • Woza Moya April 2004
    • Mudenge linked to farm invasion
    • Chigwedere's illegal conduct
    • Mugabe's security gobbles millions
    • No more talks, says MDC
    • Concern as Zanu PF lures chiefs with perks, money
    • Huge response to hard currency plan
    • Satirical play incenses Censorship Board
    • MDC challenges Chigumba's Zengeza election victory
    • MDC's Evelyn Masaiti sues for illegal detention
    • Siwela speaks against 2005 poll boycott
    • Chigwedere's closure of schools illegal
    • Politicians feel the pinch
    • 12 000 Zim children living on the streets
    • Destroying education for its own sake
    • We don't need no education
    • Zimdollar continues to decline
    • The ugly face of poverty behind scenic Nyanga
    • Democracy more than just casting votes
  36. Posted 9/5/04
    • Zim schools back down after Mugabe's threats
    • Cops guard the gates of Zim's private schools
    • The rise and fall of Zimbabwe's schools
    • Striking Zimbabwe players agree to mediation
    • Family seeks elephant inquest
    • JAG Public Relations Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 265
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique
    • The teacher, the parent and education
    • What are we going to do Mum?
    • Smouldering Streak out to grass as Zimbabwe's new crop burns
    • Local Journalists Who Report for Foreign Media Outlets Threatened With Arrest
    • Staff flee as Mugabe turns on top schools
    • Zimbabwe MPs take landmark public Aids test
    • 'Scribbling the Cat': The Infantryman
  37. Batch 2 Posted 8/5/04
    • Schools take govt to court
    • Triangle next - Mnangagwa
    • Polls could be moved forward
    • Political tension builds up ahead of polls
    • Tough time for Nhema over hunting concessions
    • Byo police swoop on civic leaders
    • Zanu PF plans to use food as vote carrot
    • ZDI admits involvement in Charleswood seizure
    • Army/National Parks accused of poaching
    • Trade Fair 2004 fails to make impact
    • More needs to be done on human rights
    • Zim's non-conducive investment environment
    • It's dirty business for Zim's urban poor
    • UMfecane
    • Forex runs out at Western Union
    • Everyone guilty says Robertson
    • Gideon Gono on presidential ambitions
    • ZTA strives to polish image
    • NRZ problems hamper sugar exports
    • ZCTU seeks $861 000 monthly wage
    • 'Rwandan' cleansing act on Zim scribes
  38. Posted 8/5/04
    • 10 Mile Sponsored Walk for Zimbabwean Victims of Torture, Rape & Violence
    • England cricket allows players to boycott Zimbabwe tour
    • Weekly Media Update #2004-17
    • Cricket and Zimbabwe
    • Heads arrested as Mugabe shuts schools
    • Violence in Makoni North
    • Farm eviction order ignored
    • Reports of unnatural practices could help to sell Mugabe's paper
    • Government and ECB happy to pass buck on Zimbabwe
    • Rebels agree middle-man to liaise with board
    • Zimbabwean Judge: No Legal Basis for Closing Some Private Schools
    • Zimbabwe unshackles 'mercenaries'
    • Some private schools permitted to re-open in Zimbabwe
    • SA officials say they have not seen 'mercenaries'
    • Moz journos shun Moyo
    • UN Team Ordered Out Of Zimbabwe
    • CFU Classifieds
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 264
  39. Posted 7/5/04
    • Latest news on school closures
    • Judge orders re-opening of school
    • Harare police arrest nine in school fees row
    • Power corrupts - absolutely
    • Court ruling on Charleswood
    • SA delegation to visit alleged mercenaries
    • Rebels ready to end careers
    • Derision at Mugabe newspaper plan
    • Comment on an item published yesterday - Harare water cuts
    • ECB not to force objectors to tour Zimbabwe
  40. Batch 2 Posted 6/5/04
    • Harare introduces 24-hour water cuts
    • Hold the applause
    • Mugabe to launch newspaper in SA
    • ICC chief launches attack on Blair
    • Two safari operators under probe
    • MDC sues Mbeki
    • Mnangagwa quizzed
    • Occupiers ordered off Bennett's farm
    • Kuruneri bail hearing shelved yet again
    • ZANU PF will concede to demands: Ncube
    • Kondozi Farm: a storm in a tea cup?
    • MDC shooting itself in the foot
    • Paradza meets Shamuyarira in fire-fighting mission
    • Rwandan refugees refuse to go home
    • Whither ZITF?
    • Milk production plunges 40% in 12 months
    • Govt urged to play leading role in financing tobacco industry
    • ICC Criticise Zimbabwe Rebels
  41. Posted 6/5/04
    • ZNSPCA UPDATE 04 MAY 2004
    • Zimbabwean school to fight forced closure
    • Zimbabwe's Private Schools Protest Tuition Hikes
    • Staple foods increasingly inaccessible as prices rise
    • Zesa to Bill Exporting Firms in Local Currency
    • Police place human rights under siege
    • Bread prices up 50% in Zimbabwe
    • Blair slams ICC over Zimbabwe stand-off
    • Zimbabwe facing total split along racial lines
  42. Batch 2 Posted 5/5/04
    • London walk - reminder
    • JAG Urgent Appeal Communique
    • JAG Public Relations & Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 263
    • Zimbabwe 15 set to walk out for good
    • Editor warns: Don't let Govt control media
    • Parents fume over Zim school closures
    • Zimbabwean Farmers Get 200,000 Land Hectares in Kwara
    • I am not going to sue Mbeki, says Tsvangirai
    • 'The end' say rebels as ZCU offer is rejected
  43. Posted 5/5/04
    • Zim shuts down 45 private schools
    • Judging by international standards
    • White rebels prepare for rebuff
    • The Media Column: The press year's most important event goes largely unreported
    • Tsvangirais's Tuesday Message
    • A Call for Peace
    • Zimbabwe closes 'racist' schools
    • Zimbabwe's lack of cattle vaccines alarms neighbours
    • South African writers speak out against Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cricket players to continue boycott
    • Zimbabwe tour morally wrong - ex-England captain Stewart
    • MDC to demand Mbeki's secret report on poll
    • Rhodesia Rebel Smith Listens to Commons
    • GMB Stifling Wheat Production: Made
    • SA denies Mbeki in $10m deal
    • Election run-up raises fears
    • Land Inspectorate Disbanded
    • Mugabe's R175m fortress
    • UK Plot to Erode Confidence in Zim's Policies Exposed - Herald
    • The responsibilities of the oppressed
  44. Posted 4/5/04
    • Voter Registration Now On !!
    • Zimbabwe Police Order Some Private Schools Not to Reopen
    • No arbitration and we'll walk again, says Zimbabwe rebel
    • Zimbabwe worst media freedom offender, claims report
    • Zimbabwe 'plotters' held in irons
    • Boom for traditional healers as health care costs rise
    • New Twist to Sky News Crew Saga
    • Fish Poachers Wreak Havoc At Lake Chivero
    • Politics Aside, Nigeria Needs Refugee Farmers' Skills
    • Find Solution to Law Degree Problem
    • World Press Freedom Day: A Day for Sober Reflection on the State of the Media in Zimbabwe
    • Disappearing food
    • Zimbabwe: On the death trail ...
    • Zimbabwe 'mercenaries planned jail escape'
    • Pay Up Cdh Debt, Zimbank Told
    • Cultural Practice Destroys Christianity: Bishop
    • AIDS in Africa: 'Culture' is no excuse for dangerous behavior
    • Give Nuanetsi Project Priority, Says Shamu
    • Zimbabwe - 2004 annual report
    • State Plan On Airwaves Exposed
    • Zimbabwe May Close Another Independent Newspaper
  45. Posted 3/5/04
    • Mugabe's mansion now a 'shoot-and-kill' area
    • ECB need government lead - Ancram
    • Zim journos 'face crackdown'
    • Shamuyarira, Moyo stand-off ends
    • Press freedom in Africa declining: RSF
    • Mbangwa sacked, reinstated
    • Rebel writes about board blackmail
    • Take a stand
  46. Batch 2 Posted 2/5/04
    • 'Lying' media will be dealt with: Zimbabwe
    • High Court throws Mudzuri a lifeline
    • Mangwende recruits militia for council jobs
    • No major deals as curtain falls on ZITF
    • Zanu PF thugs disrupt MDC rallies in Lupane
    • Planned mining rule scares new investors
    • CAT boots out Paul Chingoka
    • Zanu PF chefs getting free prison labour
    • Accommodation shortage haunts Harare residents
    • State plan on airwaves exposed
    • Moyo: An assassin of Press Freedom
    • Go to jail, do not pass go
    • Kuruneri arrest shows Zanu PF's true colours
    • Murerwa bounces back as Acting Finance Minister
    • 'Chinese too dominant'
    • Our Government discourages voluntarism
    • Time to declare, Mr Straw
    • Zimbabwe unions threaten protests
  47. Posted 2/5/04
    • Nujoma defends land expropriation
    • Zim selectors get physical as tempers flare
    • Military action not the answer to Zim crisis
    • Kipper Fish
    • Zimbabwe unions threaten protests
    • Zimbabwe officials threatened to sabotage pitch, says rebel
    • Zim govt runs out of money to pay school fees
    • Five white cricketers selected for Zimbabwe
    • 'Dogs of war' trial resumes on Monday
    • "No Oomph and Guts" in the Media?
    • Political solution to end Zim crisis?
    • Battle for power within the ZCU
  48. Batch 2 Posted 1/5/04
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • JAG Urgent Appeal Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 262
    • Zimbabwe tour gets government green light
    • Stop Funding Aids Body, Says Board of Inquiry
    • Nujoma pledges armed support to Zim
    • Scandalous confrontation in Zimbabwe cricket
    • Misa slams Zim press freedom
    • Satanists stalk Zimbabwe city
    • Corruption Knows No Boundaries
    • Streak Back in Action
    • Kintyre Estates Reduced to a Wasteland
    • Crisis deepens in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Faces Famine
    • Zimbabwe threatens to deport British Sky TV crew
    • Zesa floats megawatt bills seeking $30bn
    • SA won't help 70 'mercenaries'
    • Zimbabwe cricketers want foreign mediation
    • The Dawn of an Mbeki Era.
  49. Batch 1 Posted 1/5/04
    • Kondozi moves to Mozambique
    • Staggering 20 000% Zimsec fee hike rejected
    • Mugabe's mansion sealed off
    • Tsvangirai threatens to withdraw councillors
    • McKinnon lobbies African leaders
    • Air Zim boss faces uncertain future
    • A two-donkey affair
    • 'Zim can't demand directors extradition'
    • 'Attacks will not deter me' - Ncube
    • ZDI/Arda ignore court order, occupy Charleswood
    • Media lawyers petition parliament
    • Chombo approves Harare turnaround plan
    • Sugar production declines
    • Prices continue to rise despite inflation dip
    • The record speaks for itself
    • Positives and negatives of monetary policy
    • The sins that Comrade Paradza committed
    • Insurers next - Gono
    • RBZ to probe Agribank loans
    • NRZ pays Spoornet R6m monthly
    • CFU numbers dwindle
    • Contempt of people's will invites disaster
    • Plain speaking

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