The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/5/05
    • D-Day for Zimbabwe's SW Radio Africa
    • Zimbabwe Folly
    • Mugabes plant roses among thorns
    • MDC sues Chidyausiku
    • Mupedzanhamo flea market closed
    • Transport problems trigger sugar shortages
    • The blind besiege governor's office
    • ZCTU sues Mohadi, Chihuri
    • Zimbabwe to make constitutional changes
    • Power cuts to continue: Zesa
    • Chinese delegation seeks areas of co-operation
    • Harare failing to pay refuse collection companies
    • 'Increase entrance fees to Zim's tourist attractions'
  2. Posted 31/5/05
    • Hatcliffe Extension in pictures
    • Soldiers burn evicted residents' property, police ransank suburb
    • Tsvangirai tours tense Harare suburbs
    • FEATURE: Crackdown will oil more social vices
    • US national arrested for filming crackdown
    • Ex-minister's trial held in camera
    • Zimbabwe: The burning continues
    • Great Leap Backwards
    • Ailing Air Zim flies with lone passenger
    • Livelihoods and shelter go up in flames
    • Reply to letter in Zim Independent
    • JAG section 5 listings dated 27/5/2005
    • Opposition urges resistance to Zimbabwe crackdown
    • Zimbabwe set to launch a total state land seizure
  3. Batch 3 Posted 30/5/05
    • World must end Mugabe mayhem
    • Mugabe's war against the poor
    • Zimbabwe set to ban private land
    • Full text of MDC statement on flea market raids
    • President sees heart specialist
    • Mujuru to replace Mugabe
    • Death knell for indigenisation tolls
    • Flea market traders face bleak future
    • Morris to quiz Mugabe over food aid
    • Harare home-seekers face billion-dollar losses
    • Midzi to testify in Moyo suit
    • Govt policy to blame for food crisis
    • Former farmers set conditions for return
    • Rural households out of food
    • IMF predicts 1,6% decline
    • Why spare the Chinese?
    • The madhouse
    • Gono's turnaround turns nasty
    • Swedish press law/Aippa poles apart
    • Which god does Gideon Gono serve?
    • Africans simply can't eat rhetoric
    • Will the Minister of Energy please stand up
    • Govt responsible for most shortages
    • Barbarians hit Africa Unity Square
  4. Batch 2 Posted 30/5/05
    • Residents plead for weapons to fight Mugabe
    • Several women protesters arrested
    • ZANU PF to introduce 65-member Senate
    • Church leaders rap crackdown
    • Govt condemned
    • Zanu PF leaders involved in a scuffle
    • Queues longer as fuel crisis deepens
    • CIO agent shoots self
    • Mudede accused of electoral fraud
    • Firms shut down at a trot in former heavy industry hub
    • UK mission helps Guruve school
    • Air Zimbabwe grounded
    • Terror of 'black boots' in Glen View
    • Chaotic land reform scuttles seed exports
    • Kuwadzana in the dark
    • Mudzuri blasts State move to control Harare water
    • Family now needs $4m per month - CCZ
    • No end in sight to Chitungwiza's sewage woes
    • Clean-up blitz shows policy bankruptcy
    • ZESA gets lifeline
    • Zimsun says tourist numbers increasing
    • Local firms reel as economic climate worsens
    • Bloodbath at the ZSE
    • High seed cost threaten tobacco
    • Excessive State control throttles exports
    • Leaders cursed to self-destruction
    • Freedonia's inimitable reign of terror
  5. Posted 30/5/05
    • Court challenge to house destruction and evictions from Hatcliffe Extension - and more destruction
    • Justice does flip-flop in jailed MP's appeal
    • ZCTF Report: Appeal for Sharon
    • City services are on the verge of collapse in Zimbabwe
    • Zim police set to raze more shacks
    • MDC: Mobilise against Mugabe
    • State wants fugitive bankers back
    • Power struggle rocks MDC
    • Army, CIO put on high alert
    • Zimbabwe faces uphill task in importing food
    • Mayhem and untold suffering in Harare
    • Mugabe demands action
    • Where did wheels come off, Gono asks
    • Tsvangirai still all the MDC has got
    • MDC MP to sue over clean-up exercise
    • Furore over Air Zim routes
    • ...And Now to the Notebook
    • Name and shame
    • New homes for vendors?
    • Police operation most insensitive
  6. Posted 29/5/05
    • Mugabe hopes to ease land takeovers
    • 'Dramatic' price increases in Zim
    • Out of sight is not out of mind
    • NGO urges State to stop 'clean-up'
    • Master plan for Bulawayo
    • Lawyers Worried By Bennett's Health
    • Gono Recommends More Jails
    • Gono Stutters
    • Big hikes in food prices in Zimbabwe but capital calm after week of protests
    • Best gift to Africa? Letting it help itself
  7. Batch 2 Posted 28/5/05
    • Demolition raids in Zimbabwe hit opposition's support base
    • Desperation on the streets
    • Ghost Towns Mushroom Across Zim
    • Commission Fiddles While Harare Burns
    • Mugabe Races to Set Up Senate
    • MDC to Focus On New Constitution
    • Made Attacked for Misleading Nation
    • Out for the Count: Democracy in Zimbabwe
  8. Posted 28/5/05
    • JAG Legal Communique May 27, 2005
    • JAG Section 7 dated 27/05/2005
    • Police to use live ammo, army rolls into suburbs
    • Former finance minister blames Mugabe links for loss of top banking job
    • New Zimbabwean radio station opens in New York
    • SA lawyers to fight for jailed Zim MP
    • Plan now for when Mugabe is gone, says Hill Patrick Leeman
    • Mudede given 2 months suspended sentence
    • Zimbabwe police torch settlements
    • SW Radio Africa should be saved
    • Call to Action - Restoring our dignity
    • News update - Hatcliffe Extension
    • Please help - no humanitarian assistance available!
    • Killing Zimbabwe's golden goose
    • Zimbabwe says nearly three million are in need of food aid
    • Anger flares in high density areas
    • Zimbabwean exiles appeal to UN
    • ZLHR takes Bennett's case to AC
    • Unethical Hunting
    • Cost of dictatorship too high
    • Activists for a day?
    • Impassioned plea from Gono
    • Farms for free
    • There is simply no food
    • The facts about Kariba
    • All disowned commercial farmers
    • Ghastly and inhuman behaviour
    • Witness account of Police brutality
    • Water unfit for humans
    • State Warns Errant Service Stations
    • Trial of Daily News Scribe Set for August
    • Fuel Trickles Into Service Stations
  9. Batch 2 Posted 27/5/05
    • Bob plans R3m bash
    • Payback time in Zimbabwe
    • Political 'meddling' keeps Bennett in jail
    • UN envoy defends Zimbabwean food efforts
    • Progress made on Beit Bridge bottlenecks
    • The Shell Game Comes to Zimbabwe
    • Lords reject expat pensions plea
    • Police evictions leave thousands homeless
    • Zimbabweans can talk way out of crisis
    • Medical brain drain 'akin to theft'
    • Zimbabwe makes U-turn on MP's jail term
    • Zim deploys 3 000 riot police to destroy homes
  10. Posted 27/5/05
    • Mugabe to nationalise all farmland
    • Riots spread to poor Harare suburb
    • Trade unionist says labour body under siege
    • Four ministers to testify against Jonathan Moyo in lawsuit
    • State lawyer withdraws concession in Bennett case
    • A day with Roy Bennett
    • Mudede judgment tomorrow Friday 10.30 am Court C
    • Is 'clean-up' punishment?
    • Bennett case: Mnangagwa blasted, remarks withdrawn
    • Govt clean-up, war veterans targeted
    • ZCC election observers not paid
    • Chihuri warns people resisting 'clean-up'
    • Thousands more held in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe residents clash with police over crackdown
    • RBZ Avails US$18,5m for Fuel
    • Jailed Zimbabwean MP fears for his life
    • Harare Police Arrest 10000
    • Murambatsvina? Zanu PF? You're having a laugh!
    • Crackdown spreads
    • Take Cue From China's Transformation, Zim Urged
    • JAG Open Letters /Thought for the day/dated 26/5/2007
  11. Batch 2 Posted 26/5/05
    • Riots in Harare
    • Govt, ZCTU lock horns over Geneva
    • Bennett sues VP Mujuru, Mnangagwa
    • Inter-ministerial committee on indigenisation formed
    • Widow lives in bush after politically motivated eviction
    • US ready to assist Zimbabwe with food
    • Food security worsens
    • Governor Samkange in $4 bn tobacco row
    • Zimbabweans bear full brunt of paralysing energy crisis
    • South Africa grapples with immigrant influx
    • UN Officials Call for More Action As Southern African Crisis Enters 'Acute Phase'
  12. Posted 26/5/05
    • Zimbabwe – Tyranny in Money Controls – “Bamba Zonke”
    • New report assesses impact of fast-track land reform
    • Robert Mugabe begins selling off his country to curry favor with the Chinese.
    • “If you put my name they will kill me"
    • MDC PRESS: Africa Day Highlights Mugabe and Zanu PF's Failure To Embrace The Process of Africa's Renewal
    • ZCTF - Umfurudzi still under threat
    • Report on trip to natural stone export company quarry in Umfurudzi safari area
    • Human rights lawyers sue Harare, police over crackdown
    • UN envoy to skirt politics on Zimbabwe visit
    • Prescribing fees at private schools will compromise quality, says teachers' union
    • Botswana wants Zimbabwean police officer extradited to face murder charge
    • UN leaders discuss solutions to Southern Africa crises
    • Zimbabwe's winter of discontent
    • Zimbabwe in 'grip of a dictatorship'
    • Broadcast Lands Brave Journalist in Trouble
  13. Batch 2 Posted 25/5/05
    • Roy Bennett MP Supreme Court Challenge - Thursday 26 May 2005
    • Roy Bennett Heads of Argument
    • Brief synopsis of issues
    • Mugabe to blow Z$100 billion to beef up own security
    • Tension at knife-edge in Harare suburb
    • Harare still clinging on to suspected mercenary
    • Zimbabweans Wait for Famine
    • Archbishop Prays For Mugabe's Death
    • Zimbabwe internet radio station launched in US
    • JAG Job Opportunities Dated 24/05/2005
    • Burning what's left
  14. Posted 25/5/05
    • Millions of Zimbabwe's poor face midwinter eviction from squatter shacks in Harare
    • Zimbabwe seen struggling to import food
    • Police target minibuses
    • State to control fees in private schools
    • It's as you were in Zimbabwe
    • Zim farm invasions 'worse'
    • Filling food gap an 'enormous challenge', says report
    • Horror Story
    • Geoff Hill's Book Launch
    • Leaving behind Zimbabwe's land
    • Mudede gives up 2002 ballot boxes
    • Tempers flare in Kuruneri trial
    • Zanu PF headhunting for Bulawayo mayoral candidate
    • ZCFU defends absentee farmers
    • Forum on elephant conservation opens today
    • MDC, ZCTU deplore clean-up operation
    • China seeks ways to widen economic ties
    • Be Patriotic, State Tells Doctors
    • Council Needs $168bn for Water
    • Too much indelible ink spoiled Zimbabwe's impeccable election
  15. Batch 2 Posted 24/5/05
    • Army put on alert as fears of civil unrest mount
    • Central bank chief threatens to shut down hotels over forex remittances
    • Firm continues building ex-minister's mansion in Cape Town
    • Air Zim in trouble over Dubai trip
    • Deadline looms for city hotels
    • Banks increase lending rates
    • JAG land Acquisition Act chapter 20.10 dated 20th may 2005
    • JAG NO 1 TO 126 of Land Acquisition Act DATED 20/TH MAY 2005
    • Zimbabwe's lonely record over Press freedom in Africa
    • Dragnet Arrests in Zimbabwe Send Warning Amid Disorder
    • Waiting for a miracle
    • Double tragedy for UK asylum deportee
  16. Posted 24/5/05
    • Zimbabwe's economy seen on brink of collapse
    • Police Target Street Vendors
    • Informal traders hit back at govt crackdown
    • Communities report widespread crop failures
    • Archbishop Ncube slams Britain over asylum seekers
    • Gono urges Zimbabwe to lure back horticulturists
    • UN to check on Zimbabwe food crisis
    • Tourism sector under probe
    • New farmers to get 99-year leases: Mutasa
    • Zim radio faces likely closure
    • Bennett kept in 'inhuman' conditions
    • Angry residents beat up police
    • Industries threatened as fuel crisis deepens
    • Gono warns foreigners on forex deals
    • Minister Matonga in fresh farm invasion
    • World Bank debt soars to US$347 million
    • GAPWUZ ordered off Wa Mutharika's farm
    • Hungry villagers arrested after confronting chief
    • 'SA reaping from Zimbabwe chaos'
    • Changes to Labour Act could scuttle investment hopes
    • Lawyer sues chief for $150 million
    • Devaluation no panacea to forex crisis - RBZ
    • MDC responds to leadership criticism
    • Zim crisis: people vs the State
    • Some things defy logical explanation
    • A 100 reasons why Gono should resign
    • Pius Ncube: the making of as struggle icon
  17. Posted 23/5/05
    • White farmers scorn call to return
    • Mugabe to appoint nephew as top cop
    • Campaign against vendors spark riot in opposition stronghold
    • Chinese inflict huge blow on struggling Zimbabwean industries
    • Mugabe resuscitates "colonial evils"
    • Food protest at chief's homestead
    • Police recover $2,2bn
    • Gono missed interpretations: Fundira
    • Retailers reduce prices
    • Fuel exporting by profiteers speeds Zimbabwe's economic meltdown
    • Harare police target foreigners in crackdown
    • UN envoy in southern Africa tour
    • Zim aid food 'contaminated'
    • Zim cops hold journo
  18. 2nd batch Posted 22/5/05
    • ‘Death cannot come too soon for evil Mugabe’
    • Comment: Zimbabwe - return of evicted farmers not all black and white
    • SA makes startling recommendations to Mugabe
    • UN agency distributed contaminated food in Zimbabwe: report
    • Former Zim minister 'did not smuggle money out
    • CHRA Press Statement on The Arrests of Vendors in Harare and the destruction of property by the ZRP
  19. 1st batch Posted 22/5/05
    • Zimbabwe, Long Destitute, Teeters Toward Ruin
    • As country heads for disaster, Zimbabwe calls for return of white farmers
    • Zimbabwe farmer hint wins support
    • White farmers reject Mugabe plea to return
    • Failed Zimbabwean asylum-seekers face death, Blair warned
    • Looting of the land
    • Hundreds stranded as transport crisis worsens
    • Mugabe’s crony invades land
    • 'Buy Zimbabwe' campaign planned
    • Mugabe sacrifices Zimbabwe traders to save the Chinese
  20. Posted 21/5/05
    • Zimbabwe sees additional budget for food imports
    • Huge farming loan facility launched, but sceptics want to see the money
    • JAG PR COMMUNIQUÉ May 20 : More farms being taken away
    • As country heads for disaster, Zimbabwe calls for return of white farmers
    • RBZ to Scrap Loan Facility
    • 'Equip Hospitals With Dialysis Machines'
    • Hopes of Talks Get Dimmer By the Day
    • Huge farming loan facility launched, but sceptics want to see the money
    • Gono Threatens to Name Corrupt Officials
    • Govt Upped Domestics' Wages to Fix MDC
    • Bumper crop of hunger
    • Will Mugabe allow white farmers back?
  21. Posted 20/5/05- 2nd batch
    • Scramble for pipeline properties
    • Fuel Crisis
    • Diaspora forum needed
    • Women Call for Law On HIV Status
    • ADSL (Broadband internet service) available in HARARE
    • Academics to ponder Zim’s future
    • Propaganda show rocks Joburg
    • Companies need to assess the financial impact of HIV/AIDS beyond Africa,” warns new report
  22. Posted 20/5/05 - 1st batch
    • A call to action – you CAN do it
    • Election over, Zimbabwe is back to bad old days
    • Govt devalues currency in bid to ease forex shortages
    • Trying to save Zimbabwe's healers
    • Tell Us Where You Stand on Zimbabwe
    • Time To Take A Stand
    • Speaking on Zimbabwe
    • Radio News in Zimbabwe
    • Archbishop calls for strong leader to oust Mugabe
    • Economic Collapse in Zimbabwe
    • Burns award honour for ‘the thorn in Mugabe’s flesh’
    • Former finance minister convicted
    • UN arrives to aid Zimbabwe
    • Come back home, fugitive bankers told
    • Mugabe slams law to bar foreign rights groups
    • UZ students arrested for singing
    • Bennett in max security prison
    • South Africa buys Zimbabwe
    • Leaf of gold under threat
    • Harare descends into chaos
  23. Batch 3 Posted 19/5/05
    • Crippling street petrol prices
    • Armed police descend on flea markets
    • Fuel stations accused of hoarding
    • Beverages ferried in refuse trucks
    • MDC resolves to sue govt
    • State withdraws charges against Bennet firm
    • Nation waits anxiously
    • Community-based tourism projects fail
    • All eyes on Gono
    • Gono revises inflation target 100% upwards
    • Mugabe admits he needs food aid to rescue Zimbabwe
    • Geldof is wrong: aid to Africa hasn't worked
  24. Batch 2 Posted 19/5/05
    • Harare police clamp down on shop owners
    • Mugabe 'will accept' food aid
    • Remittances - govt hopes they can save economy
    • Millions of Zimbabweans need food aid - Ncube
    • Step up anti-Mugabe campaigns,says Zimbabwe cleric
    • Shumba torture twist
    • Harare runs dry as fuel crisis reaches unprecedented levels
    • Newly-elected civic group leader vows to take struggle a step further
    • Cash-strapped Zimbabwe to devalue currency - analysts
    • UN envoy on southern Africa's humanitarian needs begins fifth trip
    • Queen's Speech debate on Foreign Affairs and Defence in the House of Commons
    • RBZ purchase of new vehicles raises eyebrows
    • Parents, educationists blast Zimsec
    • Lawyers blast Zanu PF over retribution
    • Worsening maize shortage exposed
    • MDC's mass action threat questionable
    • ZNCC to assess ZESA power failures
    • RBZ comes to Hwange's rescue
    • Turnaround effort backfires for Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF studies graft report
    • Land reform becomes Zim's curse
    • Gono retreats from public limelight
    • Mujuru tours hostile Tsholotsho
    • Tourism sector slumps 18%
    • Politics plunge Zesa into darkness
    • Watching DStv as the country burns
    • Can the MDC provide a lead?
    • Command economy is not the answer
    • Workers' unrest at Mazowe Estates
    • Where's Chen?
  25. Posted 19/5/05
    • Chinese to take over former white-owned farms
    • Failure to devalue dollar may deliver knock out punch to export sector: analysts
    • Pressure group defiantly distributes protest album
    • Lawyers want charges against ex-minister quashed
    • Tsvangirai remanded to August in treason case
    • Briton who led alleged coup plot faces slow death in African jail
    • Fracas at MDC HQ
    • Harvest House is not the MDC
    • New twist to Chegutu saga
    • Prosecutor scared to handle
    • Mutare residents, Zinwa clash
    • Governor embroiled in farm controversy
    • Labour shortage hit new farmers
    • JAG 1 Legal Dated 17/05/2005
    • JAG Employment Offered./Sought Dated 17/05/2005
    • Time to Get On
    • A Feudal Society
    • Open Letter to Courage Shumba
  26. Posted 18/5/05
    • Zim spies get new toys from China
    • Information is power
    • Another day in court for Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe court asks state to speed opposition trial
    • UN to produce national human development report on Zimbabwe
    • When you cease to be a human being
    • Freedom will prevail in Zimbabwe, soon
    • Lawyer fears for life over UN rights commission testimony
    • Open letter to Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Malaria kills 329 people in Zimbabwe
    • Free Roy Bennett Campaign ~ Bennett Moved to Maximum Security Prison
    • 250 cows starved to death
    • Kuruneri's trial opens, State seeks to alter charges
    • Panners spill cyanide, mercury into dam
    • Mudede on trial in MDC presidential petition - High Court Harare Thursday 10am
  27. Posted 17/5/05
    • Armed police summoned to quell sugar, maize-meal stampede
    • Top trade unionist to head civic coalition
    • Former finance minister's defence wants trial postponed
    • SA to prosecute suspected mercenaries
    • Support this wonderful concept
    • Rates Bills
    • Zanu PF youths chase teachers
    • Chombo suspends Chegutu deputy mayor, 10 councillors
    • Food queues resurface
    • Kuruneri indictment vague, embarrassing: Lawyer
    • UN ready to facilitate inter-party talks
    • Country's airwaves still restricted, says media lobby group
    • Year-On-Year Inflation Rises - CSO
    • Police Raid Black Market Traders, Confiscate $30m Worth of Goods
    • Zim 'mercenary' to go on trial for murder
    • Future of 'mercenary town' threatened
  28. Batch 2 Posted 16/5/05
    • We've got to talk to Mugabe
    • Freed coup plot men claim they were duped
    • Zimbabwe ready to extradite Simon Mann
    • Hospitality sector plans to embark on campaign to rebrand Zim
    • Hunger bites after hubris of Zimbabwe's election
    • Govt backs Gono
    • Mutasa for prime minister?
    • 'Nigeria tried to buy Makoni off'
    • Zimbabwe journalists go underground
  29. Posted 16/5/05
    • Zimbabwe releases men linked to coup plot
    • 'Mercenary' too ill to travel
    • Harare holds on to one suspected mercenary
    • Mugabe plans changes to the constitution
    • Govt sets new food prices
    • Zim govt starts food relief
    • Food crisis a boon for some
    • Zimbabwe's speaker censures Western human rights, democracy
    • Greenbombers to be rewarded
    • Kuruneri trial starts today
    • San get permission to kill elephants in park
    • Soft drinks shortage looms
    • By-election date set
    • In search of a different type of salvation
    • Buried in piles of own garbage
    • CHRA STATEMENT Service Delivery Protests by Residents on 10th & 11th May 2005
    • Arafat Inc.
  30. Posted 15/5/05
    • Armed police raid trade union offices
    • Inflation surges to 129.1 percent
    • MDC lawyers complain over non-filing of opposing papers
    • Police bar protest album release
    • ANC Line on Human Rights Dismays West
    • Mercenaries still in jail: lawyer
    • Zimbabwe calls for expansion of ties with Iran
    • Don't follow me, I'm lost !
    • The pitiful state of Zimbabwean agriculture
    • Mugabe should just go!
    • No rest for Chiyangwa
    • Bulawayo dams empty
    • Mutasa torn between
    • Judges mull guidelines to fast-track poll petitions
    • Chaimiti wins as Zanu PF candidate is disqualified
    • JAG PR Communiques Dated 13/5/2005
    • JAG- 1 Legal Communique Dated 13/5/2005
  31. Posted 14/5/05
    • Zimbabwe may lease back seized land, farmers say
    • Mugabe wants two more years
    • SA must copy Zimbabwe's electoral system: ANC official
    • Food aid recipients swell to a million
    • Police backtrack on threats to ban protest music album
    • High Court rejects bid to have Daily News journalists registered
    • Tsvangirai asks SADC to press for reforms in Zimbabwe
    • The Only Way Forward
    • Inflation gives Gono 'sleepless nights'
    • Secret police now run Zimbabwe's land program
    • Zim election fought in court
    • Zim 62: 'Cat and mouse game'
    • Zimbabwe annual inflation quickens as economy ails
    • Radio Dialogue Denied Licence
  32. Posted 13/5/05
    • Land grab to go to arbitration
    • Gwisai takes a stab at MDC
    • Harassment of Coltart catalogued
    • Zimbabwe Update
    • City Life: The Pol Pot Solution
    • Kariba tsunami 'absolute rubbish'
    • UN - 'shameful loss of focus'
    • Trade Fair - 'worst ever'
    • Resettlement and the threat to wildlife
    • Vigil activist faces deportation
    • No stone unturned in forex hunt
    • Final Irony of land reform policy
    • My brother was beaten to death
    • China is colonizing us
    • Is reconciliation possible?
    • Suggestions for Diaspora action
    • MDC quietly raises the temperature
    • The best thing I did was to be there
    • INTERVIEW: Jan Lamprecht Explains Crisis In Africa
    • Bennett moved to maximum security prison
    • Judge summons MDC, Zanu PF
    • Residents demonstrate over water shortage
    • Mutasa to oversee agrarian reforms
    • Freedom delayed for South Africans in Zimbabwe
  33. Batch 2 Posted 12/5/05
    • Riot police quell protest in Harare suburb
    • Manufacturing sector on verge of total collapse
    • Police threaten to ban launch of protest music album
    • Zimbabwe to release 'mercenaries'
    • Zimbabwe paying Eskom bills with gold - claim
    • Black Rhino comeback
    • UN: World's Worst Humanitarian Crises Are in Africa
    • Alleged mercenaries to be charged on their return : NPA
    • Seeds of Hope in Africa
    • Makwavarara faces chop
    • Widespread company closures loom
    • Chefs want heads to roll at Zimpapers
    • UK withholds sensitive Zim documents
    • Malawi bans sterilised milk from Dairibord Zimbabwe
    • Polls: SADC boss invites MDC
    • No offices for Mugabe's bloated new Cabinet
    • Not again, Minister Made --- AN OPINION
    • Who will address Harare's sorry state of affairs?
    • Zim needs divine wisdom to stay afloat
    • Zimbos must start behaving like humans
    • Silence is not golden
    • And now to the notebook...
    • Rate hike fears send rumour mill a-rolling
  34. Posted 12/5/05
    • Alleged mercenaries are finally home-bound : confirmed
    • Bennett moved to Chikurubi
    • Government bows down on domestic workers' salaries
    • Chuhuri blasts assistant commissioners
    • CZI calls for devaluation
    • Zifa in UK visa scam
    • Chinese company invests in glass factory
    • Country's key livestock sector needs support, says expert
    • African crises rising, UN relief aide warns
    • Lessons for dictators
    • Zimbabwe secures loan from SA bank
    • Dogs of war are going home - but when they get there, they'll find it's gone
  35. Batch 2 Posted 11/5/05
    • Harare Descends Into Chaos
    • Tsvangirai in Mauritius
    • Tax collectors raid firms in bid to raise cash for food imports
    • Foreign donors giving much less aid to Zimbabwe: UN
    • Zimbabwe fails to free 62 mercenaries involved in coup plot
    • The economy will take Mugabe down
    • Kofi Annan's Nemesis
    • Blackmailed By The Past
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 362
    • JAG Job Opportunities Dated 10 May 2005
  36. Posted 11/5/05
    • Human rights defenders under siege
    • Confidence all but disappears
    • Zim uncovers visa scam
    • Zimbabwe vice-president to seek treatment in South Africa
    • CSC battles to settle US$20 million debt
    • Six Zanu-PF supporters appear in court
    • 40t maize crop burnt
    • Bakeries unilaterally hike bread price
    • China's Zombie Countries
    • Clergy defy sceptics - urge talks between govt and MDC
    • Zimbabwe Cuts Debt to Eskom to $2,4m
    • Tirade lands Zimbabwean man in hot water
    • 'Mercenaries' may be out on Wednesday
    • Southern African journalists still operating under oppressive media laws: report
    • Power cuts set to continue
    • Government in financial crisis
    • Mudede summons missionaries over food handouts
  37. Posted 10/5/05
    • Mugabe steps up militarisation of state institutions
    • New farmers appeal for food aid
    • Annan to meet Mugabe over crisis
    • Good governance and Zimbabwe
    • Grim winter ahead, warns WFP
    • Apostolic Faith churches act to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS
    • Soccer diplomacy to help ease political rift
    • Drought Hits Zimbabwe Wheat Production
    • Fuel Shortages: Black Market Dealers Scuttle Government Efforts
    • Zimbabwe cracks down on hoarding supermarkets
    • Alleged mercenaries may be released tomorrow
    • Human Rights Group Criticizes Zimbabwe
    • Cotton Price Wrangle Rages On
    • Day-Old Chicks in Short Supply
    • Monthly consumer budget up 10,5 percent, says CCZ
    • Horticulture production set to grow as sector looks Far East
    • Mugabe's hollow Africanism
  38. Posted 9/5/05
    • Govt raids hotels
    • MDC ready for talks with Zanu PF
    • MDC cries foul over Masvingo election
    • Floods fear as dam wall reveals cracks
    • 'Development Cabinet' broke
    • Tobacco sales disappointing
    • Tribune set to bounce back
    • Bulawayo acts on looming water crisis
    • 'Getting a passport is a nightmare'
    • 'Unbundling' hoax from Town House
    • Zim women: what emancipation?
    • Stench of politics in Bulawayo sports
    • Truth can destroy friendships
    • A Zim Journal - April 2005
    • Chinotimba causes a stir, beats up touts
    • NGOs bill shrouded in mystery
    • Wheat seed gutted by fire
    • Critical milk shortage hits Harare
    • Harare agree to increase prices of refuse collection
    • Zimbabweans get Marburg warning
    • UN chief headed for Zimbabwe
    • Feature: Zimbabwe in fuel crisis
    • Chinese help Mugabe to bug media in Zimbabwe
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-15
  39. Posted 8/5/05
    • Zimbabwe TV slams UK poll 'fraud'
    • Faces and spaces
    • A cost-benefit analysis of the past 25 years
    • African mining project with Iran to be operational
    • ZCTU battle spills into court
    • 'Commissioners misled'
    • Mpofu tipped for top party post
    • Evicted former farm workers granted relief
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 361
  40. Posted 7/5/05
    • Oral Statement By Amnesty International
    • Mugabe turns police force into an arm of ZANU PF
    • Zimbabwe's five-year old fuel crisis back with a vengeance
    • Passport fees hiked in bid to stem migration
    • Church wants electoral system overhauled
    • SA says waiting for "dust" to settle in Zimbabwe
    • Set us free: spies
    • Jokonya less hostile:MDC
    • Price of bread goes up
    • Harare council finally clears refuse
    • Unions slam lack of assistance for HIV-positive workers
    • Parallel market flourishes as shelves empty
    • Chinotimba's mobs on warpath
    • U.N. and human rights
    • CIO declares cyber-war
    • Abuse of public media exposed
    • 'Bullies' keep stranglehold on food
    • Prospects for democracy
    • What would it be like?
    • Judicial bashing and bribing
    • Letter from Home
    • Why won't they just ask?
    • We will not stop now
    • Open letter to Nelson Mandela
  41. Batch 3 Posted 6/5/05
    • Food shortages bite
    • Chikowore's autopsy report a close secret
    • Churches in bid to revive ZANU PF/MDC talks
    • Mudzi rejects imposition of Nyoni
    • Heads likely to roll at Zimpapers
    • Murerwa's figures under the spotlight
    • This lady must go
    • And now to the Notebook . . .
    • Job losses threaten larger millers
    • Black group struggles to buy Zimplats stake
    • Effects of economic crisis on legal system
    • JAG PR Communiques dated 5 May 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 360
    • Veteran SA journalists launch bid to rid Africa of insult and criminal defamation laws
    • No food, no fuel - but a glut of elephants for sale at £1,000
    • Residents, council cry for help
    • Drought: Practical Solutions Needed
    • Zimbabwe's Daily News: 'I think we'll get a licence'
  42. Batch 2 Posted 6/5/05
    • More hurdles for the Daily News
    • UN agency says unable to immediately feed starving Zimbabweans
    • War veterans leader threatens transport operators
    • Ramaphosa calls for intervention in Zimbabwe
    • National AIDS Council criticises government's response to pandemic
    • Trade unionist raps MDC's election strategy
    • Knives out for Gono
    • South African 'master spy' named
    • Govt begs commercial farmers to return
    • Huge wheat shortfall forecast
    • Zanu PF struggles to pick Masvingo mayoral runner
    • RBZ swoops on Interfresh
    • CHRA opposes extension of commissioners' term
    • Politics plunge Zesa into darkness
    • Call the A Team
    • Farming calls for dedication and planning
    • Command economy is not the answer
    • Waiting for Blair's anti-Mugabe poll results
    • Govt coffers dry
    • No business for ZABG
    • New grain producer prices, for who?
    • Exchange rate mismatch could hurt gold targets
    • Gono's targets prove elusive
    • Beer shortage looms
    • Zim pays a 'fortune' for abysmal telecoms
    • NatFoods at 5% capacity
  43. Posted 6/5/05
    • Zimbabwe economy running on empty
    • Beleaguered parastatals warn of impending food crisis
    • Even Zimbabweans vote in Blair's election
    • Mugabe's spurious Africanism
    • 62 'coup suspects' await release
    • Inexperiencd SA media failed Zimbabwe - Thloloe
    • Unease, ethnic tension hits post-election Zimbabwe
    • 'National Blood Bank Levels Still Low'
    • Zim National HIV/Aids Conference Report Out
    • Resolve fuel crisis urgently: ZNCC
    • Reorientation funds to redeem Zimpost
    • S.Africa press condemns "anti-panic" proposals
    • Time to declare our independence from the United Nations
  44. Posted 5/5/05
    • Response to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s report:
    • The final rape of Harare
    • Call for return of banned newspapers
    • Human rights activists condemn planned conscription
    • Think-tank says Zimbabwe crisis a threat to regional stability
    • Journalist acquitted of breaching tough law
    • IMF visit pushed to next month
    • Black market prices
    • Council urged to sink boreholes
    • GMB regional depot manager resigns
    • Mercenaries hope for release on Tuesday
    • China becomes largest foreign investor in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe crisis cannot be ignored - Ramaphosa
    • Govt assessing needs before calling for food aid
    • Zimbabwe subsidises producer grain prices amid food shortages
    • Spy case takes new twist
    • Ethnic concerns haunt new Cabinet
    • Statement By Media Alliance of Zimbabwe On World Press Freedom Day
    • RBZ Pledges to Help Solve Harare's Water Problems
    • Attorney General defends harsh press law
    • Media practitioners demand repeal of tough media law
    • Four journalists fired on World Press Freedom Day
    • Milling firm scales down operations as power, maize shortages bite
    • Banned Zimbabwe newspaper gets set to rise from ashes
  45. Posted 4/5/05
    • Zim has conscription plans
    • Parks overrun with elephants
    • Zimbabwe must allow foreign aid in, says UN
    • Postmortem
    • In Zimbabwe, AIDS care done on the cheap
    • Press freedom at its lowest level in Zimbabwe
    • SA 'spy' being held for questioning in Harare
    • Switzerland, Turkey to import Zimbabwean cotton
    • MDC activist murdered
    • Zvinavashe charged with illegal forex dealing
    • 'MIC not serving interests of journalists'
    • GMB accused of political persecution
    • Power cuts to continue
    • ZRP to launch Vision 2008
    • High Bills Irk Harare Residents
    • Obasanjo Hails Saraki's Zimbabwean Farmers' Initiative
    • Dictators' weapons of choice switch from military coup to stuffed ballot box
    • Crush Cattle Rustlers Ruthlessly
    • Shift to Commercial Production, ZFU Urges Communal Farmers
    • Kwaito star Zola slams Mugabe
  46. Posted 3/5/05
    • A Tyrant Ignored
    • Zimbabwe to pay white farmers, lure others back.
    • International food security group calls on Zimbabwe to open up
    • Police eject farm workers
    • Agric experts call for objective assessment of crop production
    • Upgrading of Joshua Nkomo Airport delayed
    • Air Zim leases jet to Ghana
    • Workers hard hit by mine closures
    • Fuel woes persist
    • Robert Mugabe's version of the Atkins diet
    • Govt confirms probe into NGO activities, funding
    • Zim to force professionals into govt service
    • Zimbabwe starves
    • Water Trickles Into Mabvuku, Tafara
    • Stop turning a blind eye to Zimbabwe
    • Msika said taken ill with heart attack
    • Less Press, Little Freedom
    • Annual Report 2005/RSF/Press Freedom
    • Pop goes the easel
  47. Posted 2/5/05
    • Murder as retribution campaign gains momentum
    • More than 7000 teachers die because of HIV/AIDS
    • Zimbabwe moves to end brain drain
    • War veterans leader threatens soccer officials
    • ZEC sets date for urban council polls
    • Zim unions issue May Day distress call
    • Wheels come off in Zimbabwe
    • 'Long arm' of the government threatens media in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe sees fuel crisis over soon - paper
    • Govt descends on workers' leaders
    • MDC decries Zanu PF 'retribution'
    • Guebuza hails NEPAD but Mugabe 'looks East'
    • 'No money for you'- Parastatals wait in vain for Gono's promised billions
    • Little business at ZITF
    • Bulawayo, Masvingo council budgets approved
    • Authorities mum on fuel shortage
    • Mutare council workers threaten strike
    • NSSA plan for health insurance slammed
    • State raids NGOs
    • Court acts on Chigwedere
    • Zim most dangerous for journalists
    • Shrinking ZITF mirrors economic collapse
    • Freedonia's revolution goes into overdrive
    • Forex demand surges
    • Nothing to celebrate on May Day, say workers
    • Thieves run riot as cowardice rules
    • MDC must adopt a new paradigm
    • Harare to Raise $16,5bn From Parking Fees
  48. Posted 1/5/05
    • Zimbabwe famine red alert as harvest fails
    • The jokes run out in Zimbabwe fuel queues
    • Can Zimbabwe get any worse?
    • Mumbled excuses
    • Report: Zimbabwean arrested for illegally entering country
    • School kids denied
    • MDC supporter killed

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