The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/11/04
    • UZ students forced to attend youth militia training
    • Mugabe purges ZANU PF rebels
    • Government tightens treason law
    • Reserve Bank faces Z$7 billion suit over Homelink tag
    • Amnesty postpones Mugabe protests
    • Tutu and Mbeki clash over Pretoria's 'sycophantic' stance on Zimbabwe
    • Aids Activist Arrested Over Unpaid Hotel Bill
    • Reserve Bank Gave Zanu PF $800m
    • Punishment really should fit the crime
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #53 - Sing for the moment
  2. Posted 30/11/04
    • An expensive and empty revolution!
    • Government lifts ban on food aid distribution
    • South Africa blocks bid to probe human rights abuses in Zimbabwe
    • Reserve Bank governor holds on to two farms
    • MP's imprisonment racially motivated, say churches
    • Zim journalists face 20 years in jail under new law
    • Cosatu, ANC tensions now turn personal
    • Zim ups power with new law
    • Zimbabwe opposition slams English cricket tour
    • Zimpost Hikes Tariffs Despite Poor Service
    • NGO de-registration stalls aid for 90,000 kids
    • Morgan Tsvangirai visits European Parliament
    • Business must raise its head above the parapet
    • Zimbabwe threatened by splits over Mugabe successor
  3. Posted 29/11/04
    • An uneasy calm
    • Positives off the field for Zimbabwe
    • Zim disgusted with lion-eaters
    • Zimbabweans denounce Mbeki's betrayal
    • Mbeki's stock rises while Mugabe's seems to sink
    • Zim's children left to fight Aids alone
    • Zanu-PF congress 'a formality'
    • Mash Central residents call for return of wildlife
    • Zanu PF MP on the ropes
  4. Batch 2 Posted 28/11/04
    • Prison torment of the Zimbabwe farm hero
    • Cricket: England 'pay not to play'
    • Banned, unbanned: when sports hacks get caught in the crossfire
    • Moyo's sand castle crumbles
    • Cosatu blockade could hit Xmas, New year holidays
    • Budget fails to spur recovery
    • Shocking new law against journalists
    • 'Vehicles for chiefs' scheme slammed
    • Urban dwellers return to roots as poverty bites
    • Churches vow to fight NGOs Bill
    • Govt' s chaotic land reform vexes planners
    • Zanu PF youth chairman jailed
    • Split looms as Methodist Church saga boils over
    • Fuel crooks are the real saboteurs
    • Back peddle diplomacy
    • Zanu PF's "unanimous" MPs dangerous
    • Let's boycott cricket
    • Sustainable farming: A personal testimony
    • The ghost of colonialism lives
  5. Posted 28/11/04
    • Zimbabwean children sell their bodies to put food on the table
    • Land where a million dollars a month makes you poor
    • White farmers launch £12 billion lawsuit
    • 'Obesity tourism' is Mugabe's answer to feeding Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's school crisis
    • Mugabe 'frightened' of own spin doctor, Moyo
    • Old guard still wields the power
    • Protest at Deportation of Zimbabwe Asylum Seekers
    • Vaughan threatens to pull out of Zimbabwe
    • Debate on Roy Bennett privileges committee report
    • FIT - Compensation Issues
    • FIT Newsletter
    • Morgan's victory overshadowed by greater truths
  6. Batch 3 Posted 27/11/04
    • Human rights lawyers petition Africa Commission over Daily News closure
    • ANALYSIS: Zimbabwe's 'election budget' not bold enough to rescue economy
    • Zimbabwe... where a cheque for $20,000 is worth only £2
    • Dispute over money casts new shadow over tour
    • Mbeki lashes out as Tutu attacks ANC 'favouritism'
    • Du Toit gets 34 years' jail for Guinea coup plot
  7. Batch 2 Posted 27/11/04
    • Bennett moved in cynical ploy
    • 'The only way I will go back to Zimbabwe is in a box'
    • Medair forced to leave Zimbabwe in spite of worsening humanitarian crisis
    • FIT - Compensation Issues
    • Workers get timely Christmas present
    • Shamuyarira cuts Moyo down to size
    • Defiant Cosatu tired of being ANC's 'quiet lapdog'
    • Pringle to risk Zim deportation
    • Tsvangirai to woo EU
    • Mugabe grabs control of Zimbabwe's banks
    • We need to walk our democratic talk
  8. Posted 27/11/04
    • Moyo bowled out
    • Mugabe to crack whip
    • Budget highlights
    • Reserve Bank gave Zanu PF $800m
    • Diplomats petition govt on property seizures
    • RBZ secures US$50m fuel lifeline
    • Zim in platinum promo
    • Sixth land audit committee appointed
    • NGOs get 6-month reprieve
    • CHRA calls for rates boycott
    • Legal committee blocks Bill on president
    • Zanu PF 'abusing' parliamentary majority
    • War camps and the battle plans
    • Sorry plight of rural schools ignored
    • A volte-face
    • Mugabe's ethnic jigsaw puzzle deepens
    • Mujuru wins despite media blackout
    • Democracy key to economic revival
    • Exporters pocket higher rates
    • Ambitious industrial revival plan on cards
    • Zimbabwe set to survive IMF chop
    • Desperate Zim mortgages critical assets
    • Inflation decline - no need for scepticism
    • Zanu PF's month of the long knives
    • Come on cowards of the West!
    • IMF story a ploy to hoodwink us
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/11/04
    • Government to tax infomal sector, expatriate workers
    • Government seizes four farms from top ZANU PF officials
    • Bemoaning the destruction of beauty, promise . . . a country
    • Immoral, unjust, oppressive dictatorship. . . and then there's Mugabe
    • Cathy Buckle: 'We don't give a damn about cricket - we're worried about how to feed people'
    • Journalists face hostile sojourn
    • Morgan is a mouse caught in Mugabe trap
    • Mad Bob's mate and the Englishmen in pyjamas
    • JAG Job Opportunities 25th November 2004
    • How Morgan blew his last chance
    • England to arrive with sense of betrayal
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 5
    • England stars "saddened" by Zimbabwe drama
    • Journalists want to cover tour on own terms
    • Eighteen months on and lessons still not learnt
  10. Posted 26/11/04
    • Zimbabwe cricket tour back on after ban lifted
    • Labour's shameful U-turn on Zimbabwe Cricket tour
    • England left reeling by on-off farce
    • Morgan backs himself into a corner
    • Zimbabweans left in the dark
    • Bowling out Cricket in Zimbabwe
    • Tour 'Will Boost Mugabe's Murderous Rule'
    • Amnesty calls for withdrawal of draft Electoral Commission Bill
    • MDC Salutes Heroic Efforts by Parliamentarians
    • Zimbabwe Predicts Economic Recovery
    • ANC welcomes Cosatu's move to return to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe humanitarian aid must continue, MPs
    • Mugabe's Land of Starvation, Repression and Aids
    • Demonstrators back Cosatu mission
    • Manyonda loses central committee seat to novice
    • Politicians are not like us
    • China raises stakes in Zimbabwe
  11. Batch 3 Posted 25/11/04
    • ZANU PF faces split
    • How Mujuru won the vice-presidency
    • Govt crafts bill to legalise Mawere empire takeover
    • MDC calls for poll boycott indaba
    • 90 farmer families face eviction in Mash East
    • ZANU PF mulls cutting congress numbers
    • Decision long, long overdue
    • GMB monopoly borders on the absurd
    • 2005 budget: the people vs the state
    • Plot to dump street kids in youth training camps
    • Make up with IMF
    • ...and now to the NOTEBOOK
    • Wankie discovers huge methane gas deposits
    • Land invasions wreck Hwange Safari ops
    • Food shortage scare grows more real
  12. Batch 2 Posted 25/11/04
    • Zimbabwe minister evicted from farm
    • Zimbabwe food prices soar, tariffs block imports
    • Electoral Bill Fails to Meet Benchmarks Bill a Step Forward, But Provisions Need to Meet SADC Standards
    • Has the sun finally set for Mnangagwa?
    • Mugabe breathes fire over succession in-fighting
    • Little relief expected in national budget
    • UN panel refuses to criticize Zimbabwe and Sudan
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 315
    • Morgan makes salvage attempt as pressure mounts on players
    • ICC stumped by Mugabe's stunts
    • ECB set to call off tour to Zimbabwe over media ban
    • Olonga predicts England isolation
    • ECB welcome ICC concern over Zimbabwe accreditation
    • Indefensible tour should have been scrapped long ago
    • England should walk
    • It's not cricket
    • England sight exit at little cost
    • Foolish mafia reap what they sow
  13. Posted 25/11/04
    • England delay flight to Zimbabwe
    • Straw should end Zimbabwe cricket tour
    • British minister summons Zimbabwe diplomat over ban
    • Should England cricket tour go ahead? - public opinion
    • Ministers to step in over row
    • MDC leaders battle Mugabe's bills
    • Mujuru: watch out for Zanu PF tokenism
    • Mugabe Threatens Purge As Party Infighting Takes Its Toll
    • Herald black-out on Mujuru backfires
    • Turning exiles into soldiers for free Zimbabwe
    • A homeland lost, a family broken
    • Zimbabweans protest against 'madness'
    • A letter from Kitwe
    • Butcher of Africa bans the Daily Mirror
  14. Batch 2 Posted 24/11/04
    • 35 soldiers desert Mugabe's special guard
    • JAG Farm Listings 23rd November 2004
    • ECB chiefs seek to resolve media ban
    • Siege mentality insults downtrodden country
    • 'They'll play the great game as people starve'
    • Mugabe abandons last freedoms
    • Olonga in ban rap
    • Rebels resigned to fate despite moral victory
    • Mugabe set to stay put for a while...
    • A country gripped by fear
    • Bitter Mugabe succession war breaks out
    • Doomed tour must be called off
    • EU takes Zimbabwe's human rights crisis to UN committee
    • Mugabe explodes
    • Parliament debates two controversial Bills
  15. Posted 24/11/04
    • British media denied accreditation for Zimbabwe
    • It's back to the drawing board for Mnangagwa
    • Chegutu rural council threatens to expel new farmers
    • Gono sets deadline to firms over borrowed funds
    • Mugabe warns associates threatening to split party
    • Zanu-PF to get seat of dead MP
    • Zimbabwe opposition urges EU pressure ahead of elections
    • Mugabe accuses party members of being bought
    • Distressed Firms Seek $344bn
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Homes now beyond reach of urban dwellers
    • Tutu reads SA the riot act
    • New Zim courts to alleviate farm backlogs
  16. Batch 2 Posted 23/11/04
    • Government to seize eight more corporate-owned farms
    • JAG Farm Listings 22nd November 2004
    • SA-based civic groups to co-ordinate activities
    • Mugabe admits to infighting
    • Mugabe will 'exploit' England tour
    • Prices And Incomes Commission On Cards
    • Urban Farming At Full Throttle
    • Is Mugabe one shy of lifelong dictatorship?
    • Doctor tells inquest Nkomo's wife 'poisoned'
    • Mnangagwa suffers crushing political defeat
    • Financial Expo 2004 Flops
  17. Posted 23/11/04
    • Chombo to appoint Commission to run Harare - CHRA
    • Disgraceful coup against Harare council
    • Rescuing Harare
    • Double Speak
    • Gono turns down salary hike proposal for teachers
    • ZESA Dramatised Regional Power Demand to Chinese
    • Zim Once Again Listed As High Risk Security Country
    • New Courts in Zimbabwe to Speed Up Land Seizures
    • Zimbabwe Urges Asians to Visit Nation
    • Behind the Cosatu-ANC spat over Zimbabwe
    • 'Breadbasket to basket case'
  18. Batch 2 Posted 22/11/04
    • Fierce jockeying for top Zanu PF posts
    • Where are the Chinese?
    • Where has all the money gone?
    • For many, Zanu PF Congress a non-event
    • Govt orders Bulawayo to eavesdrop on NGOs
    • ZESA cuts off ZBH
    • Top cop resigns
    • Tsvangirai invited to visit 22 countries
    • Mohadi threatens Mbedzi as battle for Beitbridge hots up
    • War veterans accused of vandalising boreholes
    • New envoy denies UK supports MDC
    • No pay for striking teachers
    • Media should stay out of political fights
    • Amazing tales from Freedonia
    • Sundayopinion with Michael Davies
    • I don't share Tsvangirai's optimism
    • Moyo, Nkomo clash in race for Tsholotsho
    • Reserve Bank Governor facilitated illegal forex deals, court told
    • ZANU PF women's wing to nominate Mujuru for vice-presidency
    • Death robs MDC of one more seat
    • MDC wants regime change through ballot box
  19. Posted 22/11/04
    • Mugabe refugees pour into SA by the millions
    • Hillbrow horror: 31 blind people in one room
    • No War in Zimbabwe
    • Warning message
    • Straw ordered probe weeks before coup bid
    • I would have real problems with touring Zimbabwe
    • Harvest of lies as Mugabe bans food aid
    • Overcoming Water Scarcity
    • How Mugabe man's suitcase full of dollars fuelled buying spree
    • MDC legislator for Mkoba dies
    • Zanu PF members revolt against Mugabe's heir apparent
    • 'I will do things the Robert Mugabe way'
    • African search for peace needs sincerity
    • SACP call for an end to Zimbabwe atrocities
    • Zimbabwe aid agencies in South Africa join hands
    • Morgan seeks protocol on Mugabe
    • Mugabe wants female vice president - report
  20. Posted 21/11/04
    • Finance Minister predicts reversal of four-year downward trend
    • Media, human rights activists lobby African, EU MPs over tough media laws
    • NGO Bill will block monitoring of rights abuses in Zimbabwe, says Amnesty
    • Wife drums up support for jailed opposition MP
    • Giant mining firm contests estate seizure
    • Registrar-General to issue out new ID cards
    • New IDs not a priority
    • Bakare lashes out at politicians who thrive on violence
    • Chipanga, Mhiripiri in bruising battle for Makoni East
    • Tsvangirai expects December poll decision
    • Streak may return to play for Zimbabwe
    • Gulf News says: From bread basket to begging bowl
    • Tracking rhinos to save the herd
    • SWAZILAND: Growing concern over royal rule
    • Agri SA welcomes land agreement with Zimbabwe
    • Woman lands vice-presidency
    • The darkest of days
    • '70% of Zim workers have fled'
    • No politics please - Vaughan
    • Baby 'killed by witches' alive in Zim prison
    • Zimbabwe opposition MP dies in car crash
    • Losing Zanu PF MPs still attending sessions
  21. Batch 2 Posted 20/11/04
    • Zambia plans big splash for Victoria Falls event
    • Haz won’t ignore West
    • JAG Farm Listings
    • Food Security and Agriculture
    • JAG - Urgent Farm Listings
    • Job Opportunities
    • Air Zim to appoint MD next month
    • Fraud charges rock ZRU
    • Rebel cricketers lose faith in ICC
    • 'Price famine' looming, warns report
    • Home affairs says no bias against asylum seekers from Zimbabwe
  22. Batch 1 Posted 20/11/04
    • Mnangagwa knocked out
    • Banks: old wine in new bottles
    • Zanu PF hopeful buys panties for lady voters
    • UN envoy to tackle Zim
    • Lawyers appeal to Canada over Mugabe’s ‘genocide’
    • Chaotic land reform strains diplomatic ties
    • War veterans want Mugabe to rule for life
    • Govt importing food
    • ‘Zim must restore workers rights’ — UNI
    • US slams Aippa amendments
    • Realistic and innovative budget needed
    • Bad news: Made will return from Russia
    • Going beyond the ideological divide
    • Budget: one lie begets another
    • Zimbabweans are the real devils
    • Victimised for free speech
    • Scribe’s height of absurdity
    • Zanu PF’s message to the electorate
    • Mugabe in IMF U-turn
    • Election set to depress tourism industry
  23. Batch 2 Posted 19/11/04
    • Statement By the Director of the IMF African Department, Mr. Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané, At the Conclusion of His Visit to Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe wants to resume ties with IMF
    • Jailing citizens for criticising Mugabe unconstitutional, says legal committee
    • 16 civic group activists arrested for protesting against NGO Bill
    • JAG Job Opportunities 18th November 2004
    • SA land in Zimbabwe to be protected
    • Namibian Human Rights Group Assails Zimbabwean Election Observer
    • 'President Mnangagwa will be Zanu PF's Waterloo'
  24. Posted 19/11/04
    • The latest development on the ACP-EU JPA meeting in The Hague
    • Students roast Mugabe over youth militia
    • If these are our values, then get me out of here
    • Rebel cricketers, ZCU bury hatchet
    • Video captures plight of Zimbabwean refugees
    • Embassy in roadshow to counter anti-UK propaganda
    • Tsvangirai warned not to return home
    • Tsvangirai branded 'state enemy number one'
    • Petition Calling for the Release of Roy Bennett
    • Update on Roy. 17 Nov
    • Top international lawyer leads bid to free Zimbabwean MP
    • Return will be a death trap
    • Masvingo, Chinese Provinces to Be Twinned
    • Michael Howard: The fundamental principles of a Conservative foreign policy
    • Margaret Thatcher's Son Charged in Plot
    • Zim NGOs plan to leave the country
    • England tour helps our cause - Flower
    • House breaks record - & note
  25. Batch 3 Posted 18/11/04
    • Presidency sparks war
    • Billions needed for food imports
    • FML probe gobbles $2 bln
    • Food aid:cash would be better
    • Succession puzzle now a muddle
    • ZANU PF MPs whipped into line
    • Case for judicial commission
    • Zim maize: now you see it . . . now you don't!
    • Chinese lift veil on secret deals
    • Chombo's meddling costs city
    • CFU membership down 70 percent
  26. Batch 2 Posted 18/11/04
    • Gono pumped in $150 billion to rescue distressed tycoon
    • Nigerian fake money syndicate carves niche in Harare
    • Shady Namibian election observer
    • MDC leader hits out at SA critics
    • Mugabe bans human rights groups
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 4
    • AG Open Letter Forum No 314
    • Zanu PF in vicious Mugabe succession battle
    • Chinese to take over key state firms
    • Government seeks to control production and pricing of all crops
    • New bank likely to override Karoi farmers' litigation
    • Foreign currency denominated bonds offer good investment option
    • Cosatu calls for ANC clarity on Zim
  27. Posted 18/11/04
    • Midnight Debut for the NGO BILL
    • House adjourned to Tues - NGO & ZEC Bills Committee Stage
    • Parliamentary Legal Committee report on the NGO bill
    • Mugabe forces in harsh new legislation
    • Zim Parliament rejects own election report
    • Concern about electoral reform in Zimbabwe
    • The Reverend Noel Scott
    • To Participate or Not?
    • Canadian lawyers take on Mugabe over rights abuses
    • South Africa must do more about Zimbabwe
    • Activists criticise UK's resumption of forced repatriation
    • Mugabe 'building up his arsenal' before polls
    • IMF says no new Zimbabwe loans, but lauds changes
    • Criticising Mugabe is a crime
    • 'Exam Leakage Probe Almost Complete'
  28. Batch 2 Posted 17/11/04
    • Reserve Bank Governor pleads to donors
    • Tsvangirai to meet top EU officials
    • Police muzzle own Press officers
    • State pledges to resume pension payments to foreign-based ex-workers
    • Zimbabwean refugees to be forcibly removed as ban is lifted
    • Zimbabwean dollar sinks to another low
    • Rural Zimbabwean farmers stock up on goats
    • Region is democratising
    • Mugabe forces in harsh new legislation
    • England must play Tests in Zimbabwe
  29. Posted 17/11/04
    • The mysterious grain drain
    • Mnangagwa to take over
    • Will Mugabe*s tribal balancing act yield positive results?
    • Time for youths to seize rightful place in society
    • Anglicans to raise $500 million for new hospital in Murewa
    • Zimbabwe rebels call off dispute
    • Zim man faces charges for denouncing Mugabe
    • Views of USA Govt on Zimbabwe restriction of media
    • SA not taking sides in Zimbabwe: Zuma
    • Court hears of Harare man's SA spending spree
    • Tsvangirai in Europe to heap pressure on Mugabe
    • Hungry Earth calling planet Pahad
    • Comment by Eddie Cross
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday Message To The People of Zimbabwe
    • Deal Decisively With Fuel Scam Culprits
    • Debts Hamper ZBH Commercialization
    • Zanu PF youths storm flea market, seize Mapfumo's CDs
    • Zim judge won't try colleague
    • 'Conflict a huge threat to Africa's prospects'
  30. Batch 2 Posted 16/11/04
    • Parliamentary committee says NGO Bill unconstitutional
    • Students up in arms against militarisation of youths in Zimbabwe
    • Moyo blocks electronic media from covering Econet-sponsored soccer final
    • Daunting task for Murerwa
    • Judge President, Police Commissioner fail to hand over seed maize
    • Airzim launches first flight to Beijing
    • England's players touring Zimbabwe are pawns in a much bigger political game
    • Critics Say Mugabe Election Reforms Change Little
    • Mugabe's successor could be revealed
    • Mugabe expected to stay on
  31. Posted 16/11/04
    • Observer 'Zim violence veteran'
    • Three arrested over Zimbabwe murders
    • Mnangagwa, Dabengwa clash over Matabeleland massacres
    • Selector accused of not fielding enough black players
    • Crucial congress coming up for ruling Zim party
    • 'I will not shake hands with Mugabe' - Cricketer
    • 3 Questions by Hon T Stevenson: Wed 10 Nov
    • This country could soon be despised across Africa
    • Test star's blast stings cricket top brass
    • The flotsam and jetsam of Aids
    • US$12m Fuel Funds Diverted
    • Made, Mumbengegwi Leave for Russia
    • Thieves Use Floor Polish In Burglaries
    • £50,000 race claim award overturned
  32. Batch 2 Posted 15/11/04
    • State broadcaster to spearhead ZANU PF propaganda blitz
    • MISA appeals to AU over Zimbabwe's tough media laws
    • ZANU PF MPs to fast-track NGO Bill
    • Wise, brave leaders needed to remove racial spectacles
    • Equatorial Guinea demands to be told how Britain knew of coup plot
    • MDC advised to continue participating in elections
    • Tsvangirai's "Secret" Trip To Ghana
    • Tories Demand Answers on 'Coup Plot'
    • Female teacher mysteriously dies in bizarre incident
    • Burst sewage pipes plague Mbare
    • Chitungwiza in trouble
    • Fuel goes up
  33. Posted 15/11/04
    • UK knew in advance of alleged coup plot
    • ECB and England are "bullied"
    • Controversy over Mnangagwa's bid
    • Jonathan Moyo faces the music
    • Mugabe's Eventual Fall
    • Cosatu plans 'jambanja'
    • Nigeria rolls out red carpet for Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF legislators lose seats
    • SA churches blast Zim leaders
    • City runs out of water chemicals
    • Trim Cabinet, business pleads
    • Graffiti protest
    • Media's role is to stop political violence
    • 'Don't laugh - it's my lunch'
    • Zanu PF politics hamper economic revival
    • Petrol, petrol everywhere, but not a drop in sight
    • Wasted man-hours at the Passport Office
    • Gono's timely challenge to PR practitioners
    • Crisis in blistering attack on Mugabe
    • Iran to construct gas power plant in Zimbabwe
  34. Posted 14/11/04
    • Zim to open more controversial youth camps
    • Questions that will jolt Vaughan's conscience
    • Roy Bennett's Speech in Parliament 28.10.2004
    • For Heather - she asks only for our voices
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 3
    • Zimbabwe annual inflation drops to 209 percent: report
    • Tsvangirai meets West African leaders
    • Racism report papers over the cracks
    • Unlucky Streak
    • Murdered friends thrown in well
  35. Posted 13/11/04
    • Zimbabwe murder hunt after bodies found at bottom of well
    • Four Questions in Parliament 03.11.04
    • Police deny reports of Zim political wars
    • Coalition attacks tightening of Press law
    • Deporting illegal Zimbabweans drain on Botswana govt
    • Statement on the current situation in Zimbabwe
    • Two Zanu PF MPs lose parliamentary seats
    • The People Shall Share
    • JAG Job Opportunities 11th November 2004
    • JAG Legal Communique 12th November 2004
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 312
    • JAG Public Relations Communique No.2 12th November 2004
    • 19 Police Officers suspended for gold smuggling
    • Bleeding workers hope for a tax break
    • Consumers may soon be forced to buy bread on the black market
  36. Batch 3 Posted 12/11/04
    • Zanu PF busts embargo
    • Parly exposes grain deficit
    • Nkala accused dies of prison-induced ailment
    • Leo Mugabe asks Telecel for more
    • Keep abreast of forex rates, RBZ told
    • ZEC Bill draws adverse report
    • Debts scuttle ZBH commercialisation
    • 'A minefield for journalists'
    • Little hope for recovery as budget looms
    • Dubious national heroes demean shrine
    • Fake US dollars hit Zimbabwe
    • Policy somersaults bleed mining
    • Editors scramble
    • Going beyond the ideological divide
    • Who's really to blame for bank woes?
    • Only 'village pumpkins' would do that
    • Diaspora should press for Mugabe to accept change
    • Who will the diaspora vote for?
  37. Batch 2 Posted 12/11/04
    • US$60 million fuel deal collapses
    • Supreme Court throws out evicted farmer's appeal
    • Grain Marketing Board incurs Z$302 billion loss
    • Jailing of MP incenses Inter-Parliamentary Union
    • Vaughan in and out of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe govt and parliament differ on food shortages
    • Activists critical of franchise denial to expats
    • Tempers Flare During Telecel Bosses Remand Hearing
    • Problems Hit Zimsec
    • Noczim Bails Out Fuel Firms
  38. Posted 12/11/04
    • Life in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • JAG Press Statement and Urgent Legal Communique 11th November 2004
    • Industry petitions Gono over fuel supplies
    • Fear turns Parliament into a beerhall brawl
    • Media institute sets up operations in southern Africa
    • Lawyers attack police over arrest of Econet bosses
    • Zimbabwean court upholds land seizure law
    • Authorities tighten vice on journalists in amendment to press law
    • 'Zimbabwe is running out of food'
    • Chinese Need Help to Master Basic English
    • RBZ Acquires Note Processors
    • Questions and answers - cricket
  39. Batch 2 Posted 11/11/04
    • Hungwe accused of abusing workers
    • Mugabe in $10 billion Chinese arms deal
    • Legal committee says electoral Bill unconstitutional
    • Only 500 000 tonnes of maize to be in silos by December
    • State newspaper faces contempt of Parliament charge
    • Mnangagwa bares all
    • Mnangagwa opens up - Q & A
    • ZANU PF struggles for election funds
    • ZIMRA raids AirZim bank account
    • Teachers underpaid as ministry underspends
    • Speaker challenges MDC in Bennett case
    • Polls for new vice-president put on ice
    • Is Moyo's time in ZANU PF up?
    • Is jailing apartheid spies still necessary?
    • Mutasa's gaffe
    • Probe these secretive govt deals
    • Ignorance of insurance rampant among new farmers
    • Hotels cut rates ahead of festive season
    • Tractor fleet depleted
  40. Posted 11/11/04
    • More teeth for 'already bad press law' - MISA
    • Another banned Mugabe Minister allowed into the EU
    • Urban poor take to farming cemetry plots
    • State out to embarrass judge for acquitting Tsvangirai
    • Parliament wants probe into looted agriculture funds
    • Deportation of illegal immigrants costs Botswana US$360 000
    • Mayor faces the boot
    • There comes a time when people get tired: the Zimbabwe situation
    • Church on Trial - Noel Scott
    • Talks held between rebels and board
    • Opposition MP Bennett applies for bail
    • Recent Developments.
    • Parliament: Announcement of Adverse Reports, presentation of Reports on Food Stocks and NSSA
    • Pandemonium in parliament
    • Chitungwiza Nurses Go On Strike
    • Stakeholders Assessing State-Drafted Tourism Policy, Master Plan
    • Business mogul Mutasa held on new forex charges
    • City charity charged with a tough job
  41. Batch 2 Posted 10/11/04
    • Masiyiwa: 'God will heal Zimbabwe in his time'
    • Zimbabwe: A clash of memories
    • Chikwanha murder: Eight cops back in court
    • MDC Economics Committee: Gono's disgrace
    • Egyptian agric experts expected
    • JAG Legal Communique: Correction 9th November 2004
    • The Electoral Roll.
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 311
    • JAG Job Opportunities 8th November 2004
  42. Posted 10/11/04
    • Morocco denies Mugabe request
    • Mugabe Asked To Mediate Western Sahara Dispute
    • Escalating prices restrict access to food
    • Judge says finance minister 'untrustworthy'
    • 'No Magic Solution' to Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Zimbabweans Must Do More to Liberate Themselves
    • Drop in Tourism Hits Zimbabwean Art Market
    • Zimbabwe MP jailed because he is white
    • Comment from CHRA
    • Information,news and opportunities from
    • Moyo orders blackout on Econet
    • Zhing Zhong full blast now that Bush is on fire
  43. Batch 2 Posted 9/11/04
    • John 6 v 1
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Information Minister faces axe
    • IMF sees marginal growth for Zimbabwe's GDP next year
    • NGO Bill to block US$1.5 billion project funds
    • State admits certificate used to detain Makamba defective
    • Split threat over Mbeki policy on Zimbabwe
    • TeleAccess faces closure
    • Time Bank, five directors face fresh charges of externalisation
    • Kuruneri denied bail again
    • 'Water supplies for entire hospital cut'
  44. Posted 9/11/04
    • Supreme Court under fire for undermining press freedom
    • Registrar-General in U-turn over voters' roll
    • Equatorial Guinea hails Mugabe as savior
    • Disused mine complex turned into college
    • Remain alert, ZNA told
    • Voters' roll solid, second to none: Moyo
    • Leaked O-level Maths examination paper reset
    • 'Police in full support of monetary policy'
    • Joint Statement of the Bar Council and Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales
    • Police fleece deportees
    • Chinese Beat Out Eskom
    • Reserve Bank governor warns against grants
    • Sparks fly over voters' roll tampering
    • Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) Statement
    • Zimbabwe – let’s keep focused (SACP discussion paper)
    • Mugabe faces mounting pressure
    • Will Zimbabwe become Al Qaeda's newest hub?
    • We will not flinch
    • Rough road home for illegal immigrants
    • Telecommunications strike threatens fragile economy
  45. Posted 8/11/04
    • MDC queries voters' roll
    • 3 000 striking workers suspended
    • Mugabe's relative fast-tracked in ZRP
    • Cosatu vows to keep pressure on Zim authorities
    • Cash squeeze stalls militia training
    • High hopes for Mugabe visit to Equatorial Guinea
    • Mutare governor 'hijacks' X-mas cheer fund
    • Concern over birth certificates
    • Rural teachers lose their glamour
    • Magistrate stripped of powers
    • 'Bread only at Christmas'
    • Town House office for rising Chinotimba
    • 10 pupils share one text book at rural schools
    • Zim journalists win Canadian Press Freedom Awards
    • ZCTU official alleges police harassment
    • A bark that's worse than the bite
    • When it's still in the post
    • State in desperate moves to curtail slaughter of cows
    • Zimbabwe needs regime change
    • Insults fly between ANC and Cosatu
    • Mutiple farm ownership scandal deepens
    • Corruption blow to Zimbabwe's heir apparent
    • Analysts slam new Zimbabwe bank
    • Anti-Zim Canadian coalition causes uproar
  46. Posted 7/11/04
    • Zimbabwe's exiles live 'between danger zones'
    • Audience to go wild for talk from rhino expert
    • 'Let's not put all eggs in one basket in Zim'
    • Police on manhunt for banker Chanakira
    • Economic solution depends on political will
    • In power forever
  47. Batch 3 Posted 6/11/04
    • Top Zanu PF official attacks Mugabe
    • Committee to tell house of massive maize harvest shortfall
    • COSATU declares Zimbabwe a 'derailed revolution'
    • Harare council fails to pay tax
    • Cosatu's approach to Mugabe 'astounding': Mbeki
    • Mugabe off to EGuinea for talks on 'mercenaries'
    • 'There was no theft at State House'
    • Zanu-PF conducts workshops for political commissars
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No OLF 310
    • JAG Farm Listings Communique 5th November 2004
  48. Batch 2 Posted 6/11/04
    • Can Ottawa act against Mugabe?
    • Weekly Media Update 2004-43
    • Labour leaders slam Harare's 'Hitler tactics'
    • Immigrants Protest Ill-Treatment
    • Mugabe, God and Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Using Food As A Weapon - Amnesty International
    • Bennett held in atrocious conditions
    • President robbed again
    • Lindela: 'My week in hell'
    • Police brainwashed in Mugabe's camps
    • Gambia excluded in press friendly list
    • Harare City Council does it again
    • Bennett has suffered at the hands of State security agents since 2000
    • Zim to run out of foreign currency
  49. Posted 6/11/04
    • Lawyers lay siege to farm
    • Gono misled public
    • More trouble for Moyo
    • Bennett appeals for release
    • Mugabe silent on Bush re-election
    • Tsvangirai resumes regional briefings
    • Ex-Zapu chefs shun primaries
    • Over 30 grilled in Zanu PF's anti-graft crusade
    • MEPs seek to bar Kangai
    • Parallel market's undying spirit
    • Bulawayo council to quiz Mujuru
    • Chombo appointees gobble millions at Town House
    • Another congress, the same Zanu PF
    • Sugar production hits new lows
    • Gono's hard task - wish and reality
    • Gono must do better than this
    • Prolonged lip service to privatisation
    • Frankenstein's monster runs amok
    • An absolute disgrace
    • What next, MDC?
    • Enjoy it while it lasts comrades
    • Colonial law
    • Is Gono another alien from space?
    • Wheels of justice are not intact
    • Tsvangirai's acquittal opens new dangers
  50. Batch 2 Posted 5/11/04
    • Notebook By Sam Leith
    • Zimbabwean reality comes home to roost
    • Top cop killed in accident
    • Harare Council, workers union headed for showdown
    • Streak's involvement irregular: Chingoka
    • Two bodies found in Greendale well
    • WFP ready to help Zim
    • Mugabe erases opposition constituencies
    • JAG Job Opportunities 4th November 2004
    • JAG Compensation Communique 4th November 2004
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 309
    • ZANU PF gurus plunder $50 billion agriculture fund
    • Protesters besiege SA deportation centre
    • No evidence of mass starvation in Zimbabwe, says SA
    • UN warns of impending food crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Econet bosses still in custody
    • New ZANU PF membership card to boost party coffers
  51. Posted 5/11/04
    • British High Commission Denies Racism and Staff Unrest
    • 'Marondera Shooting Result of Gross Negligence'
    • Oil Firms Get Enough Fuel: Moyo
    • Infant Mortality On Rise, says Zimbabwe Health Minister
    • Heads Must Roll At Parastatals: Gono
    • Illegal immigrant gets life for Gemma murder
    • Harare Fails to Meet Deadline
    • Government Controls Zinwa Rates
    • Hain Condemns 'Outrageous' Treatment of Zimbabwe MP
    • Pahad: We need evidence of Zim starving
    • Tekere speaks on Bennett
    • 'That's when I said to them, "You must just kill me"'
    • Zimbabwe tour is slammed
  52. Batch 3 Posted 4/11/04
    • COSATU moves to barricade Zim
    • Murerwa under pressure to ease tax burden
    • Tsvangirai trial gobbles $1bln
    • Political vultures circle over Bennett's seat
    • MDC prepares for election but . . .
    • Has Mugabe gone soft?
    • Eyebrows raised as auditor borrows from client
    • Probe auditors
    • ...and now to the NOTEBOOK
    • Land reform cuts down timber output
    • Chombo, Ndabeni-Ncube tiff miffs residents body
    • This time it may finally be the red card
  53. Batch 2 Posted 4/11/04
    • ZANU PF MPs in dramatic walkout
    • Devaluation stokes up forex black market
    • Zimbabwe to bar 'uninvited' election observers
    • Tsvangirai remanded to January over second treason charge
    • *Step up pressure on Mugabe*
    • Calls for review of inheritance laws
    • Protest on Zimbabwe's borders to stress abuses
    • Econet bosses held on forex charges
    • Tsvangirai first needs to do his 'homework' before shuttling off across southern Africa
    • The Woza Story
    • JAG Legal Communique 3rd November 2004
    • JAG Public Relations Communique 3rd November 2004
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 308
    • Bennett on hunger strike
    • $500 million car for Harare mayor
    • Govt withholds land audit report
    • Mugabe steps up surveillance on British envoy
    • David Scalpeter Interview with Terence Mukupe
  54. Posted 4/11/04
    • Democracy under arrest in Zimbabwe
    • MDC leader facing a second set of charges
    • Border to Border Solidarity Rally
    • Immigrants to besiege Lindela over ill-treatment, torture
    • Zim envoy speaks on food aid, Bennett
    • Zim envoy explains Cosatu deportation
    • Heath Streak snubbed by board
    • Diplomacy So Quiet It Desires No Change At All
    • SA property in Zim safe - envoy
    • Zimbabwe presses on with election preparations
    • Unmasking Zanu PF hypocrisy about NGOs
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 2
  55. Batch 2 Posted 3/11/04
    • Grace Mugabe's suspected lover arrested at airport
    • $300m payment to ex-detainees floors recovery prospects
    • Tsvangirai vows to turn screws on Mugabe
    • Association to award US$20 million fuel supply tender
    • Finance minister further remanded in custody
    • Deportees in fatal jump to freedom
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 307
    • JAG Compensation Communique 2nd November 2004
    • Governor reassures nation of enough cash for next 2 years
    • Gono attacks facility abusers
    • Parliament urged to react to jailing of Zimbabwe MP
    • Tsvangirai's about-turn
    • China supports Zim's land reform
    • Mugabe's party tests the waters ahead of poll
    • Refugee horror exposed
    • Bid to bar Mugabe envoy from EU-ACP Hague meeting
    • Time Bank executives remanded in custody
  56. Posted 3/11/04
    • Cricket, like business, must avoid complicity with despots
    • Minister blows $1.5 million on musical galas
    • 3 000 jobs lost so far in NGO sector
    • Trade unionist charged with serious assault
    • Gerard Norton, VC
    • Britain plugs Zimbabwe visa loophole
    • Justice Perverted.
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Zambia-Zimbabwe solve border row to build bridge
    • CSC Set to Resume EU Beef Exports
    • Food aid not being used as a political tool, govt
    • No election postponement, says govt
    • End the strike - for the good of the game
    • Deployment of Nurses Welcome
    • Mugabe's patience running out on Minister Moyo
    • Mugabe appears to have manoeuvred Mbeki into a corner over the Cosatu delegation
    • Banking phoenix may burn quarter of Zimbabwe budget
    • Retraction of message sent in error
    • "Political Indaba Resource" - Zimbabwe's Hope
  57. Posted 2/11/04
    • ZANU PF courts squatters
    • Mbeki raps COSATU
    • Is the game up for Zanu PF?
    • Bill to reward ex-political prisoners, detainees sails through
    • Voting Record on Hon. Roy Bennett Report and Sentence
    • Army urged to revoke threats
    • China's top legislator kicks off visit to Zimbabwe
    • Opposition to contest member's jail term
    • Zimbabwean journalists to go on trial
    • Zim state press defends 'greedy' Mugabe
    • The Schools Soldier On
    • Politican's wife is locked up in UK
    • Mugabe Government to Challenge Tsvangirai Acquittal
  58. Posted 1/11/04
    • Zimbabwe's police are brainwashed by Mugabe in 'reorientation' camps
    • Triumph and despair
    • Zim unionist's house raided
    • We won't vote next year
    • Zimbabwe to appeal Tsvangirai's acquittal
    • Gono criticises State spending
    • ZCTU threatens action over Cosatu ban
    • RBZ's 'Allied Banking Group' scheme slammed
    • Looming NGO lay-offs threat to economy
    • Police intensify forex searches
    • Platinum industry shaken as State takes over marketing
    • Pensioners struggle to cope with inflation
    • War vets leader accused of murder further remanded
    • Ex Chimoio supremo says he would kill all MDC supporters
    • Violence escalates ahead of 2005 poll
    • Police probe CIO torture allegations
    • Zimbabwe-based Mozambicans register to vote
    • Electricity consumers blast ZESA
    • RBZ plans another Homelink junket
    • How To Lose Friends And Influence No One
    • Bennett: Case for a Presidential pardon
    • Zim Standard Letters
    • Zimbabwe scores own goal
  59. Posted 31/10/04
    • Tsvangirai’s push on Africa
    • The madness of Thabo Mbeki
    • Civil servants forced to fund ZANU PF congress
    • Mugabe rules out postponing March poll
    • Top government law officer takes swipe at women
    • Government hauled to labour court
    • Economic turnaround so far not too visible
    • Bennett's cardinal sin
    • A Tumultuous Week
    • Judge and Jury
    • Disabled War Victims - Chidyausiku Commission Report
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe to step up war on corruption
    • Bennett strips naked
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 306
    • JAG Legal Communique 29th October 2004

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