The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2004 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/8/04
    • Police on alert to crush NCA protests
    • State seeks to impound suspected mercenaries' plane
    • Electoral commission fails to pay monitors
    • Doves strike halts burials
    • Churches in bid to pursuade Mugabe to drop NGO bill
    • Goods worth US$ 125.000 recovered at Botswana border post
    • Alleged coup leader Mann 'tortured'
    • Pair tell of horror jail conditions
    • Fuel prices go up
    • Norton Town Council losing millions: audit
    • PE lawyer tells of Zimbabwe ordeal
    • False new dawn for Zimbabwe
    • S.Africa Charges 'Mercenaries' Freed by Zimbabwe
    • War vets leader turns heat on ministers
    • Mercenaries tortured in Zimbabwe prison
    • Concern Over New Law Extends Beyond Zimbabwe's Borders
  2. Posted 30/8/04
    • Only 9 cattle at show
    • Zimpapers illegal deals exposed
    • Zimdollar reels under pressure
    • Zvobgo Jnr to take over
    • Fuel shortages return to Zim
    • Skepticism over Mugabe commitment to reform
    • Deputy-mayor axed
    • Porta evictions on
    • US donates ARV drugs to Zim
    • Bad politics scuttle anti-HIV/Aids aid
    • Zim mourns a true 'son of the soil'
    • New Archbishop gets firm support
    • Nyambuya warns MDC-dominated city council
    • Mugabe not ready for Sadc Charter
    • You have to be in it to win it
    • Harare rate increases do not make sense
    • Disband ZIMSEC forthwith
    • Why buy these posh cars when health services are collapsing
    • This is Zanu PF hypocrisy towards white Zimbabweans
    • ESC still to pay poll monitors their allowances
    • Wankie targets rural deforestation
    • Cut empowerment stake, say mines firms
    • Kirsty Coventry is a light in the darkness
    • Mugabe claims Blair trying to oust him
    • Coup attempt far more serious than it seems
    • Zim slams 'imperialist' NGOs
    • Britain helped to foil Africa 'coup' plot
    • How new Africa made fools of the white mischief-makers
  3. Posted 29/8/04
    • "Mercenaries" accuse police of torture
    • A Challenge
    • Lost their reason for being
    • Heroes' or Mugabe's acre
    • Hicks driven by his family's life of despair
    • Fight for the higher office
  4. Posted 28/8/04
    • Six Zim farmers arrested
    • Zimbabwe convicts British man in illicit weapons deal
    • Archbishop-critic gets under Mugabe's skin
    • Most of the suspected mercenaries are likely to be released soon
    • Mugabe secures place among the world's tyrants
    • ZANU PF faction sought to block Zvobgo's hero status
    • Police raid squatter camp
    • Author makes use of sarcasm to grapple with Zim crisis
    • The real Mann
    • Panic letter from jail tied big names to coup plot
    • Mutasa implicated in terror campaign
    • With ARVs beyond reach, rural folk resort to herbs
    • Malawi backs Zimbabwe farm seizures
    • UK ready to spend R500m on Zimbabwe
    • Sharon Pincott's book, "In an elephant's rumble"
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/8/04
    • Zimbabwe losing faith in democracy
    • Some Harare residents subdividing agric plots for residential purposes
    • 'About 50 percent of Zimbabweans diabetic'
    • White men must stop meddling in Africa
    • Moyo in farm purchase row
    • Ministers fire Sable managers
    • Mutasa attacks political rival
    • Probe leaders' wealth - Shamu
    • MDC councillors defy party directive
    • Mugabe rediscovers Mat region
    • MDC slams govt over Nigeria attack
    • Another committee to audit land reform
    • Lack of funds delays demining
    • Teachers condemn Porta Farm evictions
    • The 'weak link' in Sadc poll protocol
    • Fate of a poor schemer for power
    • Demands on financial institutions unreasonable
    • 'Kirsty is our son of the soil'
    • Govt runs NRZ dry
    • Banks make a killing on TCs
    • Zesa unveils investment projects
    • Zimbabwe dollar under siege
    • Probe scam at Beitbridge border post
    • Kirsty being shamelessly used
    • Someone please save our flora and fauna!
    • The big lie
    • JAG Urgent Appeal 26th August 2004
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 292
    • JAG Job Opportunities 26th August 2004
  6. Posted 27/8/04
    • Wide-ranging constitutional changes on the cards
    • High Court judge quizzed by secret service agents
    • International Bar Association: Enact NGO law and humanitarian aid will dry up
    • Zim government accuses MDC of running scared
    • SA, Britain renew call for fair Zimbabwe polls
    • Mugabe's gift to Zim's golden girl
    • British govt doesn't support the MDC
    • Music uplifts Zim
    • Zanu PF youths strip headman of status
    • Fraudsters clean up by 'laundering' Zim money
    • HIV/Aids Changing the Face of Agriculture
    • Flouting of Traffic Laws Goes On Unabated
    • Herald lies over MDC election boycott
    • Zimbabwe 'monitors' foreign embassies
    • Zimbabwe unveil list of contracted players
  7. Batch 2 Posted 26/8/04
    • Crisis tests resolve of Africans' new union
    • 'Expansion of ties with Africa a priority': Minister
    • Private airline in the offing
    • Govt monitors diplomatic funds
    • Cracks emerge in Byo City Council
    • Govt appoints land compensation body
    • Expel rogue states
    • Poor prices send burley tobacco yields tumbling
    • NGOs have critical role to play in development
    • What Kirsty Coventry taught the nation
    • Traditional leaders are excess baggage
    • Zimbabwean dollar plunges to new low
    • Thatcher and the plot straight out of fiction
    • CHRA Statement on the Mass Resignation of Harare City Councillors
  8. Posted 26/8/04
    • MDC To Suspend Participation in Elections
    • JAG PR Communique 24th August 2004
    • US calls for new "Coalition of the Willing"
    • Voter registration continues contrary to agreed SADC electoral standards
    • National youth service trainees recruited for food distribution
    • Businessman James Makamba out of jail
    • Zvobgo the president Zimbabwe never had
    • Mark Thatcher arrested in coup probe
    • Food-for-work programme fails
    • Zimbabwe illegal immigrants fill Botswana graves
    • JAG Classifieds 24th August 2004
    • Innovative Bush Camps Help Aids Orphans
    • Propaganda chief Moyo to lose his jobs?
    • Letter: Who is a real African?
    • MDC Harare councillors resign, threat of poll boycott
    • Mbedzi acquitted, set to challenge Mohadi
    • Coventry arrives home to hero's welcome
    • Your shouts in praise of Kirsty!
    • Zimbabwe puts aside racial tensions to give hero's welcome
    • Oil Pipeline Now Fully Operational: Industry
    • RDCs Ordered to Stop Destruction of Forests
    • Mugabe abandoned Zvobgo, say relatives
  9. Posted 25/8/04
    • Public order and Security Act
    • Run-up to Zim polls the crunch
    • 'Mercenary' leader pleads guilty to coup
    • More tractors needed
    • How about this one?
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Free Zimbabwe Concert
    • JAG Public Relations Communique 23rd August 2004
    • Land Reform in Africa - Part 2: Zimbabwe
    • IOM Zimbabwe Diaspora Suvey
  10. Posted 24/8/04
    • Correction
    • International Parliamentary Union confirms "Systematic Harrassment of Political Opposition"
    • New Bishop of Harare: Let Politics Not Divide Us
    • State Needs $500bn to Service Stands
    • Bata Operations Hit By Serious Shortage of Raw Materials
    • No greener pastures on Botswana farms
    • Police investigate examination fraud
    • Britons 'Led and Financed Coup Plot'
    • No translator for 14 suspected mercenaries as trial opens
    • Agric Show Opens Today
    • CHRA update
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 291
    • JAG Press Statement 23rd August 2004
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/8/04
    • Zimbabwe Pensioners trust fund newsletter
    • Mugabe slams church leaders
    • Misihairabwi: 'It feels like his enemies have won'
    • Zim farmers fail to come
    • "Bury the puppet MDC"
    • Donors branded "threat to national security"
    • Government ignores Parliament's recommendation on state broadcaster
    • Return of closed Daily News lauded
    • Winds of change on Harare may be from Mauritius
    • ZESN makes inroads at SADC summit
  12. Posted 23/8/04
    • UN failing Zim immigrants - Refugees International
    • Mugabe slams clerics
    • Hungry youth programme trainees steal cattle and fish, villagers claim
    • Edison Zvobgo dies
    • SADC will expel disobedient members-Mbeki
    • Churchman to 'unite' Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe govt. defends proposed ban on foreign NGOs
    • Australian farmer willing to sponsor immigrant from Zimbabwe
  13. Batch 2 Posted 22/8/04
    • Light headed
    • African Union and Nepad should rein in the tyrants
    • State buys Prados for defence chiefs
    • Mugabe should halt political violence - Arcbishop Ncube
    • NANGO, lawyers slam NGO's Bill
    • Rotary answers food SOS
    • Hungry Zanu PF youths gatecrash chefs' party
    • Chombo bid to evict Porta Farm residents hits brick wall
    • Kombayi becomes MDC spokesman for Midlands
    • Regional leaders war of Mugabe
    • Chigwedere now turns to 'national dress'
    • Torture, violence likely in 2005 poll - report
    • 'Ethnic cleansing' has killed exports, says CFU
    • Forex black market resurfaces
    • After Mauritius, can Zimbabwe now hope?
  14. Posted 22/8/04
    • Rule of the lawless
    • Donors allowed to resume food aid - for specific groups
    • Cash-strapped city council has to pay for its own government supervision
    • Donated food being sold to buy seed for rainy season
    • "It's cheaper to stay at home"
    • Africa: A scar on the conscience of the world
    • Zim declines food
    • Jonathan Moyo in multi billion dollar poaching scandal
    • Nkomo strikes back!
    • 'Mercenaries' avoid deportation
    • Media Monopoly Said to Underpin Mugabe's Popularity
    • JAG Job Opportunities 19th August 2004
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique
  15. Posted 21/8/04
    • Coventry takes backstroke
    • Zimbabwe publishes bill banning rights groups
    • Just a Momentary Lapse?
    • Alleged mercenaries 'just pawns' - lawyers
    • Zanu PF revives terror bases
    • Taught to hate
    • Air Zim unearths fraud involving corpses
  16. Batch 2 Posted 20/8/04
    • ANCYL comes out in support of Mugabe's regime
    • Zimbabwe's mining on road to recovery
    • SA hunters on 'wildlife killing spree' in Zimbabwe
    • African coup suspects' need for artillery disputed
    • Zimbabwe law would criminalise church charity work
    • Anxiety Over Political Views Clear In Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF old guard in comeback bid
    • Sadc corners Mugabe
    • 52 000t of food needed to 11/04
    • Zim anti-graft chapter set for relaunch
    • Nhema orders probe of parks
    • Shamuyarira dragged into vehicle wrangle
    • Air Zimbabwe market shrinks
    • Chingoka payment touches off row
    • Paradza appeals to Mugabe for respite in troubled Makonde
    • RBZ arm fails to pay workers
    • Harare-Kariba drive mirrors land farce
    • ZCTU, informal traders forge ties
    • Ombudsman's office a shambles
    • Test for Zanu PF's sincerity on reforms
    • It's more than principles and guidelines
    • Economic recovery hindered by brain drain
    • Please tell it like it is, Gono
    • Water shortage hits soft drinks supplies
    • Govt claims on expenditure untrue - Robertson
    • NRZ crisis affects Zimplow's earnings
    • What's new?
  17. Posted 20/8/04
    • Arrest Mugabe "Pinochet style", human rights lawyers demand in Canada
    • Zimbabwe to introduce new banknotes?
    • Hungry youth programme trainees steal cattle and fish, villagers claim
    • 'Mercenary' trial moves towards closure
    • Economic gloom deepens despair
    • Weapons in focus at "mercenary" trial
    • Mugabe: Blair is arrogant
    • ZCTF report
    • Public Meeting - Sadc principles on Free and Fair Elections: Can Zimbabwe Deliver?
    • Sanity Prevails At Chimanimani Gold Spot
    • Zimbabwe to introduce poll reforms in by-election
    • Zimbabwe delegation seeks Israeli business cooperation
    • "Propaganda Works"
  18. Batch 2 Posted 19/8/04
    • Teachers in Zimbabwe: "We are very afraid"
    • Mercenaries' deny charges of illegally acquiring weapons of war
    • Sheraton Hotel Harare loses its shine
    • Zimbabwe will seize Conafex estates
    • Strange popularity poll favours Mugabe
    • Living Her Dream
    • Moyo's future in limbo
    • Crisis Cabinet team for troubled SMM
    • Nhema named in graft case
    • ZAPU leader's freedom hopes dashed
    • ZANU PF woos female MDC legislators
    • Minister's antics disconcert industry
    • From Mutapa . . . then back to Mutapa
    • Redefine patriotism, say analysts
    • Bennett, Chinamasa scuffle probe complete
    • Fresh panic on the farms
    • Mumbengegwi's antics a drag
    • Gukurahundi?
    • Budget for coffins:elections are close
    • ...and now to the NOTEBOOK
    • Obstacles to media freedom
    • Tourism's GDP contribution shrinks to 2%
    • 'Hyperinflation to remain entrenched in Zim economy'
    • Minister vows to crack the whip at troubled NRZ
    • Is the Byo coin mint a white elephant?
    • Mozambique plans to ban Zim fuel tankers
    • NGOs have critical role to play in development
  19. Posted 19/8/04
    • The fate of a judiciary once renowned in the commonwealth for its independence
    • Second medal for Zimbabwe in Athens
    • Olympics from A(uburn) to Z(imbabwe): Kirsty Coventry's Diary
    • Conafex land in Zimbabwe to be expropriated
    • JAG Classifieds 17th August 2004
    • Expect usual sounds of silence on Zimbabwe at SADC summit
    • World Bank Had 'Negligible' Impact On Development
    • Zim election group welcomes SADC guidelines
    • Dabengwa snubbed
    • Suspected mercenaries deny Zimbabwe weapon charges
    • S.Africa "disappointed" by stalled Zimbabwe talks
    • MISA: Lack of press freedom may hinder electoral process
    • Food scarce in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Opposition MP Scoffs At Electoral Reform
    • MDC fears 'implementation devil' in SA DC election rule
    • A history of errors
    • Judge to hand down judgements in mercenary case
  20. Posted 18/8/04
    • Zimbabwe ruins
    • Zimbabwe Government Bans Most Rallies by Opposition Party
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • One Man one Vote!
    • Urban residents battle with rising prices
    • Porta Farm residents condemn eviction order
    • SADC leaders approve charter on free elections
    • SADC has 'failed democracy'
    • SADC shows approval for Mugabe
    • Illegal cross border gun smuggling rife in Limpopo
    • Gauging Zimbabwe's mood
    • Botswana: We are not plotting against Mugabe
    • Civic society groups lobby for regional support against new NGO Bill
    • Lobby group: Give five million Zimbabweans their citizenship without a fee
    • Exiled Zimbabweans celebrate national holidays
    • Tackling the Impact of Customs On Aids
  21. Posted 17/8/04
    • Zimbabwe's despot watches his people starve
    • Where Have All The Protestors Gone?
    • The best of times, the worst of times
    • Soldiers take leave to help ZANU PF's campaign
    • Southern African leaders rally behind Mugabe
    • Civic society: Shut us down and the region will be flooded by refugees
    • Brain drain at University of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's council clinics lose experienced nurses
    • African leaders slam Western democracy lectures
    • Mugabe vows to defy sanctions
    • Constructive negotiations the answer
    • Zimbabwe's judicial system is on trial
    • A Revolution Betrayed
    • 5 held for border-ambush scam
    • REMINDER Extension of Harare Municipal boundaries
  22. Posted 16/8/04
    • Mugabe: Zim needs the East
    • SADC won't punish Zimbabwe
    • 5000 families go hungry...
    • Only war vets to stand for ZANU PF in election according to war vets
    • Zimbabwe in no hurry to respond to damning human rights report says AU
    • New Report Shows Millions Need Food Aid in Zimbabwe
    • MDC Press: SADC Leaders Have an Opportunity in Mauritius to Make Solid Progress on Deepening Democracy in the Region
    • Mugabe a threat to regional stability: Powell
    • New NGOs' bill spells disaster for Zim hotels
    • Makwavarara tried to lure me into Zanu PF: Dhlakama
    • Police smash currency smuggling racket
    • I will not shut up, says Archbishop Pius Ncube
    • Zanu PF supporters attack teachers
    • In-fighting in Zanu PF, a boon for MDC
    • After Makwavarara, MDC closes ranks
    • Lies will not avert food shortages
    • No sunshine in the city of filth
    • Not all war veterans are roguish
    • Zim's pork industry tottering , experts
    • Cash-strapped Zim workers take to moonlighting
    • Zanu PF grooming our youth into misfits
  23. Posted 15/8/04
    • Wildlife sanctuary now a hunting ground
    • Burgundy and Chocolate
    • Readers go flat out to help young family
    • Nigeria angrily denies funding Zimbabwe opposition
    • Education to place emphasis on skills development: Chigwedere
    • SADC denies adopting soft stance on Zimbabwe
    • Southern African leaders to seek stronger ties with EU, US
  24. Batch 2 Posted 14/8/04
    • The new face of Mugabe
    • Mugabe's Regime Hinders War on AIDS In Zimbabwe, Report Says
    • Open Letter to Mr Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe inflation still high despite dip
    • Nigeria Protests Zimbabwe's Accusation
    • Mugabe plans to starve voters into submission, says rights group
    • How to Deal With 130 000 Elephants? Part 1
    • Blood from students 'unsafe'
    • Enough maize or not enough maize?
    • Botswana police swoop on passport syndicate
    • No protest at University of Zimbabwe
  25. Posted 14/8/04
    • Mugabe under spotlight again
    • More banks in trouble
    • Zembe hits out at Chigwedere
    • MDC takes Posa to court
    • Hardliners scuttling reforms - Tsvangirai
    • Deadline for food assessment
    • Council stands by report
    • WFP woos Zambia for Zim food aid
    • Primaries stir Zanu PF row
    • Zesa needs US$2,4b
    • Zim beef exports face EU ban
    • Chegutu employers halt town council assistance
    • NRZ has only 20km modern traffic control
    • Who killed Cain Nkala?
    • Zim's prosperity lies in the future, not past
    • Labour becoming own worst enemy
    • Wanted urgently: men in white coats
    • Dreaming
    • Gono's rhetoric far from reality
    • Moeletsi Mbeki is both right and wrong
    • Give RBZ autonomy, IMF tells Zimbabwe
    • Chinese delegate 'rushed'
    • 'RBZ policy leaves banks with little for agriculture'
    • Zim goes for Chinese trains
    • RBZ to track forex use
    • Mazoe underutilised
    • Civil society condemns economic liberalisation
    • Silent citizens abetting injustice
  26. Batch 2 Posted 13/8/04
    • ZANU PF probe turns ugly
    • Inflation decline persists
    • Far-reaching changes to parliament planned
    • Most chiefs yet to get promised cars
    • UN itches to tighten screws on Zim
    • Manyika files papers to defend Zengeza murder allegations
    • Flip flopping govt exposed over Zimplats
    • Zim threatened with regional censure
    • Minister fiddles while economy burns
    • Ambitious turnaround plan for Mat
    • Enough is enough
    • ...and now to the NOTEBOOK
    • Govt dithering blamed for ZESA woes
    • Prospects of good cropping season bleak
    • Firms importing nitrogen to ease fertiliser shortage
    • How many will die in next year's polls?
    • Only return to legality will ensure development
    • 49% 'indigenisation quota' threat doesn't worry Angloplats
    • Massive loans for ABC directors
    • Billions trapped in DRC
    • JAG Classifieds 12th August 2004
    • JAG Job Opportunities 12th August 2004
  27. Posted 13/8/04
    • Southern African leaders must condemn human rights abuse - Amnesty International
    • Zimbabwean opposition leader remanded to October
    • Social collapse in Zimbabwe
    • Human Rights Watch urges govt to disclose information on available food
    • Zimbabwe police detain minors for two days
    • University of Zimbabwe sealed off by security forces
    • Tsvangirai asks SADC for help
    • ANC Youth League: Use AU's peer review to solve Zimbabwe crisis
    • SADC leaders under pressure to discuss Zimbabwe
    • Zim NGO bill 'will be painful'
    • Mugabe calls for "patriotic" students
    • Donor mistrust worsens AIDS in Zimbabwe
  28. Posted 12/8/04
    • Women call for end to SA support
    • Mugabe wants successor with struggle history
    • Botswana - the US-UK "Trojan Horse" in the SADC?
    • Civic society seeks to put Zim on SADC summit agenda
    • Zimbabwe's information chief Moyo runs into more flak from his comrades
    • University lecturers to interrupt capping ceremony
    • Maize makes its way to Zimbabwe
    • Bishops call for sanctions on Zimbabwe and Sudan
    • Zimbabwe minister blames Britain for Olympic ban
    • Zanu PF politburo to grill Moyo
    • Zimbabwe forex auction faces collapse
    • 37 cars go up in smoke in Harare
  29. Posted 11/8/04
    • Air Zim graft sucks in Zanu PF bosses
    • The Mugabes bring home more luxury goods
    • Zimbabwe not yet on the agenda of SADC summit
    • Panel appointed for Zimbabwe race probe
    • BOTSWANA-ZIMBABWE: Tensions continue to simmer
    • Greece Bars Burma, Zimbabwe Sports Ministers
    • Mugabe to prioritise building of military
    • President Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Suppression in Zimbabwe
    • Compliance, the litmus test of SADC protocol on democratic elections
    • Morton Jaffray under refurbishment
    • Corruption still rife in Zim
    • MDC Dallas Vigil
    • Man held for wife's murder
    • Shock report says 200 000 tortured in Zimbabwe
    • MDC: Newspaper claims are false
  30. Batch 2 Posted 10/8/04
    • Six months of Gonomics
    • Mugabe accused of election torture
    • ANC Youth League attacks Blair and Howard
    • Air Zimbabwe losing its wings - and other parts
    • 'Clear association between violations of human rights and elections'
    • Zimbabwean women seek support from South African sisters
    • Arrested trade unionists out on bail
    • Makwavarara: 'I was always Zanu PF'
    • Offering Sweets in Friendship
  31. Posted 10/8/04
    • Nigeria 'helping fund Zim opposition'
    • Reform education to fight imperial propaganda: Mugabe
    • Not even my relatives will escape - Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe to construct 8th state university
    • No end to the Zimbabwe tragedy
    • Mwanawasa warns Zim farmers about racism
    • Mugabe Attacks 'Lying' Britain and U.S.
    • Zimbabwe cleric unfazed by Mugabe attack
    • Zanu PF editor at war with Mugabe's spin doctor
    • Mugabe's spin doctor splashes cash ahead of polls
    • Streak still pushing player protest
    • Security of Tenure.
    • Please reconsider
    • Mugabe has "reduced once proud Zimbabwean peasants to paupers" Moeletsi Mbeki
    • Selling pills -- fatal trade, or key to survival?
    • State slams Standard story on alleged food shortages
    • Kwara Govt Allays Fears on Zimbabwean Farmers
  32. Posted 9/8/04
    • Nigeria 'helping Britain fund Zim opposition'
    • Moyo in hot water for buying state farm illegally
    • Hunger claims more lives
    • Pay up or face transfer: teachers threatened
    • Police use POSA to block MDC rallies
    • Shamuyarira distances himself from AIPPA
    • Zanu PF youths terrorise traditional leaders
    • Hands off private schools, parents tell Chigwedere
    • Zanu PF, MDC dogfight for votes
    • Failure to act puts credibility at stake
    • We don't want no education
    • National dress, another of our crazy ideas
    • BA raises fares
    • Zimdollar weaker
    • MDC must act on wayward Chombo
    • Conspiracy theories spell tragedy in Zimbabwe
    • From breadbasket to basket case in a decade
    • Tuku takes his subtle, discreet protest to UK audiences
  33. Posted 8/8/04
    • ZCU: 'Target of conspiracy'
    • Go back to work, ministry orders Zimpapers strikers
    • Zimbabwe: President Mugabe urged to release top trade union leaders from jail
    • Inflation and education don't mix
    • Rebels to continue legal struggle, says Streak
  34. Batch 2 Posted 7/8/04
    • State Set to Take Over Failed Private Schools
    • Britain will always be an enemy, says Mugabe
    • Mugabe escalates charges against archbishop
    • Zimbabwe's information chief Moyo under attack
    • 80 percent of all young HIV infected persons are female
    • MDC leader barred from public speaking
    • Theatre - Zimbabwe's last free speech?
    • Healh disatster looms in Zimbabwe
    • Trade unions call for tax reform
    • Zimbabwe police disallows opposition meetings
    • Trade unionists still under arrest
    • Raising a family alone on nothing
    • Happy ending to Zimbabwe dog tale
    • Zim reports a concern
    • MDC Press: verdict vindicares MDC
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 1
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 2
    • Misa Issues Sombre Report On Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe traditional healer burnt by goblins
    • Agribank Freezes 186 Loan Abusers' Accounts
    • Bid to Smuggle Equipment Proves Costly
  35. Posted 7/8/04
    • Zanu PF/MDC clash on electoral reforms
    • NGOs prepare to lobby Sadc heads on Bill
    • Bell tolls for Porta squatters
    • Tsvangirai slams Posa
    • Government yet to adopt judicial code of conduct
    • Police empty-handed after raid
    • Gono fails to impress MDC/IMF
    • Uncertainty grips CFU
    • Chigwedere orders private schools to return donations
    • Govt under pressure to send SOS
    • Msipa quits board over gay spat
    • Train accident exposes RMS
    • MDC wary of infiltration
    • Witness gives 'mercenary' case new twist
    • State rejects Chronicle 'evidence'
    • Gono yet to turn economy around
    • Police must redeem their image
    • Too many currency markets in Zimbabwe
    • 800 auditors flee Zimbabwe
    • Does Obasanjo know something we don't?
    • Govt to keep eye on prices
    • Documents go missing at Agribank
    • Homelink forex receipts dip
    • ISPs approach RBZ
    • Loans gobble auction money
    • Zesa jingle an irritating insult
    • Real Zim problem
    • Windshield smash
  36. Posted 6/8/04
    • Msika to go
    • A tale of two cities
    • UN spying on Zim
    • Meikles loses $1bln goods to thieves
    • Is Zimbabwe the perfect dictatorship?
    • Steep rise in seed prices looms
    • Vultures circle over Mawere's empire
    • Lest we forget
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Tobacco farmers plead for funds
    • World Food Programme retrenches workforce in Zimbabwe
    • To all Zimbabweans concerned about their future.
    • Police arrest top trade unionists
    • Concerns over possible maize shortage
    • Zimbabwe recognises whistles as weapons of mass destruction
    • Another Zimbabwe bank bites the dust
    • Rights-Zimbabwe: Media Environment Bodes Ill for 2005 Poll
    • MDC men acquitted after marathon court case
    • Zim police want white farmer
    • Lawyer for 'mercenaries' disappointed but satisfied
    • Moyo sues Zimbabwe Independent journalists over 'mole' story
    • MDC suspicious of overture
  37. Posted 5/8/04
    • Book fair suffers impact of economic crisis
    • Journalist Deported from Zimbabwe Wins Top International Reporting Honors
    • Organisation to Set Up Eye Bank
    • Study: Survival for Black Cancer Patients in Zimbabwe Among Lowest
    • Online newspaper hopes to break state control
    • Zimbabwe seizes farm tools bound for Zambia
    • What now for alleged mercenaries?
    • State Continues to Exert Tight Fiscal Management
    • World Food Programme retrenches workforce in Zimbabwe
    • Railway workers not paid on time for months
    • A Quest for a Nominal Anchor
    • Civil society groups to lobby SADC leaders over new NGO Bill
    • Teachers' unions seek government protection
    • Labour Court hands Daily News hefty retrenchment bill
  38. Second batch Posted 4/8/04
    • Zim violence makes free and fair elections 'difficult'
    • Bid to find haven for fleeing family
    • Scores hurt in Harare train crash
    • Suspected mercenaries lose appeal
    • Doctor asks Valley for funds to run hospital in Zimbabwe
    • Africa losing nurses to Britain
    • Botswana, Zim discuss security issues
    • Concourt dismisses coup suspects' appeal
    • Zimbabwe keeps protest music muffled
  39. First batch Posted 4/8/04
    • Zim academic held
    • NCA to campaign for election boycott
    • Zanu PF youths loot $4 million
    • JAG Urgent Legal Communique 2nd August
    • JAG Legal Communique 2nd August
    • Tsvangirai's Tuesday message to the people
    • Woza whistleblowers
    • Herald rocked by female abuse scandal
    • Zimbabwe's private schools see red over fees imposition
    • Police logbook vanishes as Chiyangwa trial opens
    • Invite me home
    • Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
    • Robbers, police exchange fire
    • Saraki Defies the Odds, Brings in White Farmers
    • The Private Sector, Political Elites and Underdevelopment in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Talk of dialogue over electoral reforms
    • AIDS: New strategies agains "black market" of hope
    • HIV/Aids Threatens Labour Force
  40. Posted 3/8/04
    • Jenni Williams arrested
    • IMF spells it out
    • Private Clinic, Hospital Fees Go Up
    • 'Red Lions' tour draws to a close
    • Top Official's Farm Underutilised
    • Muderede Case: State Refuses to Disclose Interfering Politicians
    • Hard-liners retain control of Zimbabwe board
    • New law to control influx of DRC and Nigerian nationals
    • Zimbabwe and Botswana talk border problems
    • Electoral law reform in the region discussed at Vic Falls
    • Next year's election an anti-Blair one - Moyo
    • Government invites China to assist in housing development
    • Zim, Malaysia postpone Zambezi Water Project deal
    • 25 police officers leave for Kosovo
    • Calling all Zimbabwe pensioners
  41. Batch 2 Posted 2/8/04
    • MDC takes on Zanu PF
    • Ministry mulls exposing multiple farm owners
    • Galz gets nod to exhibit at ZIBF 2004
    • Concern over Zanu PF plan to extend city boundaries
    • Too prickly, analysts criticise RBZ's Gono
    • Mbedzi to challenge Mohadi for Beitbridge
    • Burst sewer irks suburb residents
    • Gono gives us cause for optimism
    • Cops, robbers and elections
    • Alleviate plight of pensioners
    • Hard currency ban to promote black market
    • Jonathan Moyo: Mugabe's ally or heir?
    • Gono's efforts are not enough
    • Mugabe law will curb church and charities
    • Gono eyes invigorating agricultural sector
  42. Posted 2/8/04
    • 'Civil society will cease to exist' in Zimbabwe
    • Living off dying land
    • Dr Livingstone's statue is ours, we presume, Zambia informs Mugabe
    • Cash crisis cripples Zim's schools
    • Human development declines 12 percent in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai harassed
    • Zim's Moyo a 'land baron'
    • New citizenship regulations gazetted
    • Row over lectures to demonise President
  43. Posted 1/8/04
    • Attack on Tsvangirai: police raid his home
    • Subject: Reap where they did not sow
    • JAG urgent legal communique, 30 July

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