The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2005 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/8/05
    • Zimbabwe tightens Mugabe's grip
    • Constitutional Bill signals Harare ready for IMF expulsion: analysts
    • A dark day for Zimbabwean democracy
    • Zimbabwean legislators cheer after approving constitutional overhaul
    • Rights activists condemn constitutional changes
    • New Zim Bill is 'rape of democracy'
    • IMF negotiations continue
    • Mugabe Cold-Shoulders IMF Mission
    • House of Commons All party Select Committee on Zimbabwe
    • Rights Group Criticizes Zimbabwe
    • Meteorite 'dumbfounds' Zim villagers
    • Harare approaches South African bank for fuel money
    • Opposition leader wants Mugabe to foot petition bill
    • Airzim Resorts to Connecting Flights
    • UN and govt to rework text of $30m flash appeal
    • Australia lobbies U.N. to indict Zimbabwe president
    • CHRA v HARARE COMMISSION - Judge Chiweshe (ZEC) Notice of Opposition
    • End Game for Zimbabwe
    • Duty finally waved on donated blankets but food still waits for clearance
    • Minister Chimutengwende says government should be congratulated for murambatsvina
    • Ugly row over Zimbabwe beauties
    • Concern that verdict in Daily News journalist's trial could set grim precedent
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/8/05
    • Zimbabwe destruction: One man's story
    • The IMF can go to hell, says embattled Mugabe
    • Zim lawyers blast proposed reforms
    • What you can do for Zimbabwe
    • A walking cassette
    • Obasanjo Wants More States in White Farmers' Deal
    • Malnutrition and death a daily occurrence in Zim jails
  3. Posted 30/8/05
    • The Immediate Outlook
    • Cleanup campaign squeezes rural communities dry
    • Govt refuses to endorse emergency appeal
    • UN, Zimbabwe agree to keep working on new draft for humanitarian appeal
    • Zimbabwe Parliament to pass rights-curtailing Bill today
    • IMF team extends stay in Zimbabwe
    • US$67 million Iran-Zimbabwe credit facility hits snag
    • No reform pledges for IMF team in Harare
    • Mugabe uses former commander's burial to show disdain of opposition
    • Zimbabwe intelligence minister threatens police and judicial officers
    • Zim rebuilding 'not planned'
    • Zimbabwe plans epic fuel conservation project
    • Zim tries power from pig manure
    • New Zim Bill 'makes mockery of the law'
    • Patients Panic As Fire Guts Hospital
    • UPI Intelligence Watch
    • Farmers Fail to Repay Loans
    • Airzim Leaves Passengers Stranded
    • 'Made in Africa' System of Democracy is Bad
    • It Actually Got Off to a Whimper!
    • Letter from America
    • IMF visit could influence South Africa loan
    • White Farmers Project Impresses Obasanjo
    • Younger Leaders Can't Handle Mugabe
    • Plot to oust Tsvangirai thickens
    • No more press statements on Zambezi Project: Dabengwa
    • EC donates food aid to Zim
  4. Posted 29/8/05
    • There's no place for traitors, says Mugabe
    • Zim power supplier up tariffs by 100%
    • Zim bill 'to boost looting'
    • Author decries Africa's "vampire-like" leaders
    • Mugabe rips opposition church leaders
    • Clean-up targets bottle stores
    • Zesa to engage China in coal deal
    • Bets open on who'll lose passport first
    • Zim law society united against new Bill
    • Quiet juggling forms a backdrop to SA's bailing out Zim debt
    • What's a few trillion between friends?
    • Zimbabwe Vigil – 27th August 2005
    • Zimbabwe is super
    • Schools: Third term shocker
    • Patients panic as fire guts hospital
    • RBZ officials axed over fuel deal
    • MDC accuses Nkomo of bias
    • Public concern as more ministers succumb to ill-health
    • US Congress plots Mugabe isolation
    • Enquiries as show ends
    • Banned AU envoy to submit report
    • Failure the only option for Gono
    • Obstacles for demolition lawsuits
    • Magistrate in court
    • Politics undermine fight against Aids
    • Farming crisis undermines show
    • Disgusted by corrupt police officers
    • How 'the great' Dr Gono is destroying everything
    • Government left licking its wounds
    • Cash squeeze scuttles recovery of agriculture
    • Leaving teaching to make ends meet
    • Engaging Parliament on health issues
  5. Posted 28/8/05
    • Zimbabweans walk to work as crisis deepens
    • SA urged to do more to help Zimbabwe
    • UNDP assists clean-up victims
    • Voting record on Second Reading of Constitution of Zimbabwe
    • JAG Legal Communique dated 26 August 2005
    • Zim: you can't get blood from a stone
    • Justice Malala's article on Jonathan Moyo
    • Ruling for the 25th year
    • Mater Dei burns
    • Pay fine or go to jail, Chitepo told
    • Police arrest 50 street vendors in Mutare
  6. Posted 27/8/05
    • Close encounter with Zimbabwe's secret police
    • A Unique U.N. Scandal
    • 'We'll take over your company now, thank you'
    • UN relief coordinator paints grim picture of Zimbabwe's humanitarian crisis
    • Still no accord on UN donor aid appeal as country faces 'meltdown'
    • SA offered Zimbabwe a loan - Harare minister
    • South Africa silence on loan
    • DALE MCFEATTERS: The lost white tribe of Africa
    • Cabinet minister dies in South Africa
    • Zimbabwe officials discuss South African loan offer with IMF
    • Traditional healers make a killing as healthcare costs rocket
    • Zanu (PF) and MDC not willing to talk: Chissano
    • Female leaders urge school boycott over fee hikes
    • Unicef calls for help to keep Zimbabwean children in school
    • Mushroom Projects Collapse
  7. Batch 4 Posted 26/8/05
    • 'Hard to stand up to Mugabe'
    • Former MDC MP Bennett says SA must not grant loan
    • Telecel battle hots up
    • Mugabe tightens control on ministries
    • Blitz exposes flawed state welfare system
    • Hell on earth at Hopley Estate
    • Hollow tales full of sound and fury
    • 'Failure of talks a disaster for economy'
    • Greedy Zanu PF chefs draw dam water illegally
    • Parliament to investigate Mediagate
    • Newsprint price up 50%
    • MDC's democratic constitution out
    • Zimra demands duty on aid
    • Taxing the poor: cruel political mischief
    • Zim to disclose terms of SA loan
    • Govt ignored ZSE advice on new tax
    • Only change in politics can save economy - Makoni
    • New Nssa asset ratio blow to pensioners
    • Tobacco seed sales decline 30%
    • Let them hang
    • Let's all pay
    • Truth behind Tsholotsho declaration
    • Gonomics, alchemy or voodoo economics?
    • Budget intensifies economic woes
    • Western sirens seduce Cde Gaddafi
    • Africa has had enough of Mugabe
  8. Batch 3 Posted 26/8/05
    • Mugabe rebuffs UN plans for US$30 million emergency aid
    • Trial of Harare bishop collapses in farce
    • ICC insists all tours to Zimbabwe must go ahead
    • Judge felt 'tortured' by inaudible tape
    • Constitutional madness will not save Zanu PF
    • Harare Seeks to Disenfranchise Foreign-Descended Voters
    • 28 die at SA’s ‘concentration camp’
    • Workers at state farms not paid
    • Tsele appeals for truth
    • Zanu-PF zealots seize country club
    • Zimbabwe's two contrasting worlds
    • The nation needs talks
    • ZIYA calls for talks
    • 5 m for cottage - then bulldozed
    • Zim Action Group to meet
    • The Limestone Coast
    • Pressure for change increases
    • Revolt is out of the question
    • No politricks in economic affairs
    • Voters reject Zanu (PF)
    • Why do they do it ?
    • No chance for dignified exit left
    • State-run media's new challenge
    • Photographer's nightmare
    • Gothamites - mad for destruction
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/8/05
    • Eighteen killed in Zim as 'racing buses' crash
    • Zimbabwe seeks 30 pct local mine ownership in 10 yrs
    • Government ask for more certificates before releasing South African food Aid
    • 'Transmitters falling apart'
    • 'SA will bear the brunt of Harare meltdown'
    • Police Probe Nurses
    • Zimbabwe refugee still waiting as family is allowed to stay in UK
    • Still waiting for a place to call home
    • Zimbabwe adopts controversial amendments as MDC pulls out counter proposals
    • Judge trying pro-Mugabe bishop quits
    • Zimbabwe begins moving clean-up victims 'living like animals' to rural homes
    • Police carry out more evictions in Harare
    • UN programme to benefit children affected by Operation Murambatsvina
    • Murambatsvina hits Celsys
    • Cuban doctor for Falls Hospital
    • Editor fined for false report
    • Zimbabwean pastor to tell of homeland horrors
    • MDC Press: The Zimbabwe Government's greed has no moral boundaries
    • Lobengula causes stir in Parliament
  10. Batch 1 Posted 26/8/05
    • Chefs in fresh land grab orgy in Mat North
    • ZANU PF vows defiance
    • Sharp drop for horticulture
    • Ghost workers fleece gvt of $3b
    • Tsvangirai goes back to the masses
    • Bakers, govt price war heavily impacts industry
    • Fierce rivals MDC, ZANU PF find rare common ground
    • SADC reluctant to ruffle Mugabe's feathers
    • Govt rejects plea to ditch new tax
    • Govt has reduced civil servants to beggars
    • We can overcome this evil
    • ... and now to the Notebook
    • RBZ introduces 30-day T-bills
    • Zim, SA relations in perspective (Part 1)
    • Where to stock market?
    • Dark cloud hangs over industry
    • New taxes threaten ZSE's existence
    • Fertiliser giant heads for closure
  11. Batch 2 Posted 25/8/05
    • Harare queries SA churches' sincerity over aid
    • Farm disruptions slash horticulture sector earnings by 59 percent
    • SA, Zimbabwe talks meant to stem IMF expulsion, says bank governor
    • Facts About Land Reform in South Africa
    • Lindela is a concentration camp, say Zimbabwean priests
    • "Daily News will return to the streets of Harare"
    • In pictures: Zimbabwe artists face the crisis
    • Bludgeoning an idea
    • Zimbabwe tomorrow, the questions
    • Talks on South Africa's loan still on, but Zimbabwe snubs offer
    • Mugabe takes another step towards tyranny
  12. Posted 25/8/05
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Offers New Constitution to Parliament
    • UNICEF staff members personally help Zimbabweans affected by evictions
    • Zimbabwe loan not finalised yet - Mboweni
    • How do you borrow a billion?
    • Bourse impasse exposes Zimbabwe policies - analysts
    • Zim slaps 'significant' custom duties on SA aid
    • South African government urged to intervene in clearance of donated food
    • More Zanu PF chefs added to EU sanctions list
    • NGO taking South Africa Home Affairs department to court
    • ICC to reject British proposal on Zimbabwe ban
    • Deregulation the way forward for Zimbabwe
  13. Batch 2 Posted 24/8/05
    • Zimbabwe's unwanted 'foreigners'
    • Dateline Zimbabwe: Who’s to Blame?
    • Time has come to pressure Zimbabwe
    • Survey Finds 1.2 Million Hit by Zimbabwe Clean-Up Operation
    • Facing IMF Expulsion, Harare Steps up Appeal to Pretoria
    • Zimbabweans rated among saddest people in the world
  14. Posted 24/8/05
    • Tsvangirai urges IMF not to expel Zimbabwe, wants UN intervention
    • Zimbabwe's Supreme Court dismisses judge's application to have tribunal disbanded
    • SA raps "targeted sanctions" imposed on Zimbabwe
    • Former Mugabe's propaganda chief still on EU banned list
    • Bishop 'besmirching church'
    • Against odds, Zimbabweans keep their children in school
    • 'We can do nothing to force Zim'
    • IMF Urges Mugabe to Save Economy
    • Govt to help church aid get to Harare
    • Trial of a High Court judge puts judiciary in spotlight
    • ICC to stand by Zim
    • Conditions are so much media hype
    • Africa will not meet millennium goals: Nepad
    • 'Time is not on our side'
    • Ban on Tsholotsho 'rebels' still stands
    • Harare agric show kicks off
    • ZSE in talks with Ministry, Zimra
    • Mutare sued for firing recruits
    • Association denies involvement in Mutare mayor's suspension
  15. Batch 2 Posted 23/8/05
    • Mugabe hounding independent judges, says suspended High Court judge
    • Zimbabwe faces more food shortages amid fertilizer crisis
    • ICC to ignore pleas for boycott
    • We will sink or swim together, impatient Mbeki warns Mugabe
    • Bailing out Mugabe
    • Third Way or no way out of misery
    • No buyers for three days on Zimbabwe's stock exchange
    • A hungry man is an angry man
    • Zimbabwe bank officials frustrated
    • Park Still Open After Japanese Woman Death
    • Police Sued Over Impounded Fuel
    • Fuel Industry Mulls Price Hike
    • New Tax Measures Make Life More Difficult
    • Government to Finalise Land Acquisition Process
    • Plane's overhaul set to cost Air Zimbabwe US$500 000
  16. Posted 23/8/05
    • Crucial IMF assessment will put membership in the balance
    • Zim starts crunch talks with the IMF
    • What should be Zimbabwe response?
    • No grey shade in this tyrant's terror
    • Red tape is slowing relief aid for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's teachers fear for private schools
    • SADC Silent On Abuses in Zimbabwe
    • UN demands unfettered access to those in need
    • Zimbabwean president appoints judge to try judge
    • The West has let Zimbabweans down
    • Fewer whites remain in Zimbabwe: census
    • Namibian president visits Zimbabwe
  17. Batch 2 Posted 22/8/05
    • Dumped in Zimbabwe's poor villages
    • Zimbabwe to import 120,000 T maize monthly - paper
    • Debunking the myths
    • Reducing moral hazard of SA's bailout package
    • MPs attack 'belated' call for Zimbabwe cricket ban
    • South Africa weeps as Mugabe laughs
    • Harare plays down IMF talks as inflation soars and currency is devalued
    • Zimbabwe Vigil – 20th August 2005
    • Zimbabwe's Caustic Apologist for Repression Changes His Tune
    • The Plight of Squatters
    • Doors open for Zim farmers
  18. Posted 22/8/05
    • Japanese woman dies after being attacked by lion in Zimbabwe
    • Straw calls for Zimbabwe cricket ban
    • Zim youth hired for 'operation clean-up'
    • Mugabe's policies stunting regional growth: Mbeki
    • Former editor breaks silence on Zimbabwe media spy saga
    • Zimbabwean clergymen deplore SA deportation centre
    • Angry, hissy podium banging
    • Zim economy in dire trouble
    • Foot-and-Mouth Hits Zimbabwe's Beef Exports
    • Message from a distant planet
    • Fuel crisis: Billionaires emerge
    • 'Garikai' a scandal
    • Fuel concessions fail to end shortages
    • War veterans admit attacking MDC MP
    • Murerwa salary freeze angers civil servants
    • MPs slam 'erratic' Hansard
    • Whitecliff: State bends the law
    • Bulawayo council resorts to boreholes
    • Economy spawns rising poverty - WB
    • Minister in court for culpable homicide
    • Govt admits blunder on Hatcliffe
    • State intransigence counterproductive
    • Gloom pervades Zim economy
    • Interesting twist to Zesa power problems
    • Save Zambuko School for Hatcliffe Extension
    • Public hearings on Amendment Bill were a mockery of democracy
    • Are Mugabe's supporters crazy lunatics?
    • Zimbabweans can not afford to die
    • Celebrating to keep Freedonia's hopes alive
  19. Posted 21/8/05
    • South Africa is ready to get tough with Mugabe regime
    • Change Agent?
    • Over 300 arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Secret film reveals Zim horrors
    • IMF Team To Reassess Zimbabwe As Economic Crisis Deepens
    • SACC to hold prayer meeting for Zimbabwe today
    • IG Zimbabwean Armed Forces visits GHQ
    • Africa's bloody children
    • Craig's tv girl defies Mugabe
    • Zanu PF fights over poor election show
    • Zim has no funds to buy seed maize
    • Councillor stole 70 bags of maize
  20. Batch 2 Posted 20/8/05
    • The Implosion Begins
    • JAG Legal Communique dated 19 August 2005
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No: 382
    • Sale - Country to the highest bidder
    • Influence in Africa - Mbeki's goal?
    • Computers gather rust
    • No end yet to Murambatsvina
    • Church members lured
    • Prayers for Zim
    • They can't buy change
    • Information is vital
    • Zim activist detained
    • The Coloured question
    • Welcome to Assoc. CIO Newspapers
    • Is this Customs corruption?
    • White African weeps for home
    • CHRA position on property threats
    • Gono's topsy-turvy 'turnaround'
    • Make country ungovernable
    • We've had enough, Mr. Mugabe!
    • Armed Forces Day - What for?
    • Nyanga - a living treasure map
    • Who gives the orders?
  21. Posted 20/8/05
    • Living in fear after Harare evictions
    • Secret footage reveals desperate plight of homeless
    • "I haven't lost hope". Personal account of The Daily News editor Samuel Sipepa Nkomo
    • MISA Zimbabwe Speaks Out On Constitutional Amendments
    • Mugabe's touch melts tourism
    • Zimbabwe's currency plunges ahead of IMF visit
    • IMF team to visit Zimbabwe next week
    • ZANU PF politburo member faces culpable homicide charges
    • For First Time Zimbabwe Sells Fuel in US Dollars
    • Operation Live Well struggles to take off
    • Zim stock exchange freezes
    • Permits closer for Zim aid trucks
    • Will Mugabe Ever Get Along With Mbeki?
    • Regional bodies lack clout to end crisis, say analysts
    • Food Insecurity Was Predicted Earlier
    • Zim child orphaned every 20min
    • ZCTF Report - Good news from Hwange
    • An objective regional consensus is urgently needed on the origins of Zimbabwe’s crisis
    • Symposium: Africa: Nightmare Continent
  22. Batch 2 Posted 19/8/05
    • Just another day in Harare
    • Arrests during a peaceful demonstration
    • White farmers face eviction under 'apartheid-era' laws
    • 'Zim Needs to Revive Relations With IMF, World Bank'
    • Mozambique's Chissano Voices Regret at Zimbabwe Mediation Setback
    • Land Bank denies Harare loan talks
    • MDC MPs plan to defy Mugabe in illegal march on parliament
    • Mediagate deepens
    • Battle for control rocks state media
    • You've failed, Biti tells govt
    • Africa scrambles for Zim farmers
    • Another transit camp opens at Hopley Estate
    • Govt yet to pay for Byo stands
    • Medical exam ordered for assaulted MDC activists
    • Stockbrokers on stay-away
    • Airzim to pay $40 billion for leased plane
    • Sting in the tail
    • Enemy No1: the volatile exchange rate
    • Skewed policies bad for investment
    • Dynamics of the SA rescue package
    • Yet another body blow to consumers
    • Mawere decries abuse of property rights
    • Power licences: 4 in race
    • South African farmers' fatal mistake
    • Zim's rot: the face of Mugabe's humiliation
    • State-ownership of land a backward step
    • Mbeki ideal candidate for Marxist study
    • Radical changes in wrong direction
    • SA lessons
    • Double standards on curbing inflation
    • Zanu PF remains party of rural poverty
    • Murambatsvina: the pogrom hasn't ended
    • The hazards of working as a journalist in Zimbabwe
  23. Posted 19/8/05
    • Zimbabwe government introduces controversial law reforms Bill
    • Mugabe throws away chance for dignified exit, warns MDC
    • No trade at troubled Zimbabwe Stock Exchange amid fears of looming crash
    • Five African states lure displaced Zimbabwean white farmers
    • Magistrate to deliver far-reaching judgment on Daily New journalist
    • Zimbabwe forges ahead with controversial land Bill
    • MDC legislators take to the streets in Harare
    • For the demolition victims, the nightmare continues
    • ZANU PF legislators revolt against Chigwedere Bill
    • Mugabe splits SADC
    • RBZ hikes rates
    • Unsavoury tale of education sector
    • Rising world oil prices spell tougher times for Zimbabwe
    • No one takes Zimbabwe seriously anymore
    • The scandal that never was
    • Was land reform just a gimmick?
    • ZSE heads for crash
    • Govt clueless on solving economic crisis
    • Govt bars SA food aid
    • Taxing stock market won't help matters
    • Reject Chigwedere's Bill
    • Nation needs moral re-armament
    • ... and now to the Notebook
    • Good Samaritans become targets
    • ZUPCO asks Chinese to tailor buses to Zimbabwe conditions
    • Tobacco deliveries up
    • Govt's 'Garikai' behind schedule
    • Zimbabwe's Cosafa heroes get land
    • Harare City Council Broke
    • Police vow to curb elephant poaching
  24. Batch 2 Posted 18/8/05
    • Think-tank urges soft-landing exit strategy for Mugabe
    • Civic groups want SADC leaders to push Mugabe to implement UN report
    • Harare fails to pay workers at derelict state farms
    • Seed shortage spells deepening food crisis for Zimbabwe
    • Zim inflation hits record high
    • Putting a new face on unity in Africa
    • U.S. Official Deplores Crisis in Zimbabwe
    • The end of tyranny in Zimbabwe
    • Cayeux takes his shot at the big time
  25. Posted 18/8/05
    • Mugabe rejects Zimbabwe crisis mediation-Chissano
    • Zimbabwe inflation surges to 254.8 percent
    • Picking up the pieces after Operation Cleanup
    • Zimbabwe's Tipping Point
    • Big tax hikes in 'broke' Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Waging Secret War for Hearts And Minds
    • Zimbabwe says UN exaggerated urban blitz toll
    • Zim vendors win right to return
    • Zimbabwe Approval Delay Halts S. African Humanitarian Shipment
    • Soldiers deployed to help distribute water in Bulawayo
    • Fact or fiction- more drama surfaces on South Africa loan
    • Reduced donor funding leaves expelled students helpless
    • New Zimbabwe rule threatens collapse of bourse
    • Absa has stake in Zim bank accused of covertly funded 'loans' to papers
    • Govt relinquishes grain monopoly to ease shortages
    • Curran confirmed as Zimbabwe coach
    • Food For Zimbabwe
    • Preps for Agric Show Advanced
    • Activists demand action on Zim
    • Agribank clashes with tobacco farmers
    • Warriors get housing stands
    • Residents go for month without electricity
  26. Batch 2 Posted 17/8/05
    • SADC muzzles civic groups on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe opens up grain market
    • Pastors horrified at plight of Zimbabwean immigrants in SA
    • MDC urges SADC leaders to help resolve Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwean editor convicted over 'falsehoods'
    • Parliament receives Zimbabwe's supplementary budget with mixed feelings
    • Zimbabwe cuts ministerial budget
    • Mugabe in drive against street children
    • US Envoy Affirms Solidarity with Zimbabwe's Hungry, Homeless
    • UN agencies collaborate to distribute shelter packages in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers in Protest Against Constitutional Revisions
    • Government Spokesman Rejects Political Opening
  27. Posted 17/8/05
    • Zimbabwe says to resume clean-up blitz in capital
    • Zimbabwe dismisses AU mediation effort on crisis
    • SADC Leaders Must Confront the Zimbabwe Crisis
    • SA fears Zimbabwe 'failed state'
    • New Bill to strengthen Mugabe's hand
    • Southern African Regional Summit Aims to Overlook Zimbabwe Crisis
    • Zimbabwe spends more on drought, silent on loan
    • Allegations of Secret Funding to Three Zimbabwe Newspapers
    • Parliament resumes with 2 crucial bills pending
    • Zim loan 'not finalised'
    • Our Team Must Look Behind Mad Bob's Mask
    • Proposed constitutional changes seen to empower Mugabe
    • No joy for workers
    • Unions lambast Labour Amendment bill
    • Murerwa revises growth figures downwards
    • MIC invites ZBH to launch complaint
    • Zimbabwe is 'off the rails', says Cosatu
    • Zimbabwean newspaper
  28. Batch 2 Posted 16/8/05
    • African Union faces embarrassment on Zimbabwe
    • GNU not the answer to Zim's problems: South Africa
    • Zim Priests Visit Exiled Zimbabweans in SA
    • Zim newspapers in CIO funding row
    • 'Lessons for SA in Zimbabwe's crisis'
    • Cosatu accuses Mbeki of favouring rival federations
    • Black empowerment - Zimbabwe style
    • Zimbabwe mines face compulsory equity sale
    • Teachers fight take-over of private schools
    • Panic as Zimbabwe rocked by media scandal
    • Zim newspapers sell their souls for survival
    • No Refuge for Evicted People
  29. Posted 16/8/05
    • Zim poll irregularity 'highly organised' - study
    • Tonnes of food aid piling up at Zimbabwe border
    • Gono's forex-for-fuel plan fuelling black market
    • Challenges facing AU mediator Joachim Chissano
    • Chombo's Operation Garikai means plastic replaces bricks
    • Letter From America
    • Charamba storms Zim newsroom
    • I Do Not Owe Anybody an Apology Mphoko
    • Land Reform Scuttled
    • Elephants storm Zimbabwe resort
    • Mugabe cornered by events out of his control
    • Editor denies CIO control of newspaper
    • Education system unravels
    • UN hopes for greater access to displaced
    • Newspapers struggle to survive political and financial pressures
    • Schindler Stops Repairs As Forex Squeeze Bites
    • Tel*one to Retrench Thousands
    • Tourism Act to Be Amended
    • National unity govt not 'imperative' in Zim
    • Challenge to South Africa's President: Are You Imposing Zimbabwe's Policies?
    • Air Zimbabwe Leases Plane From Thailand
    • Army to take over war vets
    • Forex squeeze hits Nkomo Airport refurbishment
    • Mid-term fiscal policy review on today
    • $10bn to computerise immigration entry points
    • William Zvinavashe accused
    • 3 arrested over $164m ivory
    • Govt struggles to fund sewage works
  30. Batch 2 Posted 15/8/05
    • Demolitions May be Mugabe's Biggest Mistake
    • Thoughts from a Petrol Queue
    • Mugabe's 'clean-up' drive brings poll defeat
    • Air Zimbabwe plane impounded at Gatwick
    • Envoy avoids Mugabe
    • Bulawayo residents stay away from mayoral poll
    • Zim refuses entry to SA food-aid trucks
    • Survey exposes evils of 'Murambatsvina'
    • ANZ legal battles gobble $10bn
    • CSO fails to release 2002 census figures
    • Court orders Chief Serima to return extorted cattle
    • NUST sets acting-staff record
    • Nuanetsi project, another pipe-dream
    • CFU bemoans continued violence against farmers
    • Mayoral roll-of-honour snubs Mudzuri
    • Zim Standard Comment
    • Independent body needed to confer national hero status
    • The Herald complicity in Govt failures
    • The strategy of talks about talks
    • Is Africa dying before our very eyes & The Frontline Fellowship
  31. Posted 15/8/05
    • Southern Africa summit seen sidestepping Zimbabwe
    • Second mosque destroyed in Harare
    • MDC wins Bulawayo mayoral election
    • Emergency medical service provider wants govt guidelines
    • The future is bleak if we ignore the plight of Zimbabweans
    • Zim informal businessmen in dire straits
    • Shacks replace houses in Zimbabwe's urban renewal
    • Counting Mugabe's troubles
    • China's careful diplomacy
    • Gvt wants private players in electricity generation
    • Britain turns down Zimbabwe`s overture for talks
    • This is just so sad....
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 13th August 2005
  32. Batch 2 Posted 14/8/05
    • Arrested for taking photos in Zimbabwe
    • More than cricket at stake in Zimbabwe
    • Jamming of VOP
    • The End Game?
    • UN report fails to see Mugabe as problem
    • US special envoy appalled at condition in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe bureaucracy delays food: US
  33. Posted 14/8/05
    • US envoy barred from Zim victims
    • US Envoy Blasts Zimbabwe Government Interference In Aid Efforts
    • Only one SACC truck to leave for Zim
    • Whither Civil Society?
    • The whacky professor
    • Eat the Quelea birds
    • Operation Murambatsvina - the aftermath
    • Australia gives another $1m to Zimbabwe
    • U.S. ambassador voices frustration at humanitarian talks with Zimbabwe minister
    • Freedom after expression
    • Mkhwananzi's curious mix of sense and non-sense
    • Elements in Place for Zimbabwe Talks - But Mugabe Stands Off
    • Chinese Bachelor Boys In Africa?
  34. Posted 13/8/05
    • CIO takes over private media
    • Army, skewed laws handed Zanu PF victory - NGOs
    • Mlambo-Ngcuka's joke not funny says DA
    • 'Police blitz unlawful'
    • MDC candidate breaks ranks
    • Voters displaced by Murambatsvina - MDC
    • Spy saga: hubby was abducted mafia-style
    • RBZ rejects Harare turnaround plan
    • End of private property tenure looms
    • Mugabe's Blair illusions worsen crisis
    • Govt's economic paranoia growing
    • Blair continues to haunt State House
    • Tourism in limbo as sector declines 8%
    • Low interest rates make govt bonds unattractive
    • Power cuts to continue
    • SA parly presses minister to explain Zim loan
    • Is it a few moments before dawn.?
    • Right to know
    • Tsvangirai welcomes Chissano's appointment
    • Defence applies for acquittal of Daily News journalist
    • ZANU PF official jailed for assaulting MDC supporters
    • Lawyers vow to fight proposed constitutional changes
    • Mbeki, Manuel 'propping up a pariah'
    • Constitutional amendment to restrict travel
    • US envoy pledges continued food aid to Zimbabweans
    • Journalist for banned newspaper goes on trial
    • Fences Not the Only Barrier for Cross-Border Park
    • Saving the life of Brian
  35. Batch 4 Posted 12/8/05
    • Minister demoted
    • ANZ challenges MIC's conduct
    • Govt beats its chest as house burns
    • We never asked SA for money: govt
    • Govt takes over FSI Agricom
    • Bad guys continue minting money
    • Government edgy over US envoy's visit
    • UN reform bogged in complex political geometry
    • Is there more to Tsvangirai case than meets eye?
    • Zimbabwe mortgages 25% exports to China
    • Charamba had it coming
    • Staff changes loom at ZBH
    • It's the economy . . .
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Land is the economy?
    • Dollarisation riddle boggles the mind
    • Teachers' union demands 150% pay rise
    • July inflation data eagerly awaited
    • World Bank not ready to mend Zimbabwe ties
  36. Batch 3 Posted 12/8/05
    • Cabinet blocks graft probe against Mugabe's son-in-law
    • 12 MDC supporters arrested in Bulawayo ahead of election
    • Secret agents quiz musician over Mugabe jibe
    • Private schools warn of massive closures if Bill is passed into law
    • Zimbabwe loan: Who will blink first?
    • Zimbabwe's civil society needs to reform
    • Hypocritical ANC has tarnished its image as Africa's hope
    • U.S. Food Assistance Diplomat in Zimbabwe Assessment By Thomas Chiripasi
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-29
    • Pearson Mbalekwa on BTH
    • BILL WATCH 9 [Amendments to the Constitution and Discrimination against Women]
    • The Fate of Africa
  37. Batch 2 Posted 12/8/05
    • Chissano lays ground for talks amid fears of Mugabe rebuff
    • Zimbabwe 's economy back to 1953 levels, says report
    • Funding Mugabe's brutality
    • Lifeline or licence for Mugabe?
    • Mugabe told to accept instalment plan for bale-out
    • AU's efforts may fail - analysts
    • Africa may give up veto demand on UN
    • Zimbabwe's NZ tour cancelled
    • Where is the African Press?
    • SA must hold prodigal Mugabe to account
    • Report more positive about agricultural development in Southern Africa
    • Zimbabwe committed to New Zealand tour says ZC
    • Private schools warn of closures
    • Fury over Zim plan to confiscate passports
    • Home, sweet home—for some
    • Ndebeles and Zimbabwe national leadership
    • Ambassador of Zimbabwe to the UN Defends House Demolitions
    • Blair not ready to talk to Mugabe: British envoy
    • Stakeholders condemn changes to Education Act
    • Most Bulawayo City ambulances grounded
    • Tourist arrivals decline
    • SA musicians barred from entering Zim
  38. Posted 12/8/05
    • Conversations with a 'new farmer'
    • Hatcliffe Clinic disappears
    • 'The Minister is hallucinating'
    • ZNA guards Congo’s Kabila
    • Bennett urges more support
    • Searching forex, fuel, food, friends
    • We will not be modified
    • Welcome aboard Air Zim
    • Megalomania reigns
    • Shrill defence of Murambatsvina
    • Nyanga's glorious mountains
    • Folk tales - a creative device
    • Unmask Zimbabwe's true enemy
    • Conditional support
  39. Posted 11/8/05
    • AU Appointment of Chissano as Zimbabwe Mediator Seen as Blow for Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe accused of blocking aid
    • UNICEF rents housing for evicted Zimbabweans with disabilities
    • Land reform: SA should 'learn from Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe Criticized for Planning Restrictions on Travel
    • Zim crisis: Mbeki 'trying his best'
    • SA certifies food for Zimbabwe is GM-free
    • CHRA position on the threats to property by the regime
    • Full statement from Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane
    • Labour Union gets confidence boost
    • Murambatsvina victims flooding into South Africa
    • ''We Are Raising the Alarm Now'' in Southern Africa
    • 'Enforce conditions or abandon'
    • Southern Africa fears famine, U.N. lacks funds
    • ZBH's Newsnet Staff Under Fire
    • Zanu PF aspiring senator poisoned, dies
  40. Batch 2 Posted 10/8/05
    • SACC says loan to Zimbabwe will be immoral
    • Performer risks all to publicise oppression
    • Mugabe, MDC in war of words on loan conditions
    • Mugabe should take constitutional exit
    • Indonesian delegation to explore investment opportunities
    • Helping the people hit hardest by evictions
    • UN Emergency Relief Office Prepares Zimbabwe Package
    • Zimbabwe may get food today
    • Heroes and villains
  41. Posted 10/8/05
    • Mugabe pledges to buy more weapons from China
    • Zim defence forces given land and housing
    • Mbeki locked in meeting with SACC on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe honours DRC veterans
    • Defiant Mugabe Tests South African Resolve - and Patience
    • In The Hot Seat - Roy Bennett
    • Sabhukus deny food to MDC supporters in Mashonaland Central
    • Harvest Quelea Birds for Consumption
    • Worst Cricket Team Ever!
    • Chaos at ZBH . . .
    • US envoy to assess Zim food security
    • Zesa, Hwange in war of words
    • ZDF to de-mine GonareZhou park
    • Lindela Detention Centre claims two more Zimbabwean lives
  42. Batch 2 Posted 9/8/05
    • Mugabe: talks with Blair 'more useful' than opposition
    • Embattled Mugabe snubs SA rescue package, boasting he can rely on China
    • So far, and no further
    • Zimbabwe's civil society, and diminishing political space
    • Mandela 'must speak out on Zim'
    • Zimbabwe stands alone as the delinquent in Standard's British Empire
    • The nightmare continues
    • A meaningful encounter
    • Zim elections observer missions criticised
    • AIDS scourge hits education sector in Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki should be less neighbourly
    • How much longer must this go on?
  43. Posted 9/8/05
    • Mugabe rules out opposition talks
    • Zimbabwe suffer huge defeat to NZ
    • Mugabe dampens Mbeki's push for talks
    • Mugabe reinvents same old laws to force his will on schools
    • UN to appeal for aid for displaced Zimbabweans
    • Emigrants Boost Zimbabwe's Parallel Economy
    • UN rights expert condemns African 'cover-up" on Zimbabwe demolitions
    • Mugabe in bid to save face as SA calls shots
    • Mugabe likely to sabotage loan conditions : editor
    • Zimbabwe police arresting 200 daily
    • 'My own party perpetrated atrocities on me'
    • No surprise if desperate Mugabe goes for broke
    • Mugabe hits out at 'hypocrites' who condemn housing demolitions
    • Managing Mugabe
    • Education Amendment Bill - Parliamentary Public Hearing Thursday 11 August 9 am
    • Editor Pleads Not Guilty to Charges of "Publishing Falsehoods"
    • International Book Fair A Dim Affair
    • Zealotry in Zimbabwe
    • Letter From America
    • Mugabe and the usual Heroes Day rant
    • South African deputy president claims press wrong on Zim loan
    • Hopes on SA loan deal misplaced
    • 39 Zimra Officers Arrested
  44. Batch 2 Posted 8/8/05
    • Mbeki under pressure to come out clear on Zimbabwe loan
    • SA church aid for Zimbabwe clean-up victims still held up in Jo'burg
    • Zimbabwe says not aware of US ambassador's visit
    • Mugabe's shameful apologists
    • Consumer monthly basket up 27pc
    • How Zim will spend SA's R3.2bn
    • Africa and Its Rapacious Leaders
    • Zanu (PF) posturing over talks - MDC
    • The Next Chinese Threat
    • Calls increase for strict conditions on R3.2bn Zimbabwe loan
    • Window on Africa - Mbeki must now play tough with Mugabe and show results or show his cards
    • SA wary of humiliating Mugabe over loan
  45. Posted 8/8/05
    • Zimbabwe's loss is our gain
    • Democratic Institute urges Mugabe retirement as best option
    • Farmers appeal to world arbitration over farms
    • Update - Hatcliffe Extension 5 August 05
    • Farmer goes berserk
    • High Court delays hearing CHRA urgent application
    • Govt should clarify Zimbabwe loan conditions: SACP
    • Scoreboard at close of play
    • IMF/World Bank to re-engage Zim
    • Moderate quake hits Zimbabwe, Zambia
    • No Forgetting the Blood On Moyo's Hands
  46. Batch 3 Posted 7/8/05
    • Glow from the mobile phone
    • Ministers threaten doctors
    • UN to launch appeal for food-aid funds
    • Outcry over proposed amendments
    • Coal shortage blamed for power black-outs
    • Operation Garikai a 'pie in the sky'
    • IMF gives Zim grace period
    • Low attendance, poor business at book fair
    • Sugar production hits rock bottom
    • Ministry threatens to get tough on lecturers
    • Zanu PF top chefs sued
    • 'Clean-up' victims still waiting
    • History will condemn us for inaction
    • Why not just make Zim a province of SA
    • WOZA letter to Mugabe, amai Mujuru
    • Murerwa blunders on while economy sinks
    • Zimbabwe's retail market shrinks
    • Why African despots 'look East'
    • Fuel for forex move spells doom
    • Celebrating the right to return to basics
  47. Batch 2 Posted 7/8/05
    • Anger as BAT gives tobacco award to Mugabe land grabbers
    • This land is my land. Or is it?
    • Fast for Zimbabwe
    • SA 'can go to hell', says Mugabe
    • The mighty roar of Victoria Falls
    • Mugabe loan prolongs the inevitable
    • Sign or sink!
    • Mugabe helps scupper SA's bid for a UN seat
    • Zimbabweans desperate to remain in Britain
    • Zimbabwe in free fall
  48. Posted 7/8/05
    • Zimbabwe caught off guard by US ambassador
    • Zimbabwe conundrum facing Mbeki diplomacy
    • Mugabe regime spin-doctors NZ team's visit
    • AU Summit Hits Deadlock
    • Mixed Feelings Over Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 381 dated 05 August 2005
    • Zimbabwe urged to look for alternative sources of foreign currency
    • Weekly Media Update 2005-28
    • Zimbabwe comes to a halt
    • Cricket: Fistful of inflated dollars
    • Kiwi media dons the tin helmets
    • SA won't be bullied over Zimbabwe loan
    • Court orders cops to return MDC poll expert's materials
    • Government to enhance agriculture production
    • Manpower needed for Operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle in Bulawayo
  49. Posted 6/8/05
    • Government to take over all schools
    • Zimbabwe envoy berates panelists for lying about human rights abuses
    • Aid trucks to Zim delayed due to paperwork
    • Call for new voters' roll after cleanup campaign displacement
    • Justice Delayed means Justice Denied to all citizens of Harare
    • BAT denies involvement in selecting tobacco award winner
    • Customs authorities release books for International Book Fair
    • Humanitarian AID for Murambatsvina victims goes missing in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Doctors' Strike Over; End Promised To Blackouts
    • Banned paper vows not to water down editorial policy
    • SA hopes for quick talks with troubled Zimbabwe
    • SADC reopens peacekeeping training centre
    • Zimbabwe envoy berates panelists for lying about human rights abuses
    • Optimism As New Tourism Company is Launched
    • Chiefs urged to accept clean-up victims
    • Bulawayo water shortages force school to close early
    • Zim aid talks to be concluded 'soon'
    • Mugabe extends Operation Clean-up
    • Pretoria Officials Tight-Lipped on Zimbabwe Loan - But Leaks Point to $500
    • Anti-Corruption Commission Ready
    • I voted for MDC because I have AIDS!
    • UN Will Launch Humanitarian Appeal for Zimbabwe Next Week
    • JAG Legal Communique dated 05 August 2005
  50. Batch 3 Posted 5/8/05
    • Opportunity seen for change in Zimbabwe
    • Harare 'no' to key loan condition
    • Mugabe, Mbeki square up
    • RG sets CIO on MDC agent
    • Punish Zanu PF leaders for blitz - MPs
    • Lobby against land Bill
    • Moyo sneers at arrest threats over memoirs
    • Tsvangirai disputes Mbeki's claims on Zim
    • Exposé on hotels a mirage
    • MZWT in ambitious fundraising projects
    • Zanu PF supporters evict registered Mbare traders
    • Farmers take case to international court
    • Zanu PF infighting spreads to govt structures
    • Customs authorities seize books
    • Trip lays bare realities of 'Look East' policy
    • Revisiting significance of Heroes' Day
    • How the ANZ played into Moyo's hands
    • We have no more need of messiahs
    • Zim slides as image-makers falter
    • Blinkered
    • Properties set to be pegged in US$
    • Zim dollar in steep plunge
    • 'Zim economy worse than a country at war'
    • Constitutional amendment spells doom for economy
    • Farmers wary of amendments
    • China obsession only the latest fad
    • Where are the real media terrorists?
    • Investors seek national credibility
    • I am coming back home: Makamba
    • SA govt. scared of Mugabe - ACDP
    • Ex minister sues Mbare district Zanu PF chairman
  51. Batch 2 Posted 5/8/05
    • MDC rejects unity gov
    • State media distorts UN report
    • Beware house visits
    • One of the last to leave
    • Murambatsvina in Epworth
    • White farmers bitter
    • MDC offices destroyed
    • Voter's roll distorted
    • Exiles express anger through drama
    • Stop the Mugabe loan!
    • Letter from home
    • The truth will always come out
    • Waiting for what?
    • The cowboy farmer's legacy
    • Comparisons with apartheid SA
    • A failed, rogue state - indeed
    • Engineers of our own destruction
    • A tale of great loss
    • Mugabe doesn't deserve fruits of SA's fiscal discipline
    • Even the flowers belong to the state
    • SA loan for Mugabe 'would be a mistake'
    • No need for loan to Zim if SA had acted before
    • Madhuku arrested at constitutional demo
    • Reading Mugabe's propaganda for a penny
  52. Posted 5/8/05
    • Analysis and Commentary from UN Watch in Geneva
    • The fourth estate and I, by head of Zim's MIC
    • The great leap backward
    • US freezes assets of Zimbabwean farms, businesses
    • SA Money Must Be Used For Immediate Humanitarian Relief
    • Public Discussion Friday 5 August 5-8 pm - The Politics of the UN
    • SA throws US$500 million lifeline to Harare
    • Pressure group boss arrested
    • Farmers, lawyers say Bill will nationalise all land
    • No deportations as UK delays decision on Zimbabwean asylum seekers
    • Mugabe critics want new constitution, slam changes
    • WFP hamstrung by lack of formal appeal for aid
    • South Africa's cabinet to bail out Mugabe with no conditions
    • UN will launch humanitarian appeal for Zimbabwe next week
    • NGOs to discuss restrictions with govt
    • NAC Donates Food to Aids Orphans
    • Malawian Government Sets 14 Day Deadline To Evict Squatters
    • Price Increases Derail Inflation Battle
    • Fertiliser Manufacturers Fail to Meet Demand
    • Dzl Struggles to Meet Milk Demand
    • ZimFest2005
  53. Batch 2 Posted 4/8/05
    • Decision on Zimbabwe asylum cases
    • RBZ hikes interest rates again
    • Aid With a Not-So-Hidden Agenda
    • South Africa hoping Mugabe will play ball
    • Zimbabweans Protest at Chinese Embassy in London
    • Zimbabwe suffers worst economic crisis ever
    • Zimbabwean president leaves for AU summit
    • Crunch for Mugabe as $1bn loan talks start
    • Mozambique's dawn
    • Makamba flees?
    • Tsvangirai takes fight to Ari Ben-Menashe
    • Energy crisis worsens
    • ZANU PF hesitates on war vets shakeup
    • Thought paralysis grips leadership
    • ZANU PF acting like an ostrich: Tsvangirai
    • Money gurus contemplate life after IMF
    • Talks beyond Parliament: Tsvangirai
    • Govt edgy over aid to demolition victims
    • Zimbabwe dollar takes a severe battering
    • Go beyond rhetoric
    • ...and now to the Notebook
    • Let's bring back ethics into politics
    • Paint shortage looms
    • Bulawayo approves $15 billion building plans
    • The twin towers of Babel and babble
  54. Posted 4/8/05
    • South Africa to bail out Zimbabwe
    • U.S. freezes assets of Zimbabwean farms, businesses
    • Opposition says SA money will not force Mugabe to shift an inch
    • Harare's failure to appeal for food aid worries World Food Programme
    • Blackouts hit Zimbabwe
    • Zim has 'no clear plan or policy' on land reform
    • Fuel for hard currency off to a slow start
    • Joy a Long Time Coming for Zimbabwe's Displaced
    • Parirenyatwa Tightens Admission Conditions
    • Striking doctors face legal action
    • Turnaround strategy facing financial problems
    • Major customs rates double
    • Parliament adjourned
    • CFU ready to work with govt
    • ZCTU case: magistrate grants peace order
    • Loan 'endorsement of Mugabe'
    • China Adds New Unknowns to Mugabe Enigma
    • Calls for an enquiry to investigate MDC infighting in South Africa
    • Letter From Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Chinese Puzzle
    • IMF to meet on Zimbabwe arrears on September 9
    • Kudos for Anna
    • Missing activists' bodies found in South Africa
    • Streak returns to his Zim farm
    • Mangwe MP Edward Mkhosi attacked by ZANU PF supporters
    • TV in South Africa
    • JAG Legal Communique dated 03 August 2005
      • From the past...
      • The Iron Fist
      • "Hondo!" in Zimbabwe
  55. Batch 2 Posted 3/8/05
    • Zim: 'This is ethnic cleansing'
    • Punishing the poor - an eyewitness account
    • Lament over constitutional reforms
    • New Zealand arrive for controversial Zimbabwe tour
    • Ex-mayors granted free parking space
    • Something is rotten in MDC South Africa
    • Price of assistance
  56. Posted 3/8/05
    • Tsvangirai cleared of second treason charge
    • Withdrawal of treason charge ploy to divert attention from crisis, says Tsvangirai
    • SA to prosecute pilots who flew suspected mercenaries to Harare
    • Embattled NGOs to meet government next month
    • Zimbabwe begins selling fuel in hard currency
    • Zimbabwe's embattled white farmers vow to press on
    • JAG Trust Statement Dated 01 August 2005
    • Public Hearing on the Constitution Amendment (No 17) Bill
    • Zimbabwe: ZHRF Reviewing Zimbabwe’s 2005 Parliamentary Elections and Post-Election Period
    • Demolition in Zimbabwe hits home in Vancouver
    • Tsvangirai ready to meet Mugabe
    • South African rescue package to Zimbabwe
    • Several sectors hit by strikes
    • Army Refutes UN Report Claims
  57. Batch 2 Posted 2/8/05
    • Zimbabwe dollar hits new low
    • Harare accuses SA churches of pushing political agenda
    • Mugabe to amend constitution to shield heir from facing quick election: Moyo
    • 400 women activists take to the streets over Mugabe's rights abuses
    • JAG Legal Communique Dated 01 August 2005
    • Phone Shops Demolished in Southeast Zimbabwe Town of Chiredzi
    • Church leaders discuss Zimbabwe
    • Operation Hope heads for Zimbabwe
    • Poor may get some crumbs
    • Our troublesome neighbour again
    • Zimbabwe seizes copies of 'subversive book'
    • The pitfalls of opposition politics in Zimbabwe
    • South Africa should not give Mugabe a cent
    • Zimbabwe needs to debate 'Third Way'
  58. Posted 2/8/05
    • Mugabe sells platinum rights to Chinese
    • MDC will never be a partner party - Mugabe
    • Beijing loan snub 'boosts SA's sway over Mugabe'
    • Transfrontier Park and World Heritage Site under threat
    • Mugabe's Veiled Attack on Annan Is An Attempt To Undermine UN Efforts
    • Mugabe rejects UN political mediation
    • Any visit by Annan to Zimbabwe should be carefully planned - UN spokesman
    • Air Zimbabwe Fares Go Up 75 Percent
    • Chinamasa Named BAT Tobacco Grower of the Year
    • Mugabe Has Dug Zanu-PF's Grave
    • Keep your distance, defiant Mugabe tells West
    • Church leaders to meet Mbeki on UN Zimbabwe report
    • China rejects Zimbabwe appeal for money
    • Africa's Excuse for Harare 'Looking Limp'
    • DA's "no loan for Mugabe"campaign hots up
    • Women of Zimbabwe Arise
    • Letter From America
    • Chinese buses not made for rough Zimbabwe roads
    • Zimbabwe: UN Expert Calls for Action to End Massive Human Rights Violations
    • Zim refugees in SA suffering
    • Life in Zim prison: A pilot's story
    • Doctors' strike enters fifth day
    • 37 tonnes of food aid expected from SA
    • Zanu PF politburo member lambasts inept civil servants
    • 'Satanism' forces school closure
    • Zim opposition blasts Mugabe
    • Zim threatens manufacturers
    • Corruption Charges Rock Culture Fund
    • 'Annan Only Welcome to Assess Clean-Up Aftermath'
    • Bread Price Announcement Affects Operations
  59. Batch 3 Posted 1/8/05
    • Professor Mugabe (honoris causa)
    • Zimbabwean businessman fights in UK court to recover seized firms
    • Constitutional amendment spells doom for economy
    • Daily News' demise: was it an inside job?
    • Little hope for the poor of Zimbabwe
    • Zim, Bangladesh investors set to construct pharmaceutical firm
    • Forced return to Zimbabwe
    • The bad boys of global politics
    • Zimbabwe bailout will do wonders for SA
    • Chimanikire out
    • Property scam sucks in High Court master
    • Where's Zimbabwe?
    • Angola and Zimbabwe – The Frontline States
  60. Batch 2 Posted 1/8/05
    • Mugabe rebuffed by China
    • 'No white farmers' in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe NGOs back critical U.N. report on blitz
    • Govt says 'No' to commission of inquiry
    • Sadc army to be operational by August
    • Mugabe will renege on promises to reform once pressure is off: analysts
    • Rudd urges China against 'soft loans' for Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe has Mbeki over a barrel regarding financial bail-out
    • 'Racist' Rhodes bequest blocks scholarships in poor countries
    • From breadbasket of Africa to basket case
    • A New Face of Hunger, Without the Old Excuses
    • Mugabe returns from China without securing a $1-billion loan
  61. Batch 1 Posted 1/8/05
    • Minister holds post 'illegally'
    • Chombo faces prison term for contempt of court
    • Thousands forced to go on leave as fuel crisis bites
    • Murerwa has some explanations to make
    • Tibaijuka to feature in Politburo meeting
    • Ex-MP charged with public violence
    • Chombo meddles in Chitungwiza
    • Call to prosecute the architects of 'Murambatsvina'
    • UN envoy's flattery deceived Mugabe newsfocus
    • Warning on Sale of fake drugs
    • ILO raps Mugabe over ZCTU, COSATU links
    • UNICEF boosts anti-malaria campaign
    • Die is cast for Bulawayo mayoral poll
    • Probe Macheke sexual abuse scandal
    • Spare a thought for the poor teacher
    • Gideon Gono's 'know-it-all' attitude galls
    • We've been reduced to desperation
    • Hands off schools, Minister
    • Hove in charge
    • Bankers welcome Gono plan
    • Econet reacts to 'Murambatsvina'
    • Clean-up violated basic human rights
    • Ideological confusion dogs Zanu PF
    • Why 'Murambatsvina' is a disaster
    • UN pledge gives hope to PLWA's
    • They speak with a forked tongue

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