The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/1/05
    • Merged Zimbabwe banks to start afresh
    • State Summit kicks off in Nigeria
    • Zimbabwe drops Tsvangirai appeal
    • Uprooted by Mugabe, Zimbabwe's white farmers range far afield to build new lives
    • Viva Vavi, for whom the struggle never ends
    • Land invasions were staged, claims Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe isolation takes toll on artists
    • Mugabe to launch election campaign
    • Displaced farm workers have found a new livelihood
    • Talks with Zimbabwe rebels make progress
    • Bangladesh complete stunning fightback
  2. 2nd batch Posted 30/1/05
    • Cosatu still planning to go - Business Day
    • SADC pressure? - SA Sunday Times
    • Don't hold your breath - Financial Mail
    • Appeal for leniency - Business Day
    • Fighting for life - News24
    • Culture of acceptance - IPS
    • ‘Come to Zimbabwe’
    • Local councils face collapse
    • We should not stand by while evil prevails
    • ANC backs Cosatu on Zim trip
    • ZABG opens as depositors talk of risk
    • Moyo's CV attracts 'buyers'
    • Mugabe dynasty in the making?
    • Rebels in crucial indaba
    • Imposing candidates fails in Masvingo primaries
    • Raw deal for ZESA's rural workers
    • Amazing tales from Freedonia II
    • A government determined to fail
    • Jona's last supper
  3. 1st batch Posted 30/1/05
    • Banned party on way back to haunt Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe asylum removals protest
    • Nightmares
    • Don't send me back to regime of terror
    • We have no voters roll here
    • Zimbabwe tells Cosatu to mind its own business
    • Aid crackdown facing legal test
    • Iran offers help to Zimbabwe in $250m power plant upgrade
    • Black, Ullyett win Aus Open doubles title
    • Warning on Zimbabwe food crisis
  4. Posted 29/1/05
    • Zimbabwe: 5.8 million go hungry as food emergency deepens
    • Farmers Hamstrung By Lack of Support
    • SA raises pressure on Zimbabwe over union trip
    • EU Hunts for Mugabe Treasures
    • Focus On Quality of Health Service
    • South Africa: ANC/Cosatu Agree Conditions in Zim Not `Conducive' to Free Poll
    • Zimbabwe shocked at ANC's backing of Cosatu's trip
    • Zimbabwe's Foreign Minister Encourages Rice to Visit Country
    • Zimbabwe spends 8.5 million dollars monthly for power imports
    • Warning on Zimbabwe food crisis
    • Zimbabwean Community Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers
  5. Batch 3 Posted 28/1/05
    • Zimbabwe: Continued detention of Roy Bennet is a gross injustice
    • The best thing to happen to Zimbabwe
    • Populist policy takes gloss off education
    • Ruling in MaFuyane inquest set for today
    • EU hunts for Mugabe treasures
    • UN food agency puts Zimbabwe on high priority
    • Mbeki under pressure on Zim
    • MDC prepares dossier for Sadc troika
    • Is it Bush, Blair or Mugabe?
    • Advice for Streak
    • Time to reward MDC
    • How we can tackle corruption
    • Stand up to this evil
    • Reservations over Gono’s 2005 roadmap
    • New forex deal for exporters
    • Money-laundering laws must not violate rights
    • EU market could double Zimbabwe sugar output
    • The role of auditors clarified
    • ZABG opening set to stir legal furore
    • GDP forecast to slow down
  6. Batch 2 Posted 28/1/05
    • Oppositions live in fear as rulers set agenda
    • JAG - Roy Bennett Update
    • New demands will disenfranchise thousands, analysts
    • Zimbabwe rights groups to challenge NGO law
    • Civil Servants to Monitor Polls
    • Zanu Ndonga to Contest in Elections
    • Informal cross-border maize trade improves
    • 'Zimbabwe treating economic symptoms not cause'
    • UN team committed to working with Zimbabwe
    • 'Investigate Collapse of Harare Hospital'
    • Introducing the SADC Check List
    • JAG 27th January 2005 OLF No. 330
    • Zimbabwe acid spill threatens water supply
    • Zim not submitting AU reports
    • Zim. Indep - correction “Govt move to curtail voting rights”
    • Zim poll: Free and fair?
    • Searching under the street light
    • US puts citizens on alert
    • Police place MDC under siege
  7. Batch 1 Posted 28/1/05
    • Believe strongly, dream freely, be inspired
    • Little Taibu comes of age
    • Alliance supports new union visit to Zimbabwe
    • Independent Sports View - ZC/‘rebels’ a shameful lot
    • Zim capable of sealing ODI series win
    • Musanhi gains govt recognition
    • Coventry tipped for top sports award
    • ZABG in stillbirth
    • SRC/Zifa meet on Zim 2010 bid
    • ANC moves to back Zimbabwe trip
    • Cosatu aims to 'interact with Zim people'
  8. Batch 2 Posted 27/1/05
    • MDC statement on latest Monetary Policy Statement
    • Gono slashes interest rates
    • Gukurahundi killed my father: Moyo
    • Govt taking over Dairibord?
    • Fertiliser smuggling scandal
    • SADC delegation jets in for compliance appraisal
    • Court to deliver Daily News judgment
    • Troubled banks need whopping $2.5 trillion
    • Culture of democracy still a long way off
    • Writing on the wall for ZANU PF?
    • Land debacle: govt should get serious
    • RBZ sets new inflation targets
    • Agriculture ministry's use of funds under scrutiny
    • New currency for Zim next year
    • Parastatal reform in the offing
    • Tobacco farmers to retain 100% sale proceeds in forex
    • Central Bank Governor peddles recovery gospel with renewed zeal
    • Mayor sidelined as government steps up bid to wrestle control of MDC-led cities
    • Two MDC activists arrested in fresh crackdown
    • Marcus calls for tougher line on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's stranglehold on exporter earnings eases
    • NEPAD Moves Into Action with a Development Roadmap for Africa's Agriculture
  9. Posted 27/1/05
    • Zimbabwe's inflation falls considerably
    • Zimbabwe's foreign currency inflow increases sharply in 2004
    • Zimbabwe to introduce new bank notes in 2006
    • Monitoring SADC Protocol Violations
    • Stepping up efforts to handle illegal immigrants
    • Blair sends us back to Mugabe’s torturers
    • Anti-Inflation Drive: Economists Hold Mixed Predictions
    • Zim eyes one-digit inflation
    • Harare Hospital in Intensive Care
    • Zim, SA Police Operation to Clean Up Border Begins
    • Zim's youngest MP released
    • Zimbabwe's isolation cripples stone sculptors
    • Chivi Livestock Placed On Indefinite Quarantine
    • Cosatu, ANC mend fences over Zimbabwe
    • 'Zimbabwe is not a banana republic'
  10. Batch 2 Posted 26/1/05
    • Mugabe blocks parliamentary speaker's corruption probe
    • Deputy minister orders shooting of MDC candidate
    • Business begs Mugabe to mend relations with IMF
    • MDC says to decide on elections next week
    • Gold production surges to new three-year high
    • Chamisa arrested
    • Spy case: magistrate recuses himself
    • Cosatu visit: ministers contradict each other
    • RBZ still faces hurdles
    • MDC youths beat up colleague
    • Mash Central declared no-go-area, says MDC
    • Zimbabwe's forex rules likely to be eased in quarterly review
    • Tsvangirai's address to the SAIIA conference in Johanneburg
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 329
    • JAG Legal Communiqué, 25th January 2005
    • JAG Classifieds 25th January 2005
    • New Hope for Zimbabwe
    • MDC urges pressure on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's ruling party descends into chaos
    • Political Tension Mounts in Zimbabwe as Elections Draw Near
    • Zim warns Cosatu to stay clear
    • Zim part of UN human rights forum
  11. Posted 26/1/05
    • MDC calls for postponement of poll
    • ANC, alliance partners to develop common Zimbabwe position
    • Zimbabwean hospitals paralysed by brain drain
    • Zimbabwe harvest unlikely to improve over 2004 - U.S.
    • Mugabe has lost control of party - opposition
    • Public Switches Off as Electioneering Begins
    • IWPR Launches Zimbabwe Elections Report
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Bennett Update January 25th 2005
    • MDC in catch-22 on Zimbabwe elections
    • The One Party State
    • Manyika accused of taking bribes
    • Government urged to respect human rights
    • Zimbabwe opposition says crackdown on members rises
    • African carers keeping the UK healthy
    • 'We won't tolerate big headedness'
    • It's do or die for MDC
    • Price of disobeying Mugabe 'too high'
  12. Batch 3 Posted 25/1/05
    • Ancram - Straw guilty of spineless betrayal on Zimbabwe
    • ZC director resigns over board's policies
    • Zimbabwe fights off Chinese 'invasion'
    • Poll losers warned
    • VP Mujuru commissions 57 new Zupco buses
    • MDC legislator Khupe released on $100 000 bail
    • Divert PSF to fuel, electricity-ZNCC
    • Muchena blames aspiring candidates for fanning factionalism
    • Mangwengwende finally retrenched
    • Nango to find ways to deal with bill
  13. Batch 2 Posted 25/1/05
    • Zimbabwe vows to unleash full wrath of state power on Cosatu
    • MDC legislator spends night in cell littered with human waste
    • Anxious weekly paper waits for media watchman's next move
    • Spain throws spanners into jailed finance minister's probe
    • Zimbabwe Cricket officials in frantic bid to woo back rebels
    • Suspected ZANU PF spy's trial postponed to today
    • Late funding to dampen Zimbabwe tobacco output
    • Zanu PF Must Put Its House in Order
    • How Moyo's revenge mission hit turbulence
    • How SA spies on 'friendly' nations
    • Matsanga delights in Moyo's misfortunes
    • Mugabe envoy on fire-fighting mission to SA
    • UN fears Zimbabwe food shortages
    • Moyo now probed for corruption
    • ANC gives okay to Cosatu's Zim trip
  14. Posted 25/1/05
    • Stolen Cattle Found in Zambia
    • Zambezi Flood Plain Residents Urged to Relocate
    • Dead BC Mesmerised By Iranians
    • Surgeon's Diary: A Medical Don for All Seasons
    • Zanu PF not shaken by ANC statement
    • Thank God for Condoleezza Rice
    • Seduced by Vic Falls
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 12
    • Zimbabwean Community Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers
    • JAG Legal Communiqué, 24th January 2005
    • COSATU sticks to its guns on Harare trip
    • No chance for free and fair poll - COSATU
    • Government media commission summons new weekly's bosses
    • Mbeki urged to ensure safety of SA spy held in Harare
    • PAC attacks COSATU over planned Zimbabwe visit
    • SA deports 1 000 illegal Zimbabwean immigrants
    • In the name of African unity let COSATU come in
    • Zimbabwe board admits to player approaches
  15. Batch 3 Posted 24/1/05
    • Mugabe puts military at the centre of Zimbabwe's election
    • 'School children' vote in primary elections
    • Media vital in fight against corruption
    • Be on high alert: State urges security forces
    • Land at centre of RBZ, Time Bank dispute acquired
    • Anglo-American bid to stop estate takeover hits snag
    • MDC primary poll abandoned
    • MDC has reservations about ZEC chairman
    • Suburban murder shocks ex pats in Zimbabwe
    • NRZ deal with Chinese firm at advanced stage
    • Asylum fear
    • Zimbabwe's tobacco crop may rise 32%
    • Zimbabwe opposition MP, 100 supporters arrested
    • Time is tight
  16. Batch 2 Posted 24/1/05
    • Zanu PF probes Moyo
    • Voter apathy wake-up call for Zanu PF
    • Tsvangirai in SA to meet ANC officials
    • Mkapa, Mugabe in secret talks
    • Villagers flee into Mozambique
    • Motorist in trouble for 'blocking' Mugabe's motorcade
    • State grant to Mutare Council slashed by 70%
    • Shocking poverty haunts ex-farm workers
    • CIO 'officials' destroy new farmers' crops
    • Tourism slump hits Masvingo
    • GMB meets millers over maize shortage
    • Violence: Zanu PF's poll trump card
    • MDC activists in court
    • Why MDC could lose March poll
    • Where are all these Chinamen?
    • Only our vote can free us from Zanu PF
    • POSA is blocking opposition activities
    • How things have fallen apart at Harare Council
    • Pressure mounts on RBZ to deliver more
    • Eyebrows raised over new ZABG composition
    • How independent is the new ZEC?
    • ZBC orders MDC news blackout
  17. Posted 24/1/05
    • Good enough reasons
    • The Enforcer
    • Mugabe must be engaged robustly
    • Democracy Isn't Built on One Election Alone
    • Sikhala supporters to sue MDC leaders
    • Farmers reeling from seed, fertiliser shortage
    • Undenge wins Chimanimani primary
    • ZBH workers face eviction
    • Stop using national youth graduates in public works: Chaibva
    • Pemhenayi to represent Zanu PF in Mutare central
    • Video on plight of Zimbabwean refugees well received, says Trust
    • SA labour union heading to Harare once more
    • Fertilizer shortage in Zimbabwe may affect cotton output
    • Tanzanian leader aligns himself with Mugabe
    • Arrested agent exposes Mbeki plot on Mugabe
    • Zim can't get 'secrets' right
    • Zimbabwe spy story hits home for TV presenter
    • Confusion over who is to run Zim's next poll
  18. Posted 23/1/05
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 21st January 2005
    • Zimbabwe rebels in reconciliation talks
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 10
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 11
    • Cosatu meets with Zimbabwe trade union in Cape Town
    • Now local elephant herds can be helped
    • 'Rice is an apologist for white sins'
    • MDC worried about Zimbabwe's election body
    • MDC's curtsy to Thabo 'pays off'
    • Banking sector full of holes
    • The worm turns
  19. Posted 22/1/05
    • SA spy captured and tortured by Zimbabwe forces
    • How SA spied on Mugabe
    • Controversial Judge Heads Up New Zimbabwe Electoral Authority
    • Journalist fears for life
    • Forex auction system has failed, says business sector
    • Zimbabwe, SA labour leaders plot way forward
    • Disgruntlement over ZANU PF internal election may swing vote in opposition's favour
    • ANC gets tough with Mugabe
    • Mutinhiri Displaces Wine Grower
    • Zimbabwe: training security forces in international humanitarian law
    • RBZ, Zimra Tighten Screws
    • Quiet diplomacy versus harsh reality
  20. Batch 3 Posted 21/1/05
    • Can Zimbabwe polls be free and fair?
    • ACT Appeal: Famine Relief, Zimbabwe, REVISION 1
    • Mugabe summons embattled propaganda chief
    • Pro-government judge to head new Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
    • NGOs vow to shun government-appointed council
    • Tobacco production continues to tumble
    • Three closed banks to briefly re-open
    • Nkomo scoffs at Moyo
    • MDC defers poll decision
    • Govt requires 50 000 tractors
    • Occupants challenge eviction from farm
    • Did MDC shoot itself in the foot?
    • JAG Job Opportunities, 20th January 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 327
    • Zim berates Cosatu
  21. Batch 2 Posted 21/1/05
    • Goche speaks on spies
    • Moyo set to lose Patterson Farm
    • MDC MP rebukes magistrate in court
    • SA firm blows whistle on Mawere/Chiyangwa
    • Sibanda castigates Zanu PF leadership
    • Govt move set to curtail voting rights
    • Woza women assaulted after demo
    • Primaries expose Zanu PF rigging
    • National Parks hikes leases
    • Will Zanu PF women deliver?
    • ZABG: Waiting for Gono
    • Primaries an insight into poll
    • Land policies need transformation
    • History's longest suicide note
    • Radical fuel measures looming
    • Zimdollar tumbles
    • Aren't our disasters 'sexy' enough to attract attention?
    • Corruption rife at Zimra
    • A bad law
  22. Posted 21/1/05
    • Election Process Begins in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Appoints New Electoral Body for March Poll
    • Zim, Iran Sign Deals
    • Thabo Mbeki - A man of two faces
    • 'Historical suffering' unites Zimbabwe and Iran
    • Zimbabwe rejects US tyranny slur
    • Govt. Crackdown Sows Fear in Zimbabwe
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-2
    • We're not getting tough on Zanu PF, says ANC
    • Link between ANC, Zanu 'rebels'
    • Ebrahim accused of blackmailing players
    • Made wins, with a little help from GMB
    • Even with Iran Zimbabwe must behave properly
    • South African 'quiet diplomacy' tested by recent events
    • Zimbabwe's "Look East" policy seems to reap success
  23. Batch 2 Posted 20/1/05
    • War veterans invade Jonathan Moyo's farm
    • Bureaucracy could see thousands of voters disenfranchised
    • Zimbabwe breaks up South Africa spy ring
    • Zimbabwe can play 'pivotal' role in uplifting Africa: Khatami
    • I've seen citizens' enemy - it's government
    • Man Discovers Relative's Past in Dust Diaries
    • Journalists Shrug Off Government's Media Straitjacket
    • Moyo goes to court
    • 'I won't give up Tsholotsho'
    • Chanakira tightens grip on Kingdom
    • Zimbabwe's five-year political impasse tops ANC agenda
    • Proposed COSATU trip in limbo
    • New twist to ZANU PF Bulawayo fiasco
    • Moyo's last frontier
    • Mujuru is here to stay
    • More ZANU PF heavies fall
    • Good riddance
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Malaysia still to give nod to Zim beef
    • Bata sales down by 26%,thanks to zhing-zhongs
    • 'Fictitious' Air Zimbabwe report thrown out
    • MDC losers on warpath
    • Mystery shrouds report on CFI
    • Labour ministers to attend Vic Falls meeting
    • War vets association restructuring continues
  24. Posted 20/1/05
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 326
    • Anglo-Swiss Aid Worker Killed in Zimbabwe Attack
    • Police 'harass' jailed MP's wife
    • Zimbabwe backs Iran over nuclear programme
    • NBTS Running Out of Blood
    • ANC cagey on its Zimbabwe stance
    • Board holds talks with rebels
    • Zimbabwe churches deplore opposition lawmaker's imprisonment
    • Conservatives challenge the government to follow US lead, and take a tougher line on Zimbabwe
    • Legal Hitches Put Brake On Zimbabwe's Mega Bank Plan
    • Parties fume over voter registration
    • Zanu PF shuts door on re-runs
    • Job Opportunities
    • Dongo eyes Harare Central constituency
    • 2005 Harare council budget to be finalised
    • Zvinavashe's proof of payment is fake-Greebe
    • Chinotimba kicked out of party house
    • Voters' roll inspection begins
    • Cosatu rebukes ANC over Zimbabwe
    • Herald scribes in the dock for writing falsehoods
  25. Batch 2 Posted 19/1/05
    • Zimbabwe: 'An Outpost of Tyranny'
    • Ministers admit Zimbabwe's land resettlement drive is in deep crisis
    • Jonathan Moyo pumps in more money in Tsholotsho
    • Mugabe to kick-start 'anti-Blair' election campaign
    • Zimbabwe appeals for help to buy food, drugs
    • Women protesters arrested
    • Mbeki postpones Harare trip
    • Zanu PF lifts Langa, Ncube's suspension
    • Tsholotsho owes Moyo no cent!
    • Moyo epitomises battle for soul of Matabeleland
    • Anthrax cases in humans soar
    • Water cuts loom for western suburbs
  26. Posted 19/1/05
    • New bank fails to take off
    • Who can stop this nonsense?
    • Harare residents blast Commission
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Six ministers, deputies, set to lose their jobs
    • CFX Closure Paralyses Business in Kariba
    • Khatami says Iran will stand by Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe hails Iran during Khatami visit
    • No word on whether MDC will drop poll boycott
    • Condoleezza Rice Names World's 'Outposts of Tyranny'
    • MDC hails ANC call for fair elections
    • Meeting On Trans-Frontier Project
    • ANC Turns Up Volume of 'Quiet Diplomacy'
  27. Batch 2 Posted 18/1/05
    • Mugabe's policies scorch Zimbabwe's tobacco crop
    • Zimbabwe: the terror and abuse goes on
    • Zanu PF cancels bid to access State resources for party election
    • Lecturers get hefty salary hike
    • Mugabe's party riven with dissent as his power ebbs
    • Mugabe tightens grip on Zanu-PF
    • ZABG formation on course - RBZ
    • Iranian leader Khatami arrives in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opposition demands voters' roll review
    • Moyo: 'Tsholotsho people will hold Nkomo to account'
    • JAG Appeal Communiqué 17th January 2005
    • Regularise citizenship status: RG's Office
    • Bulawayo, Tsholotsho committees dissolved
    • 4 ministers lose primary elections
    • Gift Chimanikire wins Mbare primary elections
    • Former SMM chairman blasts RBZ
    • Law Society challenges sections of Money Laundering Act
    • Bulawayo City hires private debt collectors
    • Lands committee descends
  28. Posted 18/1/05
    • Mash Central braces for farm evictions
    • MIC to monitor journalism training
    • Parishioner arrested after anti-Kunonga demo
    • Ball in Sadc court, says MDC
    • Minister goes berserk
    • ANC backs MDC's right to hold meetings
    • Allow MDC to campaign freely or election will be a farce
    • Zimbabwe to hog limelight at Commonwealth press meeting
    • Teachers forced to undergo military training
    • Iranian president kicks off visit to Zimbabwe
    • Harare North Voters Roll Inspection - new facility
    • Museveni, Mugabe in air link talks
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Party 'Old Guard' Returns to Prominence
    • Call for independent review of voters' roll
    • Fraud and violence reports mar Zim poll
    • Britain Scraps Mozambique's Debts
    • How Zimbabwe nabbed South African spy
    • South Africa mum as 'spy' held in Zimbabwe
    • Beijing's delicate balancing act in Africa
    • Spy vs Spy, a southern African story
    • Overhaul the UN's human rights body
    • Yet another troika
  29. Batch 2 Posted 17/1/05
    • 'Make Sure They Count Nicely This Time'
    • History is already writing its judgement of Mugabe
    • Zimabwe People's Democratic Party Announces Launch of Website
    • Personal view: Wealthy nations must tackle Zimbabwe Aids first
    • No news on SA spy
    • Minister, MPs lose primaries
    • Voter registration, inspection of roll begins today
    • Armyworm outbreak looms
    • Council phones cut over bill
    • Zanu-PF Bulawayo committee faces axe
    • Chaos, vote rigging, mar Zanu PF elections
    • Shaky banks to be forced into liquidation
    • Repatriation of illegal immigrants costs Botswana US$32 000
  30. Posted 17/1/05
    • Moyo is free to leave Zanu PF, says Nkomo
    • Chaos mars Zanu PF primaries
    • March poll could be moved to June, says Tsvangirai
    • Masanga back at Zisco
    • Uncertainty shrouds ZABG launch
    • Gono, bank workers' union, head for clash
    • Promised ARV's slow in coming
    • Kariba mayor says Zanu PF is after him
    • Hundreds force-marched to Mujuru bash
    • Chipinge folks cry foul over ID cards
    • Govt orders Mutare council to involve youth militia
    • Poverty drives many onto the streets
    • Zanu PF sacrifices economy for votes
    • Taking a stand against political violence
    • How not to win friends
    • Zimbabwe sinking deeper into the mire
    • March elections likely to be a farce
    • WB official sees hope for Zimbabwe economy
    • For Mbeki - no end to Zimbabwe crisis
    • Mugabe gives nod harsh media law
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe approves election laws-govt media
    • AG: Death of Justice Georges a great loss
    • McCall Smith gives book royalties to Aids
    • Have ZANU PF bribes not bought enough chiefs?
    • Zanu(PF) primary elections marred by logistical glitch
    • Senegal leader `disappointed' with pace of reform
    • The squalid politics of squandered aid
    • Spy ring mystery deepens
  31. Posted 16/1/05
    • JAG Legal Communiqué 14th January 2005
    • Correction to JAG PR Communiqué 13th January 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 325
    • SA not involved in spying on Zimbabwe: Intelligence
    • I hang my head in disgust and shame
    • Zimbabwean MP was spying for SA, court hears
    • 'Moyo stupid, confused'
    • Two MPs left in the cold
    • Zanu PF primaries: List out
  32. Posted 15/1/05
    • Voters Roll inspection - Monday 17th to Sunday 30th Jan
    • Traditional leaders resist Zanu PF quota system
    • Zanu PF set to spit out Jonathan Moyo
    • African Commission to hear Zimbabwean lawyer's torture case
    • ZANU PF spy suspects remanded in custody
    • Villagers warn of 'Ides of March' over Mugabe's chasing away of food donors
    • Zimbabwe's Jonathan Moyo hits out at Zanu(PF) leaders
    • What Hopes for Blair's Africa Plan?
    • Speed Up Tourism Master Plan, Industry Urges Government
    • 'Zesa Tariff Hikes Inflationary'
    • Major Boost for Energy Industry
    • New media laws draw criticism from U.S
    • Cosatu 'unwanted' in Zimbabwe
    • Mending broken fences
    • Winds of change, or deceptive breezes?
    • £160 billion in debt and it's growing
    • New jailer for Bennett
    • Zimbabwe's banks still face credibility battle
    • Chiyangwa sold secrets - lawyer
  33. Batch 3 Posted 14/1/05
    • Curators rake in billions
    • Moyo keeps options open
    • Zanu PF intensifies Tsholotsho witch-hunt
    • Govt on well beaten track with begging bowl
    • Economic crisis batters small business
    • State fiddles as land disaster unfolds
    • Woza protests
    • Chigwedere loses to private schools
    • Lawyers slam delays in electoral petitions
    • Food shortages begin to bite
    • Harare Commission jumps the gun
    • Pitfalls of unguided indigenisation
    • Mukanya roars at last
    • Yes, Your Honour, but .
    • The future of Zimbabwean tourism
    • Overstaffed, underworked and overpaid
    • Tourism facilities to be regraded
    • ZABG not opening January
    • Air Zimbabwe boss keeps revival plan close to chest
    • NRZ pension hit by $12b debt
    • CFX top brass in forex scandal
    • Revitalising institutions of the state
    • Prospects for 2005: hope springs eternal
    • Trustworthy?
  34. Batch 2 Posted 14/1/05
    • State secret agents worm their way into schools
    • Zanu PF haggles over election list
    • Lawyers attack judiciary for failing to protect own integrity
    • Suspected ZANU PF spies' bid to alter plea fails
    • Government barred from shutting down private schools
    • Minister quits Parly race
    • Police officers in court for demanding $25m bribe
    • Soft drink shortage hits Bulawayo
    • Air Force officers elevated
    • Minister, MP in bitter row
    • Zim farmers expect lowest tobacco crop
    • Bob's selfish distortion of horrific revolution sullies beautiful island's history
    • South Africa dragged into Zimbabwe spying scandal
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 324
  35. Posted 14/1/05
    • High Court slashes jail term for Equatorial Guinea coup leader
    • AIPPA strikes again
    • Gono to present fourth quarterly monetary policy review
    • Second Tsvangirai treason trial postponed
    • Zanu(PF) to endorse Moyo's poll exclusion
    • Families of mercenaries bitter over Thatcher ruling
    • Iranian President Expected Next Week
    • Fifa warns Zimbabwe
    • ZNA Receives 22 Vehicles From China
    • Is Chelsy a bad influence?
    • Zim Says No to Polls Postponment
    • SADC to focus on food security in 2005
    • Message of hope arrived in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe could be facing food disaster
    • Immigrants threaten residents
    • A WOZA Information Sheet
  36. Batch 2 Posted 13/1/05
    • Permanent Residents - Reclaim your Vote!
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 323
    • Power surge costs Highfield folk millions
    • Zanu PF denies food to MDC supporters
    • Mugabe vows not to reverse land reforms
    • Regional leaders pushing MDC to the polls: Tsvangirai
    • State drops charges against journalists
    • Monthly expenditure basket soars - CCZ
    • Zimbabwe paper threatened over interview with Archbishop
    • Mugabe seeks revolution against the West
    • Misa-Zimbabwe Speaks Out On Threats to Close the 'Weekly Times'
    • Brown sees African poverty first hand
    • Zimbabwe Independent fires lying reporter
    • Heavies dropped
    • GMB threatens to withdraw millers' licences
    • Masiyiwa buys into Kingdom
    • Mawere in desperate fight for ZimRe stake
    • MDC takes diplomatic offensive to Zambia
    • 'Opposition coverage mere ZANU PF ruse'
    • The fuzzy maths of SADC
    • Headmen grumble over allowances
    • Stop this madness!
    • Letters about traffic dangers
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Heavily-indebted ZESA on a borrowing spree
    • Thumbs-down for farm produce marketing plan
    • Floriculture loses bloom
    • ZMDC courts Chinese
    • Zim faces critical fertiliser shortage
    • Politicians pretend to care about us
  37. Posted 13/1/05
    • Roy Bennett Update
    • Zimbabwean dollar reaches new low
    • Cosatu set on new Zimbabwe mission
    • Mugabe faces down protest as divisions hit ruling Zanu (PF)
    • Dan Simpson: Africa -- out of sight, out of mind
    • Independent Journalists Removed From Remand
    • One man's battle to wrest power from Mugabe
    • Temba Mliswa: Coach, Con-Man
    • Zanu PF ditches Seke MP
    • Jailed MP to stand in Chimanimani
    • Street children trying to survive in "Sunshine city"
    • Zimbabwe Food Situation Deteriorates
    • Zimbabwean political violence declines: Tsvangirai
    • Anthrax in Humans Hits Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Tsvangirai abroad
    • Rising prices fuel Zim hunger
    • Mugabe gives banned candidates another chance
    • Suspended MDC councillors appeal to national executive
    • Government tightens screws on local authorities
    • Farmers blast Met Office over forecasts
    • Muchinguri lashes out at Zanu PF male bigotry
    • Paradza's problems mount
    • Mugabe laws make Zimbabwe a pariah -opposition
    • Independent Publication Threatened With Closure
    • Thatcher strikes deal to avoid jail over coup plot
    • Jan Lamprecht Explains African Political Crises
    • Zanu PF factions fight pitched battles in Gokwe
    • Zimbabwe campaign launched
    • MDC encouraged in Zambia
  38. Batch 2 Posted 12/1/05
    • Democracy Watch - 2.
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 322
    • Land reform puzzle takes new twist
    • Birchenough Bridge weak
    • Zanu PF chickens have come home to roost
    • Mbeki to lead SADC delegation to Zimbabwe
    • Blair mourns death of democracy in Zimbabwe
    • MDC blames judiciary for poll petition delays
    • State power company hikes tariffs by 126 percent
    • Zimbabwe press regulations under fire
    • Mugabe moves to quell internal squabbling
    • Zimbabwe to raise $3.2 million for tsunami victims
    • Mugabe gives in
    • Judiciary blames MDC for delays in poll cases
    • Sparks expected to fly at ZABG launch
    • Some farmers selling fertiliser on black market
    • Staff shortage riles judicial system
    • One of the great travesties
    • Free Maggie/Alaskans rally 'round elephant
    • Repeal Draconian Media Law
    • The African Human Rights Summit in Dakar
    • New Political Party Comes On Stream
    • Inspection of Voters' Roll Starts Next Week
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Jets in
  39. Posted 12/1/05
    • A walk on the wild side
    • Zimbabwe's media 'hangman' threatens new weekly
    • Mugabe throws weight behind farm invasions leader
    • Moyo wants Charamba fired from government
    • Zimbabwe opposition says can win election if fair
    • Will Tsvangirai, the Trade Unionist-Turned Politician Be Zimbabwe's Next President?
    • Mugabe returns to divided party
    • Why Brown's plan to cure ills of Africa is doomed
    • Harare may exploit tsunami to increase repression
    • Lawyers challenge new anti-money laundering law
    • Zimbabwe crumble in Bangladesh
    • Domestic Debt Hits Z$3 Trillion Mark
    • Malnutrition Seen Rising in Zimbabwe
    • Mortuaries fill up as doctors leave Zimbabwe
    • Zanu-PF row cuts Mugabe's holiday short
    • Building societies urged to review mortgage rates
    • Investment levels surge
    • Rhodes to coach the World, Warne to captain
    • Bail hearing in fake charity charge
    • 'The party will not impose candidates'
    • Mugabe addresses Zanu(PF) supporters
    • Two Oceans champs return
    • Hungry Zimbabweans scrape the barrel
  40. Posted 11/1/05
    • Zimbabwe calls for sharing of energy technology with Iran
    • Police accused of gunning down suspected Zambian cattle rustlers
    • Zanu PF cook papers
    • Inter-party violence erupts in Chikomba constituency
    • 'Zanu PF poll guidelines repressive'
    • NSSA appointments illegal : ZCTU
    • Gara blasts Manyika over suspension
    • Domestic debt hits Z$3 trillion mark
    • Government to pour in Z$1.4 billion into Zifa coffers
    • Disgruntled Zanu PF supporters demand overhaul of election criteria
    • Malnutrition and related diseases expected to rise
    • Lack of pathologist leaves murder cases stalled
    • Harare Loses Its Glow
    • Commission Postpones Meeting On City Budget
    • Infighting among Mugabe's party members could benefit MDC at polls
    • The last hope for a dying game - continued
    • Resettled farmers need assistance
    • Tobacco Exports Realise US$226m
    • Harare's Problems Can Be Solved
    • Nepad Comes Up Short 3 Years Later
    • Rumblings within Mugabe's ZANU-PF
  41. Posted 10/1/05
    • Maize meal runs out
    • Defiant Sibanda slams Zanu PF Presidium
    • Concern over fate of spying suspect
    • Rural teachers seek transfers to escape violence
    • Teachers reject pay hike
    • Chanakira heads for Nigeria
    • Pensioners to work for food
    • Illegal gold panning threatens Kwekwe
    • DDT detected in breast milk
    • Vendors play cat-and-mouse with police
    • Development for votes, Zanu PF's credo
    • Public media 'propagating hatred against Govt critics'
    • More rights abuses in 2004, says report
    • Women farm workers bear the brunt of land seizures
    • Zanu PF plot to raid Aids Fund despicable
    • Splits, spies and secret assignations
    • Out goes the Monkey, in comes the Rooster
    • Battle looms over taxation of informal sector
    • Ruth Chinamano, a true heroine
    • "Stay calm, I am still in the race!"
    • Zimbabwean man charged in Toronto for running tsunami charity scam
    • Zimbabwe's most powerful woman or a pawn?
    • The last hope for a dying game
    • Mugabe and the enemy within
    • Indecisiveness could cost the MDC
    • Donors ditch MDC
    • The tsunami disaster may generate further casualties if donors continue to switch their charitable giving to the Far East.
    • Food security under control - Muvuti
    • Ruling party in primary elections quandary
  42. Posted 9/1/05
    • Dar land policies scare off Zimbabwean investors
    • S. Korean firm to launch scholarship fund in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean opposition delegation to visit Zambia
    • AG's Office compromised
    • MPs complain over govt's failure to adopt recommendations
    • Harare budget shelved again
    • Zivhu pleads innocent
    • Hospital turns to AG's Office to evict workers
    • MDC youths call for zero tolerance to violence
  43. Batch 2 Posted 8/1/05
    • Parliamentary speaker arm-twists white farmers to throw bash for Mujuru
    • Government ropes in 20 000 pro-ZANU PF militias into police force
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 321
    • MDC rejects spy links
    • Botswana, Zimbabwe business leaders forge closer ties
    • The Year of Joyce Mujuru As Zanu PF Goes Spy Hunting
    • Are School Uniforms Really Necessary?
    • Mugabe tightens media laws
    • Zimbabwean murder suspect dies in British jail
    • Sling your hook Charamba!
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 10
  44. Posted 8/1/05
    • Water Cuts Looming
    • Masvingo Plagued By Rampant Gold Panning
    • Zimbabwe - Stop the Removals Demonstration
    • Zanu PF factions clash at funeral
    • Botswana denies Xmas holiday meeting with Tsvangirai
    • Centre to help vulnerable child deportees
    • Mutendadzamera threatens to quit MDC
    • Health ministry to curb spread of sleeping sickness
    • Financial Sector Could Do With 'Shock Absorbers'
    • 'Cuba, Zim Ties On Strong Path'
    • School Fees Dispute Spills Into Courts
    • ZRP Increases Presence in Vic Falls
    • A lost nation
  45. Batch 3 Posted 7/1/05
    • CFX mulls rescue plan
    • No going back on Tsholotsho
    • Govt witch-hunting 'troublesome' teachers
    • Chiefs 'empowered' to prop up Zanu PF
    • Imminent split moves MDC on elections
    • Zanu PF 'Young Turks' splurge millions of dollars
    • South African firm sues RBZ
    • Severe grain deficit looms
    • Moyo at it again
    • NGOs vow to continue despite Bill
    • Byo man missing in Thailand tsunami
    • Zim's domestic debt shoots to $3 trillion
    • ZABG touches off furore
    • New products
    • No respite for crisis-hit Zimbabwe
    • Global spotlight shifts to Zimbabwe
    • Failed measures of economic empowerment
    • The real enemies of the state
    • Is it true only Zanu PF card-holders will vote?
    • Shameful lies
    • Mugabe setting stage for party's death
    • New boundaries a big farce
    • Long-term focus the solution to MDC woes
    • New AG should protect basic rights
    • From haughty Moyo to folk hero Gono
    • Zanu PF/MDC show is not a choice
    • Polls-equal-democracy mantra wrong
  46. Batch 2 Posted 7/1/05
    • War veterans' boss flees
    • Magistrate defers ruling on spy suspects' change of plea to next week
    • Botswana NGOs to protest at Zimbabwe embassy
    • Banks reassure Zimbabwean clients
    • Mugabe's spokesman in threat to Zimbabwe news websites
    • Britain plans 'national service' for asylum seekers
    • JAG Job Opportunities, 6th January 2005
    • Media Watch Group: Press Freedom in Africa Ranges from Best to Worst
    • To Eddie Cross
    • Murmurs of discontent
  47. Posted 7/1/05
    • The Twelfth Day of Christmas
    • Zim beef industry close to extinction
    • Msika warns Zanu PF rebels
    • Tsholotsho kills Moyo's political career
    • Mujuru's intervention too little, too late
    • Mugabe orders Msika to preside over Chinamano's burial
    • Women protest over 'imposed candidates'
    • Zimbabwe Deserves Free And Fair Elections
    • Zanu PF Has Other Serious Problems
    • Zanu PF Spy Saga Shows Younger Generation Wants a Turn At the Top Table
    • Pressure mounts on Zimbabwe as poll date nears
    • Foreign TV Crews Shoot Tourism Documentary
    • Zimbabwe Says 'Enough' to Bank Note Protest
    • Extend the vote to us as well
    • Zimbabwe: George Orwell's Animal Farm
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 320
  48. Batch 2 Posted 6/1/05
    • Will you be able to vote in this year's General Election?
    • Visions of Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe faces new threat as party militants stage revolt
    • Purge splits ZANU PF
    • We have moles in ZANU PF: Tsvangirai
    • Zim grain imports rise
    • ZANU PF targets suspended war vets leader's farm
    • ZESA increases tariffs by 126%
    • Female quotas spark outcry
    • Tsholotsho debacle: the untold story
    • Shocking revelations on AIDS drug
    • Mujuru flexes her muscles
    • Of challenges and dilemmas
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Wheat shortage looms
    • . . as bakers, millers hit stalemate over prices
    • Jonathan Moyo: what a waste of energy!
    • Need for hope for our legal system in new year
    • Moyo fights election disqualification
  49. Posted 6/1/05
    • Zanu PF spy suspect badly tortured
    • Mugabe succession row spreads to farm ownership
    • Zimbabwe gets top marks for muzzling Press
    • Reserve Bank governor, ministers' investments trapped in closed bank
    • Government forks out Z$200m to save Under 17s from gruelling road trip
    • Mugabe clips war vets' wings
    • Mutasa blocks ouster of Zanu PF provincial executive
    • Speculation mounts over Jonathan Moyo's ouster
    • Exiles vow to stay put in South Africa if MDC boycotts poll
    • Mnangagwa sucked into war vet's murder probe
    • A troubled 2004 - Yearender
    • Zim airwaves not open for us, says opposition
    • New and safe life after fleeing Africa
    • Tempers flare at Zanu-PF protest
    • Zimbabwe to send aid to tsunami-hit Indonesia
    • Bogus committee evicts farmers
    • Minister Nyoni pins hope on Manyika
    • Kingdom Bank dismisses closure talk
    • The price commuting pupils pay
    • New boarding fees justified - parents
    • Minister versus wife
    • Zimbabwe anger over money protest
    • The Weather.
    • Joyce no cause for rejoicing
    • Blunkett's last victims fighting for justice
  50. Batch 2 Posted 5/1/05
    • Eleventh Day of Christmas
    • Parliamentary Speaker targeted in espionage case
    • Grain Marketing Board to seize wheat from farmers
    • ZANU PF reserves 36 seats to women
    • State prosecutors to continue with submissions in espionage case
    • Bank drags RBZ to court
    • Popular headmaster plunges to his death
    • 'African Leaders Should Be Ashamed of Rights Violations'
  51. Posted 5/1/05
    • Tenth Day of Christmas
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • A wish list for 2005
    • Glitter Fades Out for Harare's Kaguvi Street
    • Zimbabwe broadcaster under threat of death
    • SA man plunges to his death at Victoria Falls
    • Zim officials accused of trading information
    • Zanu PF chairmen get 5-year ban each
    • Zanu-PF Directorate to Vet Candidates
    • Zanu-PF bans six provincial chairmen
    • UPI Intelligence Watch: Mugabe's espionage witch-hunt
    • Mujuru dismisses rumours on women wearing pants
    • Ex-political prisoners to receive gratuities
    • MDC poll decision to be made next month
    • Mpofu to stand against Gumbo
    • Mudenge kicked out of farm
  52. Posted 4/1/05
    • MDC secretly mobilising its ranks ahead of election
    • Government accuses EU of seeking to oust it from power
    • Editorial: Breadbasket in Africa ravaged by Mugabe
    • Ninth Day of Christmas
    • Zim ruling party shuns big names
    • Kunonga picks up more problems
    • Tension grips banking sector - ... ZABG fails to take off
    • A Gloomy Election Countdown Begins
    • Zimbabwe name new chief executive
    • Zanu-PF drops key ministers from poll list
    • Let's come alive in 2005!
    • New laws will not solve problems
    • Zim ministers accused of spying for CIA
    • ZANU PF spy suspects want to alter guilty plea
    • Top Airzim staff face axe
    • Ministers Chombo, Goche caught in spy ring
    • Can Africa solve African problems?
  53. Posted 3/1/05
    • "Phillip Nsingo"
    • Looking for reasons
    • Africa's challenge / A new year is rife with the same old conflicts
    • Tsholotsho's Robin Hood remains an enigma
    • Seventh Day of Christmas
    • Eighth day of Christmas
    • Year when wheels came off Zanu PF vehicle
    • People should be the government's top priority
    • Why despots, racists, can claim to be godly
    • Racing: Du Plessis says farewell, but not goodbye Zimbabweans in UK student visa scam
    • Herald, Chronicle accused of 'zealous advocacy' for Moyo
    • Cabinet Ministers Suspected of Spying
    • Festive season death toll reaches 58
    • Tuition fees pegged at $8,5m
    • 'New paper to blame for high failure rate'
    • Old guard to bounce back into cabinet
    • Zanu PF masters of violence: MDC
  54. Posted 2/1/05
    • Man gets suspended sentence for bad-mouthing Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe has capacity to control armyworm
    • Financial Sector Wishes to Forget 2004 Fast
    • Zimbabwe to press spy charges against Mugabe ally
    • Zimbabwe Spy Probe Marks New Leadership Scandal
    • Government militias deny opposition supporters food
    • Moyo quashes resignation reports
    • Uncertainty over Moyo's fate
    • A year for change
  55. Posted 1/1/05
    • Zimbabwe endures year of banking dangerously
    • Jonathan Moyo to resign as Mugabe’s propaganda chief
    • Zimbabwean spin doctor Moyo resigns
    • Moyo resigns
    • Can Zimbabwe's banks be saved?
    • Bangladesh board pledges gate-money
    • Qualifier kicks off Hopman Cup action
    • Soldiers invade Mahofa farm
    • MDC: No decision on poll
    • Zimbabwe’s fight for a free voice
    • Kasukuwere fingered in farm row
    • Govt mulls take-over of horticulture marketing
    • Violence flares up at MDC headquarters
    • Govt sacks NSSA board
    • Funding frustrates Zimplats’ partners
    • A war lost before it even began
    • Wanted: another Edmund Garwe
    • Kenya murders point to growing global dangers
    • ARDA fails nation’s expectations
    • Econet meets on Mascom
    • ZANU PF shuts door on mafikizolos
    • Bennett to remain MP
    • Gono’s delicate balancing
    • Zimbabwe wins bid to host Miss Tourism World
  56. Posted 31/12/04
    • Proposal for external structures/Zim citizens/ex-citizens/permanent residents to get involved in 2005 election
    • Fifth Day of Christmas: The Great Food Robbery
    • Sixth Day of Christmas: The Silent Suffering of Pensioners
    • Old guard may cost Zanu PF poll: analysts
    • Mugabe's nephew charged with espionage
    • Mugabe allies charged in Zimbabwe spy case
    • ‘Chiyangwa tortured’
    • Top ZANU PF official accused of espionage detained at military camp
    • Government official forces church to cancel Christmas donation
    • Bennett’s lawyer complains over inhuman treatment
    • Inadequate capital injection hampers ZMDC’s efforts to revive closed mines
    • Zimbabwe look to prove a point
    • Winners and losers in ... Zimbabwe
    • Transport Problems Persist
    • Bearer Cheques' Lifespan Extended
    • Man Allegedly Swallows Man's Finger in Bar

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