The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/12/04
    • Proposal for external structures/Zim citizens/ex-citizens/permanent residents to get involved in 2005 election
    • Fifth Day of Christmas: The Great Food Robbery
    • Sixth Day of Christmas: The Silent Suffering of Pensioners
    • Old guard may cost Zanu PF poll: analysts
    • Mugabe's nephew charged with espionage
    • Mugabe allies charged in Zimbabwe spy case
    • ‘Chiyangwa tortured’
    • Top ZANU PF official accused of espionage detained at military camp
    • Government official forces church to cancel Christmas donation
    • Bennett’s lawyer complains over inhuman treatment
    • Inadequate capital injection hampers ZMDC’s efforts to revive closed mines
    • Zimbabwe look to prove a point
    • Winners and losers in ... Zimbabwe
    • Transport Problems Persist
    • Bearer Cheques' Lifespan Extended
    • Man Allegedly Swallows Man's Finger in Bar
  2. Posted 30/12/04
    • Zimbabwean Man Convicted For Mugabe Insult - BBC
    • Fourth day of Christmas: The Scandal of Mugabe’s prisons
    • Real courage in Zimbabwe
    • Overseas students cheating British education system: Think tank
    • Policy implementation to consolidate gains realised this year
    • ZABG members named
    • Final nail in Moyo coffin
    • EU to cut aid if Mugabe signs NGO law
    • Family pays dearly for supporting MDC
    • Africa's Crisis of Governance
  3. Posted 29/12/04
    • First day of Christmas: ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’
    • Second Day of Christmas: Hunger as a political weapon
    • Third day of Christmas: Belinda’s Story
    • Chiyangwa alive - expected to appear in court today
    • Zimbabwe squad hit by tour delay
    • Zim jazz pioneers still at it
    • New Challenges for the President in 2005: Human Rights in Africa
    • ZIMBABWE: Govt moves to stem health sector brain drain
    • ZIMBABWE VIGIL : Fight to keep Asylum seekers from being sent back to Zimbabwe
    • Lady Joyce in charge while Bob's away
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe Names Female VP Acting Head-of-State
    • Zimbabwean gov't calls for planting more trees to rebuild ozone layer
    • Banks set to conform to international rating framework
    • State to finalise constitution of productivity centre
    • IDC plans to set up tractor manufacturing plant
    • Top Zim bankers arrested for fraud
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 9
  4. Posted 28/12/04
    • Parliamentary committee concerned over lack of key farm inputs
    • Concern over conditions in prisons
    • Zimbabwe Arrests Executives Of Collapsed Bank
    • Evicted Zimbabwean farmers arrive Kwara ...To begin commercial farming, 2005
    • Individual investors keen to inject capital into glass company
    • Platinum market set to end year with surplus
    • ZABG opening set to change banking sector
    • Stabbed mother named
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/12/04
    • News and Noisemakers of 2004
    • Many face bleak X-mas
    • Gono: The Standard's Man-Of-The-Year
    • Not much Ho, Ho, Ho in the air
    • Don't they know it's Christmas
    • The terror, beauty of life in Zim
  6. Batch 1 Posted 27/12/04
    • Zimbabwe's food shortage fears increase
    • Zimbabwe faces internal split
    • Missing men appear in court
    • Yuletide road accidents kill 37 in Zimbabwe
    • Government to takeover marketing of flowers
    • Tour of Bangladesh
    • CIO gags relatives of arrested Zanu PF officials
    • Comet Machholz in our Skies!
    • Book - Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers
    • Harsh penalties for abusing Mugabe
    • Private schools take Chigwedere to court
    • Zesa fails to pay workers on time
    • GMB promises cheaper bread next year
    • WFP resumes food distribution
    • Zanu PF confident of reclaiming Mat vote
    • Sikhala rejects election result
    • CIO bully beaten up in Mutare
    • Information, the only tool against HIV/Aids
    • 2004. Oh, what a year!
    • Chiyangwa probed over Zanu PF documents
  7. Posted 26/12/04
    • Bleak Christmas for Zimbabwe
    • Former minister ‘met African coup pair’
    • Interest rates set to fall
    • Oldies tighten their grip on ZANU PF
    • Tobacco’s contribution to export earnings plunges
    • 2004: did Zimbabwe retreat from the brink?
    • Zimpapers editors quaking in their boots
    • Residents spoil for fight with Chombo
    • MDC keeps Zimbabweans guessing
    • Mugabe sets tone for peaceful polls
  8. Posted 25/12/04
    • BOOT-IFUL!
    • Zimbabwe to establish economic crimes court
    • Zimbabwe Extends Crackdown on Dissent as Election Looms
    • Zimbabwe's Mujuru speaks out on the future
    • Zimbabwe: Unfair trial of Roy Bennet, MP
    • Mugabe is 'rigging election' before vote
    • 10m litres of fuel for farmers
    • Things fall apart at Doves
    • Zimbabwe farmers cutting agricultural land
    • Chiyangwa strokes?
    • Daily News to re-open
  9. Batch 2 Posted 24/12/04
    • Zesa to hike tariffs
    • PAZ transformation on the cards
    • DA duo to travel to Zimbabwe to assess situation
    • Harare North Constituency boundary changes
    • Chiyangwa
    • Evicted Zimbabweans take skills and ambition to oil-rich Nigeria
    • Gwasira tipped to head ZABG
    • Bourse demands CFI explanation
    • Selection policy should be revisited
    • MCA clubs boot out board
    • More could die of malnutrition and disease in Zimbabwe's prisons
    • Million Zim kids head homes
    • PSF recovery rate at 100%
    • Zimbabwe crop preparation falls far behind schedule
    • Makwavarara Tours Hospitals
    • Groups to protest detention of illegal immigrants
    • Zimbabwe warns farming setbacks threaten next harvest; shortages blamed
    • Vital gift of water for villages
  10. Batch 1 Posted 24/12/04
    • Zim newspaper faces cash crisis
    • Yes, they said it in 2004
    • Mugabe’s yes-men
    • New NGO law: doomsday for Zimbabwe
    • Purge at Chronicle over ‘Tsholotsho Declaration’
    • Zim’s castaway white farmers get red carpet
    • Govt desperate to cover up food deficit
    • Unemployment still wreaking havoc
    • Diaspora not earning that much
    • Article was fraught with inaccuracies
    • Golf revival: Shumba’s optimism far-fetched
    • Swindlers on the loose, teachers be warned!
    • Mugabe scared stiff of Khruschev’s fate
    • Next harvest threatened by lagging tillage in Zimbabwe
    • The spectacle of Zanu PF politics
    • Zupco goes shopping
    • Uneasiness over SMM takeover
    • Cabs makes good use of USAid funds
    • Curtain comes down on troubled year
    • Zim to maintain tobacco dual marketing system
    • Econet on expansion trail
  11. Posted 23/12/04
    • Child rights affected by weak law implementation
    • North Korea looms for the man dubbed Mugabe's Goebbels
    • Harare’s fate in SADC’s hands
    • Zimbabwe maize demand boost exports
    • SADC push to lure MDC back into Harare
    • No easy bargaining for trade unionists in Africa
    • Daily HIV/Aids Report
    • ADF to Fund Region's Tsetse Fly Campaigns
    • Health Services Bill Passed
    • 'Zim Contributed US$1m Towards Fund'
    • Trip crisis inspires business brainwave
    • EU says Zimbabwe rights group ban harms democracy
    • Ease Plight of HIV/Aids Orphans
    • Trudy Stevenson MP :- Christmas letter
    • Christmas Message from Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Full publication with Christmas Message from MDC President (PDF file)
  12. Posted 22/12/04
    • Democracy watch
    • Mugabe refuses opposition ads
    • General Motors Bags Sh240m Zimbabwe Deal
    • Nyazema Leads Consortium After Masiyiwa's ANZ Stake
    • African standby force, elections discussed in Pretoria
    • Redraw favours Mugabe
    • Plight of urban poor worsens, rural food stocks dwindle
    • Zimbabwe Opposition: First Step Toward Elections Unfair
    • Zimbabwe opposition barred from advertising
    • Zim's white farmers spread their wings
    • Zimbabwe land minister arrested for theft
    • More countries approach dispossessed Zimbabwean farmers
    • Emergency meeting could lead to domestic split
    • Band Aid for a Terminal Illness
    • Bread Price Goes Up 10pc, Rising Input Costs Cited
    • MDC loses two potential seats
    • Mudenge, Mahofa in trouble
    • Mystery continues to surround Chiyangwa’s whereabouts
    • ZSE suspends CFX
    • Agribank transformed into development financier
    • State seeks to convert Zisco’s debt into equity
  13. Posted 21/12/04
    • Dogs and Fences
    • Mental health policy launched
    • Statement in support of Roy Bennett M.P.
    • "Lunar Rainbow Promise"
    • Mugabe's party to gain from constituency changes
    • Government determined to support small-scale miners
    • 'Close to a Million Orphaned By Aids'
    • Chipawo Training for Rural Youths
    • Economic Woes Force Zimbabweans Turn to Urban Crops
    • Zivhu Set Free
    • Shameless Scribes Fail to Settle $11m Hotel Bill
    • Take Stern Measures Against Indisciplined Drivers
    • Taskforce Set to Look Into War Vets Association Restructuring
    • Harare's Lovebirds With a Difference
    • Mangongo suspended by board
    • Union Used Us for Political Gain: Workers
    • Orphans paying the price
    • Jingle Tills, Jingle All the Way
    • Furore Over State Take-Over of MZWT
  14. Batch 4 Posted 20/12/04
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 8
    • MDC National Executive urges compliance with SADC protocol
    • MMCZ declares $488m dividend
    • Industrial index breaks record
    • Decision deferred - Reuters
    • SADC compliance demanded - Mercury
    • Meaningless reforms - Sunday Argus
    • Another bank goes under - Business Day
    • Moyo's minions await fate - Zim Online
    • Miners drown - News24
    • Surviving on leaves - Zim Online
    • Mugabe clips Mnangagwa's wings
    • Chinamasa, Moyo kicked out of Zanu PF politburo
    • Bleak view of Zimbabwe's decline
    • Top Zimbabwe official arrested over land dispute
  15. Batch 3 Posted 20/12/04
    • Zimbabwe camp offers AIDS orphans desperately-needed support
    • Zim elections: to boycott or not to boycott?
    • Zimbabwe opposition to decide on March poll in January
    • Mnangagwa down…but out?
    • Police disrupt MDC meeting
    • First score for 'Free Bennett' campaign
    • Put on wrong outfit in Bulawayo, and you are off to the cells
    • Basil February a hero to friend and foe
    • Chilli pepper the answer to greedy elephants!
  16. Batch 2 Posted 20/12/04
    • Chigwedere's late arrival at Gutu function riles envoy
    • HIV/Aids fighters honoured
    • Incarceration of Roy Bennett is a travesty of justice
    • Why Mugabe fears a Matabele take-over
    • MDC, stick to your guns over poll
    • Stocks flat as 'strange year' closes
    • New Zimbabwe fears for deportees
  17. Batch 1 Posted 20/12/04
    • Pride and prejudice
    • Zimbabwe to retake land for redistribution to diplomats, soldiers: report
    • Zanu PF rejects 'Mafikizolos'
    • Evicted new farmers now living in misery
    • CFX crisis leaves thousands stranded
    • Security agents descend on border
    • Nyazema leads consortium after Masiyiwa's ANZ stake
    • Chiyangwa missing
    • Police disrupt MDC meeting
    • Harry 'won't be allowed to marry Chelsy'
      Chelsy's Coca-Cola mom and bush baron dad
    • Four gold miners killed in shaft flood in Zimbabwe
    • Lawyers condemn prison conditions
    • Mujuru for VP: A watershed for the nation
    • Barricading The Borders
    • Power cuts irk Harare residents
    • Soldiers attack MDC supporters
    • Bulawayo CIO chief transferred
    • Chipawo training for rural youths
    • Villagers selling donated fertiliser
    • Nkomo pleads for food aid
  18. Posted 19/12/04
    • Deported Zimbabweans heading for SA
    • SADC Protocol Watch: Issue 4
    • The courage to go on
    • Zanu PF moves to rein in war vets
    • Graffiti highlights rough deal for Roy
    • Seventh Private Bank in Zimbabwe Shut Down
    • History will judge destroyers of Zimpapers harshly
    • Terminating the Zanu PF termite
    • Youths attempt to close Zanu PF offices
    • New Politburo
  19. Posted 18/12/04
    • Chinamasa, Moyo kicked out Zanu PF politburo
    • Panicky withdrawals as one more bank faces collapse
    • Put on wrong outfit in Bulawayo, and you are off to the cells
    • 53 Prisoners Freed From Chikurubi, Khami
    • New bill draws criticism
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Undecided on March Election
    • Zimbabwe says UK deportees 'mercenaries of regime change'
    • Returning asylum seekers must not be harassed, rights group
    • European Parliament demands release of imprisoned MP
    • Banker 'kidnapped'
    • Jailed apartheid SA spies transferred
    • Unemployment rate at 9 percent?
    • MDC MP in court on violence charge
    • Govt owes local authorities $50bn
    • Joint Venture to Ease Country's Fuel Woes
    • Opposition advert refused
  20. Batch 3 Posted 17/12/04
    • Fraud rocks CFX
    • EU to review Mugabe sanctions
    • War vets defy Mugabe
    • Ministers get feel of Air Zim turbulence
    • UK firms largest investors despite row
    • Mangwana's circus
    • Zesa goes farming
    • African NGOs seek UN help on Zim
    • Mugabe slammed for subverting legal system
    • Zanu PF links may dash royal affair
    • Zanu PF rushing Bills for March election
    • Tourism fails to rise from the ashes
    • Moyo botches 'Battle for Tsholotsho'
    • Loans abuse may backfire for Agribank
    • No consensus between Zanu PF/MDC on polls
    • ZCTU says forum waste of time
    • ZTA to downgrade hotels
    • Zim still to meet terms to access EU funds
    • Current, capital accounts in red
    • Lack of funding bogs down GMB
    • International Monetary Fund meets CZI, ZCTU
    • Abandon violence as political tool
    • I'm beaten
    • Fresh ideas needed to move Mugabe
    • Commission set to worsen city's woes
    • Casting the mantle of blame upon others
    • When a paper loses bootlicking plot
    • Relevance won't be that easy, madam VP
    • Does sovereignty mean threats?
  21. Batch 2 Posted 17/12/04
    • Zimbabwe families qualify for UK amnesty
    • Mugabe's right-hand man builds a 112-roomed mansion
    • European Parliament resolution on Zimbabwe
    • Top ZANU PF politician arrested
    • Embattled NGOs discuss shutdown plans
    • ZANU PF supporters at each other's throats in Magunje
    • South Africa's ruling alliance finally agrees to discuss Zimbabwe
    • 100 MDC protesters demand MP's release
    • Zimbabwe Cricket clinches three-year sponsorship deal
    • Moyo's hand feared as Chronicle journalists sent on leave
  22. Posted 17/12/04
    • Africa's shame in Zimbabwe
    • Government role in agriculture needs caution
    • Journalists still an endangered species - Part Two
    • Killer anti-rabies dosage claims fifty-five dogs in Chikomba
    • Health ministry, RBZ officials loot $40 billion fund
    • Situation in Zimbabwe
    • Zim invites chickens to come home to roost
    • Demand for Tillage Services Soars
    • Parliament Approves 2005 Budget
    • Fire chiefs: MDC
    • Chinotimba storms Herald House
    • Compulsory military training proposed
    • Minister accused of fanning violence
    • RBZ investigator jailed for receiving $32 million bribe
    • Opinion: Presidential Plain Language
    • Zim farmers due in Nigeria
  23. Batch 2 Posted 16/12/04
    • Prices for basic food items in Zimbabwe
    • Monthly expenditure basket soars
    • Harare Struggles to Pay Workers
    • Zimbabwe crisis tops alliance agenda
    • Confiscation of African Farms Ignored
    • Daily News sold
    • It never rains for Moyo
    • New-look ZANU PF politburo
    • Banks scurry for solutions to interest rates directive
    • Govt reclaims Moyo cousin's farm
    • ZANU PF defers primary polls yet again
    • MDC meetings barred
    • Mujuru needs to look East for inspiration
    • Ex-ZIPRA in quandary over unity
    • War on inflation: enemy No 1 in retreat
    • Cabinet: recycling art perfected
    • Heed Mugabe's call
    • Dairy farmers struggle to supply enough milk
    • Mugabe threats unsettle foreign mining investors
    • Government drags feet over producer prices
  24. Posted 16/12/04
    • Christmas in jail for calling Mugabe 'thick-headed'
    • Critics Call for End of "Peer Shielding"of President Robert Mugabe
    • Thumbs down for Mugabe
    • Reflections on unity: no falsehoods, half-truths
    • Chombo sought to bring down everything good represented by the MDC
    • Boycotting poll not an option, say analysts
    • Journalists still an endangered species
    • Zanu PF wants huge chunk of state grant
    • MDC meeting banned to pave way for ZANU PF
    • Labour demands quarterly wage increments
    • More protests at Zimbabwe embassy
    • Zimbabwean Parliament debates on amending electoral bill
    • MDC dissatisfied with limited Zim poll reforms
    • Zimbabwe protesters petition Blair over asylum seekers
    • Funds Set Aside for Education Inadequate: Committee
    • Millers Stop Processing of Price-Controlled Roller Meal
    • When only gran is left
    • Disbelief greets Zim inflation
    • Harare's anarchy has gone too far
    • Govt owes city council $7,9bn
  25. Batch 2 Posted 15/12/04
    • Britain urged to halt Zimbabwe deportations
    • Mugabe to post propaganda chief to UN
    • Army to slash troops
    • Government, business, labour resume talks
    • Opposition legislator arrested
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 318
    • Navy denies mutiny as ship returns without its captain
    • The NGO Bill in Context
  26. Posted 15/12/04
    • Zanu PF leaders say succession rift could cost party in poll
    • Mugabe to use election to tighten grip on power: analysts
    • Government trains more militias
    • AIDS to slash life expectancy to below 35 years
    • African Union's credibility can be rebuilt in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's claims of lowered inflation unconvincing
    • No removals to Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe, the old and poor pay the price in raising AIDS orphans
    • Shortage of Experts Blamed for Surge in Mental Illnesses
    • Zimbabwe 'in control of our destiny'
    • Conjoined Zimbabwe twins to be separated
    • NUST Graduation
    • Comedy of Political Errors: Super Patriots And Morons
    • Chinotimba faces axe over Tsholotsho meeting
    • Mugabe Government 'Very Rotten', Says Minister
    • Politiburo announcement expected on Friday
    • Mugabe's dilemma
  27. Batch 2 Posted 14/12/04
    • Cracks in Zanu PF
    • ZCTU mulls strike action over prolonged Aids levy: top official
    • State backs down on FSI take-over
    • Govt moves to curb 'Zhing zhong' imports
    • MDC pleads with IMF to stay Zim expulsion
    • Aids deaths multiply as specialists flee
    • Poverty drives out residents of Avenues flats
    • Zanu PF wants its history taught in schools
    • Action not words, will end poll violence
    • Behold the banana split republic
    • Africa's ex-presidents: a blessing or a curse?
    • New body for informal sector
    • Cultural revival or political posturing? (Continued from last week.)
    • There is hope yet for Zimbabwe
    • Thousands Still in Need of Food Aid in Zimbabwe
    • CIO officer grilled over Mafuyana's death
    • Land Reform Moves Ahead
    • JAG Legal Communiqué, 13th December 2004
    • It's the Economy, Stupid
  28. Posted 14/12/04
    • Zanu PF to seize remaining white-owned land
    • Zimbabwe's loneliest prisoner
    • President's Salary, Allowances Gazetted
    • Groups protest Mugabe policies
    • Youth militia creep into security services
    • Moyo: evil genius or inveterate bungler?
    • Mugabe can still be hauled to face justice in future, says IBA
    • EU beef ban costs Zimbabwe US$38 million annually
    • Three cricket officials suspended for extortion
    • Zimbabwe to introduce compulsory course for drivers
    • Zanu's only helmsman
    • Shooting the messenger
    • Zimbabwe Targets Groups' Foreign Funding
    • Mujuru: the making of a President?
    • Zimbabwe state newspaper deserts Moyo
    • Axe Moyo: war vets
    • Aimlessness of quiet diplomacy
    • Pre-election spending hides big discrepancies
  29. Posted 13/12/04
    • Genocide in D Minor.
    • The yoke on Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki's quiet diplomacy attacked
    • Termites amongst us
    • MDC eyes disgruntled chefs
    • 'White capitalists' and Zanu PF
    • . . . I am not one of them: Bredenkamp
    • Aborted match costs ZC $3,7 bn
    • Harare's troubled waters
    • Mbeki urged to change stance on Mugabe
    • Zanu PF delegates accused of stealing hotel linen
    • Cricket crisis
    • Thanks for your military service in Iraq, but you can't have a passport
    • Mugabe urged not to sign Bill
    • Zimbabwe to hunt for economic criminals abroad
  30. Posted 12/12/04
    • Mugabe gets another salary increase
    • Refugees escape to a hell of our making
    • No-Confidence bid against Zimbabwe cricket board
    • Sikhala confronts Tsvangirai
    • JAG URGENT Legal Communiqué, 10th December 2004
    • Weekly Media Update 2004-48
    • Opposition, activists denounce Zimbabwe poll law
    • Torture claim raises queries over Thatcher coup links
    • Mugabe: African Mullah?
    • How girlfriend's father shot to success
  31. Posted 11/12/04
    • IBA calls for International Criminal Court trial for Mugabe
    • Amnesty International: NGO law is an outrageous attack on human rights
    • ZTA Fails tourist industry
    • It's war in Zimbabwe
    • Shamu
    • Bullied legal system key to Mugabe's power
    • Protesters knock at Khaya Moyo's gate
    • Election crucial as badge of legitimacy
    • IBA Publishes Newspaper Feature on Violations in Zimbabwe
    • Jailed mercenary mourns of "waterless hell" at Chikurubi
    • ANALYSIS: Mugabe schemes to win back international acceptance
    • Protesters besiege Zimbabwe's embassy
    • Without well-wishers, we could have been dead by now, say AIDS patients
    • Sponsors ditch Zimbabwe cricket
    • Zimbabwe opposition says victim of rights abuses
    • 'Homeless' woman has to leave hospital bed
    • Lucky Dube's 'nightmarish' Zimbabwe tour ends in riots
    • Aus wants Bennett freed
    • MDC publishes a report detailing human rights abuses in 2004
  32. Batch 3 Posted 10/12/04
    • Zimbabwe clubs' revolt sends game into chaos
    • Observers must wait for invitations - Mugabe
    • Better 2005 tobacco crop predicted
    • Regional civic groups to protest at Zimbabwe's embassies
    • Airzim workers on go-slow
    • JAG Communique Roy Bennet Update - Day 40
    • JAG Compensation Communiqué, 9th December 2004
    • Zimbabwe Under Siege: A Canadian Civil Society Perspective
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 7
  33. Batch 2 Posted 10/12/04
    • Mnangagwa, Bredenkamp fall out
    • Political turmoil threatens beef herd
    • Harare-Beijing flights in trouble
    • 'Zanu PF abusing civil servants'
    • Moyo losing Tsholotsho
    • Billion-dollar scam at Zisco
    • Made's bungling riles Mugabe
    • Acting mayor absolves Chombo of blame
    • Media represssion earns embattled Moyo kudos
    • NGO Forum report irks Zimbabwe government
    • Daily News owners edgy ahead of ruling
    • Zimbabweans become 'pioneer farmers' in Nigeria
    • Bennett wastes away in Mutoko Prison
    • Congress offers relief to some
    • Mugabe exhibits his idea of democracy
    • Gentlemen, let the lady speak
    • Government may re-fuel inflation
    • Of dunderheads and political prostitutes
    • Meat exports under threat
    • Govt in climbdown over ZCTU
    • Made's capital projects doomed
    • ZTA courts investors
    • Budget devoid of 'political will'
    • Manufacturing in steady decline
    • Let's get out of this victim mode
    • See through this ruse
    • War vets on the prowl, be warned
    • Zimpost pricing self out
    • British media failed us
    • The termites
  34. Posted 10/12/04
    • A Round-the-Veldt Tour in Splendid Isolation
    • Zimbabwe approves law to ban foreign rights groups
    • Zim legal system 'compromised'
    • Mugabe says economy recovering, warns investors
    • Mugabe bars Western observers from vote
    • Journalism conference looks at truth, lies, and narrative
    • Commission of human wrongs
    • 'Why I support Mugabe'
    • Zim 64 win right to appeal
    • Moyo plotted Mugabe's ouster
    • Confirmed at last: Gono a political bank governor
    • Mugabe calls for violence-free poll
    • Mugabe: Of course we'll win
    • Zimbabwe appoints commission to run Harare
    • Zimbabwe cricket faces new crisis
    • Mugabe Admits Sanctions Biting
    • Down a Familiar Path Into the Heart of Darkness
    • Things fall apart for Moyo
  35. Batch 2 Posted 9/12/04
    • War vets boss vows to defy Mugabe
    • Tsetse flies invade northern Zimbabwe
    • MDC to attend Mugabe's state of the nation address
    • Clive Rice furious at 'apartheid in reverse'
    • Carvers hack down Africa's dwindling forests
    • Zanu-PF vultures flock around the carcass of their party
    • Zimbabwe NGOs inconvenient to totalitarian project
    • Zim farmers head to Nigeria
    • Zim hunger crisis deepens
    • Mugabe's mystery hint on successor
    • Cabinet reshuffle imminent
    • Kuruneri spared
    • Huge deficit persists in money market
    • Govt, MDC clash looms over food aid
    • Has Moyo finally got his comeuppance?
    • Tsvangirai speaks on 2005 election
    • Mugabe firmly in charge
    • Govt hijacked our projects: Byo city fathers
    • Land scandal
    • ...and now to the Notebook
  36. Posted 9/12/04
    • Shamu to take over from Jonathan Moyo
    • Mapfumo for President, Mtukudzi for finance
    • Moyo dug his own grave, and buried himself
    • South African students lash out at Zanu PF, MDC
    • Experts to Map Out Strategy Against Foot 'N' Mouth
    • Consulting the ancestors to bring political peace
    • Women activists to appeal for domestic violence legislation
    • Zim hunger crisis set to worsen
    • Only Mbeki Can Rescue Zimbabwe
    • Harare regime scores 'universally low' approval rating
    • Huge Budget Allocation for Spying
  37. Batch 2 Posted 8/12/04
    • Mugabe clones await
    • Civic groups want UN-led human rights probe in Zimbabwe
    • MDC begs IMF to spare axe on Zimbabwe
    • Tourists continue to shun Zimbabwe
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 317
    • RBZ deadline choking, say analysts
    • Harare splutters to a halt as state opens fuel tender
    • MDC warns of 'inferno'
    • Our persistence will drag Zimbabwe out of mire
    • Elephant Tusks Now More Marketable Than Before
    • Botswana denies signing media pact with Zimbabwe
  38. Posted 8/12/04
    • War vets defy Mugabe ruling
    • Airzim Must Not Be a Gravy Train
    • Zim man tries to blame dying wife for crash
    • MISA Concerned Over Legal Vacuum in Broadcast Licencing Process
    • Where to now for Tuli elephants?
    • Vultures on a Carcass.
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Chigudu to take over Zanu PF chair in Manicaland
    • Absence of Experienced Docs Blamed for Rise in TB Cases
    • Wildlife anthrax epidemic looms over Southern Africa
    • Zim makes another plan to ease fuel crisis
  39. Batch 2 Posted 7/12/04
    • On the run: Things may get hairy when guerrilla Joyce takes over from Nutball Bob
    • NZ demands release of jailed Zimbabwe MP
    • Cricket should hang its head in shame
    • China seeks to strengthen cooperation links with Zimbabwe
    • Finance Minister accused of cooking up figures
    • Umguza villagers feel hard done by the government
    • Committee to Protect Journalists attacks fresh bid to gag media
    • Women elbowed out of AIDS Day commemorations
    • Thieves steal Mugabe's computers
    • The end is nigh for the Professor
    • Ban Zimbabwe: Stewart
  40. Posted 7/12/04
    • Zimbabwe - Plea for Our Country
    • Mugabe conquers in bitter Zanu-PF power showdown
    • Massive food aid needed to avert crisis: MDC
    • 'Mafikizolo' Moyo Feels Wrath of Dictator Scorned
    • The dilemma of the Professor
    • Players shielded from problems
    • Do stop it Aggers
    • Zimbabwe's Mujuru faces test as Mugabe's deputy
    • Two wheels good
    • Family of 'Harry's girl' linked to Zim regime
    • How the Abusive Protect the Repressive at the U.N.
    • Air Zimbabwe: how not to run a parastatal
    • Exiles attack ANC*s endorsement of Mugabe
    • Two governance-related NGOs to be shut down
    • England happy to leave but a bad smell lingers
    • Waiting for the Bus
  41. Posted 6/12/04
    • Zanu fat cats don't say a word about the starving
    • Journalists celebrate Zimbabwean minister's demotion
    • Msika blasts Made
    • Vaughan disappointed by rebels' absence
    • Zimbabwe to return to Test arena
    • Mugabe's party faces strife ahead of Zimbabwe poll
    • Zanu PF ditches Moyo
    • $440bln vanishes at Time
    • Murerwa sticks to old traditions
    • Harare in garbage trouble
    • Zimpost warns against undeclared parcels
    • 'Free Bennett' campaign goes international
    • Office closures rile businessmen
    • Divisions rock Byo war veterans' body
    • MDC predicts more violence after Zanu PF congress
    • Hunger claims 10 more in Bulawayo
    • Zanu PF in-fighting could prove costly
    • MDC warns of food manipulation ahead of poll
    • Opposition activists injured in attack
    • More urban families succumb to poverty
    • Mugabe evokes Nkomo's memory
    • Increasing demand for Zim commercial farmers in SADC
    • Moyo - faced with retribution
    • Covering over the cracks
    • Docile Zimbabweans deserve what they get
    • Soldiers harassing Harare commuters
    • Cultural revival or political posturing?
    • Something positive in Zanu PF
  42. Batch 2 Posted 5/12/04
    • Bloody pledge of Mugabe's protege
    • Streak remains defiant in the wilderness
    • Mugabe arrests opposition leader
    • Mbeki called me a liar, claims Tutu
    • Political meddling has cricket on back foot
    • Bell blunder makes D'Oliveira book so resonant
    • JAG Legal Communique 3rd December 2004
    • JAG Job Opportunities 3rd December 2004
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 316
  43. Posted 5/12/04
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader briefly detained: MDC
    • "Imperialists" will not monitor Zimbabwe polls-Mugabe
    • Business as usual in Bulawayo
    • Zim 'at war' with Blair
    • Weekly Media Update 2004-47
    • No prizes
    • Zimbabwe gang forces hitch-hikers to dig up coffin
    • Three in every four Zimbabweans want MDC to contest elections
    • Reserve Bank adjusts exchange rate for exporters
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 316
    • MDC PRESS: We Are Getting Hungrier, Yet the Government Continues To Play With Our Lives
  44. Batch 2 Posted 4/12/04
    • Chombo/Zanu PF planned Mudzuri ouster
    • Security agents on high alert
    • Chiefs at Tsholotsho indaba threatened
    • Government to import 300 000t of SA maize
    • Chidzonga, cop in wrangle over farm
    • Zanu PF on 'warpath'. again
    • Seven battle for Zaka West seat
    • Falgold falls foul of land politics
    • Growth strains water system
    • Failed banks ordered to release forex
    • Power outages disrupt industry - Murerwa
    • Zim's inflation basket up for review
    • The enemy in your sight
    • Charity should begin at home
    • Go on, scorch the land!
    • Without water for a year!
    • Aids time-bomb
    • Zim waves goodbye to the last freedom
    • Zim should rise above tribal politics
    • Budget skirts key revival ingredients
    • The good, the bad and the ugly budget
    • Welcome to Zanu PF hospitality guys
  45. Posted 4/12/04
    • Zimbabwe Cricket lodges compensation claim
    • CPJ Outraged Over Proposed New Legislation That Could See Journalists Jailed for Up to 20 Years
    • Breach of SADC Standards - Issue 6
    • Cricket's shame: the inside story
    • Zanu PF congress delegates sing from different hymn book
    • Three ministers face the boot amid fears of a Zanu PF rift
    • Chissano pledges Mozambique support for Mugabe
    • Mugabe rhetoric has delegates in stitches
    • Zanu-PF plots path to polls amid wrangling
    • Revist Zanu-PF Code of Conduct: Nkomo
    • Mugabe livid over Moyo's Zanu-PF 'plot'
    • Moyo breathes fire on 'palace coup' enemies
    • ANC pledges 'firm support' for Mugabe's Zanu-PF
  46. Batch 2 Posted 3/12/04
    • Political violence on the rise ahead of poll: Human rights report
    • Tale of contrasting fortunes at ZANU PF congress
    • ZANU PF congress to blow Z$10 billion
    • IMF to review Zimbabwe's membership next week
    • Mugabe's attack a sure sign that Moyo 'is finished'
    • Gono's mission is to save Zanu-PF, not the economy
    • Zimbabwe open door for Streak comeback
    • Aids And Some Cultural Practices That Should Be Banned
    • Zimbabwe: Draft Law Threatens Civil Society Groups
  47. Posted 3/12/04
    • Mugabe pleads for unity amid fears of Zanu PF split
    • Amnesty postpones planned demos
    • Disgraced Jonathan Moyo fights back
    • Zimbabwe to ensure "Look East" tourism policy success
    • Mugabe scoffs at 'regime change' calls
    • Zimbabwean man rapes 4 daughters, infects one with HIV/AIDS
    • RBZ Officials Arrested
    • Mugabe summons newspaper editor as purge widens
    • Zimbabweans see no quick relief in reforms
    • Is Mbeki dragging South Africa the Zimbabwe route?
    • For a blushing bride...
    • Nation, Race and History in Zimbabwean Politics
  48. Batch 2 Posted 2/12/04
    • Heads to roll in Cabinet
    • IMF jets in for talks
    • Proposed media gag roundly condemned
    • AMA threatens survival of CFU's cotton selling arm
    • The shortest year of my life: Gono
    • Police seal Zvinavashe's farm
    • Congress hottest, not-to-be-missed show in town
    • Budget exposes need for international cooperation
    • 2005 National Budget Snapshot
    • ZANU PF infighting turns ugly
    • Bredenkamp speaks on Tsholotsho
    • Costly indecisiveness
    • Clash over fuel service stations
    • ZESA bows down in debt row
    • 'Murerwa's figures too good to be true'
    • Mugabe exit not for discussion as long as he lives
    • Regional labour unions throw weight behind COSATU bid to close borders
    • Banned satirical play moves on to Botswana
    • Mugabe bans charity feeding 90,000 children
    • Players in line for top-level tour talks
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader may take part in elections
    • Mbeki displays the anger of a man on his way out of power
  49. Posted 2/12/04
    • Mugabe suspends seven top ZANU PF officials
    • Jonathan Moyo's political waterloo
    • Zanu PF congress a farce, say exiles
    • Expect nothing new from Zanu PF convocation
    • Inter-Parliamentary Union expresses outrage at Bennet's continued detention
    • Zimbabwe bars Renamo from campaigning among nationals
    • US blasts UN for turning 'blind eye' to rights abuses
    • Nick Price To Receive USGA Bob Jones Award
    • Cosatu: Tensions mirror society
    • Looking for Helen Hall
    • Statement by Morgan Tsvangirai
    • More vulnerable added to feeding scheme
    • Mugabe slams 'neo-colonials'
  50. Batch 2 Posted 1/12/04
    • England met by protesters
    • England protest at 'political' coverage
    • Gono to show investors the eye of his investment storm
    • Cosatu calls for urgent meeting with ANC over Zimbabwe
    • Secret service agency to gobble Z$396 billion next year
    • ZANU PF congress kicks off amid crunching poverty
    • US$20 million Reserve Bank bond flops
    • File on High Court judge's suit disappears
    • Opposition Leader Seeks More Action Against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe appeals Tsvangirai acquittal
  51. Posted 1/12/04
    • Another Election Chance
    • International Activists to Demand Freer Zimbabwe
    • Delegates gather for Zanu-PF conference
    • Weekly Media Update 2004-46
    • Deafening Silence As Mugabe Flouts Poll Protocol
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe.
    • Gender Inequality Has to Be Properly Addressed If We Are to Reverse the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
    • The Free Roy Bennett Campaign
    • Zanu PF dishes out free beef to urban residents
    • Mugabe's obduracy undermining Gono's efforts
    • Zimbabwe opposition appeals for EU help
    • WFP to expand targeted feeding
    • Politician Woos Voters with Lingerie
    • Zimbabweans see no quick relief in reforms
    • Ancram: Government two-faced over Zimbabwe cricket tour
    • Duncan: British Government's shameful U-turn on Zimbabwe cricket tour
    • 'IMF, WB Ready to Assist Zimbabwe'

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