The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/4/05
    • Harare reaches state of collapse
    • 42 MDC supporters arrested in Zim - report
    • Armed police summoned as fuel crisis worsens
    • MDC supporters flee retribution campaign in Chipinge
    • Media institute bemoans cowing of free media
    • Trade unionists arrested
    • Water Crisis Hits Schools
    • US$2 Billion Needed to Avert Power Crisis: Zesa Chief
    • Aluta continua!!
    • High finance behind Zimbabwe's market stalls
    • Mugabe protest being held in Belfast
    • Campaign launched against Africa's insult laws
    • Mining decline hits workers hard
    • Experts call for new assessment to determine food shortages
    • Zimbabwe's Election to Human Rights Body "Unacceptable"
  2. Batch 1 Posted 30/4/05
    • Fuel crisis spreads . . .
    • as Zim faces more power-cuts
    • US lawmakers rap setbacks in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe broadens hunt for grain
    • Constitution still 'colonial'
    • Health for all call an illusion for Harare
    • 'Government has no mandate for change'
    • Bid to oust ZCTU leaders fails
    • MDC unable to import grain
    • Zesn report stings ZEC
    • Mahoso/ANZ meeting cancelled
    • Mugabe mortgages economy - analysts
    • Nothing definitive about Mugabe's retirement
    • The meltdown continues unabated
    • What legacy will Bob bequeath?
    • Catastrophic hike in domestic wages
    • Is the departure for real this time?
    • Mine closures stir more woes
    • Food pricing commission on cards
    • Maize imports to worsen Zim debt woes
    • A year on, 'forgotten' Kuruneri still held
    • What is our optimal exchange rate?
    • ZITF kicks off on low note
    • Zimbabwe's enemy no 1
    • New culture
  3. Batch 3 Posted 29/4/05
    • Govt angers IMF Rangarirai Mberi
    • CIO in charge of grain distribution
    • Govt crack team raids NGOs
    • Mawere in million rand deal
    • Dabengwa, Sibanda on collision course
    • Maize imports continue despite 'bumper harvest'
    • Cheap talk from chameleon Moyo!
    • Whither MDC?
    • Mashonaland East gets plum jobs in new government
    • Madiro sacked
    • ANZ, MIC meet on Daily News
    • Water woes worsen property plight
    • And now to the Notebook . . .
    • $4 trillion needed for key imports
    • Chinese suitor ditches unattractive ZISCO
    • 'Power crisis will worsen situation'
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/4/05
    • Zim ain’t wot it used to be
    • Zimbabwean shopping list
    • Zimbabwe's nuclear ambition
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-14
    • Press Statement by R Gasela on the food siruation
    • Mugabe Planning to Murder Dumbo and Simba!
    • Zimbabwe's Health Time Bomb
    • 'Target Mugabe, not Tsvangirai,' Nyathi tells supporters
    • Retribution on the rise
    • Detention center employees have 'prejudicial attitudes' - UNHCR
    • MDC leader calls on masses
    • Protest against 'stolen elections'
    • Erosion of meaningful values
    • Independence fest glorious success
    • Will SA go the way of Zimbabwe?
    • Minister must remove press laws
    • Stop absurd diplomatic pretence
    • Open debate stifled
    • Causes of economic crisis ignored
    • We need a new constitution
  5. Posted 29/4/05
    • Government steps up recruitment of youth militia
    • South African power chief in veiled attack on Mugabe
    • Garbage collection saga takes new twist
    • Chinese firm demands deposit for wagons
    • Power cuts to continue
    • SA-Zim Trade Shrinks
    • Brazil Swallows Zim Tobacco Share
    • Re-election to UN Human Rights Commission uproar
    • Zimbabwe to import tons of grain - report
    • Freedom fighter cries out for home
    • Angry MDC Turns to Mauritius for Help
    • Clamour Rises for New Constitution
    • MDC National Executive to Decide On Congress Date
    • Gono, the Zimbabwean Napoleon
    • Section Eight, the partition of Zimbabwe
    • Award from International Press Institute
    • Appeal from the Zimbabwean
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/4/05
    • Two families, two farms, one country
    • I'd love to see the back of dictator Mugabe, says Blair
    • Zimbabwe has 'run out of food'
    • Zimbabwe retains human rights role
    • Mugabe Regime Hampering Hunger Relief Effort, NGO Official Says
    • Zimbabwe's Role in U.N. Rights Panel Angers U.S.
    • Zimbabwe: Mbeki forgot his resources
    • Shortages return to Zimbabwe's cities
  7. Posted 28/4/05
    • Nothing to lose
    • Mugabe orders wildlife reserves to kill animals
    • Zimbabwe faces 'food catastrophe'
    • Minister in land row
    • Army digs up ex-MP's farm in search of weapons of war
    • Rights activist urges US to tighten screws on Mugabe
    • 'Madhuku to Be Charged for Peddling Falsehoods'
    • Analysts see no change of heart by IMF
    • Zimbabwe opposition urges Mugabe to appeal for food
    • Lawyers Network to Engage Government
    • Searching for water in Harare
    • Investors Pull Out of IDBZ
    • Zimbabwean Opposition Supporters Victimised after Election, Says Mdc
    • Overcoming Zimbabwe's 'Messiah Complex'
    • BBC Monitoring Report
    • Zimbabwe to send 34 troops for peacekeeping mission in Sudan
    • Zimbabwe's gold slump dents hopes
    • Zimbabwe officials break ranks over food crisis
    • John Love (1924 - 2005)
    • Bank governor steps on ex-army general's toes
    • No extension in sight as RBZ facility nears expiry
    • Media commission summons Daily News boss
    • Correction - Zim Pensioner's Support Fund
    • Water problems rock
    • Govt defends Chinese aircraft
    • MDC agent claims victimisation
  8. Posted 27/4/05
    • Problems mount in troubled Zimbabwe
    • Food imports will drain govt coffers, say analysts
    • Zim reels under post-poll shortages
    • Zimbabwe Bans Export of Machinery
    • Zim's economic crisis spirals out of control
    • HIV/AIDS 'More Devastating' to Zimbabwe Than President's 'Despotic Habits,' Globe and Mail Says
    • Poaching, cattle 'decimating Zim national parks'
    • Zimpapers sued for defamation
    • Zim's political cancer has gone too deep
    • Asian businesses take larger space at ZITF 2005
    • US moots widening sanctions
    • Mwonzora petitions Electoral Court
    • Govt recruits foreign doctors
    • Beer price up
    • Water crisis to persist
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/4/05
    • Zimbabwe price turmoil
    • State agents raid NGOs
    • Devaluation will hurt recovery plans: analysts
    • Fuel crisis back with a vengeance
    • Zimbabwean gov't releases more funds to finance farming
    • While his country suffers, Mugabe feasts on power
    • Two concepts of freedom
    • Informal Cross Border Food Trade in Southern Africa, Mar 2005
    • Food, Anti-Democratic Forces Swayed Election in Zimbabwe
  10. Posted 26/4/05
    • Minister 'deathly silent' on Zim conservation problems
    • Zim Pensioners' support fund
    • Fuel shortage piles pressure on Zim
    • The tourist trap
    • Plotting the decline of a tyrant
    • Being Zimbabwean may cost Makoni the African Development Bank presidency
    • Zimbabwe runs out of power
    • Mugabe fails to rescue economy
    • Chinese civilian planes exported to Zimbabwe
    • MDC takes ZEC head on
    • Brain drain crippling health sector: Kadenge
    • Water woes hit Kadoma
    • Zimbabwe vigil – stolen elections demonstration – 30th April
    • Chinese civilian planes exported to Zimbabwe
    • MDC takes ZEC head on
    • Brain drain crippling health sector: Kadenge
    • Water woes hit Kadoma
    • Gwanda mayor assaulted by deputy minister
    • Chilly winter looms as ZESA power fails
    • Jokonya wants better relations with media
    • GMB boss fired
    • Exchange rate fails to bolster fuel inflows
    • Governor apologises to Gwanda mayor
    • Blood bank still below minimum level
    • Call to boycott elections
    • Health Hazard Looms At School
    • Landmine explosion kills 2 Zimbabwean clearing experts on Kinmen
    • Cops Bust Fake Money Ring
  11. Posted 25/4/05
    • 'Things fall apart'
    • Harare tap water now on sale as crisis deepens
    • 'No respite in Zim rights abuses'
    • Police arrest movie actors
    • Public debt surges past $6 trillion
    • Project to stem rising Mukuvisi polllution
    • MDC to boycott national events
    • Local councils feel the pinch as donors flee
    • Angry villagers demand apology from Katsande
    • Outrage over 'forgotten' heroes
    • Raw deal for Zanu PF women
    • Zvishavane sends urgent SOS as services collapse
    • Harare residents desperate uncollected refuse threatens to bury city
    • Zim to clamp down on price violators
    • Zimbabwe restructures national airline
    • MDC lambasts Mbeki's 'deception'
    • Plot to oust trade unionists crumbles
    • Business expresses fears of Marburg outbreak at trade fair
    • Zimbabwe Olympic Committee suspends president
    • Time to look ahead to 2008
    • Class, Not Race, War Grips Zimbabwe
    • Time stands still for the men condemned to Mugabe's prisons
  12. Posted 24/4/05
    • Zimbabwe's innocent victims of sanctions
    • Two days of blackouts plague Zimbabwe
    • Govt's Poor Credit Rating Hampers Food Imports
    • Foreign Currency Shortage Persists
    • Not even smoke
    • Zimbabwe trip doesn't stand up
    • Zim: Media may see 'tolerance'
    • 'He shouted against Mugabe'
  13. Batch 2 Posted 23/4/05
    • State move to postpone torture case
    • Mugabe slams West at Asian summit
    • US planning tougher sanctions against Mugabe
    • Gono's resignation turned down by Mugabe
    • Reporter charged with publishing falsehoods
    • With so much going wrong why party?
    • Zimbabwe Labor Unions Under Increasing Pressure
    • Zimbabwe in the dark
    • More Foreign Doctors Needed, Says Govt
    • Catholic rights group says Zimbabwean polls not free and fair
    • Zimbabwe suffers power cuts as utility struggles
    • Mbeki attacks "unfairness" of globalisation
    • Mugabe 'will not groom a successor'
    • The resurrection of the one-party manifesto in Zimbabwe
    • New information boss shields Mugabe from criticism
    • Mugabe launches another tirade at Britain
    • Lindela screening
    • JAG Mailing List
  14. Posted 23/4/05
    • MDC blasts Mbeki
    • Gono pleads for bankers' support
    • Chaotic land reform spoiled noble idea
    • African observers in fallout over Zim polls
    • Extending Mugabe's term subversive - Moyo
    • Govt destabilises ZCTU ahead of ILO conference
    • Langa politicising food - MDC
    • Mugabe sets retirement date
    • 'Govt has no business in newspapers' ­- Moyo
    • Jokonya meets editors
    • New cabinet to gobble more billions
    • We mere mortals want to know
    • 25 years on, still no basic freedoms
    • Who will pay for this merry-go-round?
    • Development will be a real mirage
    • A beaten nation chants president's totem
    • RBZ 's economic plan queried
    • Hippo prejudiced of millions
    • Interest, exchange rates and inflation-pegging
    • Spare them
    • Robert Jr up for grooming, watch out!
    • Burdensome
  15. Batch 2 Posted 22/4/05
    • "Rigged" Zimbabwe Elections Prompt U.S. Sanctions Review
    • Zimbabwe's woes no immediate threat
    • Beijing makes friends and riches in Africa
    • Why is the CIO handing out food?
    • Waitrose will not boycott Zim
    • Zimbabwe for Edinburgh Festival
    • Largest cabinet in Africa
    • Mass starvation or mass action
    • Chinese make a killing in Zim
    • SA govt mad, bad or simply dumb?
    • SA students vow to back Zim fight
    • Death of democracy
    • Letter from home
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #61 - The only way is UP!
  16. Posted 22/4/05
    • A Message to the MDC Leadership
    • MDC quits Mbeki-driven 'charade'
    • Mugabe's bloated Cabinet to fuel inflation: analysts
    • Editor charged with inciting violence
    • Sunday Telegraph's Harden 'surprised' at prison release
    • Alleged kingpin in Guinea coup plot feared killed
    • Streak plays defensively to Flower's onslaught
    • ZCTF Report - Sad day for Bumi Elephants
    • Top police officers accused of looting fund
    • New information boss calls for meeting with newspaper editors
    • Journalist charged over election story
    • SA central bank expresses fears over Zimbabwe economic meltdown
    • Zimbabwean tennis thrown into turmoil
    • Minister assaults mayor
    • Takeover negotiations over city water to resume
    • Zim crisis could affect South Africa
    • Mugabe's Land Grab Cuts Anglo Harvest
    • SAF Opposition Party Says Government's Failed Policy In Zimbabwe Due To 'Arrogance of Power'
    • South Africa Leaves Door Open to Zimbabwe Opposition
    • Zim asylum seeker in UK deportation drama
    • Forex shortages, debt threaten Zimbabwe recovery
    • Where power lies
    • Zim opposition goes to court
    • War crimes - have we learned anything?
    • The Weimar Republic revisited
    • Poets’ diaries: John Eppel
    • African leaders' anti-people conspiracy
    • Vandalism costs Bulawayo millions
  17. Posted 21/4/05
    • The needless suffering and terrible death of Emmanuel
    • MDC leaders 'feeling used', decide to sever ties with SA government
    • Zim urged to explore trade opportunities in Japan
    • Zimra cracks down on tax defaulters
    • Zim to devalue currency
    • More trouble for Chiyangwa
    • Karidza trial postponed
    • Fishing permits shoot to $15 m
    • Mugabe extends Chinhoyi town boundaries
    • Police investigate MDC's Matamisa
    • MDC challenges six ministers
    • Water woes hit town
    • Chingoka suspended
    • Zimbabwe runs short of maize - and the foreign exchange needed to pay for it
    • Reprieve for Zimbabwean protester
    • Dry Taps Force Residents to Consume Unsafe Water
    • How Mugabe ruined Zimbabwe over 25 years
    • ZESN blasts conduct of poll
    • SA scraps Mozambique visas, but not Zimbabwe's
    • Reserve Bank mum on impending devaluation
    • Domestic Wage Rise Will Erode RBZ Gains: Emcoz
  18. Posted 20/4/05
    • Police Investigating Charges Against Zimbabwe Journalists
    • Land reform fails rural Zimbabwe
    • Zimdollar to be devalued
    • Agrarian reforms fail to meet target
    • Zimbabweans 'happy and content' - Mugabe
    • Ball in Zim's court: IMF
    • Another Chance
    • Zimbabwe Needs YOU!
    • Mugabe unleashes wrath on private radio stations
    • Central bank governor reprimands banking executives
    • Mugabe markets Zimbabwe in Far East
    • Soccer fans run riot in Bulawayo
    • Ambassador to SA defends Zimbabwe
    • SADC Air Forces to hold joint disaster exercise
    • Everyone's Favorite Evil Dictator
    • Plaudits And Criticism At Birthday Bash
    • How You Too Can Become a Cabinet Minister
    • Political power without the means to use it
    • Name change will be a tricky task
    • RE: Stolen - and comment below
  19. Posted 19/4/05
    • Goodbye, Mr Mugabe
    • Mugabe defends democratic record
    • Protesters demand repeal of repressive laws
    • Mugabe bash fails to placate people's anger
    • Tobacco farmers still holding on to crop
    • Mugabe concedes economy in a mess
    • NGO urges unity to counter socioeconomic emergency
    • Mugabe is 'wiser' after 25 years
    • Mugabe marks milestone with anti-western defiance
    • Mugabe looks to the east
    • No place like home
    • Riots in Bulawayo as Highlanders go down
    • Zimbabwe hijacked by yesteryear nationalists
    • SA poised to assist Harare in food crisis
    • Do the Zezurus control Zimbabwe? Your shouts!
    • Happy birthday to an unfinished revolution
    • MDC supporters denied food in witch hunt
    • Army put on alert
    • Mugabe out to turn 'Silver Jubilee' into regional endorsement of poll
    • Political crisis overshadows Zimbabwe freedom party
    • Mugabe thanks freedom fighters
    • Mugabe not solely to blame
  20. Posted 18/4/05
    • New cabinet 'full of deadwood'
    • DA remanded for missing ballot papers
    • 'SA bankrolled Zanu PF election campaign'
    • MDC supporters barred from buying maize meal
    • Comic jibes dominate swearing-in ceremony
    • Air Zimbabwe splits
    • New Zupco buses grounded
    • MDC officials appear in court
    • Harare, a 'health time bomb': experts
    • Observers disown 'free, fair' poll claim
    • Shangaani initiation ceremonies put off as hunger bites
    • Bulawayo council reeling under severe viability problems
    • What is there to celebrate?
    • Zim turns to South African bank for golden leaf finance
    • Mines reeling under rising costs and low prices
    • Food shortages present hard choices
    • Beef smuggling hits Mutare again
    • Sugar production fall
    • Zimbabwe readies for independence shindig
    • Mugabe's grip is tighter than ever
    • Cabinet post for Mugabe nephew
    • Mugabe: Education for all
    • Zim gets tough on laundering
    • Zimbabwe 'pauperised' - paper
    • A revolution off the rails
    • Mugabe joins dubious elite of great dictators
    • African coup plotters 'face slow death in jail'
    • President Mugabe to add two years to term
  21. Posted 17/4/05
    • Mugabe appoints trusted lieutenants to key ministries
    • Mozambique president snubs Mugabe
    • Independence hype fails to inspire Bulawayo residents
    • Warming the same seat
    • Growing evidence of electoral fraud in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe sets task of economic revival
    • Chiluba ordered to stay on home soil
    • Observers are welcome - if there's nothing to hide
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-12
    • JAG Legal Communiqué - Domestic Worker Wages Update (2) 15th April 2005
  22. Batch 2 Posted 16/4/05
    • Zimbabwe Moves to Import Large Quantities of Food
    • Zimbabwe seen to need SA food, but who pays?
    • British journalists deported from Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Reshuffles Cabinet After Disputed Election
    • Only a Few Can Afford Life-prolonging AIDS Drugs
    • A royal mess
    • Zimbabwe sends out warnings over Marburg
    • Lindsey Hilsum pities a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe
    • When you're up against a total onslaught, you need fighter jets
    • Once thriving Zimbabwe in ruins
    • Independence celebrations should be low key
    • IMF urges Zimbabwe to tackle economic problems
    • SA studying reports on poll irregularities
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 359
  23. Batch 1 Posted 16/4/05
    • Mugabe to extend term
    • $5 trillion diverted to maize imports
    • NCA to ratchet up protests
    • China route too costly for Airzim
    • Shake-up looms at Zimpapers
    • Corruption gnaws away at body politic
    • Bloch gives roadmap to economic revival
    • Zimpapers faces $50m suit
    • Zanu PF's past glory brings no joy
    • CZI meets over price controls
    • Post-poll monetary policy review this month
    • Agric production estimates up in smoke?
    • Zim crisis could blight Makoni's chances
    • Harare city pleads for cheap forex
    • The time is now to indict Mugabe
    • Zim unacceptable as long as Mugabe rules
    • Poll statistics stir familiar dispute
    • Zanu PF's triumph a Pyrrhic victory
    • Another chance for economic revival
    • This is not a victory
    • Advice on domestic workers' wages
    • Where's Plan B?
  24. Batch 2 Posted 15/4/05
    • Zimbabwe's tribal warlords, your shouts!
    • Men jailed over 'Thatcher plot' are being starved to death in jail, claims Amnesty
    • 'President of Rural Poverty'
    • What Others Say: the Tears Never Dry Up for Africa
    • Zimbabwe unions seek solidarity as harassment mounts
    • British journalists’ trial continues
    • Economic crisis hits judiciary
    • Humanitarian crisis looms
    • Zim propaganda targets SA
    • Zim group meets US policy makers
    • Forward to people power
    • Pope chastised Mugabe for abuses
    • What now, MDC?
    • Taking the next step
    • How the results were rigged
    • Musarurwa addresses Zim Forum
    • One Zanuman, one vote
    • The way things once worked
    • Nothing to celebrate
    • Despair and disbelief as prices soar
    • 400 000 on the brink of starvation
    • Letter to Chief Justice Chidyausiku
    • Beggars head for Egoli to survive
  25. Posted 15/4/05
    • Security ministry takes over food distribution
    • Pressure group demands say on new constitution
    • Jonathan Moyo challenges electoral law
    • British journalists acquitted
    • Mbeki sticks to quiet diplomacy policy towards Harare
    • MDC dossier backs poll fraud claims
    • Chiwenga tipped as Cabinet reshuffle looms
    • Commissioners fail to agree on land disposal rules
    • South Africa to Look Into Claims of Fraud in Zimbabwe Election
    • Sign a petition to save Zimbabwean human rights activists
    • Flower unhappy at Streak return
    • 'Cotton Output Decline to Have Ripple Effects'
    • Bailing Out Parastals Should Bear Fruit
    • Fleming considers Zimb boycott
    • Are Our Neighbours Honest Friends?
    • $195 Billion Needed for Expiring VIC Falls Bridge
    • JAG Job Opportunities 13th April 2005
  26. Batch 2 Posted 14/4/05
    • Zimbabwe Defies Order to Free British Journalists
    • Cabinet dances round 'free and fair' issue in elections
    • Lawyer says Zimbabwe should drop case of UK newsmen
    • Opposition Supporters Face Violence in Wake of Zimbabwe Election
    • Zimbabwe Poll Augurs Ill for Africa
    • ZANU PF steps up bid to seize urban councils
    • ZANU PF dismisses calls to clip Mugabe's powers
    • National hero status for ZANU PF stalwart
    • Zimbabwe Vigil – stolen elections demonstration – 30th april
    • Trading Post or Outpost of Tyranny
    • Sanctions cost Makoni
    • MDC threatens street protests
    • Mnangagwa blocked from Speaker's post
    • Post-poll monetary statement
    • ZESA pressing for massive 150 percent tariff increment
    • ANZ case to be sealed month-end
    • Grain shortage threatens jobs
    • MDC to reshuffle cabinet
    • Governors get more authority
    • Failed promises disillusion new tobacco farmers
    • Mugabe acts to heal wounded party
    • MDC leaders act like spoilt brats!
    • The Silver Jubilee
    • And now to the Notebook ...
    • Fuel price hike looms
    • Tsvangirai restaurant incident offers serious food for thought
  27. Posted 14/4/05
    • Mugabe buys six jets to 'defend airspace'
    • Flawed system ‘must go’
    • Zimbabwe's MDC considers 'democratic resistance'
    • The tribal warlords that rule Zimbabwe
    • Govt to go ahead with key constitutional amendments
    • Zimbabwe Judge Orders 2 UK Journalists Freed On Bail
    • Zimbabwe boycott rejected
    • MDC Step Up Election Fraud Claims
    • Zanu-PF offers olive branch to MDC
    • Infrastructure development can boost food output
    • Chitepo must have turned in his grave
    • Chihuri taken to court
    • Public health institutions deteriorate
    • New farmers accused
    • Bulawayo embarks on water conservation campaign
    • Prices of basics soar in Zim
  28. Batch 2 Posted 13/4/05
    • ZANU PF stalwart commits suicide
    • Retribution campaign hits food distribution
    • New Speaker extends hand of peace to MDC
    • Embattled manufacturers plot way forward
    • Downtrodden voters accept their lot
    • South Zimbabwe?
    • Moyo on opposition benches as MPs sworn in
    • MDC to challenge poll in court, perhaps on streets
    • Zanu (PF) old guard incapable of novel solutions
  29. Posted 13/4/05
    • Zimbabwe poll results challenged
    • Mugabe appoints unelected MPs, boosts majority
    • Makoni short-listed for ADB post
    • Mwale to finally face justice over murder
    • MDC to take seats in Parliament
    • Mugabe throws lifeline to embattled former Speaker
    • Nkomo elected Speaker of Parly
    • ARDA finally pays workers
    • Two MDC losing candidates arrested
    • Battling HIV/AIDS and Poverty
    • Chinese auto giant explores possibility of setting up assembly plant in Zimbabwe
    • Survey records alarming levels of child malnutrition
    • Upstarts out as Mugabe beefs up old guard
    • I begged her to come back home but she loved it there
    • Radio frequencies
    • Farmers Threaten to Stop Growing Tobacco
    • ZCTU Leaders Physically Attacked At Meeting
    • Zimbabwe March inflation eases but pressures lurk
    • If the MDC Changes It'll Be Another Zanu PF
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 358
    • JAG Legal Communiqué - Domestic Worker Wages Update
    • South Africa Abdicates Its Regional Responsibilities
  30. Batch 2 Posted 12/4/05
    • Mugabe Cabinet Member Threatened Violence Against Embassy Staff
    • Mugabe and the 'John Paul' option
    • Demonstration in Washington DC 14th and 15th of April 2005.
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 357
    • JAG Legal Communiqué 11th April 2005
    • Mnangagwa bounces back
    • Provincial governors appointed
    • Tamoil deal collapses
    • Ancient African Kingdom May Anchor Cross-Border Conservation Area
    • The Ambassador of Zimbabwe Will Hold a Press Conference
    • US dollar hits Z$18,000
    • Contraband threatens Mozambique's sugar industry
    • Will South Africa follow Zimbabwe?
    • Feeling the heat on the property hunt in Harare
  31. Posted 12/4/05
    • Zim landowners to be given 'paltry' sum
    • Be careful, Zim farmers warned
    • Thugs desert Mugabe forces
    • Food shortages fuel Zimbabwe's row over prices
    • Zimbabwe and liberation war politics
    • Mugabe rules out inclusion of opposition in cabinet
    • Mugabe unfazed by possible opposition boycott of parliament
    • Blow to democracy
    • Producers raise prices of basic goods
    • Farmers brace for yet more hard times
    • ZANU PF chairman to take over as Speaker
    • Church leaders in bid to revive talks
    • Police say notebook, camera implicate British duo
    • Mugabe victory haunts Zimbabwe cricket
    • Mugabe to usher in major changes after poll win
    • Mbeki ignored the voice of Zimbabweans
    • Consider MDC evidence on poll fraud seriously
    • Bob's your owner?
    • 'Politricks' cause of decay of cities
    • Fuel Supplies Improve
    • Observing with a blindfold
    • Dead man's grip
    • Sticking around in hope
  32. Posted 11/4/05
    • DA held in elections scandal
    • Mugabe refuses to sign NGOs Bill
    • Brace up for tough times, says Cross
    • Price clampdown will worsen shortages, economists warn
    • Lupane MDC official's house burnt down
    • Senate introduction condemned
    • No end in sight to Harare's water woes
    • Concern over lack of voter education
    • Money to fund Mujuru bash stolen in Gweru
    • Residents ignore polls for Paraffin
    • Losing MDC faces tough decisions
    • Business deserts Harare's CBD
    • A day in the life of Timothy Mushore
    • Zimbabwe enigma: rural, urban divide
    • MDC in danger of losing direction
    • JAG Legal Communiqué 8th April 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 356
    • JAGMA Communiqué 8th April 2005
    • Zimbabwe solidarity newsletter
    • Mugabe says MDC boycott of no consequence
    • Zimbabwe faces food shortages over prices row
    • Chamisa claims torture
    • Politburo still to decide on new speaker
    • Mugabe tightens grip on the helm
    • There's Too Much Short-Term Thinking in Africa - Prof Chan
    • Jan Lamprecht Explains African Political Crises
    • Tough on Togo, Letting Zimbabwe Slide
    • Pressure To Call Off Zimbabwe Tour
    • Zimbabwe's HIV miracle worker
    • Blair refused to sit beside Mugabe, says daily
  33. Posted 10/4/05
    • Been there, done that
    • Retailers Reverse Price Hikes, Basic Goods Disappear From Shops
    • Petroleum companies hike fuel prices
    • Wildlife authorities dismiss poaching allegations
    • Mugabe tells Charles "you're welcome"-paper
    • Zimbabwean court releases 18 opposition youths on bail
    • Justify Increase in Rates - Residents
    • Popular Uprising Seems an Unlikely Course of Action
    • MDC youths in hospital
    • Zimbabwe opposition at crossroad
    • Chamisa at Matapi
  34. Posted 9/4/05
    • Prince Charles in Mugabe handshake row
    • On the run, again
    • Zimbabwe to export barley to Russia
    • Radio Frequencies
    • Kidnapping in Mazowe
    • Robert Mugabe: the teflon tyrant
    • Petrol in Short Supply
    • Empty shelves shock for Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwe to launch new propaganda radio station
    • Polling stations located at chiefs' homesteads, army barracks: NGO
    • Coalition raps SA delegation's election verdict
    • Lawyers say Zimbabwe stalls over British newsmen case
    • MDC rejects electoral commission's explanation
    • Mbeki comes under fire from US
    • Post-Election Crackdown Underway
    • MDC ratchets up pressure against electoral commission
  35. Batch 4 Posted 8/4/05
    • Zim voted for economic collapse?
    • Line of fire
    • We let ourselves down
    • Horror in the polling station
    • This is not a victory
    • The election: what they said
    • Electoral Court independence questionable - lawyers
    • Mugabe, Milosevic and Zimbabwe's 'John Paul' option
    • Mbeki's dilemma over Zimbabwe worsens
    • What transition, what dialogue?
    • The case for a democratic constitution
    • How Zanu PF stole the ballot
    • Way forward for the MDC
    • It's the people, not MDC who lost
    • IMF team to arrive next month
    • Police force or party thugs?
    • Parliament's unfinished business
    • Another chance for economic revival
    • Zanu PF's triumph a Pyrrhic victory
    • Poll statistics stir familiar dispute
  36. Batch 3 Posted 8/4/05
    • Decline in cotton output to worsen forex shortages
    • Reinvent investment policy, Zanu PF told
    • Poll statistics stir familiar dispute
    • MDC supporters suffer Zanu PF retribution
    • Journalists paid damages
    • Foreign scribes spurn govt joyride
    • Famine stalks drought-hit Makoni
    • New-look cabinet on cards
    • Mugabe to retire - 2008
    • ZEC chief stuck
    • MDC evidence of election fraud
    • Why Mugabe could go to pope's funeral
    • Expanded Initiative to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Expects to Reach 200,000 Women in 7 Nations
  37. Batch 2 Posted 8/4/05
    • The future looks black
    • Mugabe pushes to end isolation
    • MDC to take seats in Parliament
    • Zimbabwe to divert Z$5 trillion to buy emergency food
    • Bitter ZANU PF candidate plunges suburb into darkness
    • SA to discuss 'certain' concerns with Harare over poll
    • Dutch NGO fights to protect activists
    • US Senator in blistering attack on Mugabe
    • What the Pope told Mugabe
    • Retailers, manufacturers enemies of inflation battle
    • United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has accused the U.N. Human Rights Commission of failing to uphold human rights
    • Computer check would have revealed 'ghosts'
    • Endorsing poll 'morally questionable' - SACC
    • ANC blasts opposition MPs over mission to Zimbabwe
    • Charade democracy
    • Zanu(PF) activist testifies against UK journalists
  38. Posted 8/4/05
    • Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the conduct of the elections in Zimbabwe
    • "Southern Africa's honour publicly stained"
    • Preliminary Findings Indicate Massive Electoral Fraud
    • SA observers blast Zim poll
    • Poll chief denies vote rigging
    • Basic commodities run out
    • Chamisa arrested
    • Electoral commission at pains to explain anomalies
    • AU rights commission to hear Zim media appeal
    • Grass roots desire for democracy
    • Zimbabwe opposition claims proof of 'fraud'
    • Future prospects grim
    • No recovery without land tenure
    • Should the world take us seriously?
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Debates Quitting Parliament
    • Threats destroy independents
    • I had a dream - we were all smiling
    • EU Parliamentarian Criticizes Zimbabwean President's Trip to Vatican City
    • Election Price Controls Back to Haunt Mugabe
    • Black market for basic commodities re-emerges in after-poll Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Poll Disturbs AU Observers
    • Zimbabwe to launch 24-hour news radio station
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 355
  39. Batch 3 Posted 7/4/05
    • Lack of food and forex may stifle Zimbabwe's growth prospects
    • ANC and Zanu-PF similarities cause whites to panic
    • MDC in parliament boycott quandary
    • AU poll team in surprise U-turn
    • Dual elections to be scrapped
    • Mbeki to discuss poll concerns with Zimbabwe
    • Focus on economy, mend international relations
    • And now to the Notebook . . .
    • GMB board dissolved
    • One Square Metre Syndrome hits Harare
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #60 - Those who wish to sing always find a song
    • Zimbabwe: Mugabe Says Media Law to Stay
    • Report claims evidence of Mugabe rigging
    • Mugabe tightens grip on Zimbabwe
    • Fuel and food shortages hit Zimbabwe
  40. Batch 2 Posted 7/4/05
    • Mugabe branded 'shameless' over attempt to gatecrash Pope's funeral
    • Mugabe Defies EU Sanctions to Attend Pope's Funeral
    • Zanu-PF threatens price-raising companies
    • Zim slaps price control on food
    • Africa's top democrat let Zimbabwe down
    • International concern grows as police are deployed in Harare
    • Opposition to detail Zimbabwe complaints
    • NEW CABINET - Who will make it?
    • Statement on U.S. Embassy Observation of the Zimbabwean Parliamentary Elections
    • ZANU PF can kiss Harare goodbye
    • Mugabe helped Moyo win Tsholotsho
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Presents Proof of Poll Fraud
    • MDC issues ultimatum over poll 'irregularities'
    • Zim torture project set straight
    • Election protest lands opposition lawmaker in jail
    • Election price controls back to haunt Mugabe
    • MDC issues ultimatum over poll 'irregularities'
    • No headway in tobacco price talks
    • Zim Economic Crisis Adversely Affects SA Business
    • Mnangagwa's end?
    • Economic worries return to fore
  41. Posted 7/4/05
    • Preliminary Findings Indicate Massive Electoral Fraud
    • including Election Results Table
    • MDC VICTORY - Despondency?...What causes it and how to cope
    • US observer mission condemns Zim Poll
    • US government challenges African governments over Zim Polls
    • Foreign journalists complain over Zim media gag
    • ZANU PF unleashes massive violence against MDC supporters
    • MDC demands explanation on voter figures
    • SA bank governor meets Harare officials, demands more reforms
    • Panic-buying as basic goods vanish from shops
    • Irate tobacco farmers withhold crop
    • Exiled Zimbabweans say only confrontation will achieve results
    • South Africa says not aware of ill-treatment of jailed mercenaries
    • Tobacco farmers agree to sell under protest
    • Zim lawyers send poll report to Geneva
    • Parks probe spreads to China
    • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
    • Govt plans to replace DOTS
    • Is it ethical to visit 'outpost of tyranny'?
  42. Posted 6/4/05
    • Voters ready to take a stand
    • Election and results
    • Police deployed on rooftops to quell protests
    • Abuse Rife in Zimbabwe Poll, Says Straw
    • The Caribbean should speak out against Mugabe
    • Mugabe: Zimbabwe Will Not Ask for Food Aid
    • Hungry Zimbabweans grow food where they can
    • Zimbabwe: the Next Step
    • AU observers call for probe into poll results
    • After the elections, a tale of two nations.
    • Bomb scare at ZANU PF headquarters
    • UK journalists plead not guilty
    • Joy as five-year asylum struggle ends in victory
    • EU denounces Zim elections
    • Zim police on high alert
    • Mugabe Propagandist a Perfect Zikalala Cadre
    • MDC Youths Demand Action
    • SADC Criticises Zimbabwe Media Environment
    • Sokwanele Newsletter : Enough is Enough
    • Race, history colour views of Zimbabwe polls
    • Sokwanele Special Report : What happened on Thursday night: An account of how ZANU PF rigged the Parliamentary Ele
    • Sitrep 4
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 354
  43. Batch 2 Posted 5/4/05
    • Glimmers of Defiance In a Wary Zimbabwe
    • Life under Mugabe
    • Mugabe to Tighten Zezuru Clan Power
    • Uproar over Goniwe call to censure observers
    • Call for Tsvangirai to resign after poll
    • Business calls for dicussion with Mbeki on Zimbabwe
    • Annan worried over Zimbabwe poll
    • The Sum of White Fears: Zimbabwe
    • ANC accused of 'bully-boy' tactics on Zim elections
    • Zimbabwe needs a real election, and soon
    • Will Zimbabwe change Blair's Afro-optimism?
  44. Posted 5/4/05
    • Hundreds Protest Mugabe's Victory in Zimbabwe's Election
    • Sokwanele Newsletter : Military Crackdown
    • Opposition mulls court challenge to poll result as protests break out
    • Zimbabwe blocks bail for Telegraph journalists
    • MDC writes to election commission over discrepancies
    • Police officers detained for refusing to cast votes in the presence of bosses
    • Eight pressure group members still hospitalised after assault
    • Shock results spell uncertain future
    • Dangerous period after election result
    • Election protest crushed in Harare
    • SA embassy not aware of mercenaries' complaints
    • SMS jokes keep Zimbabweans going during election day
    • Future of Trade Unionism in Zim is Bleak - Chibebe
    • The power to change is in the palms of our hands
    • Zimbabwean president brings forward date for election of chiefs
    • Zimbabwe's election charade
    • Secretary-General welcomes peaceful Zimbabwe poll but asks for constructive dialogue
    • Why Zimbabwe Is Not Ukraine
    • Cheering On a Farcical Tragedy
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 353
  45. Batch 2 Posted 4/4/05
    • Mugabe may boost size of parliament
    • Muted opposition
    • Zimbabwe's Enabler
    • SA mission split over poll finding
    • Voters not convinced MDC could really offer a new beginning
    • Zimbabwe voters 'were gripped by terror'
    • New doubt over Zim poll result
    • Woeful life of poverty and unemployment is the bleak outlook for Zimbabweans
    • What now of Blair's Africa vision after Zimbabwe?
    • Robert Mugabe's victory: Its implications for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe needs democracy
    • Democratic drought
    • Hungry and in distress
    • Mugabe dismisses successor reports
    • 11 arrested in Chipinge after violence flares up
    • Over half of electorate did not vote
    • You have won; now step down
  46. Posted 4/4/05
    • ZESN Statement 2005 Parliamentary Elections
    • Mugabe faces election fraud claim
    • Tsvangirai Rules Out Protests
    • Zimbabwe's main opposition party demands fresh elections after Mugabe win
    • Idasa casts doubt on integrity of Harare poll
    • Mugabe to make constitutional changes
    • After Zimbabwe win, Mugabe warns his foes
    • African Observers Endorse Zimbabwe's Parliamentary Elections
    • Zimbabwe's restive south glum over Mugabe victory
    • Labour minister unfazed by 'ghosts'
    • Towards a better future
    • Rigging exposed
    • $3 trillion needed for drought relief
    • Soldiers accused of 'intimidating' voters
    • Mugabe urged to ditch NGOs Bill
    • Mbare vendors threatened with eviction
    • Massive pay hike for domestic workers
    • State blocks donation to Mutare council
    • Global Fund relents on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe outburst riles lawyers
    • Zim health crisis 'threat to SADC'
    • Zanu PF supporters 'seize' MDC money
    • Hyacinth compounds water problems for Harare residents
    • Stiff challenges ahead for Zanu PF
    • Mourning the passing of the 'Sunshine City
    • A day in the life of Timothy Mushore
    • After the polls, which way Zimbabwe?
    • When Judges became politicians
    • Poll aftermath: Zanu PF, MDC stand-off lives on
    • Polls no answer to Zimbabwe crisis
  47. Batch 2 Posted 3/4/05
    • Mugabe Threatens to Meet Street Protests of Election Count in Zimbabwe With Force
    • Fury grows at Mugabe's rigged poll
    • 'We never got the money they promised'
    • Seeds of Mugabe victory sowed 40 years ago
    • Zimbabwe uprising in face of 'sham' election fails to materialise
    • MDC refuses to throw in towel
    • 'I have more freedom here than in Iraq'
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Scoffs at Vote Doubters
    • Observers question Zimbabwe election results
    • Mugabe vows to eradicate opposition after observers endorse election victory
    • Wife of imprisoned MP defeated by 'rigged vote'
    • Africa: A reality check on aid
    • Comedy of errors
    • The hardest place in the world to be an optimist is Africa.
    • SADC questions Mugabe results
  48. Posted 3/4/05
    • Opposition Rejects Huge Mugabe Victory
    • Final election result at a glance
    • African observer missions endorse poll
    • Statement by Dianne Kohler-Barnard MP, DA Member of SADC Observer Mission
    • Zimbabwe holds UK reporters past 48-hour limit
    • 'Very angry' Mugabe ready to mend fences with Blair
    • US State Dept: Zimbabwe Elections `Seriously Tainted'
    • Mugabe says his wife is not corrupt
    • Zimbabwe hits back at UK criticism
    • Zimbabwe police warn against violence
    • MDC consults supporters
    • Catholic archbishop warns of mass uprising
    • Chipinge South taken after 25 years
    • Zimbabwean president says will work with opposition for nation's good
    • Sokwanele blog
    • Mugabe 'can change constitution'
  49. Batch 2 Posted 2/4/05
    • Mugabe snatches victory again
    • Mugabe cheats his way to win
    • Zimbabwe opposition may contest result
    • Opposition Claim Poll a "Massive Fraud"
    • Zimbabwe Crisis May Continue, Despite Ruling Party Win
    • Rice Praises Zimbabweans for Demanding Change Through Their Vote
    • Mugabe wins poll denounced by West as a sham
    • Mugabe's time is up: he should go
  50. Posted 2/4/05
    • Zanu(PF) wins Zimbabwe poll
    • Election results
    • Clear signs of mass mobilization in Zimbabwe
    • Swedish television reporter expelled from Zimbabwe
    • Who won Zimbabwe's election?
    • US says Zimbabwe election process 'seriously tainted'
    • Tsvangirai hints at post-poll protests
    • Do shiny boxes make for a fair vote in Zimbabwe?
    • My dead mother is on the voters' roll
    • No crowds, no queues, just the high-speed chase of a white voter
    • Elections and the constitution
    • Mugabe rules - again
    • Thousands turned away from Zimbabwe polls
    • Echoes of eastern Europe on Harare's streets
    • Sokwanele blog
    • Tsvangirai cries foul over poll fraud
    • Britain says poll was seriously flawed
    • Jonathan Moyo wins Tsholotsho seat
    • SADC, AU challenged on rigging charges
  51. Batch 3 Posted 1/4/05
    • MDC cements lead
    • Sitrep 2.
    • Sitrep 3.
    • Mugabe on course to win Zimbabwe's election
    • Opposition extends early lead in Zimbabwe polls
    • Thousands turned away
    • Zimbabwean presiding officer dies of collapse during polling day
    • MDC rejects observers' assessment
    • Observers commend poll process
    • No solution to Zim crisis in sight
    • Government takes out begging bowl
    • Zimbabweans robbed of chance to resolve crisis
    • Moyo not brains behind Aippa - Charamba
    • MDC exposes poll fraud
    • 6 arrested for election crimes
    • Mugabe says yes to talks, rules out coalition
    • NCA stings again
    • Bloody finger, killed a cock?
    • Welcome
    • No respite for Zim despite poll
    • Tobacco sales no panacea to forex woes
    • TIMB sees tobacco output declining
    • Election winner must deal with economic crisis
    • When patronage takes away your freedoms
    • All Zanu PF wanted was 'legitimacy'
    • There's still a dream in Zimbabwe
    • Bad boy tag blocks economic rebound
    • The election and Homelink
    • Gono, brief Joyce Mujuru please!
    • Harare election blog II: Voting day
  52. Batch 2 Posted 1/4/05
    • First win to Zimbabwe opposition
    • 25 percent of voters barred from poll, says NGO
    • 'It's a little scary voting MDC - I'm not sure about the future'
    • Zimbabwe to deport two UK journalists
    • Calls for re-run as Zimbabwe voters turned away
    • From Harare to Bulawayo, voters open their hands and their hearts
    • Group arrested while praying in Harare
    • Voting for Hope
    • 'Zombie' Voters Key to Poll Outcome
    • Farm Workers Disenfranchised
    • Two British journalists held at polling station
    • Voter intimidation, chaos mar election
    • Charging buffaloes send polling officers scurrying for safety
    • Mugabe leaves door for talks wide open
    • South African Communist Party raps Archbishop Ncube
    • Mugabe's cynical charade
    • Fear stalks Zimbabwe elections
    • Zimbabwe Election Opposition Hopes to Beat Fraud
    • Turnout Is Heavy for Zimbabwe's Heady Election
    • Allegations overshadow Zimbabwe election
    • Rural apathy in Zimbabwe poll
    • Voter apathy seen as due to intimidation over food
    • Whatever the result, economy remains in a crisis
    • Mugabe hails Zimbabwe poll, West calls it a sham
    • Editorial: Zimbabwe Elections
    • Sokwanele blog
    • New political party in the offing?
    • A bucket of maize selling for Z$60,000
    • Tertiary education reduced to a parody
    • Govt attacks on judiciary now endemic
    • UK Zimbabweans vote MDC
  53. Posted 1/4/05
    • Candidates - results to come when available
    • Over 1.4 million cast votes by afternoon
    • British journalists arrested in Zimbabwe
    • War veterans disrupt voting
    • Missing candidate found, voting continues on a peaceful note
    • Sokwanele blog
    • Blair who? We just want jobs, say Zimbabweans
    • The people are behind us, insists Mugabe
    • First Sitrep - 15.00 hrs.
    • Heavy voter turnout in Chinhoyi for Zimbabwe's parliament election
    • Zimbabwe's opposition alleges voting irregularity in Murehwa
    • Violence flaring up in Zim's Guruve North
    • Woman nabbed for violating electoral laws during Zimbabwean poll
    • 'If we go in the streets, they clamp down'
    • MDC is Ready for a Peaceful Uprising, Warns Biti
    • Zim vote: 'We want a better life'
    • Time may be ripe for peaceful uprising in Zimbabwe
    • Food denied to MDC - Ncube
    • Zim 62 'to serve full sentence'
    • Mugabe seeks to change Zimbabwe's constitution
    • I was beaten by Zanu-PF supporters - SA woman
    • Queues, hopes and fears as Zimbabwe votes
    • Analysis: No blood, many fouls in Zimbabwe vote
    • The Incredible Shrinking Country
    • Bribery claims rattle Zimbabwe's opposition as polls open
    • I'm ready to talk, says Mugabe
    • Election will not Change Grip on Power
    • Zimbabwe Exiles Protest over Election
    • Tougher European Sanctions Urged Against Zimbabwe

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