The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 28/2/05
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 17
    • Mnangagwa is now a born again Christian
    • Mangwende: committed and consistent nationalist
    • Tsvangirai ex-bodyguard released
    • MDC candidate for Bindura arrested
    • Harare City Council hikes clinic fees
    • Africa receives US $648 million from Canada
    • Weekly Times owner blasts Mahoso
    • Thousands died in Africa yesterday
    • Solutions That Are Working
    • Moyo a hero? Are you crazy?
  2. Posted 28/2/05
    • SA traditional leaders off to Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe declares Moyo enemy 'Number One'
    • Newspaper appeals to court against ban
    • Zimbabwe to reintroduce bicameral parliament
    • Central bank fails to allocate forex to 93 percent of bids
    • Harare hosts tourism pageant
    • Zimbabwe Solidarity Newsletter
    • Mugabe vows to destroy poll rival
    • Zimbabwe to look at former rebels
    • Africa polices some, but powerful get pass
    • Cosatu's Zimbabwe blockade gains momentum
    • In Togo, a success for African diplomacy
    • The African Union's heavy hand
    • Differences between image and reality
    • SA and US head for showdown over Zim?
    • MIC denies threatening Zimbabwe Independent
    • Govt hesitates on NGO bill
    • The spectre of ethnicism- friend or foe?
    • Out of a job, but Moyo's living the high life
  3. Batch 2 Posted 27/2/05
    • Miss Tourism gobbles billions
    • 'Inflation target fictitious'
    • Government accused of confusing voters
    • Court finally rules in favour of private schools
    • Rebellion in dramatic end
    • Bitter row threatens Ruwa private school
    • Media bodies angry over paper's closure
    • Jitters at Zimpapers after Moyo sacking
    • Midlands rural councils on the verge of collapse
    • Terror in Mutare as Zanu PF thugs demand cards
    • Man in court for insulting Mugabe
    • Costly and questionable campaigns
    • Amazing tales from Freedonia
    • Barca ridicule Chelsea complaint
    • Time to dump the old 'sekuru'
    • No democracy in Zanu PF while Mugabe is in power
    • Alarming corruption at ZESA
    • Compensate Gukurahundi victims first
    • Dairy industry faces collapse
    • IMF 'reprieve' no cause for celebration
    • March poll: to vote or not to vote?
    • Prof. Jonathan Moyo
  4. Posted 27/2/05
    • The Right to Vote
    • Billion dollar birthday party
    • Mugabe Turns to Military to Ensure Victory
    • Mugabe woos states to avoid poll scrutiny
    • From breadbasket to basket case
    • Mugabe aims to bury Blair
    • Zimbabwe Bans Another Newspaper
    • Union T-shirts a no-no in Zim
    • Madhuku criticises MDC manifesto
  5. Batch 2 Posted 26/2/05
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 25th February 2005
    • JAG PR Communiqué 25th February 2005
    • Mugabe Henchmen on the Warpath
    • President's Mansion an "Affront" to His People
    • MDC Faces Uphill Task
    • Fourth Zimbabwe paper shut down
  6. Posted 26/2/05
    • US warns SADC over Zimbabwe inaction
    • Moyo loyalist editor fired from Chronicle
    • Electric fence to cut off Zimbabwe
    • Top MDC officials arrested in crackdown
    • Airforce helicopter crashes near Harare airport
    • Pretoria's doublespeak worries Tsvangirai
    • Moyo ouster offers no respite for Zimbabwe's embattled media
    • MDC speaks on violence
    • Nkomo, Dumiso deny defaming sacked Moyo
    • New war vets' leadership to be announced soon
    • CBZ set to minimise exposure to parastatals
    • Govt urged to comply with democratic principles
    • Kasukuwere calls for discipline among youths
    • Cops accused of getting kickbacks from lawyers
    • Farmers irked over delays in facilitating irrigation projects
    • Zim election violence fall - but fear thrives
    • Forum calls for transitional settlement in Zimbabwe
    • US urges tough stance on Zimbabwe
    • Ex-skipper Streak returns to Zimbabwe fold
    • Tsvangirai: Army understands
    • Church Convicted of Illegal Forex Dealings
    • Jonathan Moyo, my hero
    • 'All Africans must be free'
    • Chinese arms for Mugabe
    • Mugabe hits the hustings
    • Zimbabwe Supreme Court Reserves Judgement on Diaspora Vote
    • VOA announces new Studio 7 morning broadcasts to Zimbabwe
  7. Batch 3 Posted 25/2/05
    • Moyo linked to new coalition
    • Reduce fuel price for polls - govt
    • Hunt for Moyo's successor hots up
    • Harare set to lose $400b
    • Date set for poll observers
    • Moyo accused of vanity
    • Mawere digs in heels over SMM Holdings
    • TNF future uncertain
    • Lawyer/police bicker over 'missing' MDC activists
    • Zanu PF youths arrested over attack on MDC team
    • Female MPs prove mettle in politics staying power
    • Concern over Zim election
    • Men of cloth shout out from ringside
    • THE Moyo loses grip on Zanu PF
    • Neither a tyranny nor a democracy
    • Poor Africa and the IMF's 'bad faith'
    • Moyo scoffs at politics of patronage
    • 93% forex bids rejected
    • RBZ's double-digit inflation target elusive
    • Empowerment drive falls flat
    • Curbing excessive regulation in finance
    • Govt to blame
    • Nothing to celebrate
    • Open letter to Mugabe over scribes' harassment
    • Hey, Spinner!
    • Moyo: the 'messiah' and 'devil' in one
    • There's hope as long as Mugabe is paranoid
  8. Batch 2 Posted 25/2/05
    • COSATU gears up for border blockade
    • Political violence flares ahead of election
    • State secret agents bankroll MDC rebels
    • Research foundation takes on Jonathan Moyo
    • SADC inaction on Zimbabwe places aid at risk - US
    • Join in protest, Cosatu urges whites
    • SACC to support protests against Zimbabwean elections
    • Water woes affect sugar production
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 341
    • JAG Extraordinary General Meeting of Membership Announcement
    • JAG Job Opportunities 24th February 2005
    • Unions in joint fight against Zim
    • Zimbabwe's election needs 'a miracle', says Cosatu
    • Mbeki's miscalculation at Abuja was a wake-up call on global bargaining
    • 'Half Zimbabwe's voters in foreign countries'
    • Born to be wild
    • Campaign finance a hot topic in Zimbabwe
    • Zim might deregister NGOs
  9. Posted 25/2/05
    • US Urges Southern Africa to Condemn Political Repression in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's economic situation is getting better: Gono
    • Zim workers beaten and maimed - Cosatu
    • Country risks
    • Smaller parties hamstrung by lack of funds
    • ICRC Denies Recruiting Zimbabwean Youths
    • Rebels set for dramatic comeback?
    • Harare raps EU over sanctions
    • Cosatu sets date for Zimbabwe blockade
    • Zimbabwe urged to allow foreign journalists
    • Moyo is a coward, says MDC
    • Zimbabwe: Outpost of tyranny or democracy?
    • Support floods in from churches for asylum seeker
    • Police Nab Corrupt Officials
    • Diaspora Vote Judgment Reserved
    • Region's Air Forces Urged to Be On Alert
    • Moyo is thick-headed - Mugabe
    • SADC's credibility in the balance
    • Weekly Media Update # 2005-7
    • SADC Protocol Watch
  10. Batch 3 Posted 24/2/05
    • Jail Fears Prompted Journalists' Flight
    • A Troubled Reunion
    • Zimbabwe leaves it late for poll observer teams
    • Charamba rings changes at ZBH
    • Moyo comes out fighting
    • SA issues warrant of arrest for Rautenbach
    • A nation of poor millionaires
    • IMF gives Zim space to mend its ways
    • Doek says a lot about Mugabe's state of mind
    • Fly in the ointment
    • Does it still make any economic sense going to work every day?
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Mujuru group loses appeal
    • Central bank probes agro-based state firms
    • Lack of tourists forces firm to keep luxury camp under wraps
  11. Batch 2 Posted 24/2/05
    • Voting not a fundamental right: Supreme Court judges
    • Jailed MP says continued imprisonment illegal
    • Customs Seizes Shipment Of Elephant Body Parts
    • Pressure group holds all-female demo against poll
    • Mugabe govt says EU has hostile agenda against Zimbabwe
    • Arms deal raises fears of coup if Mugabe loses vote
    • Malaria: Biting Back In Zimbabwe
    • Will the Opposition's Campaign Trip Up on Purse Strings?
  12. Posted 24/2/05
    • US blasts Mugabe for intimidating journalists
    • Full text of European Union sanctions against Mugabe
    • Botswana government critic faces deportation
    • Bennett sues wife
    • Soldiers beat up MDC candidates
    • Govt, overhaul electoral observation process: ZESN
    • MDC candidate, supporters arrested
    • Poaching threatens future of conservancy
    • Farmer fined for granting hunting concession
    • UK Zimbos' case: judgment reserved
    • Doubt over extent of electoral reform ahead of poll
    • With xenophobia rising, electrified border fence hailed
    • Committee To Protect Journalists Accuses Zimbabwe Government of Harassment And Intimidation
    • Police investigating claims of assault by soldiers
    • ANC on A-list of Zim poll guests
    • US anger over Zimbabwe reporters
    • 'Be patient with RBZ policies'
    • Soldier fined $300 after blunder
    • SA can play key role in pressurising Zimbabwe, US insists
    • Agriculture doctorate for Mugabe, 81, as Zimbabwe's farms go to seed
    • 'Observers to Submit Reports Before Poll Results'
    • Chaotic Land Reform Created Phone Farmers
    • Zimbabwe shifts the goal posts, literally
    • AG Legal Communique: For SA Zimbabwe Investors, 22nd February 2005
  13. Batch 2 Posted 23/2/05
    • MDC claims Zanu-PF attacks
    • Government forks out Z$9bn to ex-political detainees
    • Army recalls retired soldiers
    • Judge issues warrant of arrest for MDC activists
    • Mbeki worried about Zim voters' roll
    • Full text of Moyo's response to his dismissal by President Mugabe
    • War of liberation: Leave posterity to decide
    • Zim journalists vow to make politicians accountable
    • Zimbabwe does not Comply with Regional Electoral Protocols
    • Kenya threatens to arrest British envoy for 'theft and corruption'
    • JAG Legal Communiqué: Farm Listings 22nd February 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 340
    • How to Steal the Crown Jewels.
    • Tourism aims to rake in US$250m
    • If You Are Not Going to Vote, Ask Yourself Why
    • SADC's credibility in the balance
    • DA feels insulted after being denied entry into Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki's mistake
    • SW Radio Africa to broadcast on Medium Wave
    • Of dreams, traitors and weeping chiefs
  14. Posted 23/2/05
    • The Fight for Democracy in Zimbabwe.
    • Zim gvt gets more arms from China
    • Charles Taylor cronies seek Harare asylum
    • MDC abandons electoral petitions
    • Tsvangirai blames Blair
    • ESC still in charge of elections
    • MDC holds workshop
    • We can do without Moyo: Zanu PF
    • Banned cosmetics, soaps flood market
    • Storm brewing in Harare council
    • Rebels remain in the cold
    • "All I did was drop everything and run"
    • Political violence could keep voters away, say rights groups
    • Electoral court set up ahead of Zimbabwe polls
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Election Manifesto Published
    • 'Soldiers attacked MDC officials'
    • Court still in favour of Mugabe - MDC
    • Mugabe turns 81 with few but clerics daring to criticise him
    • Interview: Thabo Mbeki
    • The rise and fall of Jonathan Moyo
    • Many more Moyos out there
    • Debate Zimbabwe
    • RBZ out to raise $500bn
  15. Posted 22/2/05
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • SADC still awaiting invite from Zimbabwe
    • Europe renews Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Weak Message from EU to Mugabe, says MEP
    • Zimbabwe's top soldier in South Africa
    • Mugabe, 81, renews attack on Tony Blair
    • 'How I fled Zim after tip-off over Mugabe swoop on journalists'
    • Church joins fight to save woman from deportation
    • Chinese the New Economic Imperialists in Africa
    • Age fails to tame Mugabe
    • Food aid meeting critical needs
    • African leaders air their views in new report
    • SA wants monitors in Zimbabwe soon
    • ZCTU, NCA snub MDC
    • MDC furious over observers
    • Court messenger defies order
    • Lack of funding cripples alternative political parties
    • Dismissed Net*One workers storm offices
    • Zimbabwe rebel back with team
  16. Batch 3 Posted 21/2/05
    • Bennett's wife to stand for Chimanimani
    • Mugabe misinformed: Dairibord boss says
    • RBZ puts on brave face as inflation climbs
    • Zanu PF forces schools to bankroll Mujuru bash
    • Chitungwiza council ordered to give stands to Zanu PF
    • Zimbabwe's IMF arrears rise to US$306m
    • Election manifestoes: An overview
    • Harassment of lawyers slammed
    • Health services in limbo as council fails to pay staff
    • Zanu PF's skewed priorities
    • What's in a name? - quite a lot ...
    • Coal shortage hits firms
    • Bad words about the good Sister Rice uncalled for
    • Zimbabwe health crisis runs deeper
    • Mugabe hits out at UK before his birthday
    • Zimbabwe Solidarity Newsletter
  17. Batch 2 Posted 21/2/05
    • Jonathan Moyo hits back
    • Government coughs up Z$24m to tortured journalists
    • Tsvangirai pledges to end ZANU PF 'tyranny'
    • Minister seeks regional endorsement of poll
    • Mugabe asks old allies for help before national poll
    • Mugabe Birthday: No Cause for Celebration
    • SADC 'must take stand on Zim'
    • Window on Africa - Mugabe may succeed in pulling the wool over selected election observers' eyes
    • Mugabe wants peaceful election
    • Mugabe, at 81, ever more defiant
    • Canada bans Sekeramayi's son from medical practise
  18. Posted 21/2/05
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Turns 81, Defiant and Isolated
    • Opposition vows "new beginning" for Zimbabwe
    • Ex-info chief hits Zimbabwe "politics of patronage"
    • EU, US not invited to observe Zimbabwe polls
    • Moyo in fresh scandal
    • MIC threatens Zim Independent
    • Mugabe asks for election whitewash
    • Hounded out by Mugabe's thugs
    • Too late for a free election in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe sacks information minister after defection
    • Mugabe picks poll monitors
    • Mugabe accused of jeopardizing fairness of vote
    • From Jono to Gono
    • 'Moyo fall inevitable'
    • Zanu PF, MDC differences superficial
    • Women accused of forcing people to buy Zanu PF cards
    • Expelled South Africans Furious
    • Nigeria Welcomes White Farmers
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 339
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 18th February 2005
  19. Posted 20/2/05
    • Jailed MP barred from poll
    • High Court orders spy suspect's release
    • MDC scoffs at state's opening up of airwaves
    • Chiyangwa free at last
    • Shareholders in troubled banks lose stake to ZABG
    • UZ lecturers launch opinion poll
    • Tibetan beauty banned from pageant in Zim
    • Zimbabwe registers candidates for parliament vote
    • Three percent pass rate
  20. Batch 2 Posted 19/2/05
    • As Mugabe's net closed in, I was forced to flee the country I love
    • Intelligence Services Searching for Journalist Thought to Have Videotape With "Sensitive" Footage; AP Stringers Threatened With Arrest On Spying Charges
    • Zimbabwe journalists flee threats
    • MDC to launch election campaign
    • Bush should use Zimbabwe as lab for his global policy
  21. Posted 19/2/05
    • DA delegation denied entry into Zimbabwe
    • Postpone Zimbabwe election: Leon
    • Foreign Affairs in spat over Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe acts to reverse brain drain
    • Zimbabwe's Political Parties Nominate Candidates for March Election
    • Mugabe's spin doctor to go solo
    • 'Don't chase Zim invite'
    • Caprivi flood warning issued
    • Rural Councils' Service Delivery Hampered
    • Tobacco Growers Seek Early Start to Selling Season
    • Zinwa, Farmers Need to Negotiate
    • President Bemoans Low Rural Schools' Pass Rate
    • DA trio to appeal Zim ejection
    • Media, opposition complain of harassment
    • Four reporters for foreign news media harassed in runup to parliamentary polls
    • Judge challenges Mugabe over tribunal
  22. Batch 2 Posted 18/2/05
    • MDC pledges to restore rule of law
    • Opposition MP wins restraining order against police
    • Government media watchman threatens new paper
    • Dlamini-Zuma has nailed her colours to Zanu-PF ship
    • Blair's African ally supports Mugabe
    • AU Endorses Report of Abuses, Intimidation in 2002 Zimbabwe Poll
    • Riddle wrapped in an enigma
    • Mugabe throws poll into turmoil
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 16
    • Full text of statement by Mahoso on The Zimbabwean
    • Ghost voters unearthed
    • Sadc edgy over poll observers
    • Zanu PF issues 'traitors' list
    • Museveni snubs Zim
    • Commission headed for clash with Gono
    • Boost for Hwange Colliery
    • Police quiz new paper's agents
    • Election a boon for Matabeleland?
    • MDC takes Zanu PF by the horns
    • New candidates grace MDC
    • Zanu PF's well-beaten path with no gold coins
    • Agrarian reform: waiting for a miracle
    • Sorting out the parastatal chaos
    • Going way back in time with Zanu PF
    • S America takes over Zim's EU beef market
    • Elections and the economy
    • Wrongly assaulted by CIO agents
    • Time to bury Hunzvi's legacy
    • Seeing through it all
    • Beginning of the end for Mugabe?
  23. Posted 18/2/05
    • Zim cops beat up protesters
    • COSATU pushes ahead with Zim border blockade
    • Mahoso threatens to ban The Zimbabwean
    • MDC Boss's Arrest Puts SA Zimbabwe Policy in Spotlight
    • Mbeki has failed the people of Zimbabwe
    • Chief Justice blasts justice minister
    • MDC wins court case
    • IMF spares Zim
    • Aids wreaks havoc in the teaching profession
    • ZEC reverses Chinamasa decision
    • Party pulls out of election
    • New Media Regulations for Zimbabwe Elections
    • S.Africa says Zimbabwe land pact to be signed
    • Zimbabwe's election machinery in disarray
    • Zimbabwe police release MDC election chief
    • George Bush and the elections in Zimbabwe
    • Internet down!
    • Murdered Teen 'Will Be Deeply Missed'
  24. Batch 2 Posted 17/2/05
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 338
    • AU backs report on Zim abuse
    • Group attacks Zimbabwe for failing to open up public media
    • Supreme Court to hear postal votes challenge
    • Low-income family cost of living rises
    • IMF Executive Board Considers the Complaint Regarding Zimbabwe's Compulsory Withdrawal from the IMF
    • Zimbabwe Holds SADC at Arm's Length
    • SA 'scraps' Zim poll monitors
    • Land mines kill farmer
    • Dealing With Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Moyo at crossroads
    • New buses plunge ZUPCO into fresh controversy
    • Govt keeps observers guessing
    • Zim's political maturity on trial
    • 'Anti-Blair' vs 'Better Zimbabwe'
    • Attention-shy Zim draws iron curtain
    • MIC's axe hovers over Weekly Times
    • Parliamentary seats are no meal tickets
    • Dishonest and insincere MPs
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Ministry intervenes in diamond mine wrangle
  25. Posted 17/2/05
    • MDC Press: Police raid MDC candidates' meeting
    • Media and the 2005 Parliamentary Election
    • Farmers Face Water Cuts
    • Zimbabwe opens airwaves for political campaign
    • Put Me On Trial Now, Kuruneri Appeals to Court
    • Poll Campaign Expenses Soar
    • Mugabe deals new blow to attempts to ensure fair poll
    • False sovereignty
    • Zim cops 'harass' journos
    • New farmer accused of stealing 145 beasts
    • Zanu PF to use bicycles in campaign
    • Maya to stand for MDC in Mhondoro
    • Moyo keeps Zanu PF guessing
    • Minister accused of victimising rival
    • MDC enters rural areas with ease: Ncube
    • Mawere takes govt to court
    • Showdown looms in Mutare
    • Ministry faces critical shortage of engineers
    • Stand-off over suspended councillors cripples Chegutu
    • ZANU-PF out wooing women
    • MP Pushes for Answers On Costly State-Run Papers
    • Zimbabwe forex auctions struggle to meet demand
  26. Batch 2 Posted 16/2/05
    • Shameful silence
    • Bush's democratic bandwagon hits a roadblock in Harare
    • JAG Communiqué - Schools Litigation Update 11th February[iso-8859-1] 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 337
    • ZANU PF election manifesto unmasks land reform lies
    • Correction by Zim Online
    • Supreme Court postpones indefinitely ruling in jailed minister's application
    • Chief cries before Mugabe
    • For $60 000, man digs up grave, robs corpse
    • Voter Apathy a Major Factor in Ballot
    • Initial Mugabe Successes Turn Sour
    • Plans afoot to revive tourism
    • Stop abrupt farm evictions State told
    • Goche manager convicted
    • PGI in troubled waters
    • MDC hails move to open air waves
    • Cosatu Gets Go Ahead to Blockade Zimbabwe
  27. Posted 16/2/05
    • Journalists questioned after 'spying' claims
    • Representatives or Godfathers?
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Govt won't tolerate Cosatu's blockade of Zim borders
    • IMF board seen keeping up pressure on Zimbabwe
    • Foreign currency shortage affects freight industry in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe says he doesn't need 'lessons on democracy'
    • Zuma upbeat about Zim election
    • Journalists And Fight Against Corruption
    • Zimbabwean refugee says 'Join my fight for justice'
    • Local Authorities Owe Zinwa $6,3bn
    • A whiff of fresh air
    • Zimbabwe opposition says govt sponsoring divisions
    • Polls won't be free and fair - experts
  28. Batch 2 Posted 15/2/05
    • Journalists arrested in swoop
    • ZANU PF takes propaganda war to new heights
    • High Court judge wants tribunal disbanded
    • Attorney General revives court cases against MDC activists
    • Women protesters demand violence-free election
    • Mbeki pushes for SADC delegation to Harare
    • Zimbabwe's cricket greenhorns face SA whitewash
    • MDC cracks whip
    • Chinamasa invites local observers for accreditation
    • Students protest over food,destroy school property
    • GMB battles to recover property from ex- boss
    • Harare belatedly consults residents
    • Police raid news agency
    • Claims of Zimbabwe's economic recovery mask a collapse in social services
    • Gono Blasts Service Providers
    • Zanu PF, MDC war chest boosted by State funds
    • Zimbabwe's industry urged to add value to products
  29. Posted 15/2/05
    • Zimbabwe Government Increases Wages Seven Weeks Before Election
    • Zimbabwe declares land distribution programme a success
    • Concern over election observers delay
    • WOZA activists demand violence-free polls
    • MDC sets date for poll campaign launch
    • France pledges to support Zimbabwe in fight against HIV/AIDS
    • Media groups slam African Union
    • Zambia making the most of tourism boom
    • Zvakwana Newsletter - Feb 14, 2005 - Stir it up
  30. Batch 2 Posted 14/2/05
    • Church leaders attack ZANU PF
    • 53 women 'love' protesters arrested
    • Mugabe drags his feet over SADC inspection
    • Police hope to nab criminal masterminds
    • Zimbabwe's inflation rate for year accelerates
    • 'ZCFU, State to help with crop reaping, curing skills'
    • SADC should go to Zim soon - Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe ignores DA request for visit
    • A jittery Zanu PF is dangerous at election time
  31. Posted 14/2/05
    • MDC will win poll vows Tsvangirai
    • Moyo snubs Zanu PF campaign launch
    • CIO operatives grilled in SA
    • Drunken soldiers attack MDC supporters in Nyanga
    • Cosatu must revise its strategies
    • No fear, no rules, no nothing
    • Firms say confusion as Zimra introduces tax regime
    • Election violence likely to dampen tourism
    • Harare water supply system under threat
    • ZBH ventures into flower production
    • Court reprieve for private schools
    • Economists warn against ex-detainee gratuity payoff
    • Zanu PF's latest gimmick: Women
    • Health crisis runs much deeper
    • March 31: Zimbabwe's day of reckoning
    • MDC cautiously welcomes government plans for access to the electronic media
    • Mugabe snubs SADC attempt at election visit
    • ANC won't stop Zim blockade
    • Lindela deportation centre is 'for those who do not have money'
    • Row over constituency boundaries
    • Diplomat arrested
    • Air Force officers order new farmers off property
    • Hwange struggles to pay debt
    • Border Gezi inquest:
    • Zimbabweans yearn for a better life
    • Selling grain reserves was unwise: Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe excludes EU observers in parliamentary election
  32. Posted 13/2/05
    • Everyone stays silent
    • Mugabe party woos voters with 'bright future'
    • 40 women arrested for 'love' march
    • Mugabe Set for "Ugly" Campaign
    • Mugabe changes aid stance
    • World's Worst Dictators
    • Zimbabwe's mockery of democracy
    • Under Zimbabwean skies
  33. Batch 2 Posted 12/2/05
    • Fresh crackdown against Zimbabwe journalists
    • Thumbs down for Mugabe's high-tech computers
    • Economic crisis hits judiciary
    • ZANU PF spy suspect remanded in custody
    • Interview - Wilf Mbanga
    • Don't blame imperialism
    • Zimbabwe, Iran to cooperate in vaccine production
    • Condoleezza Rice a slave, spits Bob
    • Zimbabwe Plans Food Handouts as Elections Near
    • A farmer is ruined in the land where time stands still
    • MDC supporters stage demo
    • Poll race begins
  34. Posted 12/2/05
    • Mugabe sets election ball rolling with scathing attack on Blair
    • Zimbabwean MP candidates warned against giving empty promises
    • Zimbabweans Celebrate New Voice
    • One-party state the 'democratic' way
    • Diaspora vote saga sparks legal row
    • Mugabe vows to feed hungry voters
    • Zimbabwe Admits Need for Food Aid
    • Government Accused of Electioneering with Hunger Aid
    • Farmer Murdered
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 11th February 2005
    • WOZA Valentines Day Protests
    • ANC, Cosatu agreement on observers to Zimbabwe poll
    • Gono issues ultimatum to platinum producers
    • Call for police restraint over blind beggars
    • The Inside story of SA's Lindela deportation centre
    • Ideal Parliament possible after free, fair poll
    • Mugabe commends eastern countries for supporting Zimbabwe
    • State to Gazette Media Rules for Political Parties
    • Masiyiwa Donates Papers to Workers
    • Togolese fiasco ominous for Zimbabwe
    • Ploughing a field
  35. Batch 3 Posted 11/2/05
    • Gono/Mawere battle
    • Zim gets SA maize
    • Mawere courts Mugabe over faltering fortunes
    • Sadc troika snubbed
    • Zanu PF, MDC mum on agendas
    • ZABG mired in confusion
    • MP challenges Posa
    • Zimra gives individuals tax-collecting power
    • Celebrating Zimbabwe's own goal
    • IMF executive to meet over Zim
    • Violence hots up
    • More trouble for Chiyangwa
    • RBZ acts on capital flight
    • MDC between a rock and a hard place
    • Economic curse of faulty telecoms
    • Mugabe's Masvingo birthday present
    • New fuel body emerges
    • Zim crisis spurs Zambian tourism
    • Love-struck
  36. Batch 2 Posted 11/2/05
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 336
    • Army barracks declared 'no go' areas for opposition
    • MDC legislator remanded to May 16
    • Central bank extends curators' terms
    • Refurbishment of new domestic terminal almost complete
    • Harare Plans to Lay Off Workers
    • EU committed to supporting Zimbabwe's social services sector
    • SADC pressed to vet Zimbabwe
    • African Union cannot be expected to police democracy effectively
    • Appeasement? Europe, thy name is Cowardice
    • What recourse for nationals?
    • Unity of Purpose is What Shapes and Guides the MDC
  37. Posted 11/2/05
    • Farmer 'beaten to death' in rural Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe supporters denied bail after weekend rampage
    • Don't Forget Zimbabwe's Tragedy
    • Botswana MP warns of war against Zimbabwe
    • Economists warn against payouts for detainees
    • MDC denies attacking Zanu PF offices
    • Britain hails launch of new Zimbabwean newspaper
    • SA farmers challenge Zimbabwe land grab
    • Violence within MDC cause for concern
    • Chiyangwa loses farm
    • Cholera kills five in Zimbabwe
    • Chiyangwa still in
    • ZABG subsidiaries
    • Mugabe launches campaign
    • Inflation up
    • GMB manager sent on forced leave
    • Call for focus on solution to Zimbabwe crisis
    • 'Multiparty' observers to Zim
    • African solidarity at its very best
  38. Batch 2 Posted 10/2/05
    • SADC Poll Guidelines Not Legal Document: Minister
    • Crop Failures Spark Famine Fears
    • Comment: Playing Politics with Malaria
    • Witch-doctor's spell backfired, says transvestite
    • Expansion of Power Station Begins
    • A Man And A Golfer Without A Country
    • Antiquated Equipment to Be Moved to New Museum
    • Preparations for President's Birthday Gain Momentum
    • Tobacco Farmers Urged to Establish Energy Woodlots
    • Signing of SA-Zimbabwe agreement postponed
    • Chiyangwa's mansion sold
    • ZANU PF 'rebels' chicken out of polls
    • Massive registration fee hike hits aspiring MPs
    • Manifesto, chaotic primaries delay ZANU PF campaign
    • The good, the ugly and the unacceptable
    • World fiddles over what to call tragedy
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Bumper tobacco crop a reality: ZFU
    • Local firm launches farming software
    • Ruling parties, too, should accept defeat
    • The constitution and issues of human rights
  39. Posted 10/2/05
    • Minister's son stops church-run feeding scheme
    • ZANU PF unleashes youth militia into MDC stronghold
    • IMF meets to seal Zimbabwe's fate
    • Secrecy as three jailed for spying for SA
    • Bennett set to be free from jail next month
    • Like other parastatals, ZABG will bleed economy
    • Trouble for cutting off minister's water supplies
    • Tsvangirai visit sparks fights
    • Gara company faces eviction
    • Postal voting case not urgent: Chinamasa
    • MZWP benefits not immediate
    • Harare council budget complete
    • Ignorant councillors 'a liability'
    • Zanu PF youths in court for besieging police post
    • `Pay Hikes for War Vets And Traditional Chiefs Could Slow Down Economy'
    • Caught with his pants down!
    • Spy case a sign of historical tensions with Pretoria
    • South Africans fear for Zimbabwe land after deal delay
    • 'Soviet-Style' Farming Policy Mooted to Feed Zimbabwe
    • AU Adopts Report Criticising Mugabe
    • Embassy Mag, Canada
    • Worship resumes in troubled Zimbabwe Anglican parish
    • Kingdom Bank defrauded $167m
    • State blasted for dilly-dallying on observers
    • Chegutu begs for $2,5 billion
    • Tsvangirai woos rural vote
    • Zimbabwe expels trade unionists
  40. Batch 2 Posted 9/2/05
    • Mugabe, former army boss cross swords
    • Heavy jail terms for ZANU PF spies
    • Zimbabwe in frantic bid to import 600 000 tonnes of maize
    • SA's ruling alliance meets over COSATU deportation
    • No surrender for bruised MDC activists in Zimbabwe's turbulent political turf
    • Zimbabwean blind beggars dig for gold on the streets of "Egoli"
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 15
    • Zimbabwe sends 15 tonnes of aid to Indonesia
    • Agreement to protect SA-owned farms put off
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 335
    • Archbishop meets Prisoner of Conscience
    • Publish, and be damned
    • Zimbabwe farmers mark new territory
  41. Posted 9/2/05
    • WOZA gearing for another Valentine's Day protest
    • Zim spies convicted in hushed courtroom
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Party Slams Archbishop Tutu As 'Sellout'
    • African Union attacks Mugabe's human rights record
    • Botswana gets tough on illegal immigrants
    • Use of military to monitor polls criticised
    • Exiled Zimbabwean farmers flourish in Nigeria
    • A return to the fold?
    • U.S. Blasts Human Rights Panel Selection
    • Zimbabwean court tries 3 officials for selling secrets to foreign agents
    • Mugabe slams 'Tony Blairs of the world'
    • Hatcliffe Extension Rally 6 February 2005 - report
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • The Unfolding Grain Crisis
    • CIIR advocacy coordinator for Africa outlines the political situation
    • Zimbabwe, Botswana affirm their friendship
    • Zim farmers try to buy time
    • A grave matter of blind patriots caught between rock, hard place
    • What's Needed: Foreign Policy for All Seasons
    • The sorrows of a patriot
    • DA mission 'will not go as as far as Zim airport'
    • Hunting Rakes in $12bn
    • While Kofi Annan was ignoring Zimbabwe crisis, his son was building Harare's airport
    • A paper in exile
  42. Batch 2 Posted 8/2/05
    • Jonathan Moyo refuses to drop Z$2 billion lawsuit
    • Back ZANU PF or starve, chiefs tell villagers
    • ZANU PF spies to be sentenced today
    • South Africa grills Zimbabwe's state security agents
    • Tripartite alliance meet to discuss Cosatu saga
    • Zimbabwe moves to fast-track farm seizures
    • Zanu-PF will lose in free polls
    • Strange Days
    • Zimbabwe to resume beef exports to EU next year
    • The World is Watching
    • MDC: a better deal for Zimbabwe women
    • Mugabe petitioned
    • United Parties to boycott elections
    • MDC poll candidate arrested
    • Journalist threatens suicide if deported
    • State controls Chitungwiza's treasury, health departments
  43. Posted 8/2/05
    • Zimbabwe Begins Enforcing New Laws on Farm Takeovers
    • Can Rice prevent harvest of death?
    • Government Ballot Preparations a "Joke"
    • CIO members arrested and deported from SA
    • Mugabe must learn to let go
    • NLC Petitions Mugabe Over Deportation of Cosatu Delegation
    • Another heavyweight booted from Zanu-PF
    • MDC denies attack on Zanu-PF offices in SA
    • Zimbabwe says not expecting 'racist' Leon to visit
    • Iran, Zimbabwe review expansion of economic cooperation
    • Deposed chairman heads to court
    • A Dubious Report Card for Grade Zero
    • DA unfazed by Mugabe man's broadside
    • Africa's VIPs fly on a higher plane than the public
  44. Batch 2 Posted 7/2/05
    • COSATU boss wanted border closed immediately
    • Jonathan Moyo courts journalists with Z$11 million donation
    • Black, Ullyet pull out of Davis Cup tie
    • Lack of match fitness delays return of rebel cricketers
    • Zanu(PF) Johannesburg offices attacked
    • Zanu(PF) sacks official over spy allegations
    • 1 400% pay hike for Zim troops
    • Window on Africa - Is Mbeki 'doing a Zimbabwe' in Ivory Coast to hit at neo-colonialism?
    • Zimbabwe spies held in South Africa
    • Tutu: 'Zimbabwe a huge blot on democracy'
    • S.Africa opposition party to visit Zimbabwe ahead of poll
    • Gono plays spin doctor as economic management fails
    • Clerk quizzed over Makamba release
    • Group challenges Sikhala victory
    • Will MDC accept defeat?
    • Demo over Budiriro MDC candidate
    • Chideya ready to be legislator
    • RBZ attacks Law Society
    • Cattle rustlers on the rampage in Murehwa
  45. Posted 7/2/05
    • Massive pay hike for war veterans
    • ZEC not yet ready for poll
    • Mujuru cracks whip
    • 800 families face eviction from farm
    • More Zanu PF 'bribes' for traditional leaders
    • Middle Sabi farmers cry foul over water charges
    • Audit team for Mutare
    • March 31: What needs to be done
    • Puppeteers and pollsters
    • ARDA, a 'milking cow' for the powerful in Zanu PF
    • MDC being taken for a ride
    • LAPF paying pitiable pensions
    • New farmers ill-treating workers
    • Interest rates tumble
    • Tourism congress cancelled - again!
    • Musindo campaigns for Zanu PF
    • Understanding the sources of corruption
    • SA police question Zimbabwe operatives
    • Zimbabwe 'makes mockery' of African democracy: Tutu
    • Intelligence ministry mum on Zimbabwe spy
    • Zimbabwe elections: 'The rulers always win'
    • Zimbabwe poll body says ready to run March vote
    • DA to send delegation to Zim
    • ANC: DA trip 'provocative'
    • 'I spied on Mugabe for South Africa'
    • Zimbabwe opposition blasts 20-fold hike in election fees
    • Moyo is our man, says Ndonga
  46. Batch 2 Posted 6/2/05
    • Little exercise book brigade
    • Imprisoned MP defies Mugabe by standing for election
    • 'Defence, Security Not Cheap Commodities'
    • Zim unionists 'home safe'
    • The lesser of two evils
    • With a Z$1m a month tax threshold, Zimbabwe is a paradise lost
    • Zim banker 'fed info' to SA spy
  47. Posted 6/2/05
    • MDC activists arrested for 'insulting' deputy minister
    • State prosecutors wrap up final submissions in spy trial
    • Learn from Jonathan Moyo's fall or face wrath of God, cleric warns Mugabe
    • 14 die of malnutrition in Bulawayo
    • African Politics of Sit-Tightism
    • We're going to WIN!
    • The Game is on!
    • Workers persuaded MDC to join poll
    • Zimbabwe issues cholera alert
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 334
    • Zimbabwe says citizens abroad can only vote at home
    • MDC probes Tsvangirai?
    • GMB manager has case to answer
    • Opposition party a home of total confusion: Tekere
    • Mugabe government criminalises aid organisations
    • Honesty With the Debt Question
  48. Posted 5/2/05
    • Too late to honour SADC principles
    • UK-based Zimbabwean journalists launch association
    • May the best party -- not the most violent -- win
    • Farmers face trials after defying evictions
    • Pro-democracy groups concerned over March poll
    • COSATU plans to blockade Zimbabwe's borders
    • Economic Turnaround Anticipated After Election Hurdle
    • Internal Disputes Delay Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Election Campaign Rollout
    • Zimbabweans sell property to buy food
    • Battle to keep teacher in UK
    • Reporters Without Borders again denounces absurdity of China, Cuba and Zimbabwe judging world rights violations
    • Cosatu vows to hit back at Zim
    • Zim election costs soar
  49. Batch 3 Posted 4/2/05
    • ZABG birth pangs intensify
    • Zanu PF postpones campaign launch
    • Donors spurn Zim Transfrontier Park
    • Newsnet yet to pay salaries
    • Dongo is back
    • Chaos in Zanu PF
    • Byo's unpaid rates surge to $68 billion
    • Yet another bottomless pit
    • 'Zim not ready for free, fair poll'
    • Hurdles still litter way to March poll
    • Moyo's lawsuit: Nkomo, Dabengwa fight back
    • Zim risks isolation over Cosatu deportation
    • Food shortages reach critical levels
    • Gono sets himself impossible targets
    • MDC makes leap of faith
    • Monetary policy: the pros and cons
    • Herald staffer meets the real ZRP
    • Tourism masterplan out
    • Falgold on brink of closure
    • Monetary policy review - too early to say .
    • Mt Makwavarara
    • Media stifled by harsh laws and thuggery
    • The corruption of Zimbabwe's value system
    • Disappointed by Biti's selective use of truth
    • Zvinavashe evicted from Turnpike
    • Mutare under probe
    • Losing candidate probed for grain abuse
    • Summons for defiant farmers
    • Govt urged to declare public holiday
  50. Batch 2 Posted 4/2/05
    • 800 000 deceased Zimbabweans still on voters' register
    • Mugabe must postpone election, labour leaders demand
    • Zimbabwe trade unionists lie low after tip off
    • Minister to fire MDC-led city council
    • Four years after brutal murder of MDC activists, state security agent remains a free man
    • Opposition legislator challenges arrest
    • Spy trial winds up, state to continue with final submissions
    • Court postpones bank merger challenge case
    • Royal, Trust litigation: A threat to ZABG
    • Cosatu to blockade Zimbabwe
    • Check list - SADC Principles
    • Deceit & Deception
    • Cosatu's major achievement in Zim
    • Mugabe shows again how intolerant he is
    • Exiled journalists launch newspaper
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 333
    • Africans deride Western engagement
    • New Telephone Charges for Zimbabwe
    • JAG Job Opportunities, 3rd February 2005
  51. Posted 4/2/05
    • MDC to Participate in 2005 Elections
    • ZANU PF at war
    • Govt bungling to cost ZESA billions
    • Mystery diamond deal
    • RBZ grapples with impossible trinity
    • No easy walk to parastatal reform
    • Populist intervention
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Dongo a crucial factor in the political game
    • NRZ to be leased to private investors
    • Govt moves to protect shaky Vic Falls bridge
    • RBZ takes cleanup exercise to farm sector
    • Where will you be on April 18 2005?
    • Police arrest photographer at airport
    • Embassy staff caught up in espionage net
    • Civil society attacks Zim government over COSATU deportation
    • State backtracks on Tsvangirai judgment
    • Gono clashes with ZCTU
    • Hospital in need of care
    • "No" to "Democracy"
    • Plea for a safe Haven
    • Zim says Cosatu eviction won't mar relations
    • Cosatu and ZCTU meeting under way
    • Zimbabwe's new gold rush, 19th century style
    • Gono's relaunch of failed banks is doomed
    • S.Africa sees "positive" poll reforms in Zimbabwe
    • Starting all over again
    • UN agency provides Zimbabwe with 1 million-US-dollar aid package
    • Justice Minister dismisses exiles election bid as a political move
  52. Posted 3/2/05
    • Encounter With an Assassin
    • COSATU delegation deported again
    • MDC Condemns Deportation of COSATU Delegation
    • State secret agents sniff out journalists stringing for foreign media
    • A 'Gestapo' welcome for Zimbabwe's UK deportees
    • Zimbabwe opposition may defer poll decision: sources
    • MDC expected to take part in Zimbabwe poll
    • Zim 'a threat' to Africa
    • Outlook bleak for Zimbabwe elections
    • Good African crops cold comfort for hungry refugees
    • Did Mkapa broker Mugabe, Moyo talks?
    • MDC to announce election decision today
    • ANALYSIS: Mugabe deports COSATU to send clear message to Mbeki
    • COSATU says barring of team "barbaric and illegal"
    • Time for parastatals to produce results
    • Zim faces blockade of borders
    • Zimbabwe's ruling party accused of tampering with elections
  53. 3rd batch Posted 2/2/05
    • As Hospitals Crumble, the Sick Turn to 'Witch Doctors'
    • Zimbabwe drops appeal vs. acquittal of oppo leader
    • Militarised electoral system shatters prospects for democratic poll: coalition
    • MDC attacks Mugabe over election date
    • Zimbabwe threatens to throw COSATU team in jail
    • New Attorney General declined to back Tsvangirai treason appeal
    • Rebel cricketers demand sacking of duo
    • High noon for Cosatu as Harare visit dawns
    • Zimbabwe expected to expel, not jail, S.Africa union team
    • Farmers uprooted by Mugabe seek new life in Nigeria
    • Critics sceptical over Mugabe's poll date
    • Zanu PF Torn By Rivalries
    • Comment: Media Stifled By Harsh Laws and Thuggery
    • 127 die in prison
    • Gono throws councils a lifeline
    • Zvinavashe loses disputed properties
    • Zanu PF youths accused of sparking violence
    • Hackers break into Zimbabwe government website
    • Zimbabwe police specify banned weapons ahead of poll
  54. 2nd batch Posted 2/2/05
    • Mugabe exiles lift Zambia
    • Election dates announced
    • Mugabe calls key Zimbabwe elections for March 31
    • First Legal Challenge to Zimbabwe's Elections
    • Zimbabweans in UK demand postal vote
    • Property Rights Sacrosanct says Gono
    • JAG Subscriber Notice 1st February 2005
    • JAG Classifieds 1st February 2005
  55. 1st batch Posted 2/2/05
    • Mugabe awaits poll as opposition 'may lift boycott threat'
    • Zanu(PF) politburo wants Moyo to go
    • Zimbabwe banking group faces legal challenge
    • Rocky start to revival of Zimbabwean banks
    • Expatriate Zimbabweans to fight voting ban
    • Banks reopen but clients still can't get cash
    • Cosatu will be kicked out of Zimbabwe
    • Mdladlana says he was quoted out of context
    • Interest rates to fall further
    • ZIMBABWE: //CORRECTION//"Govt has to import to improve food
    • Retired army commander also eyed vice-presidency ahead of wife
    • Mugabe Snuffs Zimbabwe Tobacco, Fueling Zambia Boom (Update1)
    • Zimbabwe urges SA union stay away
    • Zimbabweans Abroad Demand Postal Vote in Court
    • Just like Oom Fanie, Mugabe's enemies ruthlessly lost everything
    • Re "Help" - MDC Disclaimer
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday Message To The People Of Zimbabwe
    • Begging to get off the streets
    • Zimbabwe Diaspora to launch weekly newspaper
    • Over 6 000 Children Sexually Abused
  56. Posted 1/2/05
    • Five down, six to go.
    • Education – A Shattered Hope
    • Zanu PF Politburo demands sacking of Jonathan Moyo
    • "Govt has to import to improve food security situation"
    • Former-Councillor Laban's Occasional Newsletter - 30 January 2005
    • State Summit kicks off in Nigeria
    • Zimbabwe denies that it's facing famine
    • Exiled Zimbabweans to launch weekly paper in UK
    • Church protests rape victim's return to Zimbabwe
    • $100bn Lifeline for Harare Hospital
    • Zimbabwe hunger claims 'US plot'
    • Harare Fails to Produce Budget Again
    • Mdladlana advises Cosatu on Zimbabwe
    • 'Baboon' murder case transferred to another court
    • Revert to Traditional Foods: First Lady
    • Civil Furore Over Nepad's Integration
    • Gold Panners Wreak Havoc
    • Acid Spillage: Zim Shows Readiness
    • Don't Panic, Gwanda Residents Told
    • Zivhu Locked Up in Remand Prison
    • 1st February 2005 OLF No. 331
    • Job Possibilities for Immigrants in W/Australia
    • Help
  57. Posted 31/1/05
    • Merged Zimbabwe banks to start afresh
    • State Summit kicks off in Nigeria
    • Zimbabwe drops Tsvangirai appeal
    • Uprooted by Mugabe, Zimbabwe's white farmers range far afield to build new lives
    • Viva Vavi, for whom the struggle never ends
    • Land invasions were staged, claims Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe isolation takes toll on artists
    • Mugabe to launch election campaign
    • Displaced farm workers have found a new livelihood
    • Talks with Zimbabwe rebels make progress
    • Bangladesh complete stunning fightback

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